Suprise Switch - a better version of Freaky FridayPart 1


Surprise Saturday
R. Pat Tomason
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Sue woke slowly. She had slept very deep and had some vaguely disturbing dreams, yet as she pulled into consciousness she could not quite remember them. She rolled to her back, something didn’t feel quite right. Like her night shirt wasn’t fitting right. She didn’t dwell on the thought but brooded over the fight with her son Stephen the night before. She’d been worried about his safety, but that was no excuse for what she said. Besides, she never slept well when her husband was gone overnight, but she didn’t resent his absence, only missed him beside her.
In his bedroom, Stephen slept on. It was Saturday and so he was likely to sleep till noon. Besides he’d gotten home later than his mother had wanted. He was almost 17, he was taller than his dad, he had a drivers license, and well, with Jenny he he’d shown he could be a man; but, she still treated him like a child. It had been a long day, and after the game he went off with some of the guys from the team to kick back. Sure it was like 3:00 AM when he pulled in the drive, but he had a lot going on and he deserved some time with his girlfriend. But did his mother understand, no!She just goes on about how irresponsible he was and how his life is just so easy.

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“Mom!” he had yelled “You couldn’t keep up one day of my life. You just work part time. I go to school, have football practices or games 6 days a week and on Sundays I help in the children’s church service. ”He wanted to add that he never drinks more than 2 beers and has never had sex without using a condom, but decided against it.
She in turn swore that she would gladly change places with him if she could before taking his keys and slamming the bedroom door behind her. It threw her routine off, when her husband Calvin called her about 1:00Am to report on his activities, she had been too worried to get into it. More of a reason to be mad at Stephen. These thoughts came back to her as she pulled the covers back and swung her feet off the side of the bed. Again something felt wrong. She wasn’t sure what, but the way the sheets moved across her body and they was her body felt on the bed. Off somehow, the thought began to percolate in her mind she sat up on the side of the bed and slapped her thighs preparing to raise. But she did not rise. She did not move. Her eyes stared blankly at her legs. They were a mess; a hairy mess.

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  Her mind was more muddled than usual in the morning. She didn’t even try to figure out why her legs looked like she hadn’t shaved in months. Shuffling across the room she flipped on the bathroom lights and moved directly in front of the brightly lit mirror.
What she saw did not make sense. She was looking right in the mirror, but it was Stephen, not herself looking back. Some things need to be reasoned, but some things just need to be accepted. She stood there for some time looking at Stephen, wearing her favorite night shirt. Her favorite night shirt that she only after some time did not reach Stephens waist. So she was looking at her 18 year old, essentially naked, looking back at her. She was Stephen. How? She had no idea. Perhaps she’d always been Stephen and her life as Sue, the mother of two, wife, salesperson, it was all a fantasy. That was clearly what was the case, she was Stephen and she was having a mental break. But she was still lucid enough to know she could not behis own mother Sue.
What do do? She thought.

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   I will find mom and all this will straighten out. To convince herself she was in control she took a towel wrapped it around the naked waist of Stephen and went to look for the real Sue.
In the living room she found her daughter, or was it her sister? Either way it was Kate. 15 year old Kate looked up at her brother’s darting eyes. “What?”
Sue realized Kate was asking her, or rather Stephen a question. Forcing calm Stephen’s voice said in a deep baritone “Where is mom?”
Kate returned to her book and said “She’s not out of bed yet”
Sue knew that not to be true, but said nothing. If Stephen had been in his mother’s bed, then perhaps the mother was in the son’s bed. And so it was. Sprawled on the bed was for the looked for mother.
“Mom, mom” Sue said as she shook her sleeping body.
A groggly voice said “What?” before pulling the covers over Sue’s strawberry blond locks and saying “Are you going to bitch at me again?”
Instinctively Sue snapped back “Don’t use that language to me…. . ” but before she could say “young man” the voice came to Sue’s brain and didn’t match.
Under the covers, Stephen also noted the incongruity of the words and voice. He pulled the covers back to see himself, wearing his mother’s nightshirt and a towel.

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Unlike his mother he did not look for a logical answer, he sat bolt upright and said “What that fuck?”
He looked down, he was still in his clothes from last night. But, like his mother’s first thoughts, he felt something wrong.
He pulled back the neck of his tee shirt, and where his hard earned abs should have been, were a pair of milky white breasts. Even in this state, the teenage boy looked real hard at these tits before looking back to…. to…. himself?
Where the older person looked for rationality, the teen took the circumstance on face value. He rolled to his knees and looked at the mirror on the back of the door. He was in his mother’s body. He looked back at his body and said “Mom?”
What could she say? He had broken her delusion of reason. “Yes, honey, I’m afraid so. ”
“But how?” he muttered
“I don’t know. ”
“Why? What are we going to do?” He said in his mother’s voice, now almost pleading.
“I don’t know?” she said again “Give me a few minutes I’ve got to think. ”She said and she left the room.
Stephen fell back to the bed.

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   This was just more than he could handle. How did he turn into a woman? Not just a woman, his mom. It’s not like he was gay. Hell, he’d wacked off more than a few times imagining his mom was watching him. She might be over 40, but she was beyond doubt the best looking mom he knew. Well, except Carlos, his mom had him at like 18 and she was a babe. But as far as MILFs went, his mom Sue was the most popular. The guys always liked coming over to his house in the summer as his mom still wore a string bikini and all the guys liked to look. Being the 18 year old boy he was, his hands went to his chest and cupped the breasts beneath the tee-shirt.
The feeling was a surprise. Not, for his hands, he’d cupped nearly a dozen boobs in his life, but in the breasts themselves. They were so sensitive. It felt good, not the same as holding his dick, but not completely different either. As he lay there, he felt the nipples harden, his nipples. And they got more sensitive.

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  He pinched one. The intense sensation made him jump.
Without any thought to the seriousness of the situation, Stephen jumped out of bed and stood in front of the full-length mirror. How many times he’d stood in front of that mirror and jacked off. But this was something completely different. It was like a video game. He was in a female body, his mom’s body and could make it do anything he wanted.
The pants, and underwear were already falling to the floor as they were way too big, he kicked them free.
“Fuck me!” he said aloud “mom shaves”. He didn’t wait to closely examine the smoothly shaven vulva, before he discarded the top and stood naked in his moms body, in front of the mirror. His mom’s body was a youthful 41, just under 5’4”, curvy but not fat. As a natural redhead, her skin had a pink hue and many small freckles just about everywhere, but more prominent on her face and shoulders. Her pink breast were large, but not so big they sagged too much. Hips flared and Stephen was surprised at how the mound of her sex stood out. Looking at himself, his mom, in the mirror couldn’t help to turn him on.

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   He felt the tingling sensation in his thighs and lower abdomen, but instead of radiating out into his engorged penis, he flowed inward.
As a member of the varsity football team, getting girls had not been a problem this year for Stephen. He’d gone down on four girls and had fucked three of them. He’d been with Jenny for nearly three months now and they’d done it over a dozen times. He recalled how she responded to him and how he’d been told girls were different than guys in how they experience sex. Now, he fully understood. He felt the sensitivity of his groin area. Without thinking about it he pressed his legs together at the thigh, the feeling was not too unlike when he touched the shaft of his hard penis, only it was inside.
He tried feeling himself off, the way he’d done to girls. He groped his new vulva, and found out right off why this didn’t get him very far with the girls, it was irritating. Not a turn on, just irritating. He quickly backed off the intensity, quickly he got the right amount of speed and pressure. It felt good. And in the mirror, it looked good. So hot.

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  With feedback instantaneous, he began masturbating in earnest and it was so good.
When Sue had left her son’s room, she went back to her own and sat on the side of the bed. She apprised the situation. It was seemed apparent that the fight over who had a tougher life had triggered this reaction. If so, what was to be done. Like the ghosts in a Christmas Carol this supernatural event had a lesson to tell. If so, she needed to learn it quickly and get back to her life and her body. She reasoned that no one should know of this. Not her husband, certainly not her daughter, no one can find out. “I must live Stephens life” she said to herself.
Sitting half-dressed in the master bedroom was not living his life. So she headed back to Stephen’s room.
Stephen has just found the right touch when the door swung open almost hitting him. He had forgotten to lock it.
Sue found herself standing right in front of her herself, at least her body, nude, and evidently masturbating.

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  Stephen leaped to the bed and covered up. Sue shut the door behind her. She certainly had not anticipated this. She would deal with this boy’s disrespect of her body, but not now. She had to end this.
With no mention of what she had just caught him doing, she laid out the plan. He would go to her room and get dressed, in her clothes and she would dress in his. They would pretended to be the other until a way to return to themselves showed.
“Now, your sister is still in the living room, just go to my room and get dressed. ”
He hesitated to get up.
“That body you’re in may be new to you, but I’ve seen it every day of my life, not get”
He slowly slid from beneath the covers and, still naked, passed his mother and went up the hall to the master bedroom. The implications for this little switch were quickly becoming apparent. Under the towel, she could feel the newly acquired penis pushing up against the terrycloth. She rummaged through Stephens drawers, and found some clean clothes and went to the bathroom shared by the kids.
The rogue penis was mostly hard when she removed the towel.

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   Unlike her son, she had a great deal of experience with the opposite sex; not just in the fact she’d been married for 18 years, but she’d handled penises of all shapes and sizes in her life. Far more than her son could imagine. Removing the nightshirt she took a good look at the body she inhabited. Though it seemed to somewhat perverted, this was her body now, possibly forever, so she might as well get to know it.
She decided quickly Stephen had become a good looking young man. Sure he was still bit gangly, but he had really filled out in the last year. His 6’ 1” frame showed defined muscles on his arms, chest and legs. His hair, was more blond than strawberry, but still had that pink hint, though his skin was less pink and more tan, like his father. And that half-hard penis, had nice size and shape,and was clearly on the thick side nestled in fine blond hair. She laughed to herself “Well, if I get stuck in this body forever, I’ll have no problem getting boyfriends. ”
She found the right temperature, and began to shower. Sure she lingered on cleaning her new genitals, it felt damn good. And, the arousal came on so fast. She knew she had arousal cycle, she could climax in less than five minutes when she was really turned on. This new body of hers, it was ready to go in seconds.


   No wonder teenage boys are so pervy. She gave into her curiosity to give the thing a few strokes, but it was just too much to make Stephens body cum, so she left the shower with a full hard-on.
It was still hard when she was back in the room. Not just hard, but insistent. She just couldn’t ignore the call of that penis. So, it was, she found herself just where she had found Stephen, standing in front of the door mirror, masturbating. But she remembered to lock the door. It did feel and look good, standing, slightly wet stroking. She was enjoying the feeling greatly when the climax just rushed up to meet her. She wanted to keep on, to slow down, but she didn’t know how. Her male hands stroked faster, seemingly out of her control, till she felt the testies pull up and she felt the rising semen come up and out of the penis in her hand in long streams. Her knees became weak and she back to the bed and sprawled out.
Wow!She’d be less pissed when a guy came to fast in the future. It was like a freight train, impossible to stop without prior warning. She lay back and let her heart slow, her hand still slowly caressing her son’s dick.

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Stephen had rummaged around until he found a pair of sweats and a tee-shirt. He pulled them on without trying to mess with the female undergarments. He took time to look at “himself” in the mirror again before dressing, and found himself touching the sexy body again. He really wanted to find something to fuck himself with, but that would have to wait. Going down to the ground floor he stepped into the living room Kate was still reading. He sat down in his mother’s favorite chair.
Without looking up Kate asked “What’s for breakfast?”
Stephen had to swallow the inclination to say “Whatever you make”, instead asked as nice as he could “How does biscuits and eggs sound?”
“OK” his sister responded.
He rose and went in the kitchen. Looked around and then realized he’s the mom now, so he can make the plans. He looked back out the kitchen door and said “How about Cracker Barrel instead?”
Kate responded “Sure. When?”
“Maybe an hour?”
“Sounds like a plan mom” Kate said.
With the first bit of parenting done, Stephen headed back up the stairs to the master bedroom. His mom was still in the shower. It seemed very odd, and kinda kinky that his mom was washing his naked body. “I wonder if she’ll play with me?” he wondered as he walked by.

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   He was tempted to walk in on her, it was she who pointed out that there was no reason to be modest around one another now.
He decided he’d take a shower too. If she could wash him, he could wash her.
How many movies had he seen with the woman taking a sexy shower. Now he’d know what it felt like. The glass shower stall was steamed when he stepped in. He steped in and just stood under the shower head. Getting seven inches shorter sure was nice here in the shower. He took a handful of the body gel and began to caress him mom’s skin. It was smooth and responded to the touch. He felt the tingle all over that seemed much more diffused that it did in his own body. All roads did not lead to the crotch in this female form; not even the crotch and the tits. He cupped the breasts, lifting them slightly. They were heavier than he’d imagined they would be. When he released them he could feel their weight change his center of balance.

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He continued to explore, rubbing the round ass, and the surprisingly firm thighs. All his exploration helped build the arousal he felt. His hands closed on the mound and his index finger separated the oh, so sensitive, lips.
Then the water went cold.
“Damn!” he said as he jumped out of the shower. “She used up all the hot water. ”
He grabbed a towel. Dried then wrapped it around his waist. The mirror told him he had to retie the towel, he couldn’t go down the hallway with his (her) tit’s hanging out. He retied it over the protruding breasts, then went to his room. The door was locked. “Why” he asked himself. He knocked on the door.
His mother was still laying on the bed naked, hand caressing the penis she now wore. She jumped at the knock, pulled her wet towel to cover herself, and unlocked the door.

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Stephen knew he always had morning wood, and made an educated guess as to why the door was locked. He opened the door. Inside his mom, stood holding the towel to cover both chest and waist. He looked down at the floor. Three streams of milky fluid were visible on the hardwood. One was smeared by a footprint, but no matter he knew exactly why she’d locked the door.
“I thought you said there was no reason to cover up” he said sarcastically looking at her effort at modesty. “And besides I don’t have tits”
She had seen his appraisal of the semen on the floor. The blood rushed to her face. He knew she’d been giving herself a hand job, using his penis. She also knew he was right. In her anger in catching him doing the exact same thing, she’d made him walk past her and up the hallway nude.
    Moral rules seemed to make no sense now, the world was so mixed up, all she could do to recover her dignity was to pretend she was not ashamed.
    She released one hand and the towel dropped aside, the semi-hard penis stood out.
    “Does this thing every get soft?” she asked, looking down at his penis.

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       This should shift the issue to him.
    “Sometimes” He said smiling. The tension was broken, not just today’s, but the unspoken tension of his growing into manhood that had been growing for years. In that instant, the normality of his sexuality broke through. This she understood. She tossed her towel to him. “You might want to clean that up before someone slips on it. ”
    He caught he towel and dropped it on the wet cum. “Well, at least once we get back to normal you will understand why I need my door locked. ”
    She moved to his dresser “Once we get back to normal, I guess you won’t need to lock your door, at least not for me. ” She pulled out some boxers, shorts and a shirt.
    “Yea, I guess not. ” He agreed
    “You know,” she said while she dressed “I think this is all about you and I not appreciating what the other does. Somehow the fates have decided we need to learn a lesson. So, I think we need to be open to understanding each other, so the lesson gets learned and we can get back to our bodies.

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    She pulled on the shirt and said “Though I think we have both found some of this enlightening, I don’t think either of us wants to stay this way”
    “Right on both mom”
    “So” she went on “Let’s get you dressed and see how we can make this work”
    She decided to first check on Kate, didn’t want her to walk in on her brother dressing her mother. Kate was still reading. When “her brother” walked in she said “Mom’s taking us to Cracker Barrel in a few, so don’t be a pig yet. ”
    That was news to Sue, but not a great surprise. “Mom” could do lots of things outside Sue’s control.
    Once back in the master bedroom Sue pulled out a bra and panty set. “Come over her” she commanded. Once her son was near, she pulled the towel off and expertly began dressing her son. No need to teach him how all this works, hopefully he won’t need to know how to do this on his own.
    She had him dressed and was brushing out her long strawberry hair. She did have nice hair she mused as she was working. From the dresser her cellphone range. Instinctively she picked it up, but paused before answering. The screen showed it was Calvin. This was bad.

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       She had not thought of how to head off her husband from telling Stephen about his night. He had not been helping a friend move as they had told the kids. He had been in-fact meeting a couple that Sue had met on the swingers site. That is why Sue had so much experience with different men’s sex organs, she and her husband had been living in an open marriage since not long after Kate was born. They had so carefully covered their tracks, and now…. .
    “It’s your Dad, just agree with anything he says and hang us soon as you can” She said before giving it to Stephen.
    Stephen took the phone and his mother’s voice answered “Hi, how’s it going?”
    His dad answered “Great, I’m a little worn out, but it went really great”
    “You did know this was this couple’s first time?”
    “Ah, yea, sure” Stephen answered.
    “I thought you did. ” Calvin said “Well, it seems they have been married over ten years and both of them had been completely monogamous all that time, but they have roll played other partners for years, and it seems your emails convinced them to give it a try. ”
    Stephen was trying to put this into context. Now, he and his sister have known for years that his parents were covering up something about the parties they went to. He suspected they might be doing something sexual, but it was no more than a suspicion. Now, was he going to find out the truth. Did his dad have sex with another woman last night, and now was calling to tell mom about it?And did mom set this up? He didn’t want to let his mom know yet what he was thinking, but he did want to know so he encouraged his dad to elaborate “And….

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      did it work out?”
    Sue was trying to guess what the conversation entailed and wondered about what Stephen was asking.
    His dad took the bait and continued “Great!She had made dinner, and the whole time she was so nervous. It was funny, but I felt a little sorry for her. After dinner we go to the living room and have some drinks and talk. I told them about us, and how we have been having doing this for almost 18 years. She asked if you got upset when I have sex with other women, and I explained that it is unusual for me to meet a couple, nearly always it’s you who is with other people while I stay home. That took them off guard, I explained how in the swinger community the women are the leaders in nearly all these kind of encounters. That was the right thing to say wasn’t it?
    Stephen just agreed as he was told.
    “Good, I thought you’d agree. So, after we talk and had several glasses of wine, Connie goes to change into lingerie. She is way better looking than her pics online. Bill puts on a porno while we are waiting and when she comes out she sits between us. Once, she got naked, her shyness disappeared. She couldn’t get enough. Her husband and I took turns fucking and when we were both spent from fucking, she wanted to sit on our faces.

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      And this morning, after another round of fuckng, she asks about you and I taking them to the club tonight. I think she want to try do you too. She said she and her college roommate had a long running thing, but she hasn’t been with a woman since. And besides, I think her husband wants a taste of swinging too. You up to it?”
    Stephen had taken it all in. It was more than he’d imagined and it would change how he looked at his parents. They were really, really hot. Again he answered in the affirmative.
    “Good”, I’ll give them a call but I think you’ll need to email directions. Well, I’m getting into some traffic, I’ll see you in about an hour. ”
    Stephen clicked off the phone. His mom looked at him expectantly. “Well? What did he say”
    Stephen couldn’t help but get a Cheshire grin when he said “He said the girl you set him up with fucked him till he couldn’t go on and that she wants to go to the club with you guys tonight so she and her husband can do you too. ”
    He just sat there with that grin. He had her caught.

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       Or so he thought. Sadly, though he might have an adult body, he still didn’t think like an adult and he was not too hard to maneuver. Sue went back to the power position and without waiting said “Well, are you?”
    That took him back “Am I what? Are you up to going to the swing club and an orgy? Unless something changes soon, it’s you who will go tonight not me. ”
    For all his bravado, this was more than he was ready to just take in stride. Sure he’d banged Jenny last night like a real pro, but an adult orgy. In his moms female body? He barely had time to learn to masturbate, now he had to perform?
    Sue saw his distress, and decided to back off. “It’s OK, I’ve been swinging since you were a baby. You’ll have a good time, just respond as my body leads you. ”
    He just sat there, all this was getting to him. Finally he asked “How many men have you had sex with?”
    “how many girls have you had sex with?” she responded
    “Three. ”
    “And when did you first have sex?”
    “Last spring. ”
    “So” his mother said “You’ve had three sexual partners in six months. Well, over the years, that is about right for me too, maybe 3 each six months, or 6 new people a year. And that would be men and women for me, so I guess we are on the same pace. ” She was rather proud of that save.


    “And did you and Jenny screw last night?”
    “Well, I sat up waiting for my son to get home. I didn’t even get to get off with my vibrator. Normally, when your dad or I spend the night with someone else, we call about half way through to let the other get off on thinking what was going on. But when he called last night all I could do was worry about you, while you were busy rutting on your girlfriend. ”
    “Sorry, mom”
    “When we get back, I’ll pick out something for you to wear tonight. ”
    With that they left the room. Kate was still on the couch reading, so they had not been discovered. That was good. What would the rest of the day bring.




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    Nevertheless, many TS escorts in Athens are overcoming these prejudices by upholding a high level of professionalism and discretion in their work. They are not only providing a service that is greatly required, but also adding to the city's reputation as a centre for tolerance and diversity in the world.

    In conclusion, the presence of escort shemales in Athens might be interpreted as a reflection of the city's progressive ideas regarding gender and sexuality. In addition to this, it sheds insight on the shifting standards of society and the growing need for a variety of different types of companionship. Even if there are still obstacles to overcome, the fact that TS escorts are becoming more and more popular in Athens is evidence of the city's continued dedication to embracing diversity and appreciating difference.

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