Summer on the Outer Banks


Chapter One
Brad glanced over as I slid into the front seat next to him, his eyes roving over my body. Shown off to perfection by my shorts and bikini top, my long, firmly muscled legs, sleek belly and taut breasts were those of a sensual mature woman.
God, how I loved the way this man made me feel, and the effect that my body had on him. I confirmed the instinctive reaction of his cock, as my left hand slid up his thigh to fondle the bulge at his crotch. Sliding my hand under the waistband of his shorts to grasp the head of his rapidly stiffening manhood, it was difficult for me to remember that two short weeks ago I had never even touched a man's cock, let alone what I was about to do to his. No longer a virgin, I had quickly become a willing, and as I had proven on many occasions since, a very capable sexual partner for my own uncle. Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm still only fourteen years old.
As Uncle Brad backed out of the parking place, I put my slender fingers under the waistband of his shorts and eased them down his legs. Gazing incestuously at his hard cock I groaned deep in my throat, wrapped the fingers of my left hand around the blood engorged shaft and began to stroke it up and down. I was still pretty much in awe of how naturally I could perform these blatant sexual acts in public, and how turned on I would get.
"Oooh, my sweet Uncle Brad. You've got the biggest, most gorgeous prick in the whole
            world! And it's all mine to play with," I groaned huskily.
"That's right Julie, it's all yours!"
Uncle Brad moaned with pleasure as he felt my lips close over the head of his cock. I took more and more of the hot, hard meat into my mouth, literally impaling my face on his up thrust prick.
"God you're making me hot, that's so fucking good," Brad sighed through clenched teeth.
Reacting to the heat rising in my belly, I lowered one hand to my crotch and slipped two
fingers into my juice slippery cunt.

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"Here Uncle Brad, smell how hot you've made me, I said softly, raising my fluid covered
fingers to his nose. Knowing full well that it would drive him crazy that I was being so reckless.
"Jesus," he said, taking a deep breath and savoring the musky female scent of my cuntal
I had learned quickly in the past two weeks that I was very good at sucking a man's cock.
Me, a cocksucker. How strange it was to be thrilled by a word that sounded so crude when it came out of the mouths of the high school boys I was used to. Yes, I most definitely enjoyed being a cocksucker and the pleasure I was giving my own uncle.
Continuing to make love to his cock, I felt Uncle Brad's fingers replace my own. Sliding over my wet pussy mound, fingering me and stroking my clitoris. Getting my cunt hotter and wetter with each passing second.
In a matter of minutes, I felt his cock lurch wildly in the caress of my mouth. A sure sign
that he was about to come.
"Oh Christ, yes baby, suck my cock, swallow my come," he moaned, continuing to fondle.
            the lust swollen lips of my pussy, each caress pushing me closer and closer to an orgasm.

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  . . I'm coming!" he cried out, seconds before he erupted in my mouth.
The spasming cock jerked back, then suddenly shot forward against the roof of my still wildly sucking mouth. The load of his hot come spurted from the slit in his cock head as I quickly  clamped my lips around the head of his prick, swallowing like crazy in an effort to get every drop of his sticky come.
My hips twisted wildly, as I sought to further impale myself on Brad's frantically sawing
fingers. . . desperately trying to increase the friction on my clitoris…frantic for my own orgasm.
"Oh shit!" I groaned, feeling the walls of my vagina spasm around his fingers, as my orgasm hit with full force. "I can't stand it Uncle Brad! I'm coming so hard it feels like I'm going to pass out!
As the tremors of an incredibly strong orgasm began to subside, I let Uncle Brad's cock slip from my mouth and smiled up at him, come dripping lightly down my chin. "Now aren't you glad you got a sitter so you could take your favorite sitter out to dinner tonight. "
Chapter Two
What a strange sequence of events had led up to this moment and whatever the future held in store for myself and a passionate lover, who just happens to be my uncle.
The months following Aunt Jeans leaving Uncle Brad were almost unbearable for him. He'd been an emotional basket case, and it seemed that the only solace he received came from the days that my I0-year-old nephew Sean lived with him.

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   I found out long after the fact that his sex life had consisted of little more than watching 'X Rated' videos and jerking himself off.
As the time approached for him to go to his condo on the Outer Banks, things only seemed to get worse for him. He loved the Banks, but had told my mom that he wasn't sure how he'd react to all the old family memories that were sure to come flooding back once he got down there.
"Look Brad, you really should get away. You and Sean both need some relief from the stress you've been under. You can’t allow Jean leaving you to turn you into a navel gazing hermit.   Not to mention the fact that you need to put this all behind you for Sean’s sake somewhere along the line, and the sooner the better. "
"You're probably right Sis, but what really concerns me is my being able to be there for Sean emotionally. Christ, there are days when I can barely take care of myself. It's a real bitch trying to cope with everything at once. "
"Well, how about this for a major brainstorm. You could take Julie down with you to help out. She just adores Sean, and I'll guarantee you that a month at the beach will be just fine with her. "
So it was settled, I was going to North Carolina with Sean and Uncle Brad. I was more than happy to help out my favorite uncle, especially when I'd be forced to do it in a place I loved as much as Duck.

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   To be totally honest, I had always had a crush on Uncle Brad and will never understand how Aunt Jean could walk out on such a hunk any way.
I was finally getting the opportunity I had waited so long for, being alone with Uncle Brad. While I never thought it would actually happen, I had fantasized since I was 12 about him being my first lover. . . the guy I would ‘go all the way’ with and lose my virginity to. Being a resourceful girl of the '90s, I had learned how to give myself some pretty amazing orgasms, but I was growing impatient with just masturbating. What I secretly wanted was the real thing, a nice hard cock in my pussy to replace my fingers, and I have to admit, the handle of my hairbrush on more than one occasion. Somehow, I just knew that Uncle Brad would be a lot more interesting than a hairbrush; I just needed to get him interested in me on a sexual level.
And with that thought occupying most of my conscious thoughts, the first couple of days in Duck were absolutely maddening for me.   While Uncle Brad seemed to have a perpetual hard-on since we'd checked in, he just wasn't making the connection between his 18-year-old niece and a horny sex partner.
Damn it, 18 or not, I knew I was very nice to look at. And while I'm not normally an exhibitionist I'd been wearing nothing but bikinis, shorts and halter-tops since the trip started. Short of walking around nude-Hmmm-he had been getting the best eyeful I had to offer.
I'm fairly tall, almost 5'8", and my skin is a pure honey brown from spending most of my free time in the sun.

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   My long, naturally curly brown hair sets off what I consider to be a cute but still girlish face. But there I stop looking like a typical 18-year-old, one major positive aspect of entering puberty when I was only 12. My breasts are full, and despite their size, ride high on my chest even without a bra. My tits contrast nicely with the firm flatness of my belly and its' lightly ridged muscle structure. I'm not a jock; I guess it's just the firmness of youth and good genes. My stomach has just a touch of roundness where it blends into the thick mound of pubic hair at my crotch.
When I first went through puberty I was really embarrassed by how thick it was. I thought it was freaky compared to the peach fuzz I'd seen on other girl's in the showers at school. Since then, I've come to realize just how sexy it can be, and I actually like to see it shown off by the bulge in my bikini bottoms. Yes, women can have bulges in their crotch too.
Personally I like my legs the best. They're long, with lithely muscled thighs that blend into slender rounded calves. My hips are wide and apparently sexy, based on the looks I get from the guys at school.
Chapter Three
I suppose it was lack of any real experience, as opposed to a conscious plan that pretty much determined what my strategy would be to bring my sexual fantasies to real life. I would innocently brush my breasts against Uncle Brad's arm or chest at every opportunity, and I made sure there were plenty of them.

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   I very purposefully wore a thin, white cotton sundress with no bra or panties on our first night out to dinner. I'm positive that on more than one occasion I had posed nicely in front of a window or doorway, so that the sunlight would silhouette my bare breasts and shapely body. I know his cock had surely noticed, based on the size of his hard-on, but that's as far as it went.
Deciding to be a bit more brazen I let my robe fall open while pouring his morning coffee, exposing to view one large erect nipple and huge areola that were set off against the creamy white portion of my breast that hadn't been exposed to the sun. Same reaction. . . one very stiff prick and still no action for me. God was I glad that my cousin Mary Ellen and I taught each other how to masturbate ourselves to an orgasm.
That evening I took some time for myself and went to the beach with a group of kids I'd met the day before. While we had some laughs and I was getting to know people better, I just couldn't get into the swing of things. My mind was too busy wondering how I could ever get Uncle Brad to get past his hang-ups and finally make it with me. I'd even begun to seriously wonder whether being as horny as I always seemed to be was normal shit or not. I just wished that something would happen, and soon.
By the time I got back to the condo, Sean was in bed and Uncle Brad was having a gin
and tonic on the balcony.

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"Hi kiddo, did you manage to have some fun?"
“Yeah, I really love it down here and there are kids from all over.   You seem a little down though.   You must be pretty lonely sometimes since Aunt Jean left. "
"That I am Julie. It's so strange down here, not having her to talk to. "
What the hell, I thought. Let's throw caution to the wind and see what happens. "Actually Uncle Brad, that's not the kind of lonely I meant. "
"Well what exactly did you mean?"
"Like lonely in bed, really horny. I know you two had a pretty good sex life. I heard you
making love lots of times when I baby-sat and stayed over. At least it sounded to me like you were enjoying yourselves. "
By the look on his face I knew that I had caught him totally off guard. While he seemed to be thinking about what to say next, I noticed he couldn't stop staring at the way my nipples were erect and quite visible under my T-shirt. Going braless and taking the time to fondle them until they were hard had its now very familiar effect on his once limp cock.


   Tonight however, I was going to do whatever it took to actually get my hands on his erection.
"Whatever possessed you to think of that?" he finally managed to stammer.
"Well, it's been impossible not to notice that you've had a hard-on ever since we got
down here. "
Uncle Brad made an awkward attempt to cover his lap with his hands as I took another step towards him. "You just have to be horny with no woman around, especially at night. It shows in the way you look at me sometimes, like right now for instance. "
"Why haven't you let me try and help you? Don't you think I'm as pretty as Aunt Jean?" Uncle Brad's cock visibly jerked as I slid my hands up over my crotch and stomach, finally cupping one perky, firm breast in each hand. "Aren't these as nice as hers?"
"They're better," he said in a voice I could barely hear.
Pulling out all the stops, I arched my back and pushed my breasts towards his face; while
thumbing my nipples to an even stiffer state of erection.
“Then why haven't you ever asked to touch them, or asked me to take care of your hard-on. I'll bet I could make you come better than she could. "
"You're a virgin aren't you Julie?" Brad asked, already knowing the answer to his
"Yes I am. Actually, I've never even touched a boy's cock before, let alone one the size yours must be. But I do know what a good come feels like.

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   I do myself all the time. Especially these past two days. "
"That's what I thought. Christ Julie, besides being a virgin and only 14, you're my niece the last I knew. Sure I've had a hard-on, I'm only human. You're one of the sexiest women I've ever seen. But how could you possibly think I'd seriously consider having sex with you?"
"Jesus, Uncle Brad. . . I'm horny. . . you're horny. . .

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  you just referred to me as a woman. . . let me be a woman. . . I really want to help you. . . let me do it with my hand. . . I want to make you come. "
I could see Uncle Brad's resistance was beginning to crumble fast, so I continued to take the initiative by sitting on the arm of his chair. My aching breasts rubbed against his cheek as I slid one hand down across his flat belly to fondle the bulge of his stiff prick.


   "Please Uncle Brad; I want this to happen more than anything. Let me jerk you off. "
"You're more than right about me being horny," he said huskily, his hips involuntarily arching his touch-starved cock up against my splayed fingers. "I can't believe this, yet I don't want it to stop. Nothing more than a hand job. . . this just doesn't seem right. "
“It’s really OK Uncle Brad.   I want to do it, and I know I can be as much of a woman for you as Aunt Jean ever was. Let's do it now. I'm ready Uncle Brad, really ready. " The wetness at my crotch was a reminder that there was more than just a come for him that was on my mind.
He smiled gratefully, and began pulling his shorts down over his hips. The sight of a man's erect penis for the first time almost took my breath away.

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   With no conscious direction from my brain, my right hand plunged into my shorts to caress my dripping pussy.
Trying to contain myself from seeming too eager, I laid my hand gently on his cock. It felt hot against my fingers, and I could feel it throbbing in my palm. Rubbing it tentatively with both hands, I found the silky texture of its skin a delicious contrast to the rock hard meat it seemed to barely contain.
"Still think you can handle it?"
"I'll manage somehow, but what should I do. I want it to be good for you. "
"Just squeeze it with your hand. . . not real hard. . . that's good. . .

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  make a fist and rub it up and down my cock from top to bottom. . . just keep doing it like that and I'll come all over you. "
"Like this Uncle Brad? God, it’s so hard and beautiful. "
"Yes Babe, that's so good. Now make a ring with your thumb and fore finger. . . oh shit that feels good. . . now very softly, move your hand up to the head of my cock. . .

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  feel the ridge just as it meets the shaft. . . that's the most sensitive area of a man's penis. . . yeah that's perfect!"
Moaning loudly, he arched his back and hips off the chair and began humping his rigid cock against my hand.  "Now start doing it faster for a few strokes and then do it slowly again. "
My hands slid up and down on his cock using the rhythm he'd just taught me. The feel of it was driving me crazy. The way it throbbed in my palm…the silky hot skin…the incredible hardness…so this is why they’re called ‘boners’. Again and again I repeated the stroking motion, not believing it could be possible when it grew even thicker and harder. I stared fascinated as a pearly drop of some liquid oozed out of the slit at the top of his cock. That must be come I thought, spreading the hot, slippery fluid over the head of his pulsating penis with my thumb.
"What is this stuff Uncle Brad?" I asked.

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"That's just a drop of pre-come. . . and the way you're jerking me off, it won't be long before you see a lot more. . . you are so fucking good Julie. . . ohhh shhiittt. . . I'm coming!"
I gasped as a white-hot geyser of come shot from Uncle Brad's prick and splashed on his naked belly. The excitement in my loins was unbelievable. I had made him come.

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  . . it was beautiful. . . so much better than the way my cousin had described jerking off her boyfriend.
"Uncle Brad, what happens to all that come now?" Already knowing what I had in mind
for it.
"I'll just wipe it off with some Kleenex, no big deal. "
"No, wait I've got a better idea. " With that I lowered my head and brushed my lips across the pool of still warm semen that was pooled at his navel.
"Good God Julie! What are you do. . . oh Christ!"
My tongue licked slowly against his flat belly and I soon had my first taste of come. .

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  . a little salty, with a distinctive pungent aroma. It was like nothing I'd ever tasted, and oddly enough I really liked it. I continued to clean him with my tongue until the combination of all these new sensations was more than I could bear. Rolling slowly onto my back, I began to fondle my breasts and clitoris. Desperately trying to make myself come as quickly as possible.
"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!" Brad groaned as he sat up and shook his head in awe at the sight of me lying there in the throes of an orgasm. I knew he longed to reach out and touch me, but he didn't dare. . . not.



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