Topic: Part 2 of "The Bicycle Ride"    After my escape I found the paved road and steered the old truck toward the city lights that glowed in the now dark sky.   I wanted to get far away from the trailer house and fast.   I got to the city limits and thought about what I was going to do next.   I wanted the cops to get the two bastards who raped me and put them in jail forever.   I was trying to remember where the police station was when I changed my mind.   How could I go to the police?  I would have to tell them that I had sucked the creeps cocks and that both of them had fucked me in my ass.   That kind of story would spread through the community like wildfire.   There would be no way to stop it.   I couldn't even tell my parents because I was too embarrassed.   It would remain a secret and the two thugs would get away with it.
    I turned the truck into a darkened strip center and parked in the back.   I hated that the cum kept leaking from my ass.   I slid in the wetness on the plastic seat as I got out.   Still naked, I pulled on Mario's jeans.   They were much too big for me, but they were all I had to wear.   I took my bike from the truck bed and started riding toward home.

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    I was relieved to see that the garage door was open when I got there.   I leaned the bike against a wall and then opened the door leading into the kitchen just a crack.   No one was in sight.   I went in and hurried to the hallway that leads to my bedroom.   I had to go past the open door to my older sister's room and saw that her light was on.   As I hurried past I heard her call out, "Hey Donnie, wait a minute", but I didn't stop.   I went into my room and closed the door.   I tore off Mario's jeans and then collapsed on my bed.   I was lying on my back naked when I  was startled to hear my sister Debbie ask, "Donnie, what happened to you?"   I sat up quickly and saw her wide eyes looking down at my fully exposed penis.
    Debbie was almost three years older than me and she used to babysit me when our parents went out.   She had even given me baths, so I knew that she had already seen every inch of me, although that was several years ago.   I followed her eyes to my dick and I was shocked to see bruises and red swelling all around my cock.   My little dick was almost purple.   I stood up quickly and turned around so she couldn't see it.   I heard her gasp and looked back to see her pointing at my ass.

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    "Donnie, you've been hurt . Did you fall off your bike?"  She moved toward me and  touched my ass lightly.   I jumped from the pain it caused.   I could not see my ass, so I went over to the mirror.   I saw a huge black and purple welt on my right ass cheek where Mario had slapped it.   Even worse, I saw that cum was still dripping from my ass and running down my leg.   I spun around to hide it from Debbie, but she had already seen it.   "Donnie", she said, "something is coming out of you.   What happened to your butt?"
    Debbie was the only person I could tell because we had always been very close and I knew she wouldn't  tell anyone.   I fell on my bed again and told her that I had not had a bicycle accident.   Tears welled up in my eyes as I told her the whole nightmarish encounter with the two brutes.   Debbie never said a word and her eyes never left me.   When I had finished she sat on the bed next to me and put her hand on my arm.
    She told me how sorry she felt and asked me what I planned to do.   I told her I was going to do nothing.

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    She seemed to understand with no further explanation.   She told me to take a shower and said she would be back.   Debbie left my room and I put on a robe and went to the bathroom.
    The hot water from the shower stung as it pelted my sore cock and ass, but I wanted to wash the filth off of me.   When I stepped out of the shower Debbie was there with some ice in a towel.   She held the towel against my ass and said that I might need to see a doctor.   I told her the bruises would heal, but she said she meant because I might have gotten some sex disease.   I felt a cold chill.
    Debbie helped me towel dry and she seemed to pay extra attention to my dick.   She held it lightly in one hand and patted it dry with the other.   She even stroked it softly and I began to get hard.   What the hell, I thought.   Could my own sister be fondling my cock?  She stopped and said that our parents were wondering where I'd been.   I put the robe back on and walked into the family room where they sat watching T. V.

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    I lied that I had gotten a flat tire.   I said that I was so tired I was going to go to bed.   They said goodnight.   That night I got little sleep.
    The next day I was tired and distracted at school.   I hurried home after and never thought about my bike.   I was still sore, but at least the cum stopped leaking out.   I was changing into shorts when Debbie walked into my room.   She asked me how I felt and I said tired and sore.   She then asked about the doctor and I told her I just couldn't tell anyone.   She nodded her head.   Then she asked how my bruises were doing.   With no hesitation, I pulled off my shorts and briefs.   My sister felt closer to me than anyone on the planet and her concern was genuine.
    I stood naked in front of her and she gently touched my penis.

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    It felt fantastic.   I wanted my sister to stroke my dick again and pushed my hips toward her.   Debbie said she was afraid of hurting me and I quickly assured her that would not be a problem.   In the past I did have wet dreams about my older sister, but this was no dream.   My sister was giving me a hand job and I forgot all about the pain.
    Debbie had me lie on my bed and she continued to make me feel better.   My little dick was fully erect from my sister's touch.   Then I felt her warm wet mouth envelop it.   I looked down at her head and could not believe this.   She sucked me slow and deep as she pumped my cock with her hand.   I couldn't hold back and put my hands on her head to hold it still.   I came in her mouth harder than I ever came before.   The thought of fucking my sister's mouth caused me to cum again on her face.   She used one finger to wipe it from her cheek into her mouth.   Then she milked the last drop from my cock and licked it off the tip.

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    She told me she would check on me the following day and she left my room. How many fourteen year old boys get to have sex with their older sisters?  It seemed that my nightmare had just become a fairy tale.
    The following afternoon Debbie again came to my room.   She told me that she was going to make me forget all about the two animals who raped me.   Then she kissed me full on the mouth.   One of my hands gripped her round ass and the other cupped her small firm breast.   It was the first time I ever felt a real tit and it was a thrill.   Debbie put her hand over mine and pressed it tightly against her breast.   Her other hand then unzipped my shorts and they fell to the floor.   "Debbie, I want to see you naked", I told her.   She smiled and pulled off her t-shirt.   Debbie was about five foot five inches tall and I don't think that she weighed one hundred pounds.   Her hair was auburn with a little extra red that she added.   Her skin was flawless and her wide eyes were hazel.   The corners of her lips were turned up in a perpetual smile.

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    I thought she was the prettiest girl I had ever seen.   She had on a sports bra that she pulled over her head.   Her small tits popped out and her pink nipples pointed up at the ceiling.   She kept her dark eyes on me as she pulled her shorts down.   Debbie now stood in front of me with only rose colored bikini panties on.   My eyes fell to her pelvis.   Her panties were showing a dark wet spot that was spreading between her thighs.   What a sight for a fourteen year old boy!
    Debbie asked me what I thought and I said I thought she should take off the panties.   She giggled and off they came.   Oh god!  She was only seventeen, but she had trimmed her pubic hair into a small triangular wedge that pointed right at her pussy.   The rest she had shaved clean.   I could see light glistening on her pale wet pussy lips.
    "Your turn", she announced.   I quickly pulled off my t-shirt and briefs.   Debbie looked down at my dick and then told me to turn around.

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    She kneeled and kissed the bruise on my ass.   She said that it was looking much better.   Next she got on my bed.   I was awestruck by her pussy and as I stared at it, Debbie began to rub it with both hands.   I could see she was dripping wet when she inserted one finger into her pussy and it disappeared.   She maoned softly and moved her hips in rhythm with her hands.   My older sister was putting on quite a show for her little brother.
    Debbie got real still, but her fingers worked furiously on her pussy.   She stopped rubbing and raised her hips off the bed.   She shuddered and cried out, "Oh Donnie!"  Then she smiled up at me and said that she wanted me to play with myself.   I felt embarrassed, But she looked me in the eye and said she knew I did it.   In fact she had seen me jerk off in the shower months ago when she sneaked in unnoticed.   She told me that she had even played with my dick when she bathed me years ago.   My horny sister, who would have known?
    I kneeled over Debbie on the bed and took my penis in my hand.   A smile floated across her face as she looked up at my stiff dick.

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    Just when I thought I was about to cum, she reached up and stopped my hand from moving.   I thought I was going to explode, but Debbie said we were going to try something new.
    She took my hands and placed them on her firm teenage tits.   The nipples felt like small round pebbles, so hard!  Debbie sighed and told me to touch her pussy.   It was burning hot and soaking wet.   She put her hand over mine and guided one of my fingers between her pussy lips.   Debbie panted, "Lick me Donnie.   I want you to lick my pussy".   I didn't know about this, but quickly buried my face below her little hairy triangle.   I tasted pussy for the first time in my young life and I loved it.   I licked and sucked and even tried to put my whole head inside her pussy.   I put a fingertip in her asshole like Pete had done to me and she went wild.   She bounced up and down on the bed and closed her eyes.   She tried to grind my finger deeper into her tight asshole.
    My young mind felt a sense of control and I stopped licking Debbie's pussy.

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    With my free hand I guided my stiff cock  toward the point of the shaven  triangle.   I placed the head of my dick between her swollen pussy lips and pushed myself inside.   Debbie wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my head down.   Her dark eyes were wide open and she cried out, "Donnie no, don't, no!"  But I felt her hips push up hard against me and my cock went deeper inside her.   She yelled, "Harder, Donnie, fuck me harder!"
    There was no holding back now.   This was a chance of a lifetime.   I pushed into her with all my strength.   I felt the resistance disappear and all four inches of my cock penetrated my sister.   I pounded at her pussy and she dug her fingers into the back of my neck.   We fucked in together like lovers.   My cock exploded inside of her while she held on and bucked against me.   We collapsed in each other's arms drenched in sweat and sweet sex.
    We stayed like that for several minutes.   Then much too soon Debbie whispered, "Donnie I have to get up.   Mom will be home soon".


    Grudingly I pulled out of her and watched dejectedly as she got off the bed.   Her face was glowing, her body taught, her tits her ass her pussy all were breathtaking.   I wanted more, but she opened my door slowly and ran down the hall to the bathroom.
    I fell back on my bed and stared at the ceiling.   In just a few short days I had been forced to have sex with two thugs and now my sister and I had fucked eath other.   All this to a young teenage boy who had not even had sex less than one week ago.   Life was coming at me fast and I wondered what was next.   Things were about to get even more unreal in the days ahead.


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