She gave in Prt 1


I hate those girls who go around and tease to no end . Especially little kids , I diden't intend for this to happen but a man can only take so much. I got a pretty good job mowing at the Yardleys home. They paid well and had a real simple lawn , well in the front . The back , thats another story .
So I have had the job for going two years now , and seen there oldiest daughter move off to collage . Made me happy to see how loving a faimly can still be in Suburban america.
Well there youngiest well 2nd youngest daughter Tracy , was somthing to look at ! She stood about 5'6 130 lbs , nice round ass hefty tits . But she was 18 ! I tried not to look at her but it was almost like she knew dawn well what she was doin . Shed come roller skating by in a bikini act like she dident mean to knock over a rake . Stop bend over giving you a lush tit shot or the day she bent over and my face was alomost planted on her ass.
Well as time went on she grew into her well developed body . And was becoming a great student . So there would be times the parents would be gone all day with the youngiest sister and she would be out by the pool studying or sun bathing .

Or sometimes both , today seemed a little diffrent however.
Mabye it was the fact that you could see the folds of her pussy through the bikini I don't know but I had quite a erection ! She called me over and I came .

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   And asked if Id rub lotion on her back . . Would I ! I took the sun tan oil and squirted some onto my palms and began to rub she turned and giggled. . . "You can sit on me it works better if you untie my top too " Now my cock swelled more and I untied her top letting the red laces drop as she lay belly side down . I sat with my cock laying between the crack of ass displayed . I hoped she dident pull back shed definatly feel my cock .
I was working the lotion on and the bottle fell causing me to go for the bottle as she did too sending us toppling down . . . . my head fell on one of her supple breasts before reluctantly pulling away she had a blush over her cheeks and her eyes were downwords . Seemed my zipper was open and my cok was now pointing out she couldent stop looking and I went to put it away . She quickly stoped me , and giggled .

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"Can I touch . . i. . it ?" She asked , I started thinking oh lord molestation charges all that . But her hand convinced me to take a chance I let out a low moan as she leaned down and looked up with soft green eyes . . . "I saw a girl on a movie put her mouth around a dick . . . can I try?" I noded and she giggled and opened her lips slowly my bloated head slipped between her lips . I felt her tounge slide down the undershaft of my cock as I sank the shaft as far as I could down her throat. She gaged some and choked but seemed to like to all the more as her hand darted into her bathing suit bottoms .
I pulled my cock from her lips and she caught her breath as I pulled her down .

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   I strattled her ripe tits and slid my saliva coated cock about 8 inches of thick pole . As I picked up the pace her fat tities shook like jello . Her tounge darting out to get my cock . I moaned and told her I was gonna cum she pulled away and pushed her tits together head down tounge out . I wondered where she got her porn at she was a hot little slut. I jerked and then thick ribbons of goo spashed on her silky white globes . On her lips and tounge and down her chin I pulled my cock back in and she jumped into the pool to wash off .
(To Be Continued. . )



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