Sexy Sarah part 2 (Follow up to A Great Day at work)


2 days after our first encounter, I'd wondered if I'd ever see Sarah again. Her tight 18 year old body haunted my hottest dreams, and I kept hoping every day that I'd see her during my rounds at the mall- and just when I'd started to think she wouldn't be back, I felt her grab my hand.  

"Hi again!" She smiled her pretty smile, and I couldn't help but smile back. She was in short cutoff shorts and a tank top that showed the strap of her training bra, her barely started nipples poking through the fabric of both.  

"Sarah! I was wondering when you'd be back! I started to wonder if you were scared to come back!" 

"Are you gonna take a break soon?" she asked in a slightly different tone of voice.  

"As a matter of fact, I'm on break starting now- are you hungry?" 

"Yes- a little. . . " she followed me to a burger place in the food court, and we took our food to a semi private room I take breaks in. My relief had started their rounds, so I knew we wouldn't be bothered there for at least an hour.  

As we sat down at the table and started to eat, Sarah started to talk.  

"I was scared when you took me to the office, and really scared when you asked me to take off my clothes. Then, when you did those things to me, I was nervous and REALLY scared! But, when I got home and went to sleep, I started dreaming about how good it felt- and even how good that stuff you squirted in my mouth tasted. " She smiled shyly and looked down a little and my cock became instantly hard. "So," she continued "I wasn't gonna come back, but I wanted to- and I hoped you'd be here. .

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  . " 

"I was hoping to see you too, Sarah. I've been thinking about how pretty you are and how sexy those things we did were. " I winked at her. . . "and I'm glad you enjoyed those things too, because I've been wanting to do it again. . . " 

She pushed the burger wrappers aside, and stood up, putting on an overly dramatic voice as she walked toward me. "Oh, pleeeze, mr. guard- I didn't mean to steal things. . . what can I do to say I'm sorry!" 

I pulled her near, and unbuttoned her shorts.

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   To my pleasant surprise, she had no panties underneath today.  

"I'm going to have to search you, little girl. " I replied, putting my fingers between her legs, stroking her pussy. " To further my surprise, her pussy was already wet. " I stood up and took my cock out of my pants as her shorts fell to the floor, around her ankles. Without a word, she took my cock in her mouth, and started sucking me like a pro, just as she had before when she'd started to get the hang of it. I rested my hands on her shoulders as she sucked me deeper with every stroke, and I knew it wouldn't take long for me to cum in her pretty little mouth. I have to admit- the fact that I hadn't locked the door was turning me on as well- the danger that despite the fact almost never did anyone use this back room but me, someone could come in and see me in the act of having sex with this little girl- this HOT, sexy little girl- was very exciting! 

After a few minutes, my cock started to throb, and I knew there was no turning back. "I'm gonna cum, Sarah- I'm gonna squirt that stuff in your mouth again. . . are you ready?" She moaned in response, and that was all it took. I pumped my hot seed in her mouth, and she swallowed every drop as I did, moaning the entire time. She sucked my cock a little longer, milking it for every drop. As she finished up, I picked her up, leaving her shorts on the floor, lay her on the table and spread her legs.

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   Tasting how wet her pussy was started to get me hard again, and I just kept eating her pussy, licking it clean, enjoying her moans of pleasure. I worked my tongue in and out of her as I licked her clit, and soon, I could feel her starting to cum. I kept at it until she tensed up with her first orgasm, and licked her pussy as she came on my tongue- still eating her, I slipped a finger in her pussy, and found that it went in with no resisitance.  

"Have you been having sex, Sarah?" I asked, still licking her.  

"MMMmmmmmm- keep doing that- I love it! No, I put a hairbrush in there while I was thinking about you. . . " I knew she wanted it- she wanted my cock inside her, and I was more than happy to give it to her. I ate her pussy to one more orgasm, then stood up and let my pants fall to the floor.  

"I'm going to give it to you, baby- are you ready for me to screw you, Sarah?" I asked, even as I started to rub the head along her slit. " 

As the head started to enter her, she panted "Yes, please- yes. . . please, screw me- fuck me fuck me fuck me. .

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      . . " She spread her legs a little wider to emphasize the point.  

    Holding her legs in my elbows, I steered my cock into her- looking at her pretty face and hard nipples through her shirt and training bra  made me even harder, adn though she was soaking wet, she was still very tight. I slid into her a little at a time until I was fucking her as deep as I could go! 

    I leaned  over while still pumping in and out of her and kissed her, tasting the remnants of my cum and hers mix on our lips- our tongues met and she eagerly licked my tongue and nibbled my lip as she panted "Yes, it feels so good when you fuck me, god i love to fuck, i love it i love it mmmmmmmm- yes keep fucking memmmmmmmmm" in my ear- as she shuddered with her second orgasm, I knew I wouldn't be far behind- I had thought for a moment about cumming in her-- just for a moment-- but then I pulled out and sat her up, putting my cock in her mouth once again- She moaned that same hot moan again, and I came for a second time as she gulped down every drop. As I finished, I picked her up and sat her on my lap on the chair, both of us still naked from the waist down.  

    I kissed her and said "That was even more fun than last time, Sarah- I have to get back to work now, but I hope you'll be back again. . . " 

    "I'll just hang around until you finish work, how about that? Ummm, I mean if it's ok. . . " She looked at me with her big eyes.

    "Its great with me, sweetie, but won't your mom wonder where you are?" 

    "She won't notice. " She replied.

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       "She works all night- and usually she's sleeping when she comes home. " She said . I Knew I'd be seeing lots more of her, and I smiled. I gave Sarah some money to spend in the arcade or wherever, and went back to work. After my shift, she met me at the movie theater, where we decided to take in a movie before we went to my house. A nice, uncrowded movie- I bought our tickets and we went inside- first to the snack counter, then into the theater where we talked as we waited for the lights to go out. . . . (To be continued- thanks for reading)


    This story is part two of another story that depicts, graphically, sex between an underage girl and an adult man. If this offends you please read elsewhere-