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Topic: Sexy and SeventyIt was just on a whim that I called in to see Mrs K. She had been my mums best friend for years and years but since mum had died I'd seen her less and less frequently and it'd been probably 5-6 years since I'd last seen herI knocked on the door and she greeted me with a stunned look. "My God, how are you, I haven't seen you for ages, please come in!"She didn't need to ask twice. Despite her advancing age, I mean she was just on seventy now, she still looked good. I vividly recall jacking off to thoughts of her when I was in my teens, but now with me at well past 40 she still looked good. I suppose she was old school in that she liked to dress properly no matter what. And today was no exception. A smart skirt and top, fully made up, and black heels and pantyhose. She reminded me of a classy secretary. Not overdone, just right. And I also recalled the sight that greeted me one day when our 2 families were away on holiday together. I snuck into the communal bathroom and watched her take a shower. Slim body, small perky breasts, oh how I beat my meat that day. . "So, how have you been, whats been going on?" I asked her. "Oh I'm struggling with this computer the kids gave me, I don't know the first thing about them and I can't get this silly internet to work""Hand it over" I said "That's one thing I DO know about"We sat down together on the large piano stool in front of the computer.

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   There was nothing wrong with the machine at all, she just didn't know how to use it. So, over 30 mins or so I showed her what to do. Unfortunately, it hadn't been set-up to disable pop-ups, and of course the inevitable happened, and a huge pop-up literally took over the screen with some guys enormous cock drowning some poor girls face. We both giggled, me more nervously than her, and I said"Ahh I can stop that happening, the pop-up that is, not what they were doing!"She smiled at me. "Don't worry, it's not something I haven't seen before, although I admit at my age I haven't seen anything like that for a long long time" and her face saddened a little. "Everything OK?" I asked?"Oh yes, but you know how it is, the Old Man isn't interested any more, and even if he was he isn't physically capable, hasn't been for a long time""Oh I'm sorry" I muttered, not really sure what else to say. But at the same time desperately trying to stop myself looking down her top or glancing at her nylon-covered legs. ""It's OK" she said "It sort of happens I suppose" and she leaned over and put her head on my shoulder. I hugged her, and she hugged me back, obviously enjoying the contact if nothing else. I kissed her lightly on the forehead and then hugged her again. She pulled back slightly this time, and then slowly kissed me very softly on the lips. At that precise moment I think my cock nearly exploded. My jeans were struggling to hold it in and it hurt like hell. She kissed me again, this time longer and more forcefully. There was no way I was going to hold back and I returned the kiss but with more vigour than I'd managed myself for a long time.

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  We struggled off the bench to a standing position and kissed furiously. I ran my hands all over her then knelt down and kissed her legs all the way up one and down the other. Savouring the texture and the smell of those lovely pantyhose. Then I buried my head into her crotch, breathing heavily. I stood up again and she whispered to me"I don't want no for an answer, I want to be fucked, and I want to be fucked now. I haven't had sex for over 7 years and I know you've always had the hots for me, now's your chance""But, but. . you KNEW?""Oh yes, and I wanted you too, but I never thought it would happen, now it will"She dropped to her knees and her manicured hands fought with my zipper. She pulled my cock out and sank it deep into her throat. It took all my willpower to stop coming right then and there. She may not have had sex for years but my god she was making up for it now. Her tongue danced around my cock as it slid in and out. "You best stop that, please"She looked up and smiled at me and led me into the bedroom. This woman of 70 was pretty much telling me what she wanted. She lifted her dress up, unclipped it, and threw it away.

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   Then she reached behind and undid her bra and top and threw them off as well. Those lovely little breasts I fantasised over were mine to have now. I leaned over and grabbed her legs. I threw her heels off and wrapped her nylon-covered feet around my cock. "Oh you like that do you?" I nodded in response. And she happily worked my cock over for a good 5 minutes, her little toes giving me amazing pleasure. Her feet ended up glistening with pre-cum all over them and it dripped onto the bed. I pulled her away and parted her legs. I worked my way up to her cunt and pulled the pantyhose and panties down, and eventually right off. I positioned myself between her legs and began to eat her sweet sweet pussy. Any concerns about her being dry were allayed straight away. She was as wet as anything and began to grind herself into my face. The faster I licked and sucked the more she responded. After only a couple of minutes she screamed and arched her back. .

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  . . she almost suffocated me and then slowly let me go. "Oh my god, I haven't had one of those for so long. . . "I smiled at her and said "What about one of these then?" and stroked my cock. Her smile said it all. I turned her over onto all fours and parted her legs again. Finally my dream was about to come true. I slowly started to enter her. The tip of my cock was just touching her, I went as slow as I could, wanting to savour every moment. Then as I neared the end I thrust fully inside her all at once. Oh my god it was good. "Yes" she said "Yes, yes, yes.

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   I want you to fuck me hard"And I did. . . thrust after thrust buried deep in this wonderful womans pussy. Her voice cried out with each thrust as she grew ever closer to her 2nd orgasm, and me to my first. "Wait" she said "Do it to me like that girl"I knew what she meant and I pulled out. She spun around and placed herself in front of my cock. She grabbed it and started to wank me off, seconds later my cock exploded into a shower of cum. It spurted all over her face, into her hair and dripped down over her lovely tits. She worshipped it like it was a first drink for a parched desert traveller. "Oh god I love it" she said and she hungrily gobbled every stringy wet stream. "Quick, bottom drawer" and she pointed to the chest of drawers next to the bed and I pulled out a Polaroid Camera. "Take a quick pic" she said. And I snapped off a couple of quick ones of her face and breasts, all glistening and dripping with my cum. "I want to remember this, and one is for you to take home to remember too" and she laughed as she gave it to me.

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  She wiped the cum off her and then kissed me again. "This is my mobile number, and my email address. " She said as she handed me a slip of paper. "Now that you've got the email working for me I can use it. Maybe I might send you a pic every now and then. Oh and you can have these too" and handed me her pantyhose and panties. "Keep them to remind you of me too. The Old man will be back in 18 mins or so and I better clean myself up. But there are so many other things I want to explore, call me, email me, but most important of all, I want you to fuck me. . . again and again. Soon, please?"I nodded to her and made my exit. Will I see her again? You bet I will. .

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