Seducing My Two Favorite Teachers


My Senior year in high school in Alabama before O came back to Georgia was one continous orgy. I was short, my chest was always in the way. I endured comments like, "So how son do those tits get ther beforer you do. " and "Damn girl, ther is a shotage of titty somewhere cause you got it al. " Anyway, I usually said something back, "Don't you wish you girlfriend had these" and such as that.
I was very Bi from my fun with my Aunt and Uncle that I was living with and we had lots of fun. I had grown from 38DDD to 40DDD and the extra weight was in my hips so I had a nice hourglass figure with huge tits for my 4'8" frame. I was proud on them most of the time and endured the accidental bumping since I knew that they, both guys and girls, were feeling me up the only way they could.
My History teacher, Ronald was in short, hot. He was rugged and great lookin. A hard body and I could tell he was well endowed from some incidents that happened. I made sure to let him see my cleavage as often as possible and saw him checking me out a lot. My other favorite teacher was Mrs. Linda Paris (neither last names are the real ones but the first names are) She was married and had two kids and she was really beautiful. She had red hair, long in a pony tail and just a little grey coming in. It went to the middle of her back and she had a sweet buxom figure.

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   I found out later she had 38DD-28-40 and she was 5'8". Her breasts swayed as she walked and she was so beautiful that I found myself very wet because of her.
I was talking to Jean one night after we made love and told her of my fantasy of fucking them both. Jean laughed and she told me, "Why not, that are a number. " "They are? "How do you know?" "I was going past the office one evening after class and she came out totally flushed after eing done by him. She was really red faced and her clothes were all messed up. I caught them giving a good bye kiss. " "No shit. " I said. "No, for real, she is all over him. Her husband is al but an idiot. I found out he hardly ever does her. Any Mr. Miller has a huge cock, I saw him putting it away. " "Damn.

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  " I said. Jean kissed me teasing my nipples some and said, "You know what else?" "No what?" I asked her waiting for the next news. "She is Bi, I saw her in the parking lot with a woman and they were kissing like crazy. " "damn, who was it?" "Ms. Damon, the dyke gym teacher. " "Shit, she is always checking me out too, she likes big tits. " "Yeh, tell me about it. " "So, how do I get them both at the same time?" "Oh, I think we can arrange it. " Jean said and she dove betwen my legs.
Over the next week we made plans and arrangements. She and I and another friend wrote a dialog note that was to be found by Mrs. Paris after class one day. It outlined how much of a nymph I was and how I was insatiable in bed with both men and women and as many as possible. Well, Jean left her notbook that was to be found in her desk one day and sure enough Mrs. Paris found it.

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   Jean saw her pick it up as she left class and open it. She began walking and reading and stopped dead in her tracks and her face began to get red.
That same day I wore my silk wrap around and a button up blouse that was a little too small. I wore a front snap bra that would come open easy. My thong was small but I was going to take it off anyway so that did not matter.
My last hour was History and so I sat in my usual front seat looking at Mr. Miller's crotch and waiting for the time to put my plan together. Finally it came, we were reading and he sat in his desk. I caught his eye and he smiled and I reached into my blouse unbuttoning the two top buttons and reaching into my bra I licked my lips. He stared at me and got nervous. He kept staring at me and so my next button came open and another. Now my cleavage was in full view and he stared. My fingers found the snap and it came open and I moved the bra cups away so my tits came into view. He stared as I licked my lips and massaged my tits, first one then the other. I closed my blouse and buttoned as much as I could.

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   He sat there and was obviously hard. The bell rang and everyone got up to leave but I stayed there smiling. I got up, "Ms. Cain, stay her a moment. " "Sure" I said. I sat down and everyone left. Ms. Cain, you are in trouble. " he said, I guess thinking he had to do what was right to stay out of trouble. "Oh fuck of. " I said to him. "What?" he said. "You heard me, fuck off. " "That is it" he said, "yu will be in my office in two minuetes. I have to get a female to be present.

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  " he said. "Good, get Mrs. Paris. " I said. "I will do just that. " he said and I got up and walked to his ofice first stopping at the rest room to remove my bra and thong.
I sat on the couch and they came in and he had obviously been telling her all that happened since she had a very red face already.  I could see that her nipples were getting hard also and smiled as they came in. "Now Miss cain, I don't think you understand what kind of trouble you are in. " he said taking out forms. "You may be suspended after this. I got up and walked to a short couch next to his desk and lean over the back my blouse open some again. It was easy to see him looking down my cleavage and I smiled and said, "Why not just paddle me like the old days?" I suggested. There was a paddle on a rack on his wall and I pointed to it. Mrs.

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   Paris was standing near me and she was telling him that maybe we sould ignore this all together. "We can't" he said. "Something needs to be done, she showed off ti. . . he stopped and said, "Breasts, in class. " "Did you like them?" I said. "What?" "Damn, do I have to repeat everything? Did you like my tits?" I said and stood up and opened my blouse showing them off and the nipples got hard instantly. He sat there and so I turned to Mrs. Paris, "do yoi like them, you do don't you?" I said stepping towards her. "I have liked yurs. " I said. MY blouse fell to the floor and I stood there. "Paddle me please. " I said and walked back to the couch and put my hands on the back and bent over and spread my legs apart, my skirt still on me.

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"Very well. " Linda said taking down the paddle. She stepped to the side behind me and drew it back. It came down not hard but it stung. "Oh, oh my. " I said. Ronald was up now and his pants were stuffed. He was staring at me and smiling. Again the paddle came down a little harder this time and I moaned. "Not hard enough dear?" Linda said. "Maybe if this is of. " I said and my skirt fell to the floor and I moved my ass so that the pussy lips that were swollen already were prominant. When I bend over they stick out to the rear. "Oh I see," Linda said and the next swing hit my pussy lips and I almost passed out from the pleasure. My legs were weak.

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   I stood and went to Linda and undid her blouse and bra. I kisswed her deep and her dress fell to the floor too and she stood there her red bush peaking from her panties. She did not shave often and so she had a really deep red bush around her pussy. Her nipples swelled and were hard as I took them into my mouth. She moaned and sank to her knees and my tits were in her hands and mouth suddenly. Her hand found my pussy and I moved my legs apart and she sank her fingers into me. I went to my back and she followed and was on top of me kissing and fingering me hard. Suddenly I had an orgasm that squirted her hand and she moaned and went to my pussy with her mouth. Ronald was naked now and hard as a rock. I reached out and took him into my hands and massaged him slowly and slipped him into my mouth. I gave him a long slow sucking until he was humping my face as she ate my pussy. After a half hour he filled my throat and I had sprayed her face several times.
I pushed her off and got on top of her and kissed her all over till I was face deep in her pussy. I looked around and Ronald was behind me, "Well, don't you see a hot pussy to put that in?" I said and so he did just that. "Oh damn, yeh, fuck me, fuck me good.

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  " I begged. He began doing justthat and my mouth went back to Linda's pussy. I began finguring her pussy and she was a little bigger than me. Her red hair tickled my face but I did not care. Her pussy was sweet and my face was slippery with her juices. "Fist me. " she begged and so I slipped in finger after finger until all of my hand was in and she began humping hard against my arm. An orgasm shook her hips and almost broke my wrist. Ronald was fucking me harder and harder watching me eat his lover.
We all laid on the floor weak from sex and kissing all over. It was dark outside and we dressed as we kissed and the scent of sex was all over the room. "Damn, need air freshener before class in the morning" Ronald laughed. We left and I pretended to walk to the other side. Jean was there and Bob, her boyfriend. I walked up and she kissed me, "Damn girl, you been sexing.

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  " she laughed. "Did you get it all on tape?" I said. "Fuck yes, this is hot. " Bob said. "Goo, make me a copy tonight so I can give it to them in the moring. "
I did the next day and all I said was all I want is ex anytime I want it with you two for the rest of the year, agreed?" They both said I did not have to blackmail them for that. "Oh yes, and at least a "B" for me, Jean and Bob. " "Shit, I knew there was a catch. " Linda said. "Isn;t there always?" I said and kissed mer again tweeking her nipples hard.
See you next week. I said and walked away.