Sarah - The innocent Angel with a devils smile


It all happened last week on holidays with the family. There we were sitting by the pool, after having a swim, the sun coming down nicely, casting an eye around the young gorgeous ladies tanning themselves and then she came in.

Wearing a beautiful patterned bikini, creamy white skin and beautiful shinny red hair, she was a vision of beauty. The first thing that caught my eye was that young arse, in the bikini it looked so tight, firm and yet supple and ready to eat. Then she turned around and she had the face of an angel and the smile of the devil . . . oh yes here was a young lady that was going to be a handful.

She positioned herself over the other side of the pool, not even paying attention to me, she was talking with another young lady who was about the same age however she filled out her one piece swim suit a little more. After a little conversation the two of them decided to dive into the pool to cool down, they splashed and played for nearly an hour. A couple of times coming close to where I lay on the sun bed, my wife only metres away turned in the opposite direction sunning herself.

I am no jock or super athlete however in my mid thirties I keep a pretty good shape, with regular exercise and well toned muscles. I am 6 foot weigh 82kgs and though not over endowed at 6 1/2 inches I satisfy my wife very well, and many other women before we got married. I exude a presence, so have had many opportunities to stray however never have, and have never felt any reason to, that is until now.

It was getting close to lunchtime and my wife ventured up to our room with the kids to get lunch ready before we went out to the movies, I was going to have one last swim and then join her.

I jumped into the water and did a couple of laps and turning to do the last lap and something hit my leg quite sharply and made me stop.

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  I looked around and it was the other girl, she had fallen into the pool and her head, had hit my leg. She was standing up however a little groggy I went to check that she was okay and as soon as I reached her she collapsed, however I was there in time and was able to grab her and stop her going under water.

I took her to the side of the pool and helped her up onto the pool deck. By this stage her friend had joined her, and I had given her some water to drink and she seemed to be getting a little better. Her name was Jenny and her red hair friend was Sarah. I suggested that Jenny should go and have something to eat and may be a rest as she seemed to be suffering from mild concussion. They informed me that their parents were out for the day and asked if I would take Jenny back to their room just in case she fell again.
Now on one hand I was having thoughts I shouldn't be about Sarah and on the other I was genuinely concerned about Jenny so I said that I would take them back to their room. While walking I called my wife and told her about the incident and said I would stay with the girls until their parents returned just to make sure there were no further problems. She was taking the kids out to the movies anyway so it wasn't a major problem and I said I would see her after the movie.

By this stage we had got back to Sarah and Jenny's apartment on the top floor of the resort, it had a great view of the beaches, shops and everything within a 5km radius. I fixed the girls some sandwiches and made sure that Jenny ate hers, she said that she was feeling better however might go and have a sleep, but only if I would stay as she felt safe with me around.

By this stage my heart is racing, my brain is screaming out "what are you thinking" I am feeling a deep pulsating sensation coming from below and at the same time knowing I should be leaving.

Jenny had now gone to her room and Sarah has switched on the television, we start talking and she tells me she has just had her thirteenth birthday and that Jenny is her cousin who is now living with her and her parents. They are from the bush and enjoy coming to the coast each year for their holiday.

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  Sarah loves riding horses and does dancing and singing and she particularly loves musical theatre.
    While she is talking she is moving closer and closer to me. I suddenly get up and ask her where the toilet is, with a look of hurt on her face she points down the corridor. I move quickly going past Jenny's room and straight to the toilet, I get my dick out and within minutes unload and immediately feel the relief and everything coming back to normality.

    Heading back down the corridor I walk past Jenny's room, there she is lying on the bed asleep with no clothes on. "Oh my god" was my reaction, her pussy is nearly bare, a tuft of hair is at the front and her breasts would be a handful at best she looks so beautiful lying there. I am transfixed not able to take my eyes from this sight and then all of a sudden I hear Sarah behind me "Do you like what you see". I spin around about to apologise but I couldn't say anything, there Sarah is dressed in a teddy bear night dress leaving little to the imagination.

    "Sarah I didn't mean to stare at Jenny" I said, "I was walking back and I just saw her lying there and I couldn't help but look at her beautiful body". With that she asked if I thought she was beautiful, I recounted the moment I had seen her early that day and her reaction to this was instant. She swung her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck and started kissing me and telling me to make love to her.

    Again my brain is saying stop, leave but my dick is in over drive, and having Sarah's legs firmly around my waist did not help. The temptation is too much; I start to kiss Sarah passionately while walking towards the nearest room which just happens to be Sarah's. When we reach her bed in one move I throw her onto the bed and take off the night dress. So I now have a thirteen year old lying down totally naked in front of me.

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       Her breasts are just forming but very seductive in nature and her pussy has lips that have formed but no hair. She is obviously getting excited as the lips are glistening with anticipation, I run my finger over the top which gets a moan , I follow up with by doing the same to her breasts which gets a further moan and then glide my tongue around the outside of the lipswhich gets a larger hearty moan. Sarah is enjoying this attention . . . . . . .

    To be continued.



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