Sandy, the Degradation of a Hong Kong Schoolgirl 3


With the mention of detention, the horrifying experience of what took place at the stone bench came back vividly and tears just came streaming down my cheeks. "Dont' cry, sit down and tell me what's wrong Sandy," Chan Sir said kindly and handed me a paper tissue. I couldn't contain myself any longer. I had to tell someone. Chan Sir had always been so kind and so understanding. "I was raped!" and suddenly I began to cry uncontrollably. "Oh. . . "He got up from his chair and went to lock the door to his office. Then he came back, placing a hand gently but reassuringly on my left shoulder then spoke to me in a very gentle voice. "Take it easy, Sandy. Just tell me what happened and I shall be able to help you. ""Last Saturday. . .

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  in the changing room. . . ""There was no school on Saturday. So why did you come back to school? You better start from the beginning. "I recalled all details and told Chan Sir, in between sobbing and sniffling, everything up to the point that I suspected Herbert had stolen my knickers. Suddenly I sensed something out of place. Chan Sir's hand was no longer on my shoulder but was gently squeezing my left breast. I wondered if I was being mistaken, but no. Shortly after, he stood right behind me and had both his palms cupping my breasts. "Sir, what is. . . " fears crept into my voice. "I just want to check if you are hurt.


   Sandy, stand up. ""No, Sir I don't think. . . ""Stand up now," came his command. My heart was thumping madly. As I stood up, I felt the zip of my school dress being pulled down from behind just like yesterday. Chan Sir turned me around to face him, and put an arm around me. I felt a squeeze behind my back and the clasp my bra was expertly loosened. Instinctively, my hands went up to cover my breasts but Chan Sir just took them away and eased down my school dress. I blushed a deep crimson and didn't dare to look at Chan Sir, as I now stood topless in front of my Form Master, who was giving my small perky breasts the closest inspection I ever had. I shuddered as his cold palms cupped and began to squeeze my breasts. "Do they hurt?" he asked. I didn't know what to say to him. Surely, he shouldn't be doing this.

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   At least, a female teacher should be present when he inspected my, injuries. Timidly I stole a glance at him and I understood immediately. For right there in front of me was a pair of bleary lecherous eyes ogling my naked breasts, just like those of David's, Mark's, the Five Tigers' and Herbert's. I didn't know where to look and lowered my gaze but saw this unmistakable bulge in his trousers. "No, let me go," summoning all my courage I retorted. He clamped his hands on my mouth quickly. "Sandy, don't be afraid. They have already told me everything. I am pleased that you have been honest with me. I shall be very gentle with you. I won't hurt you like they did to you. And I shall make sure that you are promoted to the next grade with no trouble, okay?""No. I don't. . .

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  ""Listen, you are beginning to piss me off, Sandy," he said in a rage. "What makes you think you are so special, huh? You want me to call you parents and tell them you were caught having sex with two boys in the toilet and be expelled from school or do you want to pass your exams with flying colours? "I was shocked by what he just said. Chan Sir tried again, more gently. "Come on, you are a very attractive girl. I have noticed you for a long time, ever since your titties began to puff underneath that thin school dress of yours. You are not a virgin anymore and it won't hurt if we have a little fun, right? Let me have you and I promise that I shall protect you at school. Not just you, you know. Your parents' application for your sister to join us has been approved. Your sister, what's her name? Joan, right? Who will be 18 in August, will be joining us next term after the summer vacation. Think! It's your choice really. "Chan Sir didn't really give me time to think but began to strip the school dress from me. "Let me hang this up here for you so that it won't look all creased when you put it on afterward. Oh, Sandy, you are so lovely. I shall take this off for you, okay?"Quickly, my knickers were removed and I stood naked, except for my black leather pumps and white ankle socks. "Sandy, can you take those off as well please?"My mind went blank.

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   In a trance, I complied and seconds later I stood completely nude in front of Chan Sir. And he took the opportunity to get rid of his trousers. Awkwardly, I placed my hands to cover my breasts and pubes but he stopped me. "Let me look at you. Yes, a heart-shaped pubes. You are one-in-a-million, my dear! You know what people say about girls with a heart-shaped pubes. "I shook my head shyly, not knowing where to look. "Well, may be I shall tell you some other time. "Then he was pawing all over my breasts, kissing and sucking on my nipples making them spiky. My nipples felt like they were going to burst. He grabbed my hands and put them on his thing. "Stroke me Sandy and feel how excited you make me. "I touched it, it felt so hot in my palm and he became rigid instantly. I was surprised that his thing was smaller than Ah Keung's, perhaps about five inches, about same size as David's. I had thought that grownup men would be bigger there.

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  "Come and sit on the edge of my desk and open your legs wide. It won't hurt. "When I complied, he just rammed his thing inside my vagina roughly. "Arh, please stop sir, it hurts!""Oh, Sandy, your cunt is so tight. Can you feel my big cock inside you? Oh. . . fuck, fuck you, Sandy. "I shivered to hear Chan Sir use those disgusting words. And he kept thrusting in and out of me like there was no tomorrow. I felt sore as his thing scraped through my un-moistened vagina. Then the pain eased a little as somehow, I guessed, his thing or his 'Cock' as he called it, began to ooze lubricant inside me. But the humiliation of being abused by Chan Sir, someone I thought I could trust, remained as unbearable as ever. After a few minutes he stopped and pulled himself out. I was surprised, as I didn't feel him squirt inside me.

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  "Come on, bend over. ""No sir, my anus has not healed properly yet. ""I don't want to fuck your arse, you silly girl. Haven't you tried doggie fashion? Let me teach you. " Then he mounted me from behind and slammed into me. "Oh. . . " I gasped at the sudden deep penetration. In that position, he rammed deeper inside me, causing more pain. Once I read from a romance novel that lovemaking was supposed to be enjoyable and pleasurable for both men and women. However, up till now the pleasure was all men's. I felt only pain, or preferably numbness but never pleasure. He kept thrusting vigorously in and out my vagina for ages, slapping painfully on my bottom with his hands from time to time. "Hmm.


  . . Hmm. . . Oh Fuck!" Chan Sir shuddered and shot a quirt of hot slime deep inside me. He slumped over my back and began squashing my breasts with both hands from behind. "Sandy, you are a great fuck, probably the best that I've ever had. I tried many girls here, even girls younger than you are, but no pussy feels so tight, so hot and gives me so much pleasure like yours. "I was dumbfounded that I was not the only one he abused at school. "Oh, Sandy please sit on my desk and open your cunt. I have to ask you a small favour. "I had come this far I thought I might as well see what happened next. He fumbled inside a desk drawer and took out a Polaroid instant camera with a grin. "Sit and spread your legs.

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   Yes, yes. Now, use the fingertips of both hands to spread your cunt lips. No, no let me show you how. "He put down the camera, took my hands in his and showed me how to pull my inner lips open. And I felt his slime drool from my vagina. "Hold your cunt lips open and smile for the camera, Sandy. Yes, beautiful!"I was dazzled by the blinding flash and Chan Sir appeared satisfied with the shot. "Let me see. Sandy. How old are you? Ah yes, 13. "He made a note at the back of the picture and slipped it inside a plastic zip-loc bag. Then he picked up my bra and knickers and put them inside that bag as well. "This is just a small favour, Sandy. My private collection. " He grinned like an idiot.

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  He unlocked a cabinet by the side of his desk and threw the bag inside. Before he closed the drawer, I saw a small pile of similar transparent bags containing girls' underwear. I was shocked to see scribbled on the back of a photograph in one of the bags "Mandy, 11". That couldn't be true. Mandy was the youngest in our class, who recently turned 12. She was also the smallest, just 4'9" as the school took measurement from us during a PT lesson last term. Her breasts hadn't started to grow yet. My suspicion was confirmed, as unlike contents in the other bags, there was only a pair of pale green knickers and no bra. Mandy, obviously didn't need to wear one. Now I understood why she had suddenly turned quiet with a sad look in her eyes since not that long ago. "Sir, I can't go out without my underwear. ""Don't worry, I am prepared. "He opened another drawer and took out a pair of sheer white nylon knickers. "You can put these on. They should fit you, Sandy.


   However, I'm afraid I don't have a bra for you. But never mind, the afternoon session would soon be over and nobody would notice. Now be a dear, put on your clothes and leave. I want to eat my lunch. "I looked at the pair of knickers. They came with no gusset. As I pulled them on, I saw that they were totally transparent on me. Nothing was left to the imagination. As I put my school dress back on, Chan Sir was already dressed and was waiting very impatiently by the door for me to leave. "Off you go, Sandy. " He opened the door and said to someone else, "Ah, thank you. "Herbert the nerd was standing just outside, waiting to delivery the lunch box to Chan Sir. I wondered how long he had been there and if he had heard noisy slamming of Chan Sir having sex with me just minutes ago. I blushed deep red but when our eyes met I was surprised to find that his face was beetroot too. Nonetheless, I wanted to find somewhere to hide myself and I rushed to the toilet, constantly aware that my unprotected young breasts were bouncing freely inside the school dress.

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   Damn, I didn't put on the slip underneath, as it was such a hot day. I got into the toilet and look myself in the mirror. The school dress was almost transparent under the penetrating sunlight and I could see clearly the curve of my young breasts and my pink nipples. When I looked down, the dark shade of my pubes was also visible through the transparent knickers. Then I heard voices approaching and I quickly locked myself inside a stall. "Didn't you hear it?" Said someone, whose voice I couldn't place. "What? No, tell me. " I recognised this second voice of Jane's who sat to my right in the classroom. "Sandy has been sleeping around with boys in your class for money. ""No, I don't believe you. ""It's true, they said she took $300 from Herbert the nerd for a you-know-what yesterday. ""Herbert? Yuck! He makes me puke. How can Sandy be so cheap? Are you absolutely sure?" My friend asked. "Well, I am not going to name names, but just say a little bird told me that Sandy was also seen hugging David as the two of them emerged stealthily from the girls' changing room last Saturday. ""You mean they were actually doing it here, in school?""You bet.


   Hey Jane, you want to make some money?"I heard the sound of a slap, probably by Jane on the bottom of the other girl. "You have such a dirty mind. I've never done that thing before, have you?" Jane asked. "Of course not, I'm still a virgin, do you think I am a prostitute?"Then they were gone. I was fuming inside. Who had been spreading this rumour? Well, not exactly a rumour as there was some truth in it. But who had been doing this to me. I heard the bell. I didn't want to go out just then, as the place would be swarming with people. I sat on the toilet seat and waited, pondering how I was going to face those people, especially Jane who had all along been a good friend. I waited and waited and suddenly realised that five minutes had gone past. I ran out of the toilet and raced towards the classroom when I remembered whose lesson it was. However, I was too late. Ms Li was always punctual. As I approached my classroom I saw that she was already lecturing the class.

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  "Sandy, what have you been up to, don't you know what time it is?""I am sorry Ms Li. I. . . I was not feeling very well. " I made my way to my desk, trying desperately to hide my nakedness under the school dress. "So you don't feel well when you come to my classes, is that right?""No, Ms Li, I am. . . ""I am not finished with you, Sandy. Come out here. "I almost got to my desk where I saw Jane, who was looking at me as if in disgust that my naked breasts were showing through the school dress. My face suddenly turned scarlet at her discovery, as I made my journey back to the front of the class. "Boys and girls of Form 2B. I want you to look at Sandy.

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   She is a very bad example. . . " Ms Li lectured the class on my expense. "I want you to stand over there, by the black board facing the class. Go, Sandy. "Reluctantly I stood in front of the whole class and at once realised that all boys, except Herbert, were sniggering with each other. I looked down and found to my horror that the afternoon sun coming in from the window to my left was making my school dress transparent. I immediately folded my arms across my chest, trying to shield my nakedness. "Sandy, are you sulking?""No, Ms Li. I was just. . . ""Put your hands behind your back and stand up straight. Otherwise, I shall make you stand by the school gate for half an hour after school.

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  "Oh, no. I couldn't face that. I snapped into attention with my arms straight behind my back. In doing so, I found to my despair that my school dress rubbed on my very sensitive nipples, making them very tender and erect. I stole a glance down and saw that like two pink dots, they were now poking prominently under the thin white cotton dress. There was more sniggering from the boys. Ms Li looked around trying to find out the source of the excitement. However, she probably couldn't see a thing beyond a few feet through her thick glasses. Some girls looked embarrassed. I wonder if they sympathized my predicament or if they were disgusted to be in the same class with me. Ah Sum, who sat in the front row was scribbling diligently but I knew better. After a short while, he winked at me and passed a scrap of paper to the back. Each successive boy who looked at the paper giggled and made faces at me. The note finally landed facedown on my desk. "Sandy, go back to your desk.

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   I hope you have learnt to be punctual for my classes. " Ms Li said after about 18 minutes. "Yes, Ms Li. Thank you Ms Li. "I quickened my steps to my desk before my knees gave. I sat down and remembered that scrap of paper on my desk. Slowly, I turned it over to see what was written on the back and my face was suddenly on fire. It was a cartoon of a schoolgirl. From the hairstyle and an exaggerated Hello Kitty hairpin like the one I was wearing, I knew that I was in the cartoon. However, what was most embarrassing was that the schoolgirl was drawn with huge breasts and big nipples poking out inches long. There was also a heart-shaped shadow showing through the forge of a pair of wide opened legs. I looked around and everyone was, stealing glances and sniggering at me. I couldn't take it any longer and tears once again rolled down my cheeks in a torrent. When the bell sounded a last time for the day, I grabbed my school bag to shield my breasts and dashed out of the school. Although I heard Angie calling for me from behind, I was so ashamed of myself that I couldn't even face my very best friend.

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  (In Part 4, Sandy is offered to a local Triad thug. ).



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