Rock Paper Scissors


Rock Paper Scissors
First, let me describe myself. I'm a 49 yr old male, single, average build. I livein an apartment complex, where a swimming pool is the center attraction. I was lying ona lounge chair, minding my own business, when I notice two 18 yr old girls arguing. They're both in bikini bathing suits, and starting to fill them out nicely. There's noone else around, so it's kinda quiet and I can just about make out what they're saying.
"I bet I can take more than you can, I'm older and more mature"
"Oh please, you're only two months older than me, we're basically the same age. And besides,I've been practicing, so I know I can take more than you. "
"Well there's only one way to settle this. . . "
That's when I see them start to look around, and they both spot me at the same time. I watch them walk up to me, not knowing what to think, I guess they think I can settletheir dispute.
"So Amy, what do you think?"
"Yeah, he'll do"
Do for what I wonder.
"Hey mister, would you mind settling our argument for us?"
"Sure, I guess, what can I do for the two of you?"
"My friend Amy says she can take more cock inside her than I can, but I think I canbeat her, so what do you say?"
At this point, I'm blown away, and unbelievably horny, but I'm still not sure what Ijust heard.
"What do I say to what?"
"Can we use your cock to settle our bet?"
"Sure, I'd love to help you two out"
"Great, let's go back to my place, my mom won't be home until late"
I watch them walk away, I let them get a good pace ahead of me so that it doesn't look likeI'm following them, in case anyone is watching.

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   They both go inside, and I follow a minutebehind. As I go in, Amy is closing the curtains so no one can see inside.
"So do either of you have boyfriends?"
"No, we're both virgins, but we've seen a lot of porn on the internet, and we've playedwith ourselves, but we've never had a real cock inside either of us. "
I follow Amy's friend to her room, it's the classic teenage girl's room with stuffend animals on the bed and music posters on the walls. She clears the bed of herstuffed animals, and tells me to lie down. All I have on is my bathing suit,and I'm already half hard.
"OK, who goes first?"
"Let's do rock/paper/scissors"
Amy wins, so she gets to go first, she peels off her bikini, I can't believe what's aboutto happen. They both pull down my bathing suit, at this point I'm rock hard. They bothstare at it for a minute, then start to hold it in their hands to get a feel for it. Finally Amy straddles me, holds my cock straight up, and starts to lower herself down on it. Naturally, she's not worked up enough, and since it's her first time, it's all she can doto get just the head inside. It feels so good I just want to grab her by the hips and push her down on me, but before I could even move, her friend takes off her bikini and pullsher off of me.
"OK, my turn, you had your chance. . .

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That's when her friend assumes the same position, but she teases her pussy with my cock,getting herself wet first before taking the plunge. I can see her face get all strainedas she prepares to impale herself on a real cock for the first time. Determined to takemore in than her friend, she pushes down on me hard, and she gets about an inch past thehead inside her.
"OOOOH that feels good. . . "
She starts to ride it, moving that inch that's inside her back and forth, working herselfup to taking more and more inside her on each stroke.
"Oh no you don't, my turn"
That's when Amy takes charge, pulls her friend off of me, and once again settles down onmy cock, this time, with more force the way she saw her friend to it. This time she'sable to take about half of my cock inside her.
    Man she's tight, it's all I can do to keepfrom coming.
    "There, you see, ungh, I told you I can take more than you can"
    She starts riding my cock hard, so that about 3/4 of my rod is inside her. Her faceis all flushed, even her tits are blushing, I can't believe this is happening to me.
    "I'ts not over yet. . .

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      I want another turn. "
    Her friend pulls Amy off me, and settles down on me, this time determined to bottom outon my cock, which is just fine with me. I can feel my cock go deeper and deeper inside this13 yr old, and with a last push down, she does it, she gets all my cock inside her.
    "Ahhh oh fuck, there, you see, I did it, hey mister, are you ok? we're not hurting you arewe?"
    Oh you gotta love the innocence of a 18 yr old.
    "No, it's just that, well, if you keep this up, I'm gonna, well, you know. . . "
    "Hey, that's right, he can only come inside one of us, so who's gonna be the lucky girl?"
    "Let's do rock/paper/scissors again, says Amy"
    So as her friend is riding me, she turns to Amy to play rock/paper/scissors again. Amy winsagain, but her friend tries to ride me to make me come anyway.
    "Oh no you don't, I won so I get the good feeling, I get to feel a real man come inside me"
    Amy pulls her friend off, and once again impales herself on my cock, this time bottomingout on it herself.
    "OK mister, I won so come inside me, I wanna feel it"
    She settles down on me as far as she can, and starts squeezing and gyrating on me. That'sall I could take, I hold her by the hips, close my eyes, and release my come inside her.
    OOOh, I can feel it, oh my god it feels so good, don't stop, keep coming, come in me allthe way!
    She stays on top of me for a good five minutes after I come, then she slowly climbs off me,my cum dripping out of her pussy as she does.
    "OK, thanks mister, that was fun, but you better go, I need to clean up and stuff"
    As I pull up my trunks and leave, I realize I never did learn the other girl's name, but I'll definitely keep an eye out for the two of them if they ever need someone to settleanother argument with.

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