The next morning, Sarah wakes up late, very refreshed, around 9 a. m.   John is long gone to work.   Getting out of bed, she heads for the bathroom, urgently needing to relieve herself.   As she sits and pees, she lightly strokes her sex, enjoying the feel of her bare skin.   She smiles contentedly, reliving the events of yesterday afternoon and evening in her mind.   Finishing up, she washes her hands and brushes her teeth, before heading downstairs to get some breakfast.   She pours herself a bowl of Special K and takes a seat.   Trying to concentrate on the newspaper as she eats, her minds keep drifting back to yesterday.   By the time she finishes eating, she's feeling incredibly horny.

"I need to get off," she states matter-of-factly to no one.   She steps out onto the back patio, checking the air temp.   It's very comfortable, actually very warm for early May in Chicago.   There isn't a cloud in the sky.    She goes back in.

"Jason, Amy!  Anyone home!?" she yells.

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"I'm in the basement, Mom!"  Jason yells.   "Amy isn't home yet. "

"What are you doing?" Sarah asks from the  top of the stairs, not wanting to yell.

"Just finishing a workout.   Then I'm going over to Devon's. "

"Okay.   I'm going to get some sun poolside.   Stop out to let me know when you head out. "

"Sure, Mom. "

Sarah heads upstairs to get her suit on, stripping on the way.   After brushing her teeth again, watching with satisfaction her firms breasts sway softly as she brushes, she grabs her swimming suit and pulls it on, the fabric straining to contain her ample chest.   It's a single piece suit, cut very high on the sides, well above her hips.   She checks out how the suit conforms to her bare mound, concerned that it might be too obvious that there's no longer any bush contained beneath to push out on the fabric.   It looks obvious to her, the fabric lying much flatter than before; but thinks that no one else would ever notice, having no reason to suspect anything different.   She strokes her sex through the thin fabric, her state of arousal continuing to increase.

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    As she heads to the hall closet to grab a beach towel, she remembers her appointment with Dan later this afternoon.   Smiling, she also thinks about his possible reaction to the video she might, or might not, show him. . .

"Now there's an idea. "

Sarah grabs a towel and continues down the hall, walking into Amy's bedroom.   Amy's desk is in front of a window that overlooks the patio and pool out back.   Sarah reaches over and opens the window, including the screen.   She then pushes Amy's laptop to the back of the desk and turns her webcam around so it's facing out the window.   Waking the computer up, Sarah opens a live video program, which shows what the webcam sees.   Watching the screen, Sarah aims the webcam so the lounge chairs are centered in the picture.   She then zooms in so the 4 chairs fill about 2/3 of the screen.   The webcam is very high-end and the chairs are in perfect focus, even at a distance of probably 20 yards.   She loads a blank DVD-R, redirects the software away from the hard drive to the blank disc, and starts recording.   Grabbing a wireless microphone, she heads downstairs and out onto the patio.

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"If Dan likes the threesome, he should LOVE a little self gratification.   Show him how much of a self-starter I can be," she says to no-one, smiling as she drapes her towel over one of the loungers.

Looking up at the camera, she turns the chair around so she's facing the camera.   She pulls the chair a bit further back, towards the pool, so the shot isn't so cluttered by the other chairs.

"Thinking like a director already," she smirks.   "This is just TOO much fun!"

Getting comfortable on the chair, Sarah settles in and relaxes, waiting for Jason to let her know he's leaving before she gets into getting off.   She places the wireless microphone under her chair sand turns it on, so Jason won't see it.   Less than two minutes later, Jason comes out back, dressed in his swim trunks.

"What happened to Devon?" Sarah asks, surprised and disappointed.

He called to say his Dad is taking him to lunch, so we're going to get back together this afternoon. "

"Oh…okay. "

"Thought I'd hang out with you.   Get some sun,"  Jason continues as he flops in the lounger directly in front of his mom, so his feet are about 2' from hers.   "Is that okay?  You seem disappointed.   Am I interrupting some quality self gratification?" he teases her.

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"Of course not," she replies.   "Exactly!" her stimulated sex screams to her brain.   "Oh well, so much for that idea. "

Sarah pauses for another minute, considering her son, and his maturity level.

"You know what, Jason?  I actually was planning on masturbating out here, until you nixed my plans," she tells him matter-of-factly.   "I'd like to apologize, actually, for not being honest with you up front.   There's absolutely no reason I should feel the need to hide that from you.   Masturbation is a normal, healthy part of sexual gratification. . . which, I'm sure, you are quite aware of yourself. "

Jason is completely speechless, his mouth is hanging open in shock.   He's been pretty open about his own sexual journey with his mother, at least until recently, when he actually started getting some; but she's never, EVER, discussed her own sex life with him.

Sarah starts to apply some tanning lotion.   Jason relaxes back onto his lounger, trying to wrap his brain around his mother's frank disclosure, soaking up the morning sun.

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    He wants to talk to her about it more, but isn't sure where to start, certainly not right where she left it!  After several minutes, a question, a safe question, occurs to him.   Not really sure if it will lead back to his mom's confession, it's the best he can come up with right now.   Looking over at his mom, he eyes her quizzically, obviously contemplating something.

"Yes?" she asks.   Her unmet sexual needs have her shifting on her lounger, unable to relax, applying tanning lotion in an attempt to get her mind on something else.   "What are you thinking so hard about?"

After a few seconds of further thought, Jason replies, "Hey, Mom, why don't you ever wear a bikini?  You certainly have the body for it. "

Sarah considers his question; and puts her tanning lotion down. "I just prefer one-pieces, I guess.   Besides, this one is hardly what I'd call modest.   Your father would not approve of me wearing a bikini; but he lets me get away with this little number. "

"I'd think Dad would be thrilled to see more of you.   Show you off to his friends.   Besides, how are you going to get a tan on your stomach?  Your suit clings to that six-pack of yours.   You should really get it tan and show it off with a bikini. "

"Sweetey, your father's seen all of me, and nothing seems to get his motor running like it did when we were younger.

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    That part of our relationship. . . settled down a long time ago.   It's mostly just special occasions now.   But that tanning bed in the basement isn't just sitting there gathering dust you know.   I don’t need any suit down there, so I can tan all over…Why do you want to see my abs anyway?" she teases him.

Jason makes a goofy face and started laughing. "Mom,  you’ve got nice abs…better than most of the jocks at school.   I don’t know of any other kid’s Mom with a body as tight as yours. "

Sarah blushes, flattered.   She knows she looks good, and appreciates that there's at least one male who notices, even if it is her son. Of course. . .

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  Dan noticed, and Mary, and Tess, and Marylin. . .

“My body had better be this tight,” she responds, smiling “considering how much time I put into it. "

Sarah studies him for a few moments and then decides to do a little digging, hoping he'll admit that he's become sexually active with girls himself.   "Honey, don't you have a girlfriend yet?  I mean, there's gotta be some young girl out there wanting to show off her body to you, other than your project models.   First last night you're checking out my breasts, now my abs.   I’m afraid you’re going to develop a fixation on your mother; and that would be…unhealthy," she ribs him.

"No Mom, I don't have a serious girlfriend.   I just go out  casually," he adds.   "And I’m not fixated on you, just aware enough to realize that I’ve got a hot mom.   Some of the jocks at school have seen you dropping me off and picking me up.   They say you’re the hottest MILF any of them have ever seen, even hotter than the ones on the internet!"

Sarah is surprised by Jason's choice of words, and that he knows what a MILF is.   "Of course, most teens probably do," she thinks to herself "And most parents probably don't.   I'm the oddball here.

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  "  On that thought, she gets an idea.   An evil idea to tease her son, make him sweat!  Jumping out of her lounger, Sarah shoots her son a malevolent glare.

“What, exactly, is a MILF?” Sarah inquires, now standing over her son, hands on her hips looking particularly indignant, and, to Jason, VERY hot, the morning sun peeking through between her legs.   It’s like fire shooting from her pussy, he’s thinking, starting to become aroused.   Jason had never noticed before how his mom’s swim-suit is cut very high on her hips and tends to ride up between her pussy lips, exposing the smooth flesh where her legs join come together.   He sees no trace of pubic hair, just baby smooth skin.   His dick jumps in his swim trunks.

Jason is floundering.   He’s sexually excited but also very uncomfortable.   He knows he’s stepped in it.   Being so open with his mom gets him in trouble once in awhile, particularly when he’s not paying attention and speaks a bit TOO freely.   How can he tell his mother what a MILF is?  She’ll go ballistic!  He also has to deal with his growing erection.   Shifting uncomfortably in his lounge chair, Jason’s eyes start traveling up his mom’s body, wanting to shift his gaze away from her tantalizing pussy, trying to banish the question from his mind as to whether or not she waxes her pussy fully, or just does a thorough job on her bikini line.   He makes eye contact, looking into the deep hazel pools that are her beautiful eyes…. ”This is not helping,” he says to himself.

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Sarah watches Jason “check her out” as his eyes wander up to her face.   Noticing the bulge in his shorts, she shifts uncomfortably, but doesn’t look away, enjoying her ruse.   Again she asks, "Jason, did you hear me?  I’d like an answer.   What is a MILF?”

“Uhhh,” Jason begins sitting up in an attempt to hide his hardening tool.   “A MILF is a…. very attractive woman…who has kids,” he stammers out.

“Oh…. Well I guess I should be flattered…. but why MILF?  It sounds like one of those made-up texting abbreviations.   Is it short for something?” she asks, playing dumb.

Sarah's fighting the urge to bust out laughing.   It's obvious that Jason is both highly embarrassed and aroused.

“Oh, jeez, Mom.   Yea, it is; but you don’t want to know.   I’m sorry I ever brought it up,” Jason whines.

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“Well, you did.   So let’s have it.   What EXACTLY does it mean?”

Jason just stares at his mother, finding it unbelievable that he is about to have to explain what a MILF is to her of all people.

  On the plus side, the sheer terror he’s feeling at how she’s going to respond has knocked the wind out of his sexual excitement, and his cock is deflating rapidly.   Sarah also notices his receding bulge, though there's still a significant mass under those shorts.  

"The kid is packin' all right," she tells herself.

Tearing her own gaze away from her son’s crotch, she looks him in the eyes and chuckles, trying to lighten his tension.   “Wow!  Whatever it means, it must be something pretty bad to flip a teenage boy’s sex-drive off that quickly…. Well, out with it.   Now I’m really curious what would cause my own son to think of me in a sexual way, as you obviously were, and which is totally inappropriate; yet, I’m guessing, be so offensive that the thought of explaining it to me has scared your little guy…scratch that.   Little obviously doesn't apply to your equipment. . . your big guy, back into hiding. ”

Jason is silent, both embarrassed & proud she's noticed, his head down.



“Well?  I’m waiting,” Sarah prompts him in an impatient voice, as she sits down on the end of the lounge chair.   Leaning towards him, she leans forward, reaching out her hand and cupping Jason’s chin, lifting his face to look at him directly.   Jason looks into her eyes once again, and then glances down at her cleavage and quickly back to her eyes.   Sarah catches his glance and looks down at her own bosom, realizing that leaning forward like she is, she is giving her son quite a display of her ample chest, as her swim-suit plunges very low between her breasts.   She looks back up at Jason, but doesn't do anything to change his view.

“Sorry about that,” she says.   "I don't mean to make you uncomfortable. "

“What are you apologizing for?” Jason asks.   “I was the one checking out your tits. ”

“Jason!” Sarah barks at him and sits up straight, now truly annoyed by his choice of words.   “That is not the kind of language I expect from you!  These are my breasts, not tits, and I apologized for basically flashing you.   As a teenage boy, I don’t think I can really hold you responsible for looking.   It’s your nature…. But there is no reason for you to use that kind of vulgar speech with me. ”

“Sorry, Mom.

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    I didn’t mean it like that.   It’s just that no one, other than a doctor, I guess, calls them breasts, at least not guys, anyway.   Even most of the girls at school refer to them as tits…. I didn’t mean anything by it…Sorry,” he ends, his head hanging down.

Sarah, while taken aback at Jason’s brazen choice of words, feels bad for snapping at her son, and thinks to herself, “Hell, I call them tits myself. "

Wanting to lighten the mood, and get back to her mind game with Jason, Sarah places her hand on his thigh to get his attention.   He looks up.

“It’s Okay, honey.   You’re right.   For you kids, ‘tits’ is just another word for breasts.   I shouldn’t have been offended by it.   I refer to  the girls by that term myself.   You just caught me off-guard.   I do appreciate the compliment though. ”  Looking down, she says "They are nice, aren't they?"  Sarah gives him a smile.

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    Jason’s face brightens and he smiles back.

“Thanks for understanding, Mom.   You’ve got a great rack, and I couldn’t help saying so. ”

She smirks at her son.   “Thanks, honey.   That means a lot coming from you.   If my own son can appreciate my ‘rack’, it must be pretty impressive to the other young men out there, those who AREN’T related to me!"

Sarah laughs and Jason follows her lead.

Still laughing, Sarah asks “So what does MILF refer to anyway?” wanting to wrap up her game.

Jason stops laughing and swallows hard.   He stares at his mom for almost a minute.   In a soft voice, he begins, “Uhhh…. MILF is short for…. uhhh…. Mother…I’d…Love to…insert f-word here,” he ends in a voice barely above a whisper.

“Excuse me?” Sarah replies, pretending to have missed what he said.

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    “I didn’t catch the end there.   Mother I’d Love to what?”

Jason looks up at his Mom, directly into those deep pools of hazel.   After what seems to Jason to be several minutes but is actually only about 20 seconds, he straightens his back and answers in a clear voice, devoid of fear or embarrassment, basically going all in, “Fuck…. A MILF is a Mother I’d Love to Fuck. ”


Sarah pulls her hand away from Jason’s thigh and stands up, a shocked look on her face.   She feigns speechlessness.   Jason stands up also, facing her.

“You asked, I answered,” he begins in a defensive voice.   “I’m sorry if you’re offended, Mom.   I can’t control what people say about you.   And it’s not like they’re insulting you, and that I should be defending your honor.   It’s a compliment…really. ”

Sarah continues to stare at him, trying to keep a straight face.   Quickly, she begins to lose that battle.   Her mouth begins to twist into a smirk.

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"Mom?  Is something wrong?"

Sarah loses it and begins laughing uproariously, doubling over and clutching her sides.   She can't control it for over a minute.


"I, I, I'm sorry, honey," she manages to get out, trying to calm down.   "I was just playing a game with you, teasing you. " 

"What?  I don't understand. "

"Honey, I know what a MILF is. I was a little surprised that YOU did.  I'm not sure why. "

"So that was all an act?"

"Pretty much. . . I'm sorry, honey.   It was meant to be funny; and it was, at least for me," she giggles.

"Dirty pool, Mom!" Jason replies, smiling himself.

“So do you think of me as a MILF, also?” Sarah asks curiously , getting serious again.

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“No, Mom!  Of course not!  Well, yes, I suppose so; but not exactly like the other guys,” Jason replies.   “The jocks think you’re hot and probably jack off thinking about you.   I just think you’re hot.   I realize that you’re…MILF material; but I also realize that you’re my Mom. ”

Giving his mom a sly smirk, Jason continues, “I jack off thinking about other MILF’s, even though they’re not as hot you!”

Sarah blushes and smiles.   She’s feeling flattered and sexy and motherly and disappointed all at the same time.   Her son just told her that he considers her a hot MILF and that he masturbates thinking about other MILFs, though not while thinking about her.


“So, you masturbate a lot, do you?” Sarah replies with a smirk, choosing to lay the MILF subject to rest.

Jason averts his eyes and blushes.   “Well, yea…Every guy does, don’t they?”

“Yes, I’m sure they do,” she responds, lifting Jason’s chin to look at her.   “As I've told you before, everyone masturbates.   It’s nothing to be ashamed of or shy about.   I still remember you running to tell me the first time you came.   It was very cute. ”

Jason’s eyes light up again, seeing his opening.

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    “So do you do it a lot?”

Sarah gets a little queasy at his question, instantly regretting her choice of words.

“Yes, Jason, I masturbate fairly often actually. ”  Wanting to shift the focus off of herself, she quickly adds, “How often do you. . . do it?”

Jason has the biggest grin of his life plastered on his face.   He flops back in his lounge chair and puts his hands behind his head, now totally at ease.   “Oh, I don’t know.   At least once a day, I guess, usually twice.    What about you?  Doesn’t Dad have sex with you enough?   Isn’t he any good?”

“Whoa there, bud!” Sarah replies with a laugh, thinking ‘Well, that didn’t work!’, as she scootches back onto her lounger from the end.   She adjusts the upper half all the way up, so it’s like a regular chair with a footstool, and sits down, reclining back, getting comfortable.   They are now facing one another and can carry on a nice, though somewhat overly intimate, mother-son conversation.

“I generally masturbate once a day, usually after my workout.   Your father and I HAD a great sex life.   He’s actually quite skilled; but he works late a lot, and comes home too tired to be interested.

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  . . At least that's what I keep telling myself.   Our sex life really dropped off after you were born.   I have  a very healthy sex drive, and need that release regularly. ”

“After your workout?  But before you pick me up?” Jason asks, his eyes sparkling.

Sarah nods yes.

“So you’ve been in the throes of ecstasy less than half-an-hour before picking me up from school!?” Jason asks eagerly.

“Well…er…yes, I suppose you could look at it that way,” Sarah responds haltingly.   Feeling the need to explain further, she continues:  “Working out gets my body fired up and, well, horny.   A good masturbation session afterwards relaxes me.   It’s not like I’m getting off thinking about picking you up at school…”  Not wanting to sound too defensive and also wanting to keep the conversation light hearted and teen-like, she adds, “though now that I know the jocks think I’m a MILF, I might just use that bit of information during today's session to spice things up a bit!”

Jason laughs.

“What do you think about when you masturbate?” she asks her son, again trying again to turn the focus away from herself.

      “Or do you have a stash of porn hidden somewhere that you use?”

    “Oh, no porn for me,” He responds, somewhat proudly.   “I don’t need it.

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        I’ve got an ACTIVE imagination.   I can always get myself off. ”

    Sarah smiles and nods, getting into her comfort zone.   “I’ve never needed any ‘visual aids’ either, though I doubt many women do.   Especially after a workout, my vagina is already so wet that I can just dip a couple of fingers in for some lubrication and attack my clit with a vengeance.   I orgasm pretty quickly, actually. ”  Looking over at Jason, Sarah is immediately concerned that she went too far.   Jason’s face looks blank, like he’s in shock.

    “Did I share too much?” Sarah asks.   “I’m sorry, honey.   I was just getting comfortable with the conversation and didn’t…self-edit.   I’m sorry. ”

    Snapping out of his trance, Jason speaks up, “It’s okay, Mom.   Really…I think it’s great that you feel comfortable enough to share that with me. .

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      . I also think it’s great that you can get yourself off so easily by frigging your clit with your pussy juice lubed fingers!”

    Jason’s face is flushed and his dick is rock hard, tenting his swim trunks.

    Sarah is again put off by his coarse language, but takes a moment to respond, not wanting to overreact like she did earlier.   She can’t help but notice his large erection.

    “Ahem, yes.   My ‘pussy’ as you refer to it, lubes up quite nicely, thank you.   I’ve never had a problem getting wet.   Though I think it’s time we change subjects, as this one is causing an inappropriate reaction in your body,” Sarah says, and then quickly adds, “Not to say there is anything wrong with getting an erection while talking with a woman about masturbating.   It would be strange for a young man not to, I suppose.   My own body is starting to get excited by this conversation.   It’s just not the most appropriate when the conversation is between a mother and son. ”

    “What conversation is that?” Amy asks as she walks up to her mother and brother.   “Nice boner, by the way, sport.   Sit up and tuck that thing away, for crying out loud!  You’re going to embarrass Mom…though not yourself, I’ve gotta say.   Not bad there, junior,” she says with a smirk.

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    Sarah blushes, thinking for the millionth time that her daughter has got the most smart-ass mouth she knows.    She and Jason are momentarily speechless, not having noticed Amy walk out of the house.   She’s wearing a large beach towel wrapped around her chest that hangs to just below her ass, and is carrying a bottle of tanning oil.

    "What are you doing home?" Sarah manages to ask.

    "Tonya and Jesse wanted to see some lame movie first run this morning, so I took the opportunity to catch some sun.   They’re coming over here after the movie for lunch.   So, again, what conversation?"

    After taking a moment to compose herself, she looks up at Amy and answers honestly, not wanting to give Jason the idea there is anything wrong with their conversation by lying about it, which there isn't, though Sarah is quite sure that her husband would not agree.   “We were just talking about masturbation; and the conversation was getting a bit heated.   It was causing perfectly natural but inappropriate reactions in both of our bodies, so we were about to change subjects. ”

    “Hah!  How the hell did you get on that subject?” Amy asks.   Looking at her mom as she pulls up another lounger next to Jason.  Orienting it 90° to theirs so the lower section is next to Jason’s lounger, she continues:  “Were you giving him the ‘masturbation is beautiful’ speech you gave me a couple of years ago?” As she asks this, she unwraps her towel and lays it out over her lounger.   She is naked beneath it.

    “Amy!  Why are you nude!?” Sarah cries out, startled.   “Your brother is out here!”

    “So what?” Amy replies in a challenging tone.


        “I didn’t know he’d be out here.   He’s usually with his buddies or in the gym.   My trip to France is in five weeks and I need to get as tan as I can before I spend 6 hours a day sitting on a beach with Tonya.   I don’t want to burn!” she finishes, as she lies down on the lounger and begins to apply tanning oil to her arms and her upper chest.   Chuckling: “And as long as you're being honest with Jason, you'd be naked all the time if Dad wouldn't freak about it!  Me too.   According to you, we were almost always nude around the house until Jason was born.   If Dad hadn't clamped down on you, Jason would have grown up the same way.   Besides, I don’t think Jason’s dick could get any harder. ”

    Jason is barely listening as his eyes roam over his sister’s nude body, watching her apply the tanning oil.   Her tits are a good C-cup and have the firmness of youth.   As she begins to rub oil into the skin of her breasts, her nipples become erect.   They are, to his youthful eyes, perfection.   He continues to watch her hands as she rubs the oil over her tight tummy.   Sarah is watching all of this also, moving her eyes back and forth between what Amy is doing and Jason’s reaction to it.   She’s becoming annoyed.

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        While it's her nature to act just like Amy is now, she's kept up a pretense of modesty for John's sake, and is unwilling to give in to her better nature.

    “Amy, this is over-the top, even for you,” Sarah begins.   “You don’t need to be naked to get ready for your vacation.   And look what you’re doing to Jason.   He looks like he’s going to pass out. ”

    "Oh, I'm fine, Mom," Jason replies quickly, his eyes darting over to Sarah, a total look of sincerity on his face.   "Really. "

    "Hmmph," Sarah replies.   "You just don't want the view to go away.   I'm sure. . . and I'd better be correct on this, that you've never seen your sister's pussy before. "

    "Wow, Mom," Amy says, her head snapping up upon hearing her mother use the word "pussy" in mixed company.   "I've never heard you use that word in public before.

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    "Jason and I are working on talking to each other in a more frank and open manor; so I'm using more casual language.   Any complaints?" Sara snaps back, really getting pissed at her daughter.

    "None at all.   I think it's great. " Amy responds in a confident and relaxed voice.   "And no, Jason's never seen my honeypot before. "

    Jason laughs at that, as he'd never heard a pussy called a "honeypot" before.

    Sarah just glares at him and he shuts up.

    “Mom, we’re going to the French Riviera, remember?  Some of the beaches there are nude,” Amy continues casually by way of further explanation, trying to mollify her mother. .   Amy’s always been a bit of rebel, and likes getting her mom flustered; but knows that there's a definite limit to what she will tolerate.

    “They are clothing optional, young lady. ”

    “And Tonya and I are opting to go nude,” she replies.   Not wanting to push her luck, Amy quickly changes the subject as she continues to rub oil into her skin.   “So Mom couldn’t have had the exact same conversation with you as she had with me.

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        She’s not equipped for it.   What did you talk about, exactly?”

    By this time she’s worked her way down to her pubic mound, which Jason has been studying intently, immediately having  noticed that is totally devoid of hair.   He looks up at his sister with wide eyes.   She grins back at him as she rubs the oil into her pussy lips, slightly parting them, and spreads her legs to work on her inner thighs.

    “What do you mean she’s not equipped for it?” Jason asks, his eyes never leaving his sister’s glistening pussy.   He’s trying to decide if it’s just the tanning oil or if she’s actually getting sexually excited.

    “I mean she’s not equipped, physically,” Amy answers.   “When Mom gave me the talk, she actually showed me how to…pleasure myself.   It was a real bonding moment, I gotta say. ”

    “You mean she touched you!?” Jason blurts out.

    “No way, you little perv!” Amy shouts back at him.

    Sarah jumps in, even more upset that Amy chose to share that private interaction with her brother; but wanting to avoid a fight between her kids.   "Now just stop, both of you!"  Taking several seconds to compose herself, she explains to Jason:  “After we had been talking about masturbation for a while, Amy asked me how a woman goes about…pleasuring herself.   So I suggested that we both strip off our clothes and have a mutual masturbation session, so I could teach her a few things…. Now you know your sister.

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