Rape wish with AIDS.....


Hi I grew up in South Africa and I was a pretty wild teenager. I am aware I am blessed with good looks with long blonde hair to go with my long legs and a small frame. Although this has also got me into plenty of trouble. I was out mixing with the wrong company fom my mid teens and had planty of sex encounters. As I grew older I started loving guys that were naturally aggressive. I never asked initially for this however the more aggressive the more turned on i was. This lead to me starting to fantasise about being raped. This fantasy varied from being controlled to being downright out of control and nasty. I started to put myself in positions almost hoping fo this. I actually began to fantasise about getting AIDS and letting any guy with AIDS fuck my pussy as it wouldn't matter. Then one night I was out on the town and I met a group of guys. We drank and talked and I ended up going back to a house a couple of them shared. I started to imagine how untidy this could get and as we went back to the house I decided I was all theirs. It didn't take long for one of the guys to start kissing me. I was naked before i knew it and had his cock in my mouth. The four guys were rough.

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   A couple tall and one very short. One was goodlooking but the others were rough at best. This didn't worry me as I was interested in their sexual ability. As I sucked one cock I had another remove my pants and start to finger me. I heard one say don't eat her pussy she might have a desease. I was shocked at this. Then I felt a couple of hands start to open my pussy. I had a cock in my mouth and I was loving it. A guy started to move behind me. Another guy said do we fuck you without a condom? I said I don't care. I had always been a bit carefree so this didn't worry me overly as I was always a bit risky. The guy started to enter my pussy from behind. He was short but think in size and quickly pumped my pussy and I could hear him cumming soon after. The guy in my mouth moved to my pussy as he put me on my fours and did me doggy. I had the other guy in my mouth as they both blew.

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   Wow all four guys had fucked me and blown so quick. I was restrained to the bed. I liked this as they continued to fuck me and drink throughout the night. I told them to do anything to me. Apart from all fucking me in every hole one of them then grabbed some carrots and cucumbers. They inserted these in my anus and pussy till it hurt. I was fucked more until lunch the next day. They asked if this was rape. I said no as I want it all. I informed them as long as I left alive I was all theirs to abuse. They then called some mates and I drank and took drugs as I was restrained for hours then released as I was fucked non stop. I must have had 20 guys in 48 hour fuck me many times each. I was so full of cum. I had lived the best 48 hours of my life. As I left I thought about what deseases I might have and I was not concerned by this.

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   Suddenly this became a huge turn on for me. I never got tested but I have always told guys who are about to have sex with me that they should wear a condom as I could have anything. This seems to be a huge turn on for some guys as some don't want to wear a condom and tell me they have AIDS as they fuck me. I am not sure if any have actually had it as I haven't been tested but as I say I always tell guys I could have anything including AIDS. Like I say I can't believe how much this turns some guys on. I love guys exploding in me and i actually find it exciting hearing about things some say they have.
Recently I met a Kenyan who told me he had AIDS. He had the biggest cock I have ever seen so I was so turned on. He had never had sex wthout a condom. I let him fuck me with this monster. I paid for a hotel room and let him fuck me for 3 days. I was bleeding from my anus and pussy after the first day. My fantasy is to get a group of guys with AIDS and for them all to fuck me one after the other and make them happy. .