Pleasure and consequences:


Topic: Pleasure and consequences:Pleasure and consequences:      I am sitting here thinking back on the last thirty years of my life and wondering how I could have gotten this far.   I am pleased to remember the over 100 different Pussies that I have had the pleasure of depositing my seed in without taking any thought to their need for protection from pregnancy beginning with my sister Sara.   I guess it all started when we were just kids.   I was the only boy born to my mom and dad with three sisters.   Sara was the oldest at fifteen years old at the time; she had long red hair and a good figure at 32 C-28-30.   Next came myself, Todd, a stocky thirteen year old with a fairly well toned body from working out in our home gym. Tracy came next at twelve years old, with strawberry-blonde hair and a budding figure at 29 A-26-29.   Last came Lisa, just turned eleven and going through puberty at the time.
     Mom and dad had taken Lisa and Tracy to the store for Lisa to spend all her birthday money and they had our eighteen year old cousin Troy come over to watch me and Sara while they were gone.   I was just sitting watching TV while Sara did her homework.   Troy called us to come into the back room where we soon found out that he wanted us to perform for him.   He held dad’s shotgun on us as we were made to strip naked and then perform oral sex on each other.   I thought that I had died and gone to heaven when Sara took my six and a half inch cock into her mouth for the first time.   I knew about masturbation already but I was totally unaware of how good having my Cock sucked by a girl could feel.   I started to lick and suck on Sara’s Pussy while she was still sucking on my Cock.   It drove Sara wild when I flicked my tongue across her clit for the first time.

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       Troy told me to stick my finger inside of Sara and then curl it up to touch the inside of her at her clit, and when I did this Sara started to squirt her cum all over my face.   We had already been going at it for over fifteen minutes when he had me do this and I still wasn’t near to cumming as my body was telling me to wait and see if he had any thing else for us to do like going all the way.   Sara soon got tired of sucking on my Cock without getting any cum out of me that she stopped sucking and I turned around to get better access to her still squirting Pussy.   Although Troy had forgotten about us I was still in need of getting off so after I brought Sara to another earth shaking climax I quickly climbed up her body and lined my hard-on up at her opening and pushed it in.   This caused Sara to shot into another orgasm without ever finishing the last one.   I pushed through her intact hymen and filled her virgin Pussy with my virgin Cock.    I was steadily pumping in and out of Sara when she finally came down and realized that I was inside of her no longer virgin Pussy.   I was pounding away so hard and fast that I was soon ready to blow my load.   I didn’t stop to ask where she wanted me to cum and just buried my Cock to the hilt as the first stream of semen shot out of me.   I filled Sara full of my seed and stayed inside of her until I went soft and slipped out of her fertile and unprotected Pussy.      We snuck out of our bedrooms that night to get together and talk about what we had been made to do and cry on each others shoulder for several minutes until I realized that Sara wasn’t crying anymore.   I was moving my hands over her body and slowly lifting her nightgown to find that she didn’t have on any panties.   My Cock quickly grew hard and poked out of my shorts hitting her now uncovered Pussy.   Sara reached down and took hold of my hard on to guide it into her sopping wet Pussy.   We fucked hard and fast until I filled her inviting Pussy again with my potent seed.

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   Sara and I had many more nights that we got together for sex while we were supposed to be asleep that is until mom finally noticed that there weren’t as many pads being used when the girls were on their periods.   By the time they got around to having the girls checked out and found that Sara was pregnant it was to late for her to have an abortion, so mom and dad talked it over and decided that they would raise the baby for Sara until she finished school and could get out and find a job.   The next day we went to mom and told her what had happened with Troy the day that he watched us while they took Lisa and Tracy shopping, what we didn’t tell her was that we were still having sex at night.      Two weeks after we told mom what we had done while Troy had watched us, we were down on the floor having sex one night when Tracy saw us.   Tracy waited until she could get me alone to say anything but when she did, she laid back and spread her legs telling me that if I didn’t do everything to her like I did to Sara during the night that she would tell mom about what we were doing. So I took Tracy’s cherry right then and filled her virgin fertile womb with my potent seed just like I had done with Sara giving her a baby also.   I waited for two years before I took Lisa to bed and got her pregnant, but I did start looking for any young girls that I could find to take to bed although they didn’t quite agree with the fact that I was going to fill them with both my Cock and virile seed during their fertile time of the month. I soon found that I got more enjoyment out of the sex when I forced the girls into the act. Of course I made sure that they had several orgasms each time I took them.      As I got older I went after girls that were older also.   The thing that finally got me was the last girl that I took to my bed. I was driving through town one day and saw this cute young teenybopper and thought how much I enjoyed taking girls cherries and leaving my seed deep in their wombs.   I planned my conquest of this young girl and finally saw her again as she was walking home from school.   I stopped and started to talk to her and soon she was in my car going for a short drive, when I got to my usual spot I pulled in and we talked a bit more before I made my first move towards her.   I slowly worked my arm up and around her shoulders to where I could reach down to cup her small breast.

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   I worked the shoulder of her top down off of her shoulder and reached inside of her top pushing her bra down off of her nipple as well I took her top and bra completely off of her and she was asking why I wanted to undress her. I worked her pants off of her and she drew the line there, saying that she didn’t want to have sex yet but that she would give me a blowjob if I really wanted her to.   This only spurred me on to force her into having sex with me.   I ripped her panties off pulled her legs open and forced my now ten inch Cock into her young fourteen year old virgin Pussy tearing her hymen and pushing straight through her cervix into her fertile womb.   I thrust fast and hard in and out of her until I felt me oncoming orgasm, I gave a final thrust into her womb and let loose of my semen filling her fertile womb with my virile seed and impregnating her, never once thinking about her feelings or if she was going to have an orgasm.   I found out two days later that she was the daughter of the new police chief and was arrested for the crime of statutory rape causing a pregnancy.      The trial was quick and I was soon sentenced to life without chance of parole, since they had my DNA so they were able to tie me to several other acts of criminal sexual conduct with minors, all of which ended in the girls getting pregnant.   I am now sitting in the state prison where I will be for the rest of my life if they have their way about it.   Neither the judge nor the prosecutor cared that the only girl that I had sex with since I reached adulthood that was underage was the one that got me caught up in this mess.   My case comes up for appeal in two weeks and my lawyer says that I have a good chance of getting off with time served or maybe even having the conviction over turned I will just have to wait and see. .