Playground Fun!


I like recess too, for the most part. Well, except for Mrs. Nelson. Monkey bars are fun. I can go all the way across. I can even swing myself back and forth and then lift spread my legs a little bit apart as I pull my knees up and then swing them over to grasp a bar behind them and then I hang upside down by my knees laughing and giggling and then swing myself back and forth until my hands can grab another bar. Just like a monkey! Except Mrs. Nelson told me I shouldn’t do that in a skirt. She says she can see my panties and that made me feel bad. I don’t know why. But I don’t like Mrs. Nelson so much anymore. Seesaws are great too. The best part is going up and down. If I go up and down really fast it gives me a funny feeling in my tummy. Most of my time on a seesaw my daddy was holding me so I wouldn’t fall off.

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   When I ride it he holds me by putting one hand between my legs in front and one hand in back. I kinda bump against both his hands and it feels good and keeps me from falling off. And the merry-go-rounds. Those are the best. I lie down on my back, wrap my legs around one of the hold-on bars and drop my head over the side and watch the world go round and round upside down while my hair drags in the dirt below it. If you haven’t ever seen the world going upside down really fast, you have to try it. I hold on with my legs and hide one hand under my skirt and press it between my legs and hold it like my daddy does when I am on the see saw. I don’t think anyone can see cause the merry-go-round is going around so fast. But just recently I found the best thing in the playground ever. I can’t remember for sure how I thought of the idea, but I thought it would be fun to climb to the top of the big swing set and maybe hang by knees from the top of it. So I pulled myself up with my hands and wrapped my legs tightly against the large pole. And then I just squirmed myself up it. A funny thing happened. I got this really weird fluttering feeling in my tummy. With each inch I squirmed, it felt better and better.

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   I clenched my legs harder and wriggled against the swing set pole, and then pulled myself with my arms. Between my legs felt really good. I would stop for a few seconds while pulling myself up and just wriggle up and down on the pole a little. It felt really good. I lifted up my skirt a little so it wouldn’t be in the way. About half-ways up I was feeling really good, kinda like the merry-go-round feeling but a hundred times better. Having lifted my skirt up, I still had my panties on. I reached a hand down to take off one side and then grabbed on with the other to take the other side off and then just shook my hips until my panties shook off and fell to the ground. I wrapped my legs around the pole and continued going to the top. It felt like nothing before. I pulled myself up against the steel of the pole, it was warm from the sun, and I slid my tingly spot inside my legs against it and I could feel how wet the swing-set pole was getting. It was getting even warmer with my spot between my legs rubbing against it. The wetter and warmer it got the better it felt to slide against it. By the time I had reached the top I was breathing hard. But it wasn’t the same kind of breathing I did when working hard on the monkey bars.

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   It was a different thing, felt kinda dizzy, but I wished there was more to climb. I wanted to feel that hard sliding feeling between my legs some more. But I was at the top. I loved just holding myself on the way up and sliding back and forth. I thought at first when reaching the top of the swing set, I wanted to hang up side down. But the feeling inside my legs told me I didn’t want to do that. I just wanted to keep pressing it between my legs. I squeezed and rubbed and moved up and down. It was getting really slippery between my legs. But my arms were getting kinda tired. I let myself slip down a little. I felt a little shudder in my toes and my head went back. Then I let go. I slid the whole way down, the shudder started in my toes and went up as I clenched around that swing set pole tighter than ever. I felt a wave go through my whole body.

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   I had never felt anything like that before. Even my daddy’s hands on the see saw didn’t feel as good as the pole on the swing set. I spent the rest of the school year climbing the swing set pole and sliding down it. Unfortunately Mrs. Nelson caught me one day … and my parents weren’t too happy …… but that is another story. .



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