Peeping Tom 2: The Next Day


Peeping Tom 2: The Next Day
I went home, still thinking about the fun I'd had with Kendra and her daddy- I jacked off while replaying the whole thing in my mind again, and when I woke up, I had another idea- another fantasy to live out. I called my neighbor on the phone.  "Hello-" He answered the phone in his usual upbeat voice.  "It's your friendly next door neighbor again! And I have another favor- " I started.  He paused and finally said, "Ok- what do you have in mind?" "Well-" I continued, "I was thinking that maybe you could leave Kendra's window unlocked tonight- maybe 'forget' to leave a ladder perched up to her window- and right around midnight, I could. . . with you taping, of course. . . climb up there and. . . " "What?" he cut me off. "You mean you want to . .

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  . " I interjected again. "Come on! Don't tell me that  you've never fantasized about someone raping her! Look at it this way- at least you know me, and I've already fucked her anyway!" 
He was silent for a moment, then said, "You're right- I have thought about that- ok. But. . . ""But?" I asked.  "One other thing. Yesterday, I enjoyed when you were sucking me off more than I thought i would. I'm not wanting to return the favor, but if you meet me by that hole in the back fence, suck me off, I'll already have the ladder out. I'll just say I'm working on the trim or something. . . " he paused. "Deal?" I paused to consider.

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   "What the hell?" I thought to myself. "I've already sucked him off AND swallowed his cum. " Besides, to live out this fantasy was going to be worth it. "Ok. Deal. Now?" "Give me 18 minutes. " He said. We hung up the call.  10 minutes later, I was at the hole in the adjoining fence. I peeked through the makeshift gloryhole, and saw him there already. I knocked lightly on the fence to signal I was there, and within seconds, I saw the head of his cock coming through the hole, which was ironically just high enough! Thinking about the pussy I was going to have later, I started to lick his already hard shaft, then took the head in my mouth, then his entire shaft, a little deeper every time. I stroked his shaft as I sucked him, trying to get him off as quickly as possible, and before I knew it, as I jacked him off, my lips sliding up and down his shaft, I felt his cock start to throb. I kept his cock in my mouth as he started to cum, and I waited for him to finish filling my mouth up, then swallowed his entire load. Without a word, I saw him zip up and walk to the ladder he'd gotten out of his garage. I went back inside and got a few things together for later that night.

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As promised, the ladder was still leaning against the house that night- through my window, I watched as my neighbor opened his daughter's door, shut it, then watched her get up and turn off the light. That was at about 11:30. I waited a half hour, then got the bag I'd put together with a few things in it. A gag, some soft rope, and even a roll of duct tape, though I didn't really plan on using that. When I knew that she must be asleep, right at midnight, I crept over the fence and up the ladder- I quietly slid her window open and snuck inside.
There she slept, as sexy as always, her petite little body covered by a thin blanket and even thinner pair of shorts and a sexy little tank top like I'd taken off of her the day before. Not wanting to wake her just yet, I carefully slid the rope around one of her wrists, tied it securely but gently, ran the rope through the headboard, then tied her other hand. With a second set of ropes, I tied her legs into an open position, then slipped the gag in her mouth and a blindfold over her eyes. I started to feel her up, wanting her to wake up.  
She woke, and tried to scream. I hushed her, then took out a sharp knife I had with me, slice the crotch of her shorts and panties open, then cut them the rest of the way off, then cut her shirt completely open from bottom to top.  
Her eyes were huge- she whimpered as I put my hand over her mouth. Disguising my voice, I said, "You're going to cooperate, little girl. Do you understand?" Quivering, she nodded yes, even as she tugged at the ropes binding her. I licked my way down her body toward her pussy, and as I looked out the corner of my eye, I could see the closet door open slightly and could vaguely see the outline of my neighbor peeking out, video camera in his hand.

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   Though the gag muffled her words, I could hear Kendra whine softly, "Please-- don't. . . please stop! I won't tell if you please just stop now!" She kept asking me to stop, which made me eat her pussy with more gusto! As I wettened up her little pussy with my tongue, I unbuttoned my jeans, ready to take her!  I crawled up on top of her- and as I rubbed my cock on the opening of her tight little snatch, I whispered to her "Do you feel that? I'm going to give all of that to you all at once. . . do you understand me, you little bitch?" "Please don't-- Please stop--" she whined from behind the gag. She tried to close her legs, but found that the ropes held them all the way opened. I guided my cock to the opening of her pussy, and shoved it all the way in! She yelped and whined, moaning, begging me to stop as I started to fuck her like a jackhammer! I know it was the fear that an 'unknown' man was raping her that made her quiver and beg me to stop- this, after all, was the willing little slut who was letting her own daddy fuck her every time her mother was out of the line of sight.  
I fucked her harder with every stroke- pounding deeper into her little pussy as she moaned and kept begging "Stop-- p. . . please. . .

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   PLEASE stop!! Please take it out!! NOOOOooooo!! Please stop!!! " 
I kept fucking her nice and hard- and soon I felt the need to cum building up!! My cock started to throb as I filled her pussy up with a huge load, feeling it coat the walls of her pussy, running out onto my balls and finally down her crotch and onto the sheets of her bed!  I slid into her a few more times, to make sure every drop was in her, then pulled out. I went to the closet, opened the door and whispered "your turn" to my neighbor as I took the camera. As the tape continued to roll, I whispered to Kendra. "I bet you thought I was done with you-- you have one more cock to take-- " Using the creampie I'd left behind, Kendra's daddy slid into her with no problem and if he had any reservations about watching a man rape his daughter, they all vanished! As I taped, he fucked her hard for quite a long time, and with a groan, filled his little girl's pussy up with the second load of cum for the night! 
"Now, we're done with you for now, you sexy little bitch.
    " I said to Kendra as I untied her legs then her wrists. I took the gag off of her, then removed the blindfold. I turned on the light and as her eyes adjusted, she saw us both standing there.  
    "It. . . It was you??" She asked wide eyed. "I thought that a stranger snuck in to rape me! Oh, my god, please don't scare me like that again!" She paused. "But, it was pretty fun- I just wish I knew it was you doing it!" 
    "Well then- maybe next time, we'll skip the blindfold!" I said as I kissed her, taking one more chance to feel her tiny, budding tits. Pulling my jeans back on, I said, "Look how late it is! I guess I should be going- I guess it's ok if I go out the front door this time, huh?" 
    My neighbor walked with me to the front door, bid me good night, and closed it behind me. As I walked in my own house, I went straight to my upstairs window, and as I looked into Kendra's room I noticed that the blinds were still open, and I had made it just in time to see my neighbor, who had not bothered to put his pants back on, sliding his cock into his daughter's mouth as she sat on her bed, just the way I'd left her minutes before.

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    As I watched and jacked off to the show I was getting, I started thinking of the next kinky adventure I could have with my new best friends!.


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