Payback is Hell


My name is Martin and I have known my nextdoor neighbor since I was 5 years old.   He is 54 now and I am 53.   Through out my life, growing up, he (his name is Jerry) always tried to top me in everything that I tried to accomplish.   For instance , when I was 8, my parents gave me a brand new bike for my birthday.   When his birthday rolled around, he got the top of the line bike, which made mine look like a loser.   In elementary school. we both tried out for the basketball team.   Of course it was my idea and he decided that he was going to do the same thing.   Needless to say, Jerry made the team and I didn't.   As it turned out, if he had not tried out for the team; I would have made the team as the 12th member.   So, he screwed me out of that.   Time after time, Jerry would try to beat me in every contest- including girl friends.

When I was  in my senior year at college, I bumped into this beautiful, blonde - haired girl.   We were in the line at the local cafe, and I turned to my left and knocked the tray out of her hands.   Food went everywhere.   I apologized profusely, as I helped her clean the wet floor up.

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    When I looked into her eyes, it occurred to me that this was one of the most lovely females that I had ever gazed upon.   She had hair down to  her slim waist and she probably weighed no more that 100 pounds, and boy did she have a big set of boobs.   I was mesmerized by her beauty and I could not stop looking at her.

Finally I came to my senses and stopped starring at her.   Finally, I was able to open my mouth and speak to her.
"I'm so sorry.   I'm just a klutz.   Let me make this up to you by taking you somewhere to get a real meal.   And it's on me. "
Faye (her name) smiled at me and said, "I don't know you.   You could be the campus rapist for all I know. "
"I promise you that I am harmless.   Now, do I look like some pervert?"

"I guess not," Faye responded.

To make a long story short, we began dating a couple times a week.   After the third or fourth date, Jerry  happened to see Faye and me together,  Of course, he had to walk over and ask who this knockout was.

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"Well, Marty ole pal, who is this goddess that is with you?  Aren't you going to introduce her to me?"
I was hoping that we could avoid him, but I guess that was a stupid hope on my part.
"Faye, this is Jerry, and Jerry this is Faye. "
"Well, good buddy; you've been holding out on me.   I didn't know that you were dating the most beautiful girl on campus. " Jerry stated.

I wanted to get away from this asshole, so I grabbed Faye by the hand and said, "We have to run; we'll catch you later. "

As we rushed along, Faye turned to me and said, "You don't seem to care for him too much. "
I responded, "If you only knew. "

Faye and I continued to date for the next several months, and we were getting serious about our relationship.   However, there was one thing that bothered me.   Many times, I would walk up to where I was to meet Faye, and Jerry would be standing there, with both of them laughing and acting like friends.

I would ask her, "What did Jerry want?"
And Faye would respond by saying that he was just walking her back from class.   It got to where that I saw Faye, Jerry would be nearby.   This was beginning to piss me off, but Faye told me that I was making something out of nothing.

We all graduated and found jobs.

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    Faye and I got married and moved to the coast.   And here came Jerry moving within 2 blocks of where we lived.   Faye was happy.   To her, Jerry was like an old friend.   Me- I was pissed.   I couldn't get away from this guy.
My work schedule had me working from 2-18 at night, and  Faye  had decided that working in a public job was not for her- so she began staying at home and being the little housewife. As time went by, Jerry began staying at our house more and more frequently- much to my sorrow.   When I mentioned to Faye that I didn't like the idea of Jerry spending so much time at our house, she responded that he was a good friend to her and that he was someone that she could talk to.
One day, I went in to work at 2:00 PM (as usual), but I became very sick.   I was throwing up and my skin hurt to touch it.   So, I went home early.  
When I got home, I put my key into the slot and turned it.   As I walked in, I heard voices coming from upstairs.   I inched closer to the bottom of the stairs and strained my ears to hear what was going on.

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    I tip-toed up the carpeted stairs, step by step-  little by little.   When I got to the landing at the top of the stairs, the noises got louder.   I slowly leaned around so that I could peep into our bedroom (from where the noises were coming from. )  As I peeped in, the scene before me almost gave me a heart attack.   There was my beautiful wife underneathe my hated friend Jerry, being fucked by Jerry's 18 inch dick.

With every stroke into her, Faye was screaming, "FUCK ME, you bastard.   Fuck the shit out of me.   Slam me harder. "

Faye had her slim legs wrapped around Jerry's shoulders and she was lifting her body to meet Jerry's lunges, which produced a smacking sound.   Faye was telling Jerry how much she loved his big cock, and how much she wanted it to stay inside her forever.

I was stunned.   I had no idea that my wife was being unfaithful to me.   As I stood there with my eyes glazing over, Faye happened to look over at me and said, "Martin, I'm sorry that you had to find out like this, but she was going to file for divorce tomorrow and move in with Jerry.

Not only was my wife cheating on me, she was now moving out of our house.   I had just lost the one thing in the world that I loved.

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    I turned around and walked out of my house and just kept walking- not knowing where to go or what to do.

Within 1 month, I heard the news that Faye was pregnant with Jerry's child.   She was 5 months pregnant- they had been fucking for quite some time.

I finally got my life back together and resumed my work.   I put my entire being into my job and tried to forget about my former wife.   Meanwhile, Jerry and Faye had their love child- a cute little girl that I watched as she grew up.   She became the apple of her parents's eyes and she could do know wrong.

By now, Sarah, (Her name) was 18 years old and was a looker, but most impressive was her breasts and her butt.   Her breasts were very large for a 18 year old and her rounded ass was to die for.   Here I am lusting after a child that is extremely under aged and I need to stop this.

Meanwhile, each time I see Jerry, he throws the fact that he has a beautiful daughter, and I have nothing, into my face.   What a bastard!!

"You couldn't keep your wife satisfied and happy- and you lost her, and now you can't even find a woman that will have you.

Boy my blood was boiling- that sonofabitch.   He has taken everything that I have wanted or have loved.   I should kill him!! 

If I kill him, then I would just go to prison- that's no good- I would just be hurting myself again.


    As i was pondering what to do, Sarah ran up to me and gave me a hug' "Hey Uncle Martin," -that's what she called me.

"Go back in the house, Sarah" Jerry yelled at her.   "We don't have time for this loser.

I thought to myself, "You bastard, I'll get you back if it's the last thing I ever do. "

For days, I pondered and pondered how to get back at that bastard.   Finally, it hit me. The thing that Jerry loved the most was his daughter, Sarah.   The process began to roll over in my mind.   I was going to get him back in spades.

A few days later, I saw Faye and talked to her for a while, and she apologized for the way Jerry treats me.    I told her that I don't even pay attenion to it anymore.   In fact, f you ever need anyone to babysit , I would be happy to help.   Faye was shocked, and replied, "Really?  How nice of you. ".

"No problem," I replied.

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About a month later, Jerry had to go on a trip to the west coast and would be gone a week.   The problem was that Faye's mother was sick with the flu and needed Faye to come and stay a while to look after her.   Faye was in a bind; she didn't know who to call.   Then it hit her; she remembered what I had said- I would be glad to watch Sarah.   But she remembered what Jerry had said when she told him, "Hell no!!!"Jerry replied.   He would not allow me to get within a mile of his daughter.   But she was in a bind and further more, Jerry would never know because he would be out of town.   She would have to swear Sarah to secrecy.

The next day, Faye left for her mother's after taking Sarah over to my house.   Jerry had left the day before and so it was just me and Sarah.

I took Sarah to the local steak house for dinner and both ate too much.   Sarah said that she was going to take a shower and change into her night clothes.   I was licking my lips, because if this night worked out, I would have me some virgin pussy.

As I continued to watch tv, Sarah came pitter patting down the sstairs.   When I turned to see her, she had on a pj top and bottom set that appeared to be a little tight.

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    Sarah set down on the sofa next to me.   Boy, she smelled good and clean.

After sitting there for about 30 minutes, her smell got to me.   "Do boys at your school ever try to put the move on you?" I asked her.

"What do you mean,?"

"I mean try to put their hands on you in private areas. "
"Sometimes, but I stop them and tell them that it is gross and yucky. "
"Have you ever let a boy kiss you?"

"Don't tell mom or dad, but one time, I did, but it didn't feel right. "
"What do you mean?"
"He rushed it and acted like he didn't know what to do. "
"Wht you need is someone that has experience to show you how to kiss. "

"Like who?  Surely not mom and dad- and there is no one else that I would trust. "

"I don't know", but it would need to be someone that knows what to do," I said.

"How about you, Martin" she asked.

"Perfect!!" I thought.

"Are you sure you want me to show you?  Are you really sure? I asked her.

"Yes, I'm sure.

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   I know that you will be gentle. "
Sarah leaned over and closed her eyes.   I pressed my wet lips to hers and slowly inserted my tongue into her open mouth.   As I moved my tongue throughout her mouth, I noticed that she began breathing  heavily.   As we were kissing, I moved my right hand to her back and began rubbing her up and down.   Sarah gently pulled away from me and said, "Wow!! that was great.   Let's do that somemore. "

With that, I tongued her with a little more vigor and  began rubbing the front of her pj top.   I could feel those wonderful tits of hers.   As I rubbed and squeezed her tits, she began moaning and grunting, "Oh that feels so good. "

I knew that I wanted her and wanted to fuck her with all my energy.   As we continued kissing, my right hand squeezed her breasts and my left hand went between her legs. .   As I rubbed her crotch, I noticed the wetness that was there and her moans were becoming louder.

I began unbuttoning her top and there was no bra- only her beautiful pink breasts.

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    I put my lips to her tits and began sucking and licking  them.   They were so young, so pert and so full of life.   I began to pull her pj bottoms off, but she balked at this.

"Don't do that- I've never had anyone to do that. "  "My dad told me to never let anyone mess with me down there. "

"That's because he doesn't want you to know how good it feels.   If you do it once, you will want to do it forever", I said.   "It is the best feeling in the world. "

"Are you sure that I will be OK, if we do it. "
"I promise you. "

"OK. I'm all yours, Sarah pronounced to me. "

With that, I pulled her pj bottoms down and lifted her up and took her to my bed.   I laid her on her back and proceeded to tongue her sweet young pussy.   My tongue flashed in and out of her vagina, and she was about to lose her mind.



"Martin, please fuck me- I want it to feel like I'm in heaven. "

"There is one thing, when I first put my penis in, it will hurt, but right after that, it will feel like you are in heaven. "
I then got on top of her and slowly inserted my cock- inch by inch. "
"OH that hurts, please take it out. "
"Just wait dear, just wait,"
"Then, I could tell that the pain had turned to pleasure. "

"OHH YEAH!!  God that does feel soo good!!  OH Yeah- don't stop, just keep on putting it in and out.   FUCK ME!!!"

As I began pounding the meat to her cunt, I knew that I had her- she was mine.   I then flipped us over- where she was now on top of me with her ass writhing up and down on my hard cock.   Suddenly, I felt my cock ready to shoot off.  And at the same time, Sarah began yelling. "FFFFUUUUCCCKK  MMMEEEEE.   She was yelling at the top of her lungs!!

"You are right- it is the best feeling in the world.   and can we do this all week, now that both my parents are gone-"

"Anything you want, dear. "

Nine months later, Sarah gave birth to a bouncing baby boy and Jerry knows that I am the father.   Everytime he looks at that child he will know that I will always be a bad memory to him.

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