Ordeal Begins Poor Jasmine


But at first we would hang her from the loft to start our fun. so i go inside to get my stepsister by saying some thing is wrong with her horses. so i go up to my sister room and tell her i think something is wrong with glitter her horse. She goes running down stair and into the barn where she grabbed and pulled over to the ropes hanging from the ceiling. My friends tie her arms to the ropes with her screaming stop what they are you doing. They get her arms tied up and lift her off the ground. She starts kicking but then they grab her legs and pull them apart and tie them to some stakes in the ground. She's crying asking what are we doing. i walk up to her and told her were going to fuck you for the next month while daddies away. Told my mom that your going be at cheerleading camp till your dad gets back. Since my mom never really comes in here we will have you all to our self for the next month. And since this was my idea i get to start. i grab her shirt and rip it off her body. next i went for the shorts ripped those off too she hanging there in her bra and panties. crying please don't do this why are you doing this to me. i walk p to her and say were all tired of the guys liking you.

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   i grab her bra with one hand and her panties in the other and yanked. all the girls start too whistle and hoot. i go and grab this hose that we use to clean the barn and wash the horses with. I turn it on and spay her down with it. my friend Who's filming it say water on a women looks great on film. but i had other plans. it as this high pressure nozzle on it. that i was going to assault her pussy with it. i turn to hose on just the second setting we use that setting just to fill the horses troft and moved it toward her nearly hair less pussy. she never as to shave it a family trait. they really don't grow any hair really below the neck. she only need to shave her legs like once a month. she straining against the ropes to get away from it but she s stuck there. i start blasting her little pussy with the hose has she scream out. all the girls are laughing and saying when do we get a turn.

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   i place the hose in this rod we put there where the hose can sit at one spot and hit her pussy. i walked away and let the hose blast her pussy a couple of my friend walk over to my stepsister and start sucking on her breast. they started out softly. but then start to devour them sucking harder and harder for ten minutes that went on she was screaming in pleasure and pain from the hose on her pussy. i looked at the time saw it was all most time for my mom to come home so I told my friends to gag her and turn off the hose wait till my mom comes home and then goes back to work. She come home for what i thought was for lunch. But little did I know she didn't come home for lunch. I saw her car park behind our house. And got out with a couple of females. Found out later that my mom's and her freinds. Meet once a week for a little lesbian sex in the barn. because they like the idea of doing it with all the well hung horses around. And they started coming toward the barn told my friends to hide and I will see what I can do. My moms walks into the barn and sees me with my little step sister all tied up. Was waiting for her to yell at me.

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   But she didn't she just said looks like your having some fun who else is in here you couldn't get her like that by yourself.
    Told my friends to come out. all my mom said can we play too. She walk up to her stepdaughter and say. We are going to break you. Iv see the way men look at you when we are out and they don't look at me anymore i miss that. and knells down in front of her and starts eating out her pussy. while he friend worked on each breast. my mom asked one of them you got them on you and she says of course. she reaches in to her purse and pull out two large dildos. they put one of them in front of my stepsister pussy the other by her ass. on the count of 3 1. 2. 3. .

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       and they both shoved at the same time she scream so load i thought our neighbor a mile a way would hear. they started pumping pulling the long dildos all the way out then ramming back in them in and out. faster and faster after a while my stepsister looked to be in a daze letting out a few grunts and whimpers as they were sucking on her breast and fucking her pussy my stepsister body started to shake then let out a scream of pleasure and passed out they all got up and said boy that was so much fun. how long are you going to keep her like this. i said till her dad gets back. my mom then told me he's going to be gone for another month we all smiled say more fun for us. the stop fucking her because i want to try a higher setting on the hose. I turned back the hose on then moved it right next to her pussy again and turn it on too setting 5. The setting we use to spray the hay off the barn floor. she wakes with a scream and says no please not again. i said where just getting started. i grab the robes and lower her down until i can have her eat out my shaved pussy in her mouth told her if she would make me cum i would stop. she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue in and started licking me out. while she was doing that one of my friends took out this vibrator and move it toward her pussy it was 18 inches long and a bout 4 inches around we had a bet if she could fit it in. i nodded as she started to slid it in.

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       i could hear grunt in pain. but i didn't care i was in the verge of coming harder than i ever have. told her i want her to lick all my cum. i want a clean pussy when this is all over. right then i started to cum hard i felt like i was going to pass out i was cumming so hard. she licked up it all. i get off her face and say that was great sis. my friend still pumping the vibrator in and out trying to make it all fit with one final thrust she got it all in. then my step sister said you told me you would quit if i ate you pussy That's right did IM quitting for right now but my 18 other friends want some too. And then my friend Jennifer and toni walk up to my sister and began to kiss her. Then turned the vibrator on full blast right away. my stepsister screamed and then Jennifer forced her tongue in to her mouth. As toni pumps the Vibrator in and out of her pussy . as it humming away at full blast my stepsister start screaming as my friends starts sucking and kissing all over her body. And the vibrator humming away in her pussy.

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       every once and a while they would start pumping it in and out of her abused pussy.
      and they would take turns have her eat them out after about hour or so they decided to stop for a bit to rest but wanted still to have more fun they took another vibrator out and shoved it in her ass. my step sister shaking her head no has they turned it on. We all went inside to have some lunch. Right as my mom and her friends were coming out for round two and the were carrying a bag of stuff. My mom asked if I wanted to join them. I said no IM hungry and I will join them in a little while. Told my mom that keep the camera rolling so we can enjoy it later. We al finished out lunch quickly so we can go back out and have our fun. we get back to the bar and find my mom and her friends with these strap on dildos double fucking her my sister was grunting and squealing in pleasure and pain from the assault. her other friend put a chair and in front of jasmine told her to suck her clit then grabbed the back of her head and forced her mouth in her pussy. she started moaning in shear pleasure say she's natural pussy eater. my mom say there another strapon in the bag put on and take over for me so i can get some of that action i strap it on and take over for my mom. my was bigger than her and my mom say might want to slide i in slowly. I place it my sister ass and say why.

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         I rammed it in all the way and start pumping it in and out fast as I could. Then my mom say not to hard can't have no fun if she passes out. So I slow my pace down. I used long strokes pulling the dildo all the way out and shove it back in. I look at my moms friend who's was getting eating out was is in pure ecstasy she looks like she's about to pass out from pleasure. her eyes are fluttering in the back of he head she gives out a final cry as she passes out. While jasmine still working her pussy. My mom and some of my friend pick her up and lays her down in the hay. Then my mom takes her place n the chair. then say OK baby my turn jasmine doesn't even look up she just starts eating her out. by then my moms friend who was fucking jasmine pussy say's she needs a break so the next girl take over for her. one of the girl straps on the other dildo and slides under me. And starts fuck my sister hard and fast. faster than i ever have been fucked. She says she want to make her cum hard and fast.

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         i could her muffled scream coming from my moms pussy. i look up to my mom she's holding the back of jasmine head. while jasmine licking her off. my moms say my god she so good at this. iv never felt this good IM cumming again. god this is fantastic she lifts jasmine head and looks at her were going to have so much fun with you . and pushes her head back to her pussy to finish her off. we stopped fucking her to give her time rest. my mom is shaking as she cums for the last time her most powerful yet. my mom gets up and say we should give her some rest for right now we can come back to her in a few hours. We all get dressed and head toward the house. I look back to see Jennifer shoving both vibrators in her pussy then turning them on full blast. Jasmine lets out a scream and pull against her bonds. Then collapses and starts to moan. We are going to have such a great summer.

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        Let me know what you think its my first story.



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