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I was living in Puerto Rico in the early 90’s and was invited to a rather prestigious pool party by one of my employees at the time.  The party was held in the country at an old estate, which was on about 100 acres.  The pool was huge and the party was being held on the patio grounds near the pool.  There were about 300 people there.   At one point, I wandered to the end of the pool area towards the changing rooms.  I was looking for a bathroom, but what I found was the last thing on my mind.  I opened a door, which turned out to be a storage area.  The light was off but there was enough coming in the room from the two adjoining bathrooms next door.  The sight before me is something that is still etched in my mind.  There was a young girl, around 18 or so, she was looking through a crack in the wall into the men’s room.  She was so engrossed in her voyeurism that she did not notice I had opened the door and was standing behind her.  She was leaning into the wall with her legs spread and her dress was hiked up around her waist.  From what I could see, it was obvious she was using one hand to support her on the wall and the other she was masturbating.   Perhaps it was the alcohol or the weed I smoked earlier, but the sight of her long black hair, white dress hiked up and the beautiful long brown legs was overwhelming.  I do not know how long I stood there watching, but I shut the door as quietly as possible, and then walked over to stand about two feet behind her.  I heard her breathing a little hard, so I knew she was playing with her teenage pussy.

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    Suddenly, she stopped and slowly turned around.   The look on her face was priceless, but her eyes dropped to the huge bulge I had in my cotton slacks.   She never said a word, but stared intently at it, then raised her eyes to look at me, still scared.  I finally spoke and said in Spanish, Young lady are you watching the men urinate on the other side of the wall?  She did not say anything, but dropped her gaze to the floor.  I then said, how would your parents like to know about this.  At this point, she looked me in the eye with a panic and pleaded to please not say anything and she would go.  During the silence that followed, she once more dropped her gaze to my hard on.  Being drunk and high, I took a chance and started rubbing it in front of her.  Her eyes now stayed riveted to my crotch, I became bolder and slowly started unzipping my pants.  I was not sure at this point, what she would do, scream, or just walk away but she remained watching.  I am a big guy; at 6. 4 ft, I sport a good 8” fat cock.  I took it out and started stroking it, trying to get a hard on.  She was not staring at it without any emotion, she seemed awestruck.   My cock finally got to its full size with her big brown eyes riveted on it.

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    She was attractive and slim and I was very Horney.   I turned and walked back to the door and locked it, I looked over my shoulder, and she had her hand under her skirt again, rubbing herself. Since my initial conversation, we had not spoken a word to each other.  I walked back to her, with my cock swinging outside of my zipped down pants and stood in front of her.  She still had her hand beneath her white dress and was looking down at my cock.  I took her free hand and put it on my prick.  She let out a small gasp of air, and for a second just held it.  Slowly, she started squeezing it and then was running her small hand up and down the length.  I could hear the music outside and hear people come and go from the restrooms next door.  If they only knew what was happening in the dim late room next door.  I finally leaned down and kissed her, she kissed me wonderfully, with lots of tongue.  Our kisses became more passionate, all the while; she was pumping my cock with her little hand.  A large wooden table was against the wall to the left, I kept kissing her but maneuvered us to the table.  I then picked her by the waist and sat her on the edge.  We kissed some more but I had to see what was beneath that white skirt, I bent down to my knees, raised her shirt and saw a beautiful little cunt neatly trimmed with a pair of white g-string panties hanging on one leg.

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    She had apparently dropped them and stepped one leg out for her previous voyeurism masturbation.  I leaned and started licking the hottest and wettest little pussy I have ever encountered.  She really started breathing hard now and pushed into my face.  I took her legs, put them over my shoulders, and dug in to a wonderful meal.  She started Cumming fast, took her hands, and put them on the back of my head.  I will never forget her voice whispering “Si si si. ”  After she had calmed down a bit, I took stood up and took my pants compelety off.   She was leaning back on her elbows, those beautiful big brown eyes watching me, her mouth was open, and then I saw her wet her lips with her tongue.  I could not take it any more, so I grabbed her by her hips, slid her to the end of the table, and put my cock at the entrance of her pussy.
     I rubbed the fat helmet of my dick around the opening, she was literally dripping.  I could feel the heat from her pussy on the end of my dick without even touching it.  I started slowly putting it in, the head passed her pussy lips and she stared with the “Si si si” again.  She was very very tight, but obviously not a virgin.   After about 3” in her, I had to stop myself from Cumming.  She was the tightest pussy I had ever felt and with the heat and lubrication she was giving off, I knew this was going to be the fuck of my life.

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        I leaned in more kept drilling until I had all eight inches buried in her little 18-year-old pussy.  She was making a hissing noise, and then whispered to me in English, “Fuck me Poppy. ”  That did it, I started slow, but her fabulous pussy was too much.  I got to the point where I was banging her brains out.  I could feel my dick head enter her cervix on ever-deep thrust.  Her tightness and grasping of my dick were undesirable.   I was fucking her with her legs on my shoulders and my balls slapping her young ass.  It was hot in the room so we were making a lot of body slapping noise.   As my orgasm approached, she told me not to cum in her, I asked where then.  She once more put that little pink tongue on her lips.  I pulled out, and she got off the table and kneeled in front of me.  Her oral skills were very good and we got a great rhythm going.  She could not deep throat me, but was sucking about half of it in perfectly.  I had both hands gently on her head.   It was incredible watching this young girl down in front of me, her long black hair bouncing as I face fucked her.

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        I started Cumming, and she stared making an hmmm sound, I shot about four or five powerful blast and she sucked it all in.  Once we were finished, she smiled and said in Spanish, “Now I know you want tell on me” and laughed.  I kissed her again and told her to straighten up and go out first.  Later that night, as I was making the rounds through the party, looking for the host to thank him for a wonderful evening, I saw the young girl again.  She was standing with her family who were getting ready to leave.  We made eye contact and she winked at me.   I never saw her again or found out who the she or her family were.



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