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"Well hi there, may I help your with something?"Oh, your could help me something alright. "Well hello Mrs. Conrad, how are you this evening? You don't remember me, do you?""MMM, no, i don't think so. I sure wish I had handsome. And it's Miss, not Mrs. ""Well, I'm Steven Sully, from your 8th grade class 18 years ago. And when did you and Mr. Conrad split?"To say the least, this woman was amazed to see me. "My my Steve. . . you sure have. . . MMM, grown. "That last word gave me a woody so hard and so fast it almost jumped outta my pants and up her tight skirt.

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   This teacher was lusted after by my entire class. Nice C tits, an ass you could crack a rock on, and no paper bag needed. "You are exactally as I remember you Tina. ""Oh Steve, you always were a charmer, even back then. I wasn't planning on staying very long. Would you like to get some drinks at the first intermission?"Hmm. . . let me sort this situation out. Stay the whole play and have a boring night (with drinks), or stay for 1/3 of the play, hang out w/ this gorgeous woman, have a chance of fucking her, and a full proof chance of playing around just a little (while having drinks). No brainer. "Sure, I'll meet you hear then. ""Great. . .

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  don't be late Steven. "Needless to say, the play rolled on forever. I could see her now, bending over, tits cupped in my hands and my throbbing cock fucking her like there was no tomorrow. After about an hour, intermission came, and off I went. Tina and I stopped by a liquor store and headed back to her place. She couldn't keep her hands off me, and was making it very difficult to drive. "Oh Steven, you have absolutly no idea how horny I am right now. "I was in fucking shock. "Yeah, well, uh, show me then. "She immidatly lifted her skirt and paounded her pussy into oblivion w/ her fingers. She just went faster and faster, and made sure I had a great view of the whole thing. Tina leaned over and started rubbing my cock with her lips, and I finally had access to fuck her pussy with my hand, while still being able to drive safe. "Oh my god, Steve, your cock feels so good in there. I just want to rip it out and swallow it whole. "No refusal on my part, as I immideatly ripped out my cock and let her go to work.

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   Her pussy was so fucking tight and I slammed my fingers in faster then she did. "Your cock tastes so good, mmmm, yeah, fuck my pussy harder with your fingers!"She slid her dick up and down my cock like a pro. I knew it. I had guessed she was a slut when I was in her class, but I never had any conformation. Well here it was. Up to that point, I had never met a girl who could deep-throat a cock like she did, and she did it very well. "Holy christ Tina, I'm gonna blow my fucking load deep in your throat. "And what a load, down her throat and right into her stomach. I think she loves swallowing it, because, as soon as I did, she was right there, creaming all over my hand for what must have been little more then 2 minutes, which is when we finally arrived at her house. "Mmm, Steve, that was great. Come on inside, we'll have a few drinks. "I walked in, and on her bed was my one of my best friends from school, Sharon. "Oh Steve, I'm sure you know Sharon. I'm also sure your now wondering how long this has been going on. Well, how do you think a cheerleader ever passed my final exam.

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  "Sharon was right on her knees and eating Tina's pussy like it was the routine thing to do. I just sat down on the couch and watched. I didn't know whether to join or. . . "Steve, get the fuck up and fuck this cunt eating bitch outta her fucking mind. "Enough encouragement for me.
    I was behind my old buddy and got rugburn on my knees from fucking that poor girl senseless, actually even making her squeal in Tina's pussy as I felt her cum twice on my cock. I kept going until I was gonna cum, which I announced. "Oh, your hold on your naughtly boy, your gonna cum in my pussy. "Tina straddled me, and started to bounce wildly on my cock. I knew I was gonna cum, but I came twice as hard and fast when Shannon started sucking on my balls, making me shoot right up into this object of lust. "Oh fuck me Steeeeeveee. Oh fuck yeah, Shannon suck his balls harder you little bitch!"She did, and Tina bounced on me even faster, which I didn't think was possible. I came inside of Tina's hot cunt, she came all over Shannon's face, and Shannon came all over her own little hand.

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      "Do you live around hear Steve," Shannon asked. "In fact I do, right down the street. ""That's good," Tina said. "That's real good. You'll have to come by this weekend. Our friend will be here, and I'm sure you'd like to meet her. . . and us again. . . "Abso-freakin-lutly. .


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