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  It was a somewhat big get together my family was having. My Brother, his girlfriend, my sister her boyfriend, my mom and my aunt, and my grandma. Also something was mentioned about Taylor, one of my sisters good friends from college was coming over. Me and Taylor go way back, she watched me grow up and i eyed her growing up. She was like 24 and very sexy. She had shoulder length black hair, blue eyes, she was always tan no matter what, she had what looked like 32 C breasts, and an ass that begged to be free from any containment. I had always thought she was hot, and until recently had dreamed of fucking her. But the ten year difference was a bit of a problem.
  Everybody showed up about 2 and we started  eating. Taylor hadnt shown up yet and at about 2 18 the doorbell rang. I said i would get it, and i rushed up to the door to answer it.

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  My cock jumped to attention when I opened the door. There stood taylor, hair pulled back into a pony tail, a black dress that veed down very low, with her  perfect tits creaping out. If she had been wearing a bra she was doing a very good job hiding it. The dress stopped just below her crotch and was the shortest dress I had ever seen.  I tried not to stare and she rushed towards me hugging and yelling. "Oh jon you've grown into a handsome little kid!" Her tits pushed up against mine, and i was praying to god that she couldnt feel whatever had grown down under. She moved on and into the dining room to say hello to the rest of the family.
  The meal went very slow and i couldnt help but look at taylor the whole time. After about 30 minutes i couldn't help it and I excused self upstairs, and went into my upstairs bathroom. I whipped out my cock (6. 5 inches hard) and started stroking, dreaming of her moaning with my cock inside her. I kept it going for a very long time and within 5 minutes I blew my load into the toilet. I zipped up and went downstairs, to find just my sister and her boy friend and taylor. They were sitting on the couch laughing. The other family had gone to look at houses out on the lake and would be back in a hour.

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  I went down and talked to them for a while, then my sister decided that she and her boyfriend wanted a ice cream. They asked us to go and I said no and Taylor said no. "Me and Jon have some catching up to do" She said with a smile as they walked out the door.
  I was so nervous and horny that i couldnt take it. I was alone with Taylor, the goddess of my  dreams and i couldnt do anything about it!  
  I was sitting facing the tv and she was at the end. She moved towards me saying "mmmm im tired" and rested her head on my lap while putting her body out on the couch. I couldn't even move. Her head was resting on my now rapidly growing cock. I got a full view of everything, and she was in no means wearing a bra. I could see her erect nipples protruding out of the fabric in the black dress. Her legs, endless and tan were propped on the arm rest and she put her hands under her head, right above my cock, and watched tv.
  My shaft was now rock hard, and there was no way she couldnt notice it. We had made small talk but mainly just lied there and watched the tv. She rubbed her head back and forth. "Trying to get comfty" She said in the sexiest voice ive ever heard.

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   He finally got up keeping her hands on my lap. She slowly brought her eyes to mine. "Whats this?" She said as she slowly rubbed the outline through the shorts up and down.
  "its uhhhh" i mumbled
   "Your cock? your rock hard dick?" she asked still eyeing and feeeling the erection through the fabric. "You have a big fucking cock jon, a BIG cock for your age. " She started moving her legs up, crawling towards me showing her cleavage once more. "Lets do some catching up while we have some time huh jon?" She said smiling. I stupidy nodded and she slowly undid my zipper and boxers, my cock springing free.
  "Wow its big Jon! Would you like to fuck me with this huge cock?" She asked while tugging and masaaging it. Almost cumming i stupidly nodded once again and simply leaned back. "First let me suck real good for you, get this huge shaft wet. "
  Still fully clothed, she went down on my cock, slowly descending to the base. Something told me she had done this before, making it nearly all the way down on her first try. My head poked her throat and i felt my penis tense up. I held back to ride this experience for all it was worth.

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   She came off and swirled my head in her mouth, then licking the cock up and down. She went into another fast sucking section, then coming off to finish me with her hands. I felt the blood rushing and i yelled "Im Cumming" in excitement. "Cum in my mouth baby, i want your cum to slide down my throat. mmmm god give it too me" Without argument i shot my load into her open mouth, she taking it all in easily.
  After she cleaned my cock up with her tounge, she got up and undid the strap of her dress. It dropped to the floor revealing the best set of tan firm tits i had ever seen. She was wearing a black thong, and left it on as she crawled back towards me. I reached out and grabbed her tits as she sucked my cock some more. She dully moaned, and wanted to work me to cum again, but i gently pushed her on her back and crawled towards her.
  I kissed her stomach up to her tits, massaging them and licking them in a circular motion, causing her to moan very loud. I worked back down to her stomach, pulling her wet thong down to her ankles. Her pussy was shaven and very tight, though looked like it could take a big cock. She was seeping juices from her lips and I licked them all up first. I then journeyed my tounge into her clit, getting a huge reacton from her.

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   She moaned "Oh fuck yea eat me out" as her tender pussy throbbed in anticipation. I licked the whole area, then put my tounge in further, going back as far as i could, tasting her wonderful juices. this carried on for a while before she leaned up and said "Get your cock in me now!" I didnt argue.
  My cock on the verge of cumming slid into her pussy like a glove. I slowly thrusted at first



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