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This story is entirely fictional and depicts sexual actions between an adult and a minor. I do not condone such acts in reality. If this material is offensive to you personally, please do not read on.

Also, this is my first story, and I welcome as much criticism of a constructive nature as possible. But if you're just going to comment on how disgusting the content is then you obviously didn't read the part where I said it's FICTION and that I don't condone it and should either have your eyes gouged out or a brain inserted.


It was Wednesday before noon, and where was I to be found? The plaza. I didn’t have a job, but not from lack of trying. It just seemed that a nice girl with no formal training in any particular field wasn’t suited to most positions. By the way, my name is Sarah, and I’m what you would call a lipstick lesbian. Not in the makeup wearing sense; no, no, no. But in that I’m pretty much a girly girl that tries to maintain the way she looks. Not that I have anything against diesel dykes … I just wouldn’t want to be one.

So, A little about me. . .

I’m 21 years old with an incomplete teaching degree.

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   I dropped out when I lost my last job (I was caught fucking one of the co workers by the boss and he was … less than pleased, shall we say? What he was doing in the women’s toilets in the first place remains a mystery) last year, and I’m madly in love. Her name is Alexandra and she’s everything to me. We don’t see each other yet. It’s an online relationship for now but I’m totally committed to her. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to have her.

So I’m 5’7” tall, and I weigh around 60 kilograms … give or take a few either direction. My natural hair colour is a dark brownish red, the kind where the red clearly shows in sunlight, but not so much in the shade. I put blonde through it recently, so I’m in the process of having it grow back natural. I have dark green eyes and full lips. Ironically, for a natural red, my skin isn’t fair or pale looking. My mother (bitch that she is) is Romanian, and I guess I inherited the exotic skin tone from her side of the family. Perfect match to my hair I think, though it annoys me when people refuse to believe I’m naturally red.

So, where was I. Oh yes; the plaza. Alex has been urging me lately to go out and find myself a sex toy to play around with until she and I can be together physically, and even then share with her.

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   And she doesn’t mean a dildo or a vibrator or any of that nonsense. I have plenty of those at home, and I stopped collecting because I have no room to put new editions. Both she and I are into younger girls. And that’s the kind of toy she wanted me to have.

She has her own. Some girl she knows, I forget how she knows her, that’s really young. I forget how young too. I don’t ask for details because she and I have different age gaps. I like my girls from 12-18 Anything above that is girlfriend material rather than casual sex material. She prefers them from 18-18 Little bit more than I’d go, which is why any girl she fucks younger than 12 I don’t want to know about.

Before she and I started dating, I used to cruise the local cinema complexes for fuck friends. See a lot of the girls where I live are either bisexual or gay, and I’ve been with all of those. I’ve also been with a few of the straight ones that were at one time curious. Not most, but a few. So I thought, since the cinema has worked for me in the past, maybe it’ll help me find a friend now.

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So here I was.

I’d already purchased a ticket for a random movie and was sitting all the way in the back row so I could have a clear view around the large room in order to pick out those in the right age bracket and who were alone. It wasn’t until ten minutes into the movie that I finally spotted one. And with the lights off and the only light coming from the screen, I almost didn’t see her at all.

She was sitting in the back row as well, all the way over on the left side in the corner, and I think she was the only person there other than me that had no interest in the movie at all. Her eyes were glued to a girl a few rows down and closer to the centre that WAS watching the movie. This girl looked around sixteen and it was no wonder the younger girl was staring. Her long light hair was knotted up at the back and her top was a shoestring that showed so much cleavage I swore she’d spill out of it soon.

The younger girl was staring at her, and I could see that one hand was up under her shirt and the other one was hidden between her legs, but not under her skirt. She was leaning back and her shoulder length hair was a little mussed. She’d been working on what she was doing for quite some time already. I licked my lips and during a particularly attention-snatching part of the movie I jumped out of my seat and planted myself in one three seats over from the young girl in the corner.

She jumped when she saw me and both of her hands flew back into sight, covering her mouth. Her eyes were wide in horror; she knew I’d seen her.

“Who are you?” she whispered.

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“Name’s Sarah,” I said back. “What’s yours?”

“Stephanie,” she said. “What do you want?”

“I saw what you were doing just then,” I said. Her face went bright red and she looked down at her lap in shame. I gently placed my hand on her skirt covered leg and said, “Don’t be ashamed of it, pretty girl. All girls touch themselves down there. ”

“Most girls don’t look at other girls when they do it,” the girl said.

“I do,” I replied with a sly wink.

“You do?” The girl kept her voice quiet but there was no mistaking that me saying that had excited her. I nodded. “How old are you?” she asked after a moment silence.

“Twenty one. ”

“Really?” I nodded again “I’m twelve. Is it normal for me to do that ?”

“I’ve been touching my pussy since I was younger than that. ”

“Oh my god no way!”

I leaned in to her ear and whispered, “Yes way.

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  ” She giggled at that and I pulled back as someone a few rows down made a hissing sound meant to say “shut up”.

After a few minutes, and a confession that I was strongly attracted to young girls, I found out a little more. She lived only a few streets away from me with her dad. Her mother had died a couple of years ago and little Steph had only just started to move on from that loss. She’d found out that she was only attracted to other girls very recently, and usually older girls. Her and her best friend had had sleepovers where they had played with themselves while watching the other do it at the same time but never had they touched. Steph had been touched by no one by herself.

Well that was about to change.

As we slowly drifted our attention back to the movie, I sat in the seat next to hers, folded the armrest dividing our seats up so that it wasn’t in the way and slid across the seat so that our bodies were touching side-to-side. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and drew her to me as much as I could and she looked up at me.

“Do you mind if I keep doing it?” she asked me sweetly.

I almost melted at the innocent look on her face. “Sure sweetie,” I said, “but you have to pull your skirt up so I can see what you’re doing. I liked watching you from back there,” I said tilting my head to where I had been sitting before.

She nodded and pulled up the hem of her skirt so that I could now see her plain pale pink panties with a red heart on the front.

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   I smiled at the innocence as she tucked the hem under her skirt’s waistband and proceeded to cover her panty-clad little pussy with her hand.

It was such a hot sight to behold that I swear I almost came right there and then watching as she rubbed her panties up and down slowly, pushing her hips forward in the seat while leaning back against my arm. She used her other hand to push up the armrest on the other side of her and then placed it innocently back on her left thigh as her right hand continued to rub slowly. Without thinking about it, the hand I had resting on her shoulder started to rub her upper left arm softly and slowly, feeling her nice smooth skin.

I whispered small encouragements to her, telling her how sweet she looked doing it. So what she did next totally
took me by surprise and it was anything but sweet. In fact it was a downright fucking tease. She hooked both her hands under the waistband of her little panties and slid them all the way off her hips and down her lips to her feet. She stepped out of them and then leaned down to pick them up, holding the pussy-sweet smelling fabric under my nose for a few seconds before stuffing them in her purse at her feet. I groaned audibly and she giggled.

God, I just had to have this girl!

I stopped myself from rubbing her arm and instead slipped my hand under her top and snaked up past her belly to feel her. She’d pulled her bra down under her small tits earlier before I had sat near her, that much was certain, because there was no fabric between her hard little nipples and my fingertips as they glided over the hard nubs.

She sighed when my fingers took her left nipple and gave it a gentle squeeze, and looking back down at her now unclothed pussy, her hand was covering it fully, but not to hide it. No, she was rubbing herself with her whole hand, pushing her palm against her mons as her fingers traced up and down her tiny little slit. Again I nearly flooded my pants with cum just watching it.

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   She was a treasure and I half considered keeping her to myself instead of sharing her with Alex. Selfish thought.

Steph made a cute moaning sound that drew my attention and when I looked up into her eyes I saw that she was watching me watch her. I could tell by the fire in her eyes that she wanted more, so I pinched her nipple a little harder and tugged on it as my other hand worked its way down my shirt, unbuttoning it as it went. I let it fall open, revealing my blood red lace bra, and slid the straps of the bra off my shoulders. Steph’s eyes were wide as she waited for what came next, her fingers no longer moving on her pussy, but her palm pressing harder against it. I did nothing from there. My hand returned to my leg to rest as my other continued to tease her little nipple.

She growled playfully at me and I smiled. “What’s wrong?” I asked her slyly.

“Take it off!” she hissed. I just shook my head and pinched her nipple again, my subtle way of telling her that I couldn’t see hers either. “You can see my pussy,” she pointed out, moving her hand away to make her point, “I want to see something!”

Jesus! She was sweet AND slutty! Whispering in my ear the way she was didn’t make things easier for me, already being turned on as much as I was. I wanted to strip her off completely and fuck her brains out in the cinema! I wanted to do it so badly I groaned in frustration at the thought. Instead, I tugged down on the cups of my bra and let it fall away from my perfect C sized tits.

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She licked her lips and squeezed in closer, her face only bare inches from my exposed breasts. I bit my lip, hoping she would do what I –

Oh god, she did! Her lips found my already rock hard nipple and sucked it into her mouth. I could feel my pussy leaking heavily and thanked god I had thought to bring a pad with me to absorb the soaking before it created a patch on my panties and jeans. Under other circumstances I wouldn’t have cared. Clothes get washed anyway. But in a public plaza, I was hardly going to be seen walking around looking like I’d peed myself. With my arm wrapped around her to reach her tit, I pulled her closer against my body for as much contact as possible while she quietly licked and sucked on my nipple and played with the other with the wet hand that had been touching her pussy.

Seeing her hand’s vacancy from its previous assignment as an invitation, I gave her nipple one last pinch, digging in with my nails to elicit a quiet squeal from her, which she tried to stifle by biting down on my tit, which only made my hand reflex into squeezing her whole tit back. I grunted in pain. She had some sharp teeth, this little one.

My nipple popped out of her mouth and she looked up at me. “Sorry,” she said sweetly before taking the nipple back between her lips and lavishing it with attention from her eager tongue.

My hand travelled down from her tit, brushing her smooth tummy, my fingertips playing briefly with her belly button, until it came to rest on her smooth thigh. My hand was so close to her young pussy that I could feel the heat coming from it, and the slick wetness that had leaked from it down her young thighs. I moaned quietly into her ear as she nibbled gently on my nipple.

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She tried to shift slightly so that my hand would touch her more fully, and it only succeeded a little. My pinkie finger brushed lightly against her slit, coating itself in a thin layer of juices before I adjusted to keep my hand fully on her thigh. I squeezed and rubbed it gently, teasing her as much as I could and always adjusting my hand to keep it away from her pussy with ever attempt she made to force the contact. I was teasing myself more than her. I wanted to touch her so badly, fuck her so hard, so much. I just wanted to see how much control I had.

Obviously not that much. My hand found its own way to her pussy and rested palm-down on the mons. My middle finger traced up and down along her slit, parting the lips only a little around it. Steph released my nipple from her mouth and started to lick circles around it. I resisted the urge to moan her name. No one could know what we were doing. I would get in so much trouble. This was me totally being a paedophile, and I was loving every second of it. My finger continued to trace her pussy, and her hips started a slow rhythmic swirling and thrusting against my hand, wanting more than I was giving her.

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   I wanted more too. I just wanted to give it to her piece by piece instead of all at once.

To hell with it!

I pushed my finger more insistently against her swollen lips and felt them part further to allow entrance. I felt the soft wetness of her inner lips and slid my fingertip along her labia teasingly around her hole, all the way up to the hard little clit at its apex before going back down around the hole again. Her humping was getting more desperate, more noticeable, and I awkwardly pressed on her tummy with my other hand to settle her before the movements drew the attention of someone else.

I pushed a second finger past her outer labia to join the first and slid my fingers up each side of her inner moistness to the tip and then back down to the bottom to repeat. I pressed harder against her tummy, trying to tell her to stop thrusting so much. She got the hint and stopped, but I felt a sudden exhale on my nipple that meant that she was VERY unhappy at my teasing.

I wanted to keep it up; well part of me did. But the other part won out and I slipped my middle finger – alone – back down her labia to her entrance and pushed it as deep into her as possible. She bit on my nipple again, and squeezed the other hard, pressing her whole body against me as the feeling of being penetrated began to subside, her breathing hard and ragged.

“Oh, Sarah,” I heard her whimper as I pushed it deeper and deeper until it could go no more.

“Shh-sh-sh-sh,” I said quietly, tilting her chin up and planting a kiss on her lips. With my lips pressed firmly against hers, I felt her tongue press suggestively against the crack between my lips and, knowing exactly what that meant, I opened my lips. Hers opened with them and her tongue slipped between both sets of lips until it entered my mouth and started to dance with my own tongue.


   I licked her tongue back, enjoying her sweet, sweet taste as my finger invaded her young and tight little pussy.

And by god was she tight. I only had one finger inside her and I knew I wouldn’t be able to get a second without it becoming uncomfortable for her, and I couldn’t have her making any noise that would give us away so I was content to just probe her pussy with just the one finger. She moaned against my mouth as I fingered her slow and gentle, her hips again rocking against my hand in time with the penetration of my finger, but this time in a less-obvious-to-others way.

Her other hand had stopped playing with my breast now and before I had started to wonder where she had put it, I felt her tugging at the buttons of my jeans and I slid forward in the seat to make it easier for her to do what she wanted. After a few seconds of nervous fumbling, she finally popped the last button of my jeans and tugged it down in a seesaw fashion until my jeans were gathered around my ankles. I made no effort to kick them off entirely as her hand dove into my panties. She hesitated and gave me a funny look when she felt the pad I was wearing even though I wasn’t on my period.

I leaned in close to her and whispered the explanation. “I’m not bleeding, honey,” I said crudely, BEYOND horny at this point. “It’s so I don’t leak through to my jeans and wet them when I’ll be walking around in public. ”

While the look on her face changed instantly to a smile, she decided to confirm my explanation by cupping my pussy as gently as possible before taking her hand back out of my panties to look at the result. Even I could see in the dim light from the cinema screen the copious layer of feminine juices that soaked her hand. Without hesitating, she stuck her tongue out and licked all of it from her hand before sending it straight back into my panties to yank them down my legs as well.

Once they were down, I spread my legs as much as I could with her pressed so tightly against me and her hand went straight back to cupping my pussy, pressing into my mound hard as she teased my slit with gentle probing much like I had done to her.

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I grabbed her wrist firmly with my free hand and guided her middle finger to the core of my slit, pushing the finger into me so she got the hint that I wasn’t going to let her just tease me like the little bitch she wanted to be.

She understood and pushed her finger in as far as it would go on her own, and my hand slid up her arm to rest on the back of her head. I pulled her in and stuffed my tongue down her throat in frustrated, lust-filled kiss. Realising that my finger wasn’t thrusting into her tight pussy any more, I resumed the action, rubbing her little clit with my thumb from the same hand with each push into her. She added a second finger into my pussy without having to be told, and feeling my thumb on her clit, decided to do the same to me as well.

It was like I had died and gone to heaven. Part of me honestly couldn’t believe how lucky I was. I had thought that my attempts today would fail and I would go back home frustrated and have to fuck an orgasm or two out of myself to relieve the sexual tension that had been building for weeks. But no, I’d scored this gorgeous young thing. I really was fingering her in a movie theatre.
    And she was really fingering me back, willingly, and loving every second of what we were doing to each other, loving every touch.

    “Sarahhhhhh,” she moaned in my ear quietly, causing another surge of eroticism through me. “Faster!”

    I did what she wanted, and my finger began to slip in and out of her tight, soaked pussy faster, my thumb mashing against her clit with every thrust into her. She was so wet I could just hear the wet sloshing sounds of my finger invading her young pussy over and over beyond the sound of the movie in the background. I licked her neck and kissed her briefly on the lips before she locked those sweet lips back around my nipple to suck.

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       She sucked me like a baby as her fingers penetrated my dripping pussy over and over, making the same sounds my finger was making in hers.

    I dragged my thumbnail carefully over her young swollen clit and then started to rub it with the pad of my thumb as my middle finger plunged into her faster and harder. She was getting close, I knew she was. But there was something I had to do about that. There was no way I was going to let her cum until I’d tasted her.

    I pulled my finger out of her pussy with a wet popping sound and gave her clit a teasing pinch before removing my hand from her pussy altogether. She tried to grab my wrist to put it back but I swatted her away and stuck my finger into my mouth to taste. She tasted very sweet, much like I knew I tasted. The taste of her made me think of maple syrup, I swear it was that sweet.

    I gently pried her away from my tit, ignoring her whines of protest as I scooted back. She tried to follow to keep her fingers in my pussy but I held her back with a gentle hand on her shoulder. He fingers slid out of me, followed by a river of juices. Jesus I was so wet that these seats were going to be soaked. And for what I had planned next, that was way more than just a possibility. I sucked on one of her fingers, tasting my sweet honey-strawberry pussy flavour, before I let her put the other finger in her own mouth to taste me.

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       She groaned again and tried again to put them back in my pussy, but I wouldn’t allow it just yet.

    I turned around in the seat and pushed the armrest behind me up, then moved to the next seat and did the same to that one. After about three seats total, plus the two that had already been pushed out of the way, I knew we had enough room and I went back to Steph and coaxed her onto her back along the space I’d just created. She got the idea of why I had stopped her and the grin on her pretty little face made it quite clear that she both knew and looked forward to what was about to happen next. I leaned down and stuck my tongue deep into her awaiting mouth, kissing her deeply and mixing our saliva.

    Then I got back up, turned around, and knelt down on the seat against the wall, my legs on either side of her head and my feet brushing against the curtains they hung along the walls. I let myself fall forward, holding myself up by the elbows as I hooked my hands around her inner thighs and pushed her legs open as wide as I could get them to go. In the barely-there light I saw her little pussy was flat, still preteen in its development. She hadn’t started to swell down there yet and it was cute. Her little lips parted slightly with how wide I had her legs spread and I could see the wetness leaking out from her inner lips and down her cute round ass. I breathed on her pussy, making her grip my ass with her fingernails.

    I giggled, sending more air from my mouth onto her little pussy, which thrusted slightly in the direction of my face. I pushed it back down and opened her little lips with my fingers before sliding my tongue gently along her inner lips, licking all the wetness, tasting her.

    She tasted stronger here than she had on my finger. Direct source.

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       And I kept my tongue on her pussy at all times, hearing her sexy heavy breathing behind me. I flicked my tongue over her hard clit as I gently pushed my middle finger back into her starving young pussy to fill her up. She was so tight that when her pussy started to clench around my finger I knew right away she was close. I pushed my pussy downward and soon I felt the all too familiar sensation of a tongue pressing against my lips. She lapped at my literally dripping pussy like a dog drinking from a water bottle, and I couldn’t help but to eagerly thrust my hips down against her face every time she licked my clit.

    I wanted to cum so badly with this girl, but I didn’t want to cum alone. I would make her cum too. And I would make her cum soon. With how turned on I was, it wouldn’t be long before she had me going. I had to get to her first. I spread her pussy lips further and pushed my finger deeper into her as my tongue whipped her little clit over and over in quick succession. She thrust against me more with each time my finger slipped back into her. I knew she was close. Her pussy was pulsing around my finger, and the juices she’d been leaking were now thicker and running like a tap.


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    “Sarah,” she whispered, taking her tongue away from my clit. “Please. Make me –”

    I didn’t let her finish. I thrust my pussy back to her mouth to keep her quiet and bit down gently on her young clit to finish her. I barely heard her moan against my pussy as her orgasm took hold. My finger was forced out by a powerful contraction of her pussy and when I tried to push it back in, I couldn’t get very far. God she was tight! Instead, I clamped my whole mouth fully over her young pussy and sucked, lashing my tongue faster and faster against her hard clit to send her over the edge, to push her over the line.

    She came. The juices gave way to her cum as it ran out of her pussy like a raging river. I swallowed it all as it flowed sweetly into my mouth, much, much stronger than just her regular wetness. My tongue continued to whip and lick her little clit and her inner pussy lips to keep her cumming into my mouth.

    She groaned against my pussy and the vibrations sent me over the edge as well. I was a much stronger cummer. She gushed into my mouth, whereas I was going to squirt into hers like a fountain. I slammed my pussy against her mouth and felt her lips cover it as much as she could, and came hard.

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    I could feel my pussy pumping my girlcum out of me and into her, and I knew she wouldn’t be able to take it all. But she tried. I could feel her tongue licking me each time she swallowed a mouthful of it. I was rocking my hips against her face, but her mouth always stayed on my pussy. The same for her. Her pussy was humping against my mouth, wanting more, and I licked her as much as I could. Her pussy was pushing less cum into my mouth now and I knew she would be spent in seconds. But I kept my mouth over her pussy until she was no longer gushing. When I took it away, I licked around her clit and then over it and down her pussy lips before sitting up again.

    Her lips drew away from my pussy too and she was breathing hard as I reversed my position so that I was lying next to her. I kissed her, locking my lips with hers and intertwining our legs and arms as our tongues danced, mixing our cum in both of our mouths for a sweeter taste.

    “Mmm,” she moaned against my lips. I sucked her bottom lip into my mouth for a second as I pulled away from the kiss and swallowed the mixture of cum.

    After I pulled my panties and jeans back up and refastened my bra and top, we shuffled over to a couple of dry seats and spent the rest of the way through the movie snuggled tight against each other with my middle finger again buried in her pussy fingering her to orgasm over and over. When the movie was over, I withdrew my finger and licked it clean before turning to her and giving her my number so we could organise to do it again.

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    The last thing I saw before I walked out was the sweet smile on her face as she madly saved my number to her cell phone. . . .


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