"No More Tears"


Topic: "No More Tears"I positioned myself, sitting, right in front of Lara. My
bathing suit material was loose and open but had a liner. Very
quickly, so no one saw my move, I released my cock from the
mesh. It was the only thing inhibiting her from getting a full
view of it . She was crying for some reason. I think she was
being grounded over some chore that was not finished. Her
face, with tears rolling down, was turned towards her mom and
dad sitting to my left. As soon as she turned her head in my
direction her eyes locked onto my dick. Tears instantly stopped like turning off a water faucet. I was looking at her at first. There's no
way I would miss the expressions on her sweet 18 year
old face. It was one of shock, wonderment and arousal all at
once. She forgot the argument with her parents. Transfixed by
the completely exposed sight of my 29 year old, full grown
manhood in full view to her and her only. I just casually
continued as if there was nothing peculiar. I didn't
want her to feel inhibited from enjoying the view.

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   Enjoy it
she did! Lara couldn't get enough. Her eyes were so deeply
focused on my dick. I felt as if she had a physical hold of it.
Time to cut off the show. It was getting pretty obvious
something was consuming her every thought and it was somewhere
near my crotch.
Lara is an average height 18 year old. I could put my elbow
on her head for a headrest. She had pin straight, silky brown
hair. She was thin. No baby fat chubbiness which i find to be
unattractive. Not so much as a bump on her flat, firm chest. Athletic and toned with a cute little ass. She was curious and pretty verbally
uninhibited for her age. She had miniature version
of the features I'm attracted to in women. it was obvious
she was infatuated by me, not just my thick cock.

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The opportunity we both were fantasizing about since that
night finally arrived. I was watching her and her brother while her parents had a night out. I wore the same loose swim shorts. I
was nervously anxious to have some more time with this sweet
young girl and give her another chance to enjoy me longer. Yes
much longer!
    I was on the right end of an L shaped couch and she plopped
herself down at the other end. I could just feel her saying,
"show me your cock again please?" It was so obvious and
wonderful that she wanted me to exhibit for her voyeuristic
delight. I had already prepared myself by freeing my cock and balls from the mesh liner to the left side knowing
where she would go. I just threw it at her. Swinging my leg
up on the couch. I was practically spread eagle giving her what
she wanted. the space between my leg and suit was so wide open
that removing them would be the only more revealing option.
She just drank it in. I restrained from looking over at her too often.
knowing she was just staring right at my dick was plenty for
me. It had the affect any one would get by showing a girl her
first cock that wasn't her daddy's or brothers and started to
get hard.

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   I tried to control its growth, not to get to big too
fast, so she could fully enjoy what her gaze was doing to me. I
was fully hard and wanting to look at her mesmerized by her
first hard-on but I played it down and just gave her as long
and as "hard" as she wanted to stare. The glances I
quickly stole revealed she had slid down the couch. from the corner of my eye I could see her already tight jeans
riding up into her crotch pushing against her swollen button.
She must have been so wet. Her little pussy was reacting with
a feeling she was itching to scratch. So many images and
thoughts were spinning in my head. Wanting to watch her play
with herself while I did the same for her. Thinking about
having her hands wrapped around my shaft exploring her first.
rock hard, fully grown dick. It was completely welcomed by Lara.
It was sheer mutual enjoyment. I vividly imagined running my
finger across her tiny moist slit as she played with my prick
enjoying her first time handling one. Whatever Lara
wanted, without fear, was hers for the taking. I would never
put anyone, especially someone so young and trusting of me, in
a situation that wasn't what they were in complete control of.

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Her brother came in and they must have talked because he tried
to get a look but that wasn't happening. It was for her eyes
    Later we got settled into some fun
games. I can't remember what they were. Out of nowhere her
little brother tucks his dick back between his legs which
left a very light dusting of pubic hair in sight. He was
pretending to have a pussy. I must admit it was a situation
which I could have taken another step but managed to be the
responsible adult and not parlay this into an intense
exploration into some first sexual experiences for all of us!
I told him to put his pants up and that's not cool. Then to my
astonishment Lara blurts out; "you don't have a big cock".
Holy shit! Did that just come out of this little innocent girls mouth. I was caught between saying don't talk like that and say it again. PLEASE PLEASE say it again. To this day I wish I told her to say it again. Whisper those naughty words in my ear? Bring it to a full groping session. Letting her stroke and explore what she found herself transfixed by earlier. It was the comparison of me and her brothers penis size, I've come to realize, which prompted the blunt comment.

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Lara and I did get into a tickling game. She didn't want to
stop. I found myself on top of her. Off to the side but still
having her pinned under me. Almost all my weight was on her.
We were face to face. inches from her sweet tiny mouth. I tried
to keep my composure. I was so absorbed by the closeness.
Flawless skin. her eyes intensely gazing back at mine. She
smelled so yummy, like a freshly washed sheet mixed with a
hint of her arousal. The thought of kissing those lips were
just thoughts but wouldn't go away. I started to raise up and
she very seriously says; "don't get up!" Lara wanted me on
top of her. She wanted to be close to me.

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   WOW! She really
liked me! I wasn't a lame adult to her but a guy who she
definitely found attractive. I gave her something no man had
before. Lara had a glimpse of adulthood. I treated her like a
young woman not a little girl. In return she gave me the gift
of acceptance. The lust we were both bathing in was thick. we
had our own reasons for the pure ecstasy of this moment. Both
of us knew how rare and precious this one small point in our
lives was and forever will be. It makes sense. Her intensity
is now apparent. First her lustful absorption of my purposely
intended exposure. It was what we both wanted and willingly
participated in. I continued to tickle all over her. Her shirt came up
enough to get a quick glimpse and unintentional rub across her
tiny, tiny little spots where her tits will one day be. She
must have known what I just brushed across.

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   There was no
resistance. I left our intimate encounter there. I have a
conscience and it stopped me from going further. It was a
wonderful, mutual experience that I will never forget and look
back on in enjoyment over and over again.
It seems that many young girls get hurt in one of their 1st sexual experiences. I really hope that Lara looks back and sees that I truly saw her and that moment as a gift that she gave to me. She opened
a place and shared with me such a precious part of herself.
The fact that she was accepting of my wants along with her own
is priceless. I get turned on only if I know my partner
is turned on by me. Lara made it very clear that she was. I
wish some of my first sexual experiences were as neutral and
just visual like this was for this sweet wonderful girl. They
weren't forced but definitely coerced. Another time for
keep it real



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