Nice Party


I could not believe it. A long week finally at an end, and my wife is working nights, and my daughter is having a sleep over. Just what I needed after a 60 hour week was my daughter and a friend listening to crazy music and watching some movie that would make me gag. Allie is my only child. At 18 she is at that age where boys are becoming a frequent topic of discussion, and clothes are so important. Her friends name was Sandy. She was a shorter girl that was well sort of chubby to put it mildly, and had straight red hair. It was also very hard not to notice the fact that for 18 she was ummmm well very "chesty". It was hard not to notice in her green t shirt and blue gym shorts that she had a well developed body. I was less angry at the sleep over when I found out that Sandy lived with her mom, and her mom was working tonight too.
"Dad can we have pizza tonight? We are starving!!!!" shouted Allie.
"Ok, ok let me call for it. " I grumbled.
Living on the edge of town there was no such thing as delivery. I hopped in my old pickup and headed into town. I decided to stop at the store for a case of beer.

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   I told myself  I deserved it after the long week, and it would go good with the pizza.
I drove home with the beer and pizza, and was met by the door by two hungry girls. Whoever said that girls dont like to eat should have watched those two devour the pizza. I think I managed to sneak a couple of pieces without losing a hand in the deal.
I took my beer and the paper out on the back deck. I decided that the movie the girls were going to watch was not of my liking. After three beers I needed to drain the radiator so to speak. I came in and went to the bathroom in the master bath. I thought I heard the door to the deck open and close quietly but figured it was my imagination. I headed back out to the living room, and movie was still going. I figured it could not be that good, because my daughter was half asleep. Sandy was sitting on the couch watching the tv screen.
"Must not be that good of a movie. " I commented as I walked to the deck door.

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  " replied Sandy. "I've seen it before. Kind of boring. "
"Imagine that. " I said as I walked out on to the deck.
Another hour and a couple of beers more I could see Allie fast asleep. Sandy was watching music videos and looked over to see me looking in the window. I turned back around and picked up what was left to read of the paper. I heard the door open and Sandy came out onto the deck.
"Sorry Allie kind of pooped out on you. " I said.
"Its ok. Guess she was tired. " Sandy replied.
We made small talk about school and classes, and then it was time to lose some of the beer I drank.

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"I'll be back in a sec. Have to use the restroom. "
I got up and headed in again to the bedroom. How is it that it seems like twice as much comes out as what you drink. Oh well. I had a good buzz and it had been a pretty quiet evening overall.
I headed back out to the deck. I noticed that Sandy had changed chairs. I told her that she could sleep on the couch or by the looks of things Allie would not be using her bed tonight since she was sacked out on the couch.
"How many beers have you had tonight anyway?" Sandy asked.
"Why are you writing a book?" I replied.
"No it just looks like you must like the taste. I have always wanted to taste it. "
I reached into the case and opened one. "Here.

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   Have a sip. If you tell your mom I am going to be in trouble though. "
"I am not going to tell. " she said ernestly.
"Well then have the whole thing. I don't like drinking alone. " I said as I reached for my own.
We talked for awhile more and Sandy had helped herself to two more beers. I was on my 8th beer and fourth bathroom break when I was thinking about bed.
"All of Allie's friends think you are hot. " Sandy blurted out.
"What?" I stammered.
"Just thought you should know. " she said.
"Why do I need to know that?" I asked.

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"I don't know. Just said it. " she replied.
"I am guessing you have had enough beer. " I told her.
"If I tell you something will you promise not to tell or get mad?" she asked.
I looked at her and said "Well, depends on what it is. "
I could see her deciding if she should say. She was not looking at me, and was squirming in her chair. "Never mind. "
"Ok look it is late. I need to go to sleep. If there is something you want to tell me or talk about, you had better do it now. " I said.
"Allie thinks you are hot and so do I.

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  " she blurted the words out so fast that I was not sure I heard her right.
"Oh my god!" she whispered. "I just messed up. "
I sat there for awhile. I was afraid to speak. Not sure what to say, but could not ignore the fact that the words turned me on. "I am not sure what you mean. " I said.
"Allie has seen you naked. Has seen you a lot. She has told me you were hot. Thats why I wanted to come tonight. I wanted to see how hot you were. " she said.
"How could she see me naked? There is no way!" I shouted.

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Sandy pointed through the curtain in my room. "She looks through there when you come out of the shower. She can see you. "
I sat there stunned. My daughter window peeping on me.
"Were you looking in there tonight?" I asked.
Sandy looked away. It was as if she was afraid to speak. "You can tell me. " I said gently.
"Yes sir. I did. " was her answer.
"What were you hoping to see?"
"I wanted to see what Allie sees. " she said.

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I was now turned on. Hard as a rock even. Thinking that this girl wanted to see me naked. "Why?" I asked.
"I wanted to see what you looked like. " she said. "Are you going to tell now?"
"I let you have beer. Who am I going to tell?" I replied.
My mind was racing, and my heart was pounding. "If it makes you feel any better I was wondering what you looked like too. " I said.
Her eyes looked up at mine. "Really?" she asked.
"Really?" was all I could manage.
I was not sure what to do next.

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   The wise thing was to go to bed. It was the wise thing, but not the thing that was winning the battle for my actions. We were looking at each other like it was a contest to see who would blink first.
"What is it you want to see?" I asked.
"You know.
    Your ummmmm thing. " she stammered.
    "Thing?" I asked.
    "Your dick. " she said.
    "If I show it to you what will you show me?" I asked.
    "What do you want to see?" was her answer.
    "All of you. " was my reply.
    She didn't even hesitate when she answered ok.

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       I knew then that this was going to happen and I could not wait. "I have to go to the bathroom again. Do you want to come in with me?" I asked.
    "Sure. " she said.
    I stood up and had to steady myself. I was dizzy from the beer and excitement. I opened the door and walked by my sleeping daughter and into the bedroom. Sandy was behind me and I had her close the door. I stepped into the bathroom and kicked off my shoes. i pulled my t shirt off, unbuckled my jeans, and slid them off as well. I looked up and saw Sandy staring at me. Her cheeks were flushed. I straightened up. I am sure she could see how hard I was by the tent in my briefs.


       "Ready?" I asked.
    She nodded slowly keeping her eyes on my bulge. I slowly slid my briefs down feeling my cock spring out as the waist band slid over the tip. I straightened up and said "Is this what you wanted to see?"
    Sandy swallowed and nodded. Her flush was even more colorful now.
    "Your turn. " I said.
    She didn't say anything, but pulled the t shirt up over her head. Throwing it on the floor she stood there in a lacy bra that barely fit her breasts. She reached behind and unhooked it, and I watched as it slowly slide down her arms. Her breasts were firm and her light pink nipples were puffy.
    "Nice. " I croaked.
    She reached into the waist band of her shorts and pulled them down and stepped out. She had little tufts of red hair around her pussy, and the mound was nice and swollen.

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       I took a step towards her. My hands going to her nipples. "Do you want to touch me?" I asked.
    "Can I?"
    I nodded and her finger tip touched the tip of my cock. It made it even harder. Her finger glistened with my pre-cum on it. "Taste it. " I said. She licked the tip of her finger cleaning it all off.
    "Salty. " she said.
    My hand ran to her pussy. I stuck a finger into her opening. I was amazed at how wet she was. I pulled the finger out and licked it clean while she watched.

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       "Sweet. " I said.
    "Now what?" I asked.
    "I don't know. " she said.
    "Can I put it in you?"
    "Will it fit?"she asked.
    "I think so. " I replied.
    I led her to the bed. I didn't even bother to take the bedspread off. She laid on her back. "Spread it open for me. Let me see it. " I said.
    She spread her pussy open.

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       It was so pink and very very wet. I could not believe how wet she was. I put the head of my cock at the opening of her pussy. The heat was covering the head and I had to put it in. Slowly I went in and could feel the walls of her pussy close around my cock. Hot, warm, wet and I pushed in slow. "Ugghhhh. " She said. "Hurts a little. "
    I stopped letting her pussy relax. I pulled out a little and then back in. This time she did not make a sound as I went deeper. I buried my cock in her pussy up to the hilt. It was so tight and warm I thought I could cum without moving in and out. "You ok?" I asked.

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    She nodded her head and I started moving slowly in and out. Her puffy nipples were hard, and I could feel her start rocking to our movements. I could feel her wetness getting even warmer, and I knew I was going to cum hard. Faster and harder I pounded. She made noises every time I went it. Her hips were bucking with my movements, and then I came. I shot three hard loads into that tight pussy. Each one intense and pounding. I could hear my heart beating in my head as I quit pumping and left my cock in her when I was done. I had to kiss her, and i did. My tongue feeling for hers, and I found it. I could tell she had kissed before like this.
    Finally my arms were tired and I pulled out and stood. I could see the cum leaking out of her pussy, and it was a turn on to see. She laid there looking up at me.

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    "Are you ok?" I asked.
    "That was way cool. " she answered.
    "I liked that too. " I said. "Might have to do that again. "
    She didn't answer but smiled and nodded her head.
    More to.



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