My Young Buck -Prt 4- Two Young Bucks


My high school hallway was full of people going home for the day. I was looking around for my boy Trey, or Travis whatever. He was sixteen and I knew he’d be down to do what Ms. P wanted to do. She would like him, I was sure. He was an inch shorter than me and lighter, like the color of caramel or something. He had a baby face and looked younger than he was. He had a fade and was dressed in the same style that I was. Plus we had about the same build. She wanted two dicks, then she would get two dicks. “Aye, Trey. ” I screamed down the hallway. Trey turned towards me and nodded his head. I saw his girl look at him and pull him down into a kiss before he walked away. I thought that she did’nt have shit on Ms. P.

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   Making his way towards me he stopped right in front of me, giving me a dapz. “What up playa? “ he asked me, waiting to hear what I had to say,“What you got up man?” “Shit, why” “Aye, you remember that older woman I told you about? Ms. P?” I asked him as he nodded his head. “Yeah, the one that has been fucking yo damn lights out, right?” he laughed. I felt my face get hot, “Man, whatever. You wanna fuck her to?”He stopped laughing and contemplated what I said, “What? Man quit bullshitin. “ “She wanna fuck two young cats, so I’m gonna get her me and someone else. You game or what man? If not then I’m gonna go and ask Darnell. ” “Hell naw, don’t go and ask Darnell shit. Fuck that, I want some of this pussy you keep talkin about. I’ve been with girls before man; I wanna make sure you not just makin shit up about how good she is. ” “Aight, you got your car don’t you?” I started to walk towards the door. “Yeah man, c’mon and let’s bounce. ”We got into his blue colored ‘86 Monte Carlo and drove of towards Ms. P’s house.

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   When we pulled up in front of the house I saw the blinds peel back from the window as she peeked out to see who it was. She smiled and waved when she saw me and my boy get out the car. “You ready man?” I asked him as we stood in front of the door. “Yeah, open the door man, it’s cold as hell out here. ”I opened the door and Ms. P was standing in the middle of the living room in lingerie set what was bright red and lacy. My dick got hard at the sight of those titties. I was ready to fuck the shit out of her. “Aye Ms. P, this is my boy Trey. ”She walked up to Trey and smiled at him, putting her hand out, “Nice to meet you Trey. You like what you see?” Trey was transfixed on her figure as she twirled around in a circle in front of him. “Damn girl, you fine ass hell. ” Trey reached out to grab her ass. “Thank you.

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   Where’s my kiss Jay?” she stepped over and pulled me down into a kiss. Her tongue twirled with mine as Trey watched her, his eyes still not moving. “Oh, sorry Trey, you want a kiss to?” “Hell yeah. ”She pulled away from me and stood on her tip-toes to kiss Trey . I watched him kiss her lips and his tongue go right into her mouth while he put his hands on her hips. She pulled his neck closer down to the floor as his body bent down to accomodate. She stopped and smiled at me, winking at me in the process. She was happy about the choice that I made. I came behind her and kissed her neck while Trey kissed her from the front. Her hand reached back and stroked my dick through my sweats. The other hand was stroking Trey through his jeans. “Damn boys, “she mumbled, “ Ya’ll gonna give me a workout today huh? ““That’s the point ma. “ I said to her as Trey pulled her bra down and began to kiss her titty,I came around the front and started to kiss the other one, her hands on both of our heads. “Ummhmm, that’s it my young bucks, suck those titties. Come on and let’s go into the room.

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  ” Stopping as suddenly as we started we made out way into the bedroom. She hopped on the bed and started to give orders to us as she took of her bra and underwear. “Strip. ““You ain’t said nothing but a word. ” Trey said as his clothes came off. I’m not gay or nothing, but Trey was packin some shit down there. I hope she was ready. When we were both naked she crawled to the edge of the bed and took Trey into mouth. She sucked the head and put her tongue on it, sucking the tip gently and then bobbed her head so it hit the back of her throat. She put her eyes on me and sucked his dick harder, making my dick even harder than before. “Damn Ms. P, suck that dick. You like that?” Trey asked as he reached back and slapped her ass. “Ummhmm, you taste good papi. ”“Yeah, speak that Spanish.

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  ” he moaned while his hands were on the back of her neck. . I’d never been in that situation before so I had no clue about what to do. Trey motioned for me to get onto the bed and fuck her from the back I nodded my head and got onto the bed. Her ass was sticking straight up and waiting for me to fuck her. I took some saliva from my mouth and put it onto my dick. I pushed myself inside of her pussy walls and felt that familiar pull. “Yeah Jay, fuck me papi. ” she hissed and went back to sucking on Trey. I pulled my dick out and pushed it back in, feeling it hit the bottom of her cervix. I eased back out and did it again, watching my dick disappear into her pussy. Trey was fucking her mouth as I fucked her from the back. I watched in awe at the scene in front of me. It was wild. “C’mon and switch me man.

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  ” Trey said as he pulled out of her mouth. Nodding my head I reluctantly pulled out of her and let Trey come in after me. He inserted his dick into her pussy; pushing in as far as he could go. “Yess, damn, you fuck me now. Fuck my brains out. ” Ms. P moaned loudly, her hand reaching back and pulling him deeper. I came around the front and put myself into her mouth, her lips covering my dick and sucking on the head like she does at first. Her mouth went all the way onto it as I felt it hit the back of her throat. I moaned loudly, loving the way this woman sucked my dick. Trey fucked her hard as she sucked my dick, her whole body jerking around from the force that Trey was using on her. “Damn girl, you got some good ass pussy. “ Trey moaned while fucking her. “She does, huh?” I told him as he smiled. “You weren’t lyin man.

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   “ Trey smiled at me and nodded his head. “You guys ever done a DP?” She asked us. “What’s that?” I wondered out loud. Trey laughed and slowed down a bit, “Man, she wants us to fuck her ass and pussy at the same time. “ “Yes baby, that’s what I want. ” she soothed, knowing that I was inexperienced in some aspects. “Aight. C’mon then girl. ” Trey pulled himself out and lay on the bed. She straddled him and eased his dick into her pussy, letting the juices run around it. I saw them dripping down her leg onto his. It was so damn sexy when that shit happened with her. She rose up and bucked her hips as she rode him. He slapped her ass and pushed back, helping out a bit. You push back? I wondered as I watched.

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  “Alright papi, c’mon and put that dick in my ass. “I shrugged my shoulders and got behind her. I saw Treys dick inside of her and just hoped that they did’nt touch. I put my dick in her ass after putting some saliva on it. I pushed slowly, feeling resistance at first. Pushing harder I felt my dick go all the way in like before. “Damn, your ass is tight. ” I said as I began to move in and out. “Yeah, Jay fuck my ass, you fuck my pussy Trey. ” she commanded. Trey moved a little and pushed his dick in and out. We both moved with a rhythm, making sure that our bodies did the least amount of touching. “This feels…. so…good…boys…. ya’ll go to make me cum hard as….

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  Ssssss…. ” she hissed as her whole body tensed up and her juices flowed from her pussy. I felt them on my legs as Trey moaned so loud. “Yeah girl, cum on my dick you freak. I’m gonna nut to, damn, can I cum inside you?” Trey asked as he pumped in Ms. P faster, making my own dick go in and out of her ass at the same speed. “Yes papi, cum inside of my pussy. I want to feel your nut in me. “Ms. P breathed. “Damn, ahhh…. ” Trey screamed and I pulled out of her ass quickly and let him cum inside of her. I saw it come out of the sides and onto the bedspread. I jacked off my dick some, waiting for her to get done and give me some head or something. Hopping off of Trey she put her mouth onto my dick and began to suck it like a vacuum.

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   Trey was behind her, jacking his dick off so that he could fuck her again. Not being able to contain myself any longer I felt my cum rise in my body and make me tense all over. “Ms. P, im gonna cum. “ I grabbed the back of her head and pushed it down onto my dick. I felt it all cum out into her mouth, loving the way that it felt when it happened. She was pro for sure as she licked my dick clean of any cum. She let Trey put her onto her back as he began to fuck her again while I watched. Trey was shaking his head, not even believing it either. He knew I wasn’t bullshitin now. Damn, now I wonder if I’m ready for a girl my age yet???Should she fuck him in public or let him bring a girl over for him to seduce???.