My Young Buck- Part 2-Oral Sex Day


“Hey ma, what’s up with ya’?” he bendt down to give me a kiss on the lips. “Stop, “I put my hand in front of my face so that he would’nt kiss me in broad daylight, “Come inside before you do that boy. ”He looked confused for a moment, then shrugged his shoulders and walked into my house. As soon as the door closed I walked behind him and put my arms around his waist, feeling on his dick through his Roca Wear jeans. “Damn, baby, don’t you know that I’ve been thinking bout you all day?” I asked him as he leaned forward a little and set his book bag down. “I’ve been thinking about this sweet ass dick that you got and how much fun we are going to have from here on out. ”“For real? Why did’nt you let me kiss you then boo?” He shook his head and set his hands on top of mine, as if to control his hormones. “Baby, I don’t want to get into trouble, so we have to keep this on the down low, ok?” Pushing his body his face was looking directly into mine I stood on my tip toes and kissed him on his lips. “Aight’. I guess. ” I looked him in the eyes and lifted his shirt up over his head, exposing his abs and arms. He was so sexy that my pussy juices were already soaking through my panties. Taking his hand I lead him into my bedroom. He sat on the bed, wondering what was going to happen next. Laying him on the bed, I straddled him as I felt his erection in full swing. “You think about me today baby?” I whispered as I kissed him on his lips gently, teasing his mouth with my tongue.

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  “Yes, I did Ms. P. Damn I did ma, I couldn’t believe that it happened. ” I was making my way down his chest, to his stomach where I whirled my tongue through each crevice of his toned chest. “Ummhmm, we not done yet baby. Not by far, today im gonna teach you to eat pussy like a champ. Everyday, you come back and see me, and we’ll have ourselves a good time, ok?” He nodded, as I unzipped his pants and took out his thick dick. I put my mouth onto, savoring its taste as I let it hit the back of my throat. He moaned, putting his hands onto my ass that was clad in a pair of tight jeans. I sucked the head while inside of my mouth, slapping my tongue all around it and sucking the shaft at the same time. I bobbed my head up and down, tossing my head from side to side in the process. “Damn Ms. P, suck that dick baby. “He moaned loudly. “You like that papi? Well, today we are going to show you how to please me.

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  ” I jacked his dick off as I spoke, pushing all of my saliva around it. “What you want me to do?” he raised up some, looking like he was ready for action. I stood up, taking my tank top off and pulling my jeans off next. I wore no underclothes, so his eyes bugged out at my body. “Dang , your body is tight. ” he marveled as he reached his hand out and played with my pussy hairs. His hand tried to probe inside, but his inexperience was making him hurt me. “Hold on boo, let me show you. ”I lay on the bed and opened my legs up wide, so that he could see my bald pussy clearly. Giggling he reached out to touch my clit. Swatting his hand away he laughed nervously. “Watch me baby. ”I put my finger onto my clit and rubbed it gently. Rubbing my fingers on it I moaned and looked at him. He was paying close attention.

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   I rubbed my clit more, putting one finger inside of me and pushed it inside and out and few times. Bringing my finger up to his mouth I noticed his hesitation. “Come on now baby, if you’re going to learn to eat pussy, then you have to get used to the taste. ” He opened his mouth slowly as I pushed my finger inside. He sucked it; closing his eyes he savored the taste. I gently pushed his head down between my legs so that I could teach him how to eat pussy right. “Ok, put your mouth on my clit. See it? Ok, put your tongue on it and suck it like GENTLY, like your sucking a cherry off of a sundae. Then, write the alphabet with your tongue. Ok?”His tongue found my clit and my body arched as he sucked it. I felt the A of the alphabet as he made his way through the letters. By the time he got to H, he was getting the hang of it. He opened my legs and buried his face into my pussy. I was feeling so good and getting so wet. I was turned on beyond belief.

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   My pussy was in a slippery wetness that I’d never felt before. By the time he got to U I was ready to cum. “Don’t stop baby, your gonna make me cum. Can I cum in your mouth?” I panted as my body was beginning to shake. “Umhmm. . ” I came hard as I tried to wiggle away. He held my legs, as if by instinct and sucked up all of my juices that flowed out onto the bedspread. He rose up quickly and tried to put himself inside of me. Not quite finding the right spot I put my hand down there and eased him inside of my walls. “Damn, you are so wet ma. Damn. . Damn. .

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  ” he moaned and pushed all the way inside of me. “You did that baby. “ He raised his hips up, pulling his dick outside of me and pushing back in. He did that and got into a rhythm. I guess that the boy had been watching pornos, because he was moving in out and with ease. He pumped harder and harder until finally he was slamming me into my queen sized bed. I did’nt stop him, as I put my hands onto his firm ass. “Come on and fuck me papi. Fuck me you young buck. ” I screamed and kissed his mouth. “Damn, I’m gonna nut, Damn. . Damn…. ”I felt all his young head swell and his cum shot inside of my pussy. It gushed out the sides and went onto the comforter.

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   I pulled his ass so that he was deep inside of me. He collapsed on top of me, his body still heaving from the nut he just had. “Whew Ms. P. You got some good ass pussy. ” he shook his head and lay next to me. “Your dick is sweet, my boy toy. ” He kissed me again, slowly to make sure that it was all true. “I can’t believe that I’m fuckin someone old enough to be my momma. ” he shook his head again as if to get rid of a thought he had,” My boys would’nt believe me if I told them. ”“Then don’t. Maybe one day you can bring one of them. Maybe. ” Laughing he stood up next to the bed. “You crazy girl.

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   Can we take a shower together?” He motioned towards the shower. “Hell yes. ”We both headed off towards the shower and my thoughts were bouncing all over my headLord, I thought, if this is wrong then I don’t care, because this feels too good. And I couldn’t wait until tomorrow again. Thanks for the reads people. . . . Now, should Jay learn Anal sex next???.