My wife and the yard boy


 Let me give you a little background on my wife and me.   We are both in our early 50's and we live a very conservative lifestyle.   We are so-called pillars of our community and our church and we would never even think about doing anything outside of what is considered right and correct.   That is what makes my following story so ironic.   Sex is something that we don't talk about and we even do less that that.   I guess you would call our sex life almost non-existant, considering that my wife doesn't care for it, except for maybe two times a year.   But that is life with a god-fearing woman that considers sex only important if you are about to pro-create.

To make matters worse, my wife has a great body- tits that are about 40DD and a butt that sticks out like a black woman.   Too bad that her body is going to waste, but that is the way it goes as we continue going about our daily lives, doing the best that we can.

My wife (Faye) and I (Mike) enjoy sitting on our back deck and watching the birds and the squirrels as they play on the ground.   But there is one thing that drives my wife crazy and that is the number of pine cones on the ground.   You see, we have a tremendous amount of pine trees which drop hundreds of pine cones and Faye thinks that it makes the back yard look messy.   She has been after me to pick up all the pine cones and take them off somewhere and dump them.   Well, that would be a great undertaking and I have always put her off.   This time when she broached the subject, I told her to ask around and find some boy that would do this chore for a few dollars.  She said "I will" and she went back in the house.

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We finished our work week on Friday, and then on Saturday morning, a boy arrived  at our door with several large baskets.    I answered the door bell, and I asked him if I could help him.   He then told me that he was here to clean up our yard.

I turned around to where Faye was and she said, "Oh, Mike I forgot to tell you that Mark was going to be here this morning to take care of our yard. "

I walked away as Faye began to give Mark instructions as to where exactly Mark was to work and exactly what she wanted him to do.   Since this was her deal, I let Faye take care of all the details.   She could take care of every detail, as I had nothing to do with it.

I went to sit on our swing on the back deck, as Faye came over to join me.

"Well, what is the deal with this boy," I asked.

Faye responded, "I called around to some of our neighbors and asked if they knew of anyone that was willing to clean up our yard for a reasonable fee and was told that Mark was the boy to call.   He charged 18 dollars an hour and he is very precise in his work; something as you well know, that I demand. "

"Well, this is your deal and I'm sure that you can handle the transaction", I replied.

I went into the house and looked out the kitchen window, as Mark continued working at a steady pace.   He seemed intent on his job as Faye watched him carefully and she would point out any little twig that he may have missed.   He would simply look up at her and smile.

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BY now, it was about 4:00 P,M. and there was still alot of work left to be done.   I noticed that Faye walked over to him and said something .   He looked up at her and smiled.   He then took off his shirt and handed it to my wife.   Faye grinned at him and walked into the house.

When Faye came into the house, I asked her what was going on?  "Faye chucked and replied, "I knew that it was very hot out there, and I could tell that Mark was sweating pretty heavy.   I asked him why didn't he take his shirt off, so as to cool off some. Mark didn't know if we would allow that, because some people would have objections to him taking his shirt off- it would look too brazen.   I told him that it would be OK since he asked if it was all right.   He said 'thanks' that will be alot better. "

6:00 P. M. came and Faye went back outside to talk to Mark as I lingered around the back door so  I could hear their conversation.   "Mark, why don't you come back Monday and finish up then.

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    It's beginning to get dark and it will be hard to see," Faye told him.

"That will work out better- you are right, it is getting hard to see. "  With that, Mark took his shirt and headed down the road.

Faye turned to me and said that Mark will come back on Monday to finish up.   I then remembered that I was going to be out of town on business on Monday and Tuesday, and I relayed that to Faye.

I asked her if she thought that she could hndle the situation, and she laughed.   "I've handled it so far, so what's the problem"?

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to question your ability to get things done," I responded.  

Monday morning came and I kissed Faye goodbye and told her that I would see her sometimes later in the week- maybe Thursday or Friday.   I then drove off  to the airport to fly to Atlanta.   After a flight of about one hour, I arrived on the ground, and went to get a rental car.   As I was signing the paperwork for the car rental, my cell phone went off.   It was my boss telling me that our meeting had been cancelled and that I could take the rest of the week off.   I thought of calling Faye, but I wanted to surprise her.   So, I checked into flights back home and there were none until the next morning.   Might as well get a hotel room and take a flight tomorrow morning.

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The next morning arrives and I try to get an early flight back home but there are problems with wind gusts and I have to wait until 7:00 P. M. before I can get a flight out.   When I arrive back home, it is already dark.   I get into my car and head for home.   As I pull closer to my home, I notice that there are no lights on in the house.   I stop the car about 2 blocks from my house and decide to walk and find out what is going on.

I try the front door, but it is locked.   I then go around back and check that door, and the door opens easily.   As I tiptoe in, I hear voices coming from up stairs.   I quietly walk to the edge of the stairs where I can hear much better.   As I concentrate on the voices and what is being said, I recognize that the other voice is Mark's.

I slowly walk up the stairs until I get to the top, and I station myself outside the bedroom that they occupy.   I can now hear every word that is being said.

"I can't believe that you seduced me into having sex with you', Faye says to Mark.

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"I just couldn't help myself.   When you came out     to the back yard yesterday and you had on that pair of shorts and that tight blouse on, I became hard as a rock. "

"I have never cheated on my husband before, but when you set down next to me and you began staring at my breasts, I felt very uncomfortable.   But I also began feeling something that I haven't felt in years- a feeling of wanting sex with another person. Then you slid your hand up my shorts, I almost orgasmed right then and there.   My voice told you to stop, but my body wanted you to continue. "

"When I put my hand under your shorts, I was telling myself, what the hell, all that can happen is that you would smack the tar out of me.   But when I felt the wetness between your legs, I knew that you wanted me, too. "

"That first day, when you took your shirt off, and I saw that you had an erection inside your shorts; my hormones began raging.   It has been years since I have felt like that.   I tried not thinking about that, but the more I tried not to think about you , the more I couldn't get you out of my mind. "

"I do have something to tell you.   How old do you think I am?"

Faye replied, "about 19. "

"Nope, how about 14"

"What the hell?  14!!!!  You can't be serious!!!  OH MY GOD!!!  You are a minor", Faye exploded.

"Yep, whether you believe me or not, I am only 14", Mark replied.

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"But with that body of yours and that big penis that you have.   I can't believe it!!  I could go to jail for this,"  Faye added.

"But only if someone knows, and I'm certainly not going to tell", Mark said.

"You mean I allowed a 18 year old baby to fuck me like he was a man,"

"Yeah, but this 18 year old baby had you screaming - wanting me to keep fucking you with my 9 inch cock. "

I continued listening as Faye and Mark continued their conversation.   Obviously Mark had seduced my wife and had been fucking her for the past two days.   What was I to do about this situation?  I needed to go get my camcorder, in case I ever needed this as evidence.   So, slowly I walked downstairs and got the camcorder and then moved back upstairs where I got into a good spot where they couldn't see me.  

Mark, then spoke up, "There is one thing that you will need to do. "
"What is that? "Faye asked.
"I have some friends coming over, that would really like to bang your body.   I told them  that you were a great fuck, and that you loved having a cock up your cunt. "
"You are insane!!!  I will not become a slut or whore for you or your friends!!!!", Faye yelled.
"Oh, is that right???  Well, I think the police would love to hear that a 52 year old woman took liberties with a poor little 18 year old boy. " Mark threatened.

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"You wouldn't dare", Faye pleaded.
"Just try me", Mark added.
"Oh shit!!! What have I gotten into?"  Faye asked.
"No, it's what me and my boys are going to get into- your pussy.   Well, what is your answer?"
"I have no choice.   I certainly don't want to go to jail".
About that time, three young boys- no older than 12 or 18 walked into the house and then ran upstairs to the bedroom.   There was my wife, completely naked, with her hug tits hanging down and her pussy dripping with cum from Mark's big cock.   The boys began licking their lips and reaching for their cocks inside their shorts.

One of the boys (Jack) asked Mark, "Is this the slut that we are going to fuck?  Boy, look at those monster tits and that big ass of hers .  I can't wait til I fuck this  whore's big fat cunt.
Mark then told Jack, "go ahead and do what you want to with her- she is ours for this week. "
"You don't have to talk to me like that", Faye responded.
"Oh, shut up and open your pussy," Mark told her.
With that, Jack threw off his clothes and jumped ono the bed with Faye.

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Jack was a relatively small boy, but he had a large dick hanging from his body- probably 7 inches, and he was ready to use it.   There was no foreplay as he slid his big dick inside my wife's gaping pussy.   Jack then began fucking Faye with a steady in and out rhythm.   You could hear the sound of his balls hitting her ass as he continued fucking her.   Faye got into the rhythm of being fucked as she began moaning about how good his cock felt as it continued its banging of her pussy.
"OHH GGOODD I love your cock- it feels so good as you fuck me.   Yeah!!!That's it- harder and faster- harder and faster. FUCK ME!!! YEAH! BABY!!
Jack's body began quivering as he hollered, "I'm going to cum- I'm going to shoot my cum deep inside your pussy"  With that, both my wife and Jack screamed as they got off at the same time.
"Boy, she was a good fuck", Jack said.
Mark then yelled at another of his boys, Ken.   "OK Ken- it's your time. "
Ken smiled as he pulled off his clothes and he too was very well-endowed.   His cock was probably about 8 inches and normal size around.   Ken     told Faye to get on all fours as he was ready for some hard fucking.   Faye, then rolled over and got on all fours, as that wonderful ass of her was sticking up into the air.

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    Immediately, Ken drove his big dick home, right into her engorged pussy.
"OH Yeah!! That is right baby, fuck me good with that big hammer of yours.   Faye began bucking backwards to meet Ken's lunges.   They fucked for what seemed like an hour.   I began wondering, can this kid go forever?  Then, it happened.   Both began yelling and screaming that they were going to cum.
"OOOHHHH  SSSHHIITT- cum in me and I want to feel your hot sperm in my pussy," Faye yelled.
The last one of the boys was Bob.   He knew that he was next, so he , in turn, took his clothes off.   Bob wasn't very long- maybe 5 inches, but his cock was the thickest one around that I have ever seen.   It had to be as thick as my arm.   When Faye saw his cock, she yelled, "there is no way in hell I am taking that monster inside me. "  But Mark told her to shut-up and open her legs.
Bob got onto the bed and turned Faye onto her stomach.   He then poured some  liquid onto her asshole.

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    Faye began screaming that he was not going to fuck her in the ass.   Then slowly, Bob started inching his thick cock into her ass hole.   Faye began yelling that he was hurting her and that he needed to pull out, but Bob continued his march toward filling Faye's ass with his cock.    Finally, he was in and he slowly began going in and out of her honey hole.  Slowly, Faye began to warm up to being fucked in he ass.
"OOOHHH  YYYEEEAAHH  BBAABBYY your cock is feeling so good inside me.   Keep going!!  YYEEAHHH!!!  Don't stop!!!   Don't stop fucking my ass.   OOHHH  GGODDAMN that feels incredible!!!
Bob  started shaking as he shot his cum up into Faye's stretched ass .
Faye yelled, "I can feel your hot cum shooting into my ass  YYEEAAHHHH  That's it, baby!!  AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH
Faye laid all sprawled out; she was totally exhausted.
I was filming everything with my camcorder, and I had no idea what to do.   Here, my wife had just fucked several young boys and she loved it.   I walked back to where my car was parked and I caled her to let her know that my trip had been cancelled.   As soon as she hung up the phone, I saw the boys running out of the house.   I set for a while and then drove to my house.   When I opened the door, I hollered to Faye that I was home.


    She yelled from upstairs that she had to take a shower because she had been working outside.   When she finished, she came downstairs and I asked her how was her day.   She responded that nothing out of the ordinary had gone on- just a normal day.
Mike has a decision to make in the next segment of this



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