My Sweet New Neighbor


I had just woken up on a Sunday morning, groggy and a little hungover, when I heard a commotion outside. I moved to the window of my bedroom and peaked out. Someone’s finally moving in next door, I thought to myself as I rummaged through my drawer for some fresh clothes. Have to be friendly to my new neighbors. I threw on a t-shirt and jeans, washed my face, and headed outside. A couple of guys were moving furniture out of a truck, with a couple in their late 30s or early 40s standing nearby.

“Hi and good morning!My name is Dave,” I said as I extended my hand.

“Hi, I’m Curt, and this is my wife Jean,” the man said. “Nice to meet you. It looks like we’re neighbors. ”I nodded and listened as they explained that they were from northern California. Curt had gotten a promotion (he was a junior executive at an advertising firm), and it meant transferring to the company’s New York office. They talked about their kids—they had three, a son and two daughters—and we engaged in some of the usual small talk. I was ready to head back in and eat some breakfast (along with some aspirin), when I saw a sight that really cleared up my mind. One of our neighbor’s daughters came running—practically skipping—out of the house toward us. She was beautiful.

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  “Samantha, why don’t you meet one of our neighbors, Mr…”

“Foster,” I finally stammered, taking about 5 seconds to realize the question being asked.

“Hi, Mr. Foster. Very nice to meet you. ”She smiled and skipped toward the truck, trying to collect some of her more important belongings.

I don’t think I ever responded to her, as my mind was racing and my heart pumping. She was the easily the cutest girl I have ever seen—probably just about 5’0” tall, with straight black hair, tanned white skin, and just the slightest emerging hints that she would one day be a woman. She was young, maybe not even yet in high school, and she was a skinny little thing. I walked back to my house with her image, that cute face and beaming smile, lingering in my mind.

“Good morning, dad. ”My oldest daughter Kerri welcomed me in the kitchen with a kiss on the cheek. She had an apron on and was making pancakes for her sisters and me. My wife was often away on business, and Kerri, despite being only 16, had already assumed a lot of the ordinary maternal duties. I was happy she had, actually, because cooking and cleaning weren’t my thing; I’d been spoiled since I was a kid and never had to learn.

“Did you see, hun?We have new neighbors.

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“No, dad, I just woke up. I heard some people talking outside, though. ”Kerri brought me a plate of some pancakes, took off her apron, and walked outside to introduce herself. I went through my usual Sunday routine—I went for a jog, watched some football, caught up on a little work from home—just like it was any other week.


It wasn’t until two weeks later that I really had a chance to catch more than a glimpse of or say more than a quick “hello” to Samantha. It was again the weekend, my wife was again out of town, and my daughters were spending the day at the mall and elsewhere with their respective friends.

It was a very hot summer day, and I was mowing my lawn. I was shirtless, hoping that Samantha (or anyone else, as I was pretty horny at the time) would happen to walk by. I’m not in great shape, but I work out, and have a decent body for my age. Not that she’d even know what a good body looks like, I thought. Who am I kidding even thinking she’d look at me in any other way than as her neighbor—the father of three girls around her age?I had found out that Samantha was thirteen years old, the same as my middle child Ali. They were in the same class—8th grade at the local middle school.

Samantha finally walked out of her house just as I was about to head back inside. She was wearing a really skimpy outfit—a bikini top and short shorts.

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“Hi, Sam,” I cheerfully called to her.

“Hi, Mr. Foster. ”

“You’re dressed for the weather. Headed to the beach?”

No, I was just going to tan outside. I don’t have any way to get to the beach. My parents went away for the week. My sister’s supposed to be babysitting, but she’s been over at her boyfriend’s all day. ”

She walked to a lounge chair that she had set up in the back yard and lied down on her back. I retreated back to the house, where I watched her from my window. Within seconds, I had the full length of my dick in my hand, and I was stroking it gently as I watched her lie there. Within a few minutes, I guess she decided that she needed to work on tanning her back, because she turned over and unclasped her top.

About a minute later, I walked back outside toward her. I don’t even know what was going through my mind or what I expected to happen. I didn’t have any kind of plan in mind.

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  I was just feeling bold (and, as I said, horny). She looked up and seemed startled to see me aggressively walking toward her. I’m not sure if she could see my erection, but it would have been hard to miss it. I wasn’t even sure if she would understand what it meant.

“H-Hi again, Mr. Foster,” she said weakly. I didn’t say anything. I sat down on the lounge chair next to her and began to caress the skin on her bare back and shoulders.

“What are you doing, Mr. Foster?” she asked. I just continued moving my hands over her skin—I couldn’t keep my hands off of her!Finally, I spoke.

“You’re not going to understand this, honey, but I need you. ”I lifted her up, which left her top lying on the chair, and carried her across the backyard into my house. She didn’t struggle, but she seemed confused—and a little scared. Once inside, I laid her down on my couch.

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  She covered her budding breasts with her skinny arms, but I swept them aside. Leaning over, I began to kiss her—first her face, then her neck, and then her chest. I gently took her tiny nipples, which were standing erect, in my mouth and licked around her areola.

“I-I’m not sure why you are doing this,” she whispered. But she was moaning softly.

“I know you’ve never felt this way before, honey, but I can tell how much you like it. Just relax and enjoy it.

”I was then kneading her tiny breasts with my hands, moving my lips slowly down her stomach. Feeling how responsive she was to my touch, I started to remove her shorts. She stiffened suddenly, moving both her hands to her shorts in resistance. I pulled one of her arms away from her shorts with one hand and yanked them down with the other. She wasn’t wearing any panties. She was squirming a little bit now, so I held her down with my right forearm as I traced around the edges of her pussy lips with my finger. She was completely hairless. I rubbed the entire area with the bottom of my hand until she her body seemed to loosen up a little.

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  I removed my arm from her torso, and she made no move to escape. By then she was moaning, and rhythmically moving her hips in a little circle, keeping in time with me. I began kissing her stomach again, moving slowly toward her pussy. I couldn’t wait for a taste, and so I wasted little time before I was greedily licking around her already moist pussy. I could tell how much she wanted it by then. She was murmuring softly, and my dick was so hard that it hurt.

I knew that it would hurt for her, being her first time, so I took my time eating her out and fingering her with just the tip of my finger—allowing her to get really wet. Eventually, I could tell she was eager for more, so I began to finger her more quickly, working on her like a jackhammer. She was so wet by now, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I was completely out of my mind, not thinking in any way about what I was doing and what could happen to me. I wasn’t thinking about my family, my career, or my reputation. I needed Samantha, and I had her exactly where I wanted her. I needed her, and I knew that I could have her.

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  I’m going to do it anyway, and eventually you’ll be happy I did. But it’s going to hurt. ”I was still working on her, and so she was still moving with the motions of my hand. She was still moaning and sweating. But she looked up at me with wide eyes, wondering what I meant by what I said.

I didn’t give her much warning. I dropped my pants, exposing my dick to her for the first time. Her eyes got even wider. I’m not big, by any stretch of the imagination—more like average. But she didn’t know that. She might never have seen one before. And any size would be big for a virgin thirteen-year-old girl. I pushed my way in quickly. It was going to hurt anyway, and so I figured I might as well get it over with. She let out a high-pitched shriek, and I covered her mouth with my hand.

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  I might have hit her in the face a little too hard, and when I removed my hand she didn’t make any more noise. I started to fuck her hard, as I was out of my mind and ready to explode. I looked down and saw that she was bleeding. She began to cry, but by the time that I developed a rhythm with her, her body was rocking along with me, her body yearning. My god, she was so tight. It only took a few minutes of my dick wrapped in her pussy before I was ready to cum.

“Oh my god, Samantha, you’re doing great. I’m going to shoot my load in you, and you’re going to get to feel my warm seed inside of you. ”She was still crying, but I think I saw her nod. I was panting heavily and moaning loudly. “I’m ready, honey, I’m ready,” I cried as I exploded inside of her, sending stream after stream of my warm cum deep inside of her. I slowed down a little bit, and continued to move in and out of her. After what seemed like a full minute, I was done unloading. I pulled out of her, as content as any other time I could ever remember. I was filled with calming waves of bliss that radiated throughout my body.

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  I was completely sated.

“Thanks, honey, I really needed that. You are so beautiful, and you were great,” I told her gently, caressing her skin and fondling her. I was still collapsed on top of her, feeling her warmth and the rapid but slowing movement of her chest as she breathed.

She just laid there, not saying a word.