My Perfect Day II - Breakfast Delivery


Topic: My Perfect Day II - Breakfast Delivery    The alarm clock rung at around 8 A. M. I knew i was gonna be home alone again today, that's what happens if both you're parents are working hehe. When I woke up I took of my blankets and the sudden cool breeze that came from the aircondishoning cooled my warm bare skin causing my tiny petite nipple to harden and making me instantkly horny. I still remembered what happend yesturday, The pipe the bottle, juts thinking about that perfect day made me so wet. I stood from my bed and headed to the bathroom thinking about what I'm going to do today. As I washed my face I stood straight and examined my body I looked kinda nice my boobs were kinda small but that's normal for my age. My nipples were poking through the tiny bra that I slept in, and I could see that my panty was starting to get soggy. As I watched my panties drip with my wetness I got an idea. I ran to my phone and ordered myself some breakfast from Mcdonalds.

They'd be here in 30 minuites I had to prepare. I went to my closet and grabbed a string bikini, pin of course, and put it on. I loved this bikini it made me look curvier and have larger boobs. I would have teased myself right there with the feeling of the bikini panties rubbing up against my pussy but I knew I had to prepare. I ran down stairs and headed to the sofa near the main door. i looked out to see if anyone was there yet.

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   after that i ran to the tool shead, which is becoming my favorite place in the house. I grabbed again a pvs pipe and was about to grab the screw driver when I got an even better idea, I went to the kitche and grabbed myself a banana, I then went back to the couch and started preparing. My pussy was already wet so I had little difficulty showing the banana in , I tried to get it as deep as possible, making only a few cm visible from the 6 in. fruit. I the took the pvc pipe, which seemed shorter than I remembered, and rubbed a bit of lotion on it, I then sat down on it to help it through my tiny little ass. Jst then the doorbell rang, I had to hurry. i ignored the pain and sat down on it more, just until only a tiny portion of it was visible, I put back my bikini panties and put the cash in the opening of the pvc. I opened the door, and the delivery guy stuttered at the sight of me, I giggled hehe, he gave me my order and asked for the money. i bent over backwards revelaing teh banana and pipe and gestured him to take the money from my butt. poor thing was so cute he was so scared, he then jst thank me and almost ran away hehe.
     I had a fun time too while eating my breakfast but that's for another time. . . . .

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     Thanks for reading about my day, hope I didn't dissapoint hehe, I would love to hear from you guys pease leave you're yahoo or msn and I'll add you up ;)



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