My niece and her BFF in the pool house


Through several hot summers of family get togethers, I had watched my neice, Christy, and her cousin, Amanda, grow in such pleasing ways. I'll admit that I had looked at them for quite some time with a lusty eye, and knew it would only be a matter of time before I would want to do something about the fantasies I was having about both of them.  

They had been best friends since birth, practically, and both loved to swim- having tastes for "younger" ladies as I do, I was more than happy to keep my swimming pool in perfect shape when they would come to my house in the country so that they could almost run straight from the driveway to the pool while barely saying hello.  

They would spend hours at a time, and when they got to be around 8 or 9, they'd graduated from little girls one piece bathing suits to more "mature" looking bikinis. The way those bikinis clung to each curve on their tight little bodies kept me in a perpetual state of hardness and when I knew I could get away with it, I would stare unabashedly at them, creating fantasies on the spot which I would relive while jacking off later. But, there came a time when the fantasy simply didn't do the trick any more. . . It all started during one of their overnight stays one summer, when I overheard them talking in the room they'd share when they stayed.  

"Really? What did it feel like?" It was Christy, responding to Amanda, who continued, "It was warm, kinda like a cucumber, but not as big. "  Surprised, Christy said, "and you let him touch you with it?" 

"Yeah- on my chest and my leg- and he wanted to put it in my mouth, but I didn't let him at first. "

"Wait- 'at first' meaning you let him later?" 

Shyly, Amanda replied "yeah. . . . " I could see her smile from the crack in the door.

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"What did it taste like?" Christy asked, wide eyed. . . I couldn't believe this was a conversation between girls their age!! I guess I never gave much thought to the fact that at 14, they had already discovered a few things. . .

"It didn't taste like anything, really- it was just warm and big and I couldn't get it all in my mouth. He wanted me to let him screw me too, but I had to go, so I didn't. "

"Were you gonna let him?"

"I might let him sometime. It looks like fun. . . " again, she smiled. . .

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   "you just let them put their thing in here-" pointing to her pussy "and they slide it in and out until they squirt cum on you. " 

I stepped quietly back from the door- I was shocked and more than a little turned on.

I knew I had to jack off to get a release, but I knew it was time to do more than fantasize- and the next day would be the perfect time.  

The entire family had gone to a late night event- a concert or some such, and Christy and Amanda could not come. Thus, they were left in my care, and as I waved to the cars driving down the road, and felt the silence close in, I knew there was no time to get started like the present. I went back to the pool where Christy and Amanda were frolicking in the water- playfully tugging at each others bikini bottoms- a couple of times, pulling them off of each other. Playfully I joined the fun, as Amanda tossed Christy's bottoms on the deck and I held them up in a game of keep away. I looked admiringly before handing them back to her as she did her best to cover her pussy from my view, thinking about how nicely her thin legs and ass filled that bikini out- her and Amanda both! It was time for action- I walked to the pool house for a moment- a converted shed with no windows on it really- for changing clothes and occasionally relaxing on the couch situated on one wall- from time to time, friends had spent the night in there too. I had set things up the night before just for today- 

"Girls," I called "it's time to get out for a while so I can put chlorine in the pool! I think you both soaked it all up!" With some mild protesting they complied, and I didn't even try to hide my developing hardon springing up as they climbed out, wet bikinis clinging to every curve on both their tight little bodies. I gave them their towels and motioned them toward the pool house, just 20 feet away, and followed them as they went inside.  

I locked the door behind us and grabbed the remote to the dvd player and the tv. Inside, near the couch sat a camcorder on a shelf, battery fully charged. I turned the tv on and pushed the play button for the dvd player as they started to towel off, ready to change.  

They looked surprised as the video began to play- in it, a girl of about 18 was on her hands and knees with a cock in her mouth, while another older man fucked her from behind. I lowered the volume so the girls could hear me.

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"I heard you both talking last night. " They looked at each other, stunned, not sure what to say.  

"It's ok. . . " I said, "But I think that if you girls can talk that way, it's time for you to learn to do some of those things. . . who's it going to be?" 

"Wh. . . what?" Christy sputtered. . . "What do you mean? " 

"Who's going to take her clothes off?" I asked, matter of factly.

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   "One of you has to do it. " 

They looked at each other, not sure what to say.  

"It'll be ok-" I continued. "See the girl on the video? One of you is going to do those things with me. Who is it going to be? Don't make me pick. . . " I said, sternly. "Amanda, I'd hate to have to tell your parents that you've had a cock in your mouth already. " The color drained from her face and she looked weak in the knees. "If one of you does as you're told and takes your clothes off, we'll have some fun, and I won't say a word. " 

They looked at each other, and quietly, Amanda said, "I'll do it.

I kinda did it already anyhow- and I was gonna screw anyway. Promise you won't tell?" 

"Scouts honor. " I promised.

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   "Good. . . now that's settled, Christy, pick up the video camera from the shelf. With some hesitation, she complied. "You're going to make me a movie I can keep. Do you know how to run it?" She nodded. "Good- start the tape when Amanda starts to strip. Amanda, take off your clothes now.  

Nervously, she let her towel fall to the floor, and untied her bikini top. Her nipples were hard from the chilly water, and as I watched I took my own clothes off and sat on the couch to watch her strip.  

"Was the cock you sucked as big as this?" I asked. "Christy, make sure you get her on tape- " 

"No, " she whispered. "yours is much bigger. " 

Smiling, I ordered her to take off her bottoms.

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   She did, and I then told her to sit on the computer chair nearby, while I pulled her to me and turned her slightly so she could see the  girl on the screen catching one load of cum in her mouth.  

"See that?" I said, stroking her pussy. "Thats how you do it. " I steered Christy and directed her where to point the camera as I stood up and put my cock near Amanda's face. "Make sure to show her face while she sucks it. " I said. "Now, Amanda, you know what to do. . . " she opened her mouth and I slid my cock in. She tightened her lips around the shaft and I started to fuck her pretty little lips. "ohhh. . yes, you are a pro, aren't you baby- your mouth feels so good- now, spread your legs while you do that. Christy, get some shots of her pussy too.

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  . . " 

It felt so good, I can't even describe it. . . after so long of fantasizing, it was finally true and it was better than I'd imagined! I needed to fill her pussy now- I picked her up and laid her on the couch, and as I climbed on top of her, she began to resist a little. She spoke as she felt the head of my cock at the opening of her tender little pussy.  

"PPPLease put it in slow? It's so big- please just put in in me slow?"

"Ok, baby," I said, pushing the head into her. "I'm going to slide it in you nice and slow, and after I start to fuck you, it's going to feel good. You'll see. " I kissed her as the tape rolled, and felt Amanda's pussy tighten up as I slid into her, slowly but firmly. She flinched and purred as I started to slide in and out of her, deeper with every stroke. . . "God, it's ssss.

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  . . sooo. . . so bbig. . .   so big!" She moaned and panted as I pumped her pussy slowly, and as she said those words,  I was even more turned on and started fucking her harder, feeling her pussy finally getting wet.  

"Mmmmm. . . god it's soo big please screw me slower, please? Please? Mmmmmm- " she began to work her hips in rhythm with mine, and even as she asked me to slow down, she moved her ass in time to meet each stroke. Without pulling my cock out of her, I flipped her over so she was bent over the couch, and started to fuck her doggy style.  

"Get all this on tape, Christy.

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   Bring the camera here- be sure to show my cock sliding in and out of Amanda's pussy. . . " I grabbed her hips and fucked her even harder and deeper. I knew it wouldn't be long at this point, and this film was going to have a good cumshot in it. "Point the camera here. I'm going to cum. . . don't miss this. . . " Amanda sighed and moaned as I pulled out of her pussy and it only took about ten seconds of grinding on her ass for me to start cumming. I coated her sexy, thin ass cheeks with cum, and even push my cock back in her pussy to make sure she had some in her as well. I flipped her over again, sitting on the floor and approached her from the front, on my knees, with my still wet and cum covered cock in her face, near her mouth.

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"Now, clean it up. " She protested a little, but too tired to argue, she opened her mouth and as she sucked my cum off the shaft and from around the head, I squirted a little more in her mouth.  

"How was that, Amanda?" I asked as she climbed on the couch.  

"It was so much fun- it hurt a little at first, but it felt so good. . . I'm glad I let you do it. . . " she said, still panting a little. I kissed her forehead, then her lips. "Good girl. Now, Amanda, take a little break, and get your energy back, because next. . .


  " I looked with a renewed lust at Christy. . . "Next, it's going to be your turn to run the camera. " 

(To be continued)