My Niece, Amber - Part III (Final)


My Niece, Amber - Part III

Before she passed, my wife Lisa and I had what most would describe as a pretty exciting, adventurous sex life. I thoroughly enjoyed tying her up and forcing her to do things she might not normally do. The thought of unexpectedly ramming my cock deep into her throat or ass or slipping a finger into her pussy in public and seeing her reaction kept me going. I used those memories often after she was gone and I was alone. Now, standing before me, was my eighteen year old niece Amber, a spitting image of my Lisa, naked as the day she was born, and my perfect blackmail tool a few feet away.

Amber knew there wasn't much point in putting up a fight, she had lost the control. So she didn't even hesitate when I told her I wanted to watch her finger herself for a bit. She lied right down on my bed, spread her legs, and began rubbing that beautifully shaved clit of hers. This was obviously not the first time she had touched herself and she expertly slipped finger after finger into her now very swollen cunt. I simply sat back and watched as her pace quickened and she began moaning in pleasure. I was amazed at how wet she had become in such a short time and her fingers glistened with each stroke. She had been through a lot today so I let her continue until she was clearly on the edge of a massive orgasm. Before long, Amber arched her back and she began to shake uncontrollably, screaming at the top of her lungs that she was cumming. While still rolling and panting in ecstasy, I jumped.

Before having a chance to react, I had grabbed Amber, forced her on her stomach and had her arms tied to the lines I had earlier placed on the bed posts. Not happy with what was happening, she twisted and turned, trying to get loose but I had prepared well.

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   Grabbing one leg at a time, the remaining lines were attached and within minutes, Amber was securely fastened to the bed, face down. If I hadn't known any better, I would have sworn that I had been transported back in time and that it was my wife lying there. Everything was near identical.

I reached gently down between her spread open legs and quickly felt just how wet she still was. As I slid my fingers into her soaking pussy she tried to pull away but all it took was one touch of her clit to begin bringing her back to reality. Her cunt was still sensitive to the touch and it wasn't long before I began to hear Amber moan and feel her pushing down onto my fingers. I was in pure heaven.

Not letting her get too close to cumming again, I slid my fingers out of her pussy and immediately moved them to her mouth. She hungrily sucked at her juices and before long, my fingers were pulled from her mouth and replaced by my raging cock. She fought off the intrusion at first but a quick, hard smack on her ass brought her back to reality. I was not going to let her suck my cock though. She had already done that many times on her terms. As I grabbed her head, I began slowly forcing my cock into her mouth, deeper and deeper with each stroke. With everything that had gone on so far, I knew I wasn't going to last long. And as I quickened my pace and heard Amber gag as my cock was forced into the back of her throat, I felt like I was going to explode.

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   Wanting to see the result this time, I quickly pulled out of her mouth, keeping it forced open, and stroked my raging cock until stream after stream of my hot cum landed in her open mouth, on her beautifully sculptured face, and in her blond hair. It seemed to last forever and after I had finished, she was covered. I reached down and scooped a load of my still warm cum from her face and, forcing her mouth open again, proceeded to slowly feed her what hadn't made it to her mouth. I must say, I was quite impressed that she took each load, swallowing every last drop without a word.

Typically, it would take me a good twenty to thirty minutes to get hard again but the sight of this angel, tied to my bed and me knowing what I had in store for her, I was hard again in minutes, much to my pleasure. Climbing around behind her, I loosened the lines on her legs just enough to allow me to grab her hips firmly and pull her to her knees. She obviously knew what was coming next and she once again tried to reason with me, begging me not to take her virginity and that she would do anything I asked. Positioned between her spread legs, I could just make out her still soaking wet pussy and her very tightly clenched asshole.

    As much as I wanted to simply plunge my cock deep into her, I knew that I would enjoy the experience of taking her virginity so much more if she asked me to, and there was only one way that might happen. So once more, I reached down and slowly began massaging her clit with the tips of my fingers, slipping in a finger or two into her pussy or tight little ass when her body took over and she began to moan. I slid down between her legs and grabbed onto her hips and forced her cunt down onto my waiting tongue, driving it deep and lapping up her sweet juices. With every lick of my tongue and every probe of my finger in her swollen twat and ass, I could feel her excitement grow and knew that another orgasm was building deep inside her hard, teenage flesh. While still fingering her clit and building on her orgasm, I quickly repositioned myself behind her again.

    "Do you like the way that feels Amber? Do you like the way your Uncle is playing with your clit? I can feel you're getting close, aren't you? Do you want me to keep going?"

    "FUCK YES. Please don't stop .

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      . . pleeaaasse. I'm going to cum again soon. Just don't stop. "

    "I want to cum again too Amber. Maybe I'll stop and move . . . "

    "No . . . PLEASE don't stop. Oh god, it feels like I'm going to explode. Right there .

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      . . that's the spot . . . keep going . . . please don't stop. "

    This was exactly where I wanted to be and Amber was putty in my pussy soaked hands. I kept pushing my agenda, using her building orgasm as collateral.

    "Well then, lets cum together. You want your Uncle to feel what you're feeling don't you? You want your Uncle to cum as well right?"

    "Yes . . .

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      . doing. " She could barely get the words out of her mouth as I forced my fingers into her.

    "Do you want me to fuck you then? Do you want me to slide my hard cock into your pussy just as your cumming? Do you want to feel your pussy stretched wide and my cock deep in you while you're cumming?"

    "Yes . . . just make me cum . . . pleeeaaase !!!! I can't take it any more. Make me cuuuuummmmmmm !!!! That's it . . . . I'm .

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      . . I'm . . . . "

    Without missing a beat, my hand left her exploding cunt and, grabbing my cock, I slammed deep into her soaking wet pussy. I doubt she even felt her hymen break. I had never seen an orgasm like it. With each stroke of my cock entering her, she would seem to explode once again, screaming at the top of her lungs for me to push harder and push deeper. She buried her head in a pillow to try and muffle her screams ofpleasure but they still reverberated throughout the room, encouraging me on. Spasm after spasm fell over her. How I managed not to blow right there is beyond me but I kept ramming my dick deep into her, feeling my balls slapping the top of her shaved pussy. By this time, she had managed to pull free from one of the remaining two lines and she instinctively reached back and grabbed hold of my throbbing balls, massaging them as I continued to stretch her apart. That was pretty much all she wrote for me and I knew that, in one or two more strokes, I would be unloading a massive surprise into her waiting hole.

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       Incredibly, she was still cumming as I grabbed her hips hard for those final few pushes.

    With one stroke remaining, I heard Amber scream out in pain but by then it was too late for me as I continued to ram my cock into her, feeling my cum pulsing through my shaft towards her extremely tight, waiting hole. Looking down I quickly understood why she was screaming but I couldn't stop. The site of my cock, rammed deep into her ass was more than I could handle and I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her hard towards me, forcing every last inch of my cock into her no-longer-virgin ass, and filling her with glob and glob of my hot, sticky cum. Amber collapsed under me, panting heavily, and began to twitch uncontrollably. She curled up into a ball and began to sob. I thought she was still in pain from the unplanned ass fucking but she looked up at me and through her tears, whispered the words thank you.

    The next couple of hours was a bit of a blur to me as I tried to recreate some of the best memories I had with my wife, with Amber. I made sure to never cross that 'line' with my wife, and I tried to do the same with Amber as well but, given the circumstances, there were a few times I didn't even bother to check if she was enjoying it all. I never bothered to tell her that I had also recorded our entire episode. Wasn't much need of it after that night. By that time, she was my sex slave and only lusted after one thing, those orgasms. She did anything I asked and it didn't matter to her how she got there, just as long as she could relive that feeling.