My Niece, Amber - Part II


My Niece, Amber - Part II

The laptop was set up again that evening and, right on cue, Amber entered my room as she had done night after night. Of course, the big difference this time was that I was awake and ready. I let things progress as usual but found it extremely difficult to maintain my composure. In her eyes, I was supposed to be asleep, but the feeling of her soft, wet, teenage lips wrapped around my pulsating cock was taking its toll on me. I would let out a slight moan and she would stop for a second, ensuring I was still 'asleep'. Thankfully, I wouldn't need to keep this up much longer. As I felt the usual stirring in my balls, I readied for the next stage of my plan. This one was going to be massive and I was soon exploding, sending pulse after pulse of my hot cum deep into her welcoming mouth and throat, hearing her choke as she tried to keep up with the massive load being forced down her throat. As I began to cum, I bolted up and grabbed onto Amber's head, driving my cock to the back of her throat and screaming . . . "Oh god baby, I'm cuummming. Fuck LISA, I'm cumming. Take every last drop baby. Damn I love your mouth around my cock. " As my cock spewed its last drop into my oversexed niece's tight little mouth, I quickly let out a "What the fuck?" and pushed her off me, yelling at her to get out of my room and muttering "I thought you were Lisa .

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  . . I thought you were Lisa. "

As I expected might happen, she wasn't in the kitchen as usual when I got up. In fact, itwas some two hours later when I finally heard movement from her room. I yelled at her to come down to the kitchen. As she slowly rounded the corner, it was clear that she knew she was in shit. I chuckled to myself noting the 'casual' outfit she had chosen. No T-shirt and panties this morning it would seem but rather a baggy pair of track pants and a loose fitting shirt. When she sat down across from me, I sensed she was ready for a little fight and had thoughts that she would somehow be able to control this situation. She had no idea how wrong she was.

"What the hell happened last night? This wasn't my fault. I thought you were Lisa, you know that. "

She didn't reply, instead simply staring at me.

"I've got no choice Amber.

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   This is serious. I need to call your mother and tell her what happened. You need to leave . . . today. I can't have you here anymore, not after what you did. "

"What I did? I don't think so. I like it here and I'm staying until it's time for me to leave. So if you're going to call my mother, be sure to tell her what YOU did to her innocent little girl. Sneaking into my room night after night, touching me while you thought I was asleep and then forcing your 'thing' into my mouth. Do I need to continue or do you get the picture Uncle Bill?"

"Hold on now. Let's not jump the gun here" I say as a smirk runs across her face. "I'm sure we can figure something out right?"

Now was the time to see which way this was going to play out.

"I'll tell you what.

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   You want to stay here for the rest of the summer, fine, but things are going to need to change. First off, I am now in charge of this little game of yours and it's time things progressed beyond a little cock sucking, much as I enjoyed last night. So get your tight little ass up off that chair and loose the baggy attire. Your Uncle wants to see once and for all how much you've grown. "

The look on her face went from shock, to disgust, and then back to her smirk. I knew exactly what she was thinking and I was pleased that this was the route this was playing out. As much as I would have enjoyed her obeying my demand right there, the alternate was going to be much more enjoyable for me.

"I'll tell YOU what Uncle, I don't think so. As you've probably figured out by now, I like to be in control . . . I'm pretty good at it in fact. And I've gotten a little bored with my late night visits to you. Maybe I'll turn my attention to one of your cute neighbors that has been gawking over me when I suntan. Besides NO ONE tells me what I will and won't do with my body.

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   Who the hell do you think my mother is going to believe anyway. "

And with that, she strolled back to her room, seemingly enjoying her victory. All I could think to myself was . . . checkmate.

I waited until after dinner to spring the last latch to the trap and called Amber up to my room. Thinking she was now in charge, her demeanor had changed considerably and I received a bit of a 'What the fuck do you want' kinda look as she entered my room.

"Amber, for the last few days, I've noted money missing from my wallet and, before coming out and accusing you, I wanted to make sure I wasn't imagining things. "

"So I set up a camera over here to try and catch you going into my wallet while I was asleep. At least that's how I'm going to explain the tape to your mother. "

"You know, the recording from last night that clearly shows you sneaking into my room and starting to suck my cock while I'm asleep. The one that shows me yelling my dead wife's names in lust just as I started cumming and then kicking you out of my room when I realized what was happening. "

It was clear by the look on her face that what was happening was starting to set in. When I pressed play on the computer and she began to watch the scene unfolding before her, she knew she had lost the control she so much enjoyed and, even though she wouldn't look at me, I could tell she was nervous now.

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"And don't even bother thinking about fucking around with the computer and trying to erase the recording. There are enough copies kicking around the house right now, you'd never find them all. "

"Now my niece, as I so kindly asked earlier, loose the FUCKING attire and show your Uncle just how much you've grown . . . . NOW !!!!!!"

The tears began to flow. "Please Uncle Bill, don't make me do this, please. I've never done anything more than this. I'm still a virgin. Please don't . . . "

The word virgin caught me off guard. I hadn't even thought of that and had just assumed, based on the way she had expertly taken care of my cock the previous night, that this little minx had been fucking for some time now.

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   I had already imaged her perfectly formed ass bent over a couch at her home, moaning loudly as one of the neighborhood boys rammed his cock repeatedly into her. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought she had yet to experience a throbbing dick thrust into her tight pussy. I was having a hard time with all this and my cock was already straining lewdly against my jeans.

"Don't make me ask the question a third time Amber. "

And with that, I saw a look of surrender come across her face. She knew there was no way around it and began to slide her track pants down her long, slender legs, kicking them off to the side.
    Seeing her standing there, still with her T-shirt on was almost too much to bear, knowing what was to come next. Flashing her a stern look, she lifted her arms and pulled the T-shirt off her body, revealing that perfect frame I had often starred at while she tanned. Seeing her standing there in her silk white boy shorts and matching bra, I could barely control myself and I motioned for her to remove the remaining clothing.

    With a final sigh of defeat, she reached behind and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor but covering her perfectly rounded breasts with her arm. I let her have her moment and watched as she used her free hand to lower her panties to her knees, quickly covering her pussy and pushing the panties down and off to the side with her legs. My heart skipped a beat as a stared at her. Amber hesitantly lowered her arms to her side. She was perfect, there was no other way to describe her body. Solid tan lines outlined her well developed tits, with large dark areola and nipples that had already begun to harden and point towards me, seemingly begging to be sucked.

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       As I slowly worked my gaze down her body, past her flat stomach and her shapely hips, I moved in to the prize. I'm sure I let out a small gasp when I finally came to her pussy. Perfectly manicured, there was not a hair to be seen and her lips had already begun to fill with blood, protruding neatly from her cunt. Amber shifted uncomfortably and I was rewarded with a slight glint of wetness. My god, her body had betrayed her and she was actually getting excited at this.

    "Turn around and show me that gorgeous ass of yours. "

    As she slowly turned her back to me, all I could think about was how badly I wanted to force her up against the wall right then and there and ram my cock into her tight virgin pussy. But I held myself back. I had my plan. Then again, plans can be changed a little.

    "Amber . . . open your legs a bit and bend over . .

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      . all the way. I want to take a closer look at that beautiful little pussy of yours. "

    As she obliged, it became clear that she was more than just a little excited. She bent forward and her swollen lips parted ever so slightly, revealing the pink folds of her cunt, clearly moist. Although a few feet away from her, I could smell her aroma and it was intoxicating. I leaned forward onto my knees, now less than an inch from her and inhaled deeply. Ever so gently, I reached up and ran a single finger along her wet lips, stopping only when I heard her gasp. Placing my wet finger on my tongue, the taste of her juices was beyond anything I had imagined.

    But that was as far as the change to my plan was going to go. Excited or not with what was happening here, Amber needed to be reminded once and for all who was fully in charge here, now and for the remainder of her visit.

    To Be Continued . . . .

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