my mom martha chapter 1


Hi this story is about my mom Martha. Martha has been married for a few years to my dad who frequently neglects her and goes on long, far away business trips for his work. We currently live in a large luxurious suburban household that’s the envy of the neighbourhood. fully equipped with 5 bedrooms a sauna, in ground pool, spacious yard, the works. Now let me tell you a little bit about my mom, she is 37, 5foot 10, 125 pounds, blond with 38c breasts and a large tight ass of a porn star. Sometimes bringing even me her own son to an erection which quickly had to be taken care of. Now most of this story starts off from her point of view as I don’t cum in until later in the story enjoy.
Martha had just awoken from yet another one of her sensual dreams. This one involving her being the center of a ruthless gangbang. hungry stiff cocks were repeatedly pounding  in and out of her hairy red pussy each competing against each other for who to make her orgasm first. Never tiring, repeatedly thrusting in and out of her perfect cunt. Later finishing her off with a mountain of cum pouring down all her holes as she orgasmed in delight, feeling her sweet juices squirt into the air. After quickly putting away her fantasy as to her thoughts like that weren’t considered proper for a mother. Martha got up in her short purple nightgown and decided to change as she was supposed to take Kevin her son to school.
Martha was just in the middle of changing when the family dog Bruno busted in the room. Let me tell you a bit about Bruno, he is a large unneutered great dame (our family hated animal cruelty) with an overactive sex drive.

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   Sometimes this was quite evident when he would occasionally hump our guest’s legs or stick his nose where it wasn’t supposed to be, causing a moment of awkward silence and hasty apologies. Wow slow down said Martha’ as Bruno bounded across the room to her ,who was unfortunately in nothing but her night gown which was half way over her head as she was in the middle of changing, leaving her juicy snatch partly exposed to the world. Martha was a bit surprised to say the least when instead of his usual friendly greeting Bruno bolted towards her and went head first in between her thighs. Directly Into her hairy muff, just managing to squeeze in a few rough licks which caused Martha to shudder and squirm, her nipples hardening instantly. ’no Bruno bad boy, bad boy she said as she quickly hit him away and put  her gown back on ,although in the back of her mind she secretly wished she had waited a little longer as her arousal just started to set in.  Instead of whimpering from being swatted Bruno playfully fell to the floor and started to roll around which was when she saw it just coming out of the sheath.   Bruno was a little endowed to say the least as Martha did not expect to see his 7 inch semi engorged doggy cock and big balls to match petrude from his waist, being turned on from his recent success. Though Martha had seen his male pride before it was the first time she had seen it when he was horny. oh my she said as the tip of his cock glistened, almost beckoning her to touch it, making the inner folds of her pussy become moist and wet in anticipation.
What a beautiful cock you have she said in a playful voice as lust and sexual starvation temporarily took over for it was much bigger than her husband’s pathetic noodle. Then, she finally bent down and touched it. It was incredible, the smooth sensual feeling of his hard prick and the weight of his hairy balls filled her mind as she slowly dragged her fingers across his shaft feeling every crevice and then began to slowly pump his now fully erect 9 inch manhood. Meanwhile Bruno was loving every minute of it as she started to stroke him faster and faster making him hump wildly against the tightness of her delicate but firm loving hands. Oh my god this is amazing she thought as she had to use both hands to handle his massive organ and enjoyed the feeling of it slide across her palms. After about two minutes Bruno couldn’t hold it any longer as he erupted with a howl causing hot doggy cum to erupt, squirting  against her hands and the walls of the bedroom as she stroked him with renewed fury.

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   Finally she couldn’t take it any longer as she slowly lowered her warm loving lips to taste the beast she had been so passionately pumping, to finally feel it pulsate and fill her mouth with hot sticky cum. But just then she heard footsteps coming up the stairs ‘’Kevin I almost forgot she thought, she was supposed to take him to school that morning’’. Just as quickly as it started it ended with Bruno being pushed out of the room with his prick between his legs and a confused and unsatisfied Martha quickly licking her hands savouring the taste of dogs cum before she realized what had happened. Then continuing on with her routine and uneventful morning.



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