my little friendship


This was the beginning of a friendship I shall always cherish and never forget. I am just your typical average white guy. At the beginning of this situation I was 27, married and two stepdaughters of my own. I am at this time a fit, but not a muscle head, man with good looks and toned I live next door to a divorced woman with three children. Two are just extreme little brats, the boy and older girl. The younger girl is a quiet, shy type of lass with the looks of a beauty queen. This girl has bright green eyes that mesmerize you. Her tiny little body has the curves of a mountain road. Her blonde hair is dropping just past her shoulders with a stunning color of gold. The smile she puts on can stop So, I had just got back from taking my girls to school and working all night long. I went into the house to see what I could make to eat and turned on the tv. As I was cooking up some eggs and bacon, the doorbell rang. I put my food aside and went to see whom it As I looked through the peephole I saw my neighbor. Now she is a looker in her own right. She has to have at least a set of 44dds, red hair, dyed, crystal blue eyes, thin waist and tight ass. Somewhat shocked I opened the door to find her standing there with her younger daughter.

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   She gave me some story and asked if I could watch Penelope for her until she returned. I readily agreed and brought Penelope in and asked if she would like some eggs and bacon. Penelope would sometimes baby-sit my girls for me, her being home schooled and 18 seemed perfect for the “ Why yes and thank you Mr. Huntowski. “ Oh just call me Peter, Penelope. “ And you can just call me Penny. “ Okay, “ I said “ Penny. As we sat and ate our breakfasts, she kept looking up at me and giving me the strangest smile. She would sometimes giggle and “ What seems to be so humorous ? Is there something wrong with the eggs ? “ Oh no, the eggs are very good. I like them. You cook better than my mom. “ Well thank you, but that still doesn’t explain why you look at me so and giggle ? “ I was just thinking about the things my mommy says about you and tells me. “ Oh I see, and what does your mommy have to say about me ? “ She just talks about how you look and if we would like a daddy like you. “ She says these things about me ? “ I inquired “ She says how she wishes she would have met you earlier and that maybe our lives would be so different than now. “ Do you think she is right or wrong ? Do you think that you would want me as your daddy or not ? “ Oh I would love you as a daddy.

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   We finished up our breakfasts and I cleared away the “ Can I help you with the dishes ? “ Well sure if you would like. Do you want to wash, rinse or dry ? “ I think I would like to wash, if that is okay ? “ Why sure, I will be right here to help if you need. I will rinse and we will just let them dry in the rack. I prepared the water and soap for her. Not making it too hot. I handed her the sponge for washing. She started with the plates and handed them to me one at a time, as I rinsed them off and placed them in the rack. She continued with the silverware and glasses. After I finished placing the last one in the rack she splashed me with the water. It got the bottom of my shirt and top of my shorts “ Oh you wanna play games, huh? I splashed her back with some water getting her top soaked. She splashed me again and again. I splashed her back. Before long we were both soaked and dripping all over the kitchen “ Looks like we need to change and clean up the kitchen. Suddenly Penny steps off the stool and starts to remove her top and shorts. Before I could utter any words, she was standing there naked as a jaybird with her clothes bunched up in her arms.

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   It was a sight to behold. Her young, sexy body just standing there, that bald pussy with her lips tucked in ever so showing just a lovely tight slit. She had looked up at me and was smiling from ear to ear. As I watched her eyes they traveled from mine to my crotch, which had begun to grow at a super rate. The bulge of my wet shorts was a true give-away as to what was going through my mind. She moved back up to my face and my eyes.  “ Well aren’t you going to take off your clothes ? “ “ I don’t think that is quite appropriate for me to get naked in front of you Penny. I think you should put your clothes on also, until I can get you something to wear. “ “ No that’s okay Peter, I like being naked. “ “ Yes, but you shouldn’t be naked in front of boys/men, and especially me. What would people say if they saw us right now ? “ “ Well I don’t care what they may think or say. I just know that you like it and are enjoying it. “ With that she glanced back down to my crotch and back up to my eyes and smiled a grin wider than the Mississippi. She reached forward with her arms and handed me her clothes. I grabbed them and she scampered off.

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   Too smart for a girl her age, as I watch that tiny, tight ass jiggle it’s way out of the kitchen. I just stood there for a few seconds trying to compose myself and somehow get my raging hard-on down to an unnoticeable bump. I knew it would be hard ‘cause the thought running through my mind were not going to allow it to do so.  “ Well come on !!!!! “ The words woke me from my little daydream trance. There was Penny standing at the opening between the rooms. Her hands on her lovely hips, just staring at me, then my crotch, then me, then my crotch.  “ Okay I’m coming. “ She turned and scurried away as I turned to head toward the laundryroom.   As I made my way to the laundryroom, I glanced back toward the livingroom. Penny was on the couch with the remote trying to find something to watch. My mind was racing now as I saw this sweet young thing just sitting there naked without a care in the world. I opened the door to the laundryroom and set her clothes on the dryer. I then turned and headed toward my room.  As I went passed the livingroom, I told Penny, “ I’ll be right back. “ “ Okay, don’t be too long.

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   “ I went to my room and closed the door. I took off my shirt and shorts. I dropped everything there on the floor and moved toward my dresser. I was rummaging through the drawer gathering a pair of pajamas for me and was going to go and get a flannel shirt for Penny from the closet. As I finished getting my pajamas from the drawer and turned to go to the closet, I was surprised to see Penny standing there in the doorway.  “ What are you doing here ? I told you I would be right out. “ A slight tinge of anger could be heard in my voice. Penny just stood there with her mouth slightly open staring at my raging hard-on. As I tried to move my pajamas in front of my crotch my hand hit my engorged cock and the pajamas fell to the floor. With that Penny came running over and bent down to help me gather them up. As she stood up my cock hit the top of her head. She instinctively reached up and her hand grabbed hold of my cock.  I thought I was going to blow my load right there. The feel of her tiny hand trying to grab around my cock was just sensational. As quickly as she grabbed it she let go and stood up.

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   She handed my pajamas to me as my cock was pointing at her chin. I looked down at her as she looked up at me.  “ Why is that so big and hard, Peter ? Think,… think,… think. What do I tell her ? “ My mommy’s is like that, but she has it in her drawer by the bed. “ Oh my god she has seen her mother’s dildo ! “ Why is yours attached to you ? “ Oh shit now I am in some serious trouble.  “ Please go sit on the bed and let me try and explain it to you. “ With that she ran to the bed and jumped up on it and sat there waiting for me. I had taken the pajamas and tossed them on the chair and walked toward the bed sitting down next to her. Now how was I going to explain this to her, I figured I would just come out and tell her about men and women and the different parts.  “ Well you see Penny, in the world there are men and women. Men have a penis and women have a vagina. Now there are other names for them, but those are the proper names for them. This thing you see here, as I point to my cock, is a penis. All men have them, some are bigger, and some are smaller. Now a woman she has a vagina, sometimes called a pussy.

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   That is this little thing you have here, as I point to her pussy. What the reason for this is so that when a man and woman find each other and wish to have a child the man puts his penis into the woman’s vagina.  “ Why does my mommy always yell your name when she plays with her penis ? “ She blurts out.  A bit taken back by this statement, I say, “ Your mommy doesn’t have a penis, what she has is called a dildo. “ “ But it looks just like yours. “ “ I understand, but it is only a penis when it is attached to a man. It is a dildo when not attached to a man. They sometimes call it a cock also. “ As she looks down at my now throbbing cock. The head turning a purplish color.  “ How do you know what your mommy does ? “ “ She sometimes keeps her door open and I can hear her at night. She wakes me up and I go to see what is wrong and she is on her bed with her “ dildo “ pushing it between her legs and making funny noises and screaming sometimes. “ “ Does it bother you when you see her like this ? “ “ No I just wish she would be more quiet. “ “ Have you ever talked to her about any of what you have seen her doing ? “ “ When I start to bring it up, she just tells me to be quiet and she’ll talk with me later. Then we both forget and it never gets done.

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   “ By now my cock is as stiff as it has ever been. The ache I feel is from it throbbing and wanting of relief. Just from instinct, my hand moves and grabs my cock and slowly and gently starts to stroke it. My mind racing of thoughts of what I want to do to Penny. She gazes at me slowly stroking my cock and smiles.  “ What are you doing to your cock Peter ? “ As I startle from my daze and thoughts of Penny and my cock, I realize she is just mesmerized by my hand stroking my cock. She is watching intently with a smile and then looks up at me as I am gazing down at her.  “ I am so sorry Penny. You shouldn’t see me doing this. “ “ I don’t mind it, it looks like fun. Can I try ? “ With those words she reaches out and puts her fingers as far around my cock as she can. Her soft, tiny hand doing it’s best to get around my thickness. She takes her other hand and lets it join the first. And she begins to slide them up and down my cock. My mind is racing, my hand leaves my cock, I have to have her stop, but I want this so bad.

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   She moves her hands ever so slightly up and down in only about three inch movements. I can feel my veins pulsing as her tiny hands encircle me.  “ Oh my god Penny that feels so wonderful, but you need to stop. Some things may happen and I cannot allow them to, because I will get in very bad trouble. ““ What trouble will you be in Peter ? “ “ You see Penny a man of my age cannot be doing these things with a girl your age. It is not only looked down upon by many people, but it is also against the law. “ She continues to stroke me staring at the precum as it bubbles from the top of my head.  “ I don’t see what is wrong with this and what is that coming out of your cock Peter ? “ My breathing starts to get heavy and sporadic.
    “ I’m glad you see nothing wrong with it Penny, but many other people do. If anyone was to ever find out that I let you feel my cock and also stroke it I would go to jail for a very long time. “ She keeps stroking, I have to have her stop, but I won’t. “ that is called precum “ as I point to the large pool of cum on my head and beginning to slide down the sides and onto my shaft.  “ Is that good or bad ? “ “ Oh it is very good Penny. It means you are making me very, very happy. “ As I move my hand up to her head and gently start to pet her skull and hair.

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       I am gently petting her and she smiles up at me with those big, beautiful green eyes. I want to just take her head and ram it down onto my cock and choke her with my monster, but I restrain myself and just enjoy the pleasure of this sweet, innocent, little girl getting her first sexual experience.  “ Are you supposed to do something with the precum Peter ? It is starting to get all over my hands. “ “ Well you can lick it up and swallow it if you want ? It is a little salty, but it is very good for you. “ With the words spoken to her, she moves her head down and licks with little flicks of her tongue over the head of my cock and slurps up a little sample of my precum. Licking her lips she looks up at me and smiled widely, as she swallows the sample.  “ MMMMMMMM… it tastes very good Peter, may I have some more ? “ “ Penny if you want you can try and suck on my head like a popsicle and have all you want. “ Penny moves back down and opens her mouth. She pushes her wide-open lips over the head trying to fit it in her little mouth. I take my stroking hand and gently push her head down trying to assist her with her new found ability. She barely gets her lips around the crown of my head when she inhales with the force of a hoover and begins sucking up all my precum. She causes my cock to bounce with excitement as she swallows the precum on my bulbous head. I want to shove my cock deep into her mouth by pushing her head down my shaft, but I resist as she comes up from her first dip and smiles at me.  “ Is that how you do it Peter ? “ “ Well Penny it is going to take a long time and a lot of practice before you will be able to do it like you’re suppose to do it. “ “ But I like it Peter and I want to be able to do it right.


       “ Her eyes screaming please help me with those pouting lips, my conscious screaming NO…NO…NO.  I looked deep into her eyes and asked, “ If you really want to learn everything and become the best that there is you can never and I MEAN NEVER, tell anyone. Not your mother, brother, sister or friends. This must only happen here at my house and with only me. I will teach you everything and make you the best that has ever been. “ With those words spoken, she agreed to only do these things with me and to do as I instruct her. She was still stroking my cock when I told her to get ready for the big reward for doing such a good job.  “ Here comes the reward you will receive every time you do a good job and make me very happy. “ With that I moved her face closer to my cockhead and told her to open her mouth. She opened her mouth, I told her to open it as wide as she could even if it hurts. Just as she was opening I blew my load like a double barrel shotgun. The blast of cum push her head back a good three inches and what didn’t get in her mouth was flowing all over her face, eyes, nose and chin. It was dripping from her hair and she was coughing and gagging slightly as my second load erupted in the same manner, but this time I pushed her head down and held it there as she choked and I watched the cum not swallowed pour from her mouth. She was gasping for air as the third and fourth shots fired in sequence. Cum was dripping from all over my little friend’s face and hair.

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       The fifth, sixth and seventh blasts shot with equal force as the previous loads. I was cumming like I have never cum before. Penny was gagging and I let her head up and she inhaled deeply as she took some cum into her lungs and choked it back up. I immediately swooped down and gave her a very long passionate kiss, sliding my tongue deep into her throat and swirling it around. She still was trying to breath and I was in heaven with my new found toy.  As I looked down on to my new conquest, you could barely make out her green eyes through all the cum dripping and sliding down her face. She looked like she had taken three cocks worth of cum in an all out facial shot.  I started pushing the cum down from the top of her head and face into my waiting hand under her chin. As I filled up my hand I told her to swallow it and be ready for more. She did as I asked and waited patiently until I cleaned off her face with several licks of my own.  “ You know I need to take you into the shower and get you cleaned up before your mom gets back. “ “ She just looked at me with those gorgeous green eyes and asked, “ Did I do a good job Peter ? “ I placed my hands on either side of her face and lifted her up slightly and gave her another deep passionate kiss with my tongue driving to the back of her throat causing just the slightest of gags. This time she slid her tongue as best as she could around mine.  “ I will teach you more about kissing later, but now we need to get you cleaned up and in the shower……………………………………….   Any questions, comments or inquiries write to………….

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      . lilgrrlperv@yahoo. com If you would like I can send you other stories via email, since not all my stories get placed on this site.



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