my little cassie


I am just your typical male. I have worked for 30+ years at the same factory, now retired with a fat union pension. I am not hurting for money or anything else. I married my best friend’s wife and we bought a house, which also included four of the children from her marriage.

The children are really of no importance, except her son. Now he is not a bad kid, but he does have his faults. High school dropout, but he has a job. Smokes weed and most likely does other things, but they really don’t concern me as he does them mostly away from the house.

So this story takes place a little before I retired from work and pertains to her son, who we shall call Fred. Now Fred, as I said, was a decent kid. Therefore, I decided to build him a room for himself in the basement of the house. I took about one-third of the basement space for his room and he was very happy with it.

One night after getting home from work, worked the late shift, I decided to just slip into the backyard on the deck and have me a joint and a beer. Everyone was asleep, or so I thought, as I popped out back, sat down and fired up the joint while sipping my beer.

Now my wife doesn’t know I smoke weed, nor anyone else except my really, very close buds, no pun intended.

It must have been about three or four in the morning, stars blazing in the sky, calm perfect night, as I was feeling better and better from my activities.

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   I put the joint out as I finished my beer. Suddenly I heard a noise. At first, I thought someone was walking a dog by the house and chatting at it. As I listened closer, it was coming from the side of the house. A surge of panic ran through my veins figuring I was nabbed in the act.

Quietly I got up from the chair and just as I was nearing the corner of the house, out popped one of the neighbor girls from down the street. We both jumped back in a startled surprise of our chance meeting.

The girl’s name was Cassie. Now Cassie was not a gorgeous girl, although she was not ugly. She was like a slight improvement of your ‘girl-next-door’ plain jane. Pretty eyes, brown, big and deep. Short brunette hair, just above the neck in a ‘bob’ type of cut. Ordinary face, fair figure and a massive pair of tits. I mean for a girl of 18 her tits were gigantic. I have seen her many times before and have always dreamt about playing with those titties.

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   I figured they were about a 46dd.

As we stepped back half a step from each other with our little muffled “oohs” I noticed her shirt was soaked right where you would figure her nipples were at. To my surprise, that was exactly where they were, as they were standing tall and proud through her soaked t-shirt. I gazed down at them with a broad smile.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry Mr. Peters. ” she blurted out.

“SSHH SSHH sshh sshh” I said as I placed my finger toward my lips. “We don’t want to wake everyone up. ”

She whispered quietly, “I’m sorry. ”

“Just what are you doing roaming around at this time of night young lady?”

She stood there with a look of the cat with a feather hanging from it’s mouth as the owner was looking for his bird. She kind of stammered, not knowing what to say, glancing back down the side of the house.

“Is there someone else with you?” as I moved toward the side and glanced down the side of the house. As I was looking down, I noticed the light go out in Fred’s room.

“No, no there’s nobody with me.


  ” she managed to babble out.

“Well it looks like you have been having a good evening so far. ” as I peered at her tits with those nipples busting through the t-shirt and hard from the cool night air.

She looked where I was staring and just then realized what was noticeable. She immediately moved her arms up to try to cover her nipples.

“Don’t be embarrassed, in fact you should be very proud of those. I know many a woman who wishes she had a pair like that. In fact I am almost certain that you get most of what you want just by having those large tits. ”

She moved her head downward, kind of in a sheepish embarrassed look with a slight smirk on her lips. Her arms loosened slightly from the squeezing grip they had on her masses. Now instead of being massed into her chest they were allowed a little breathing room and slipped slightly down.

She looked up at me, “You’re not going to tell my parents are you?”

“Well do you think I should? I mean what are you doing out at this time of night and sneaking around houses? Are you trying to break in?”

“NO, NO I would never do that!” she blurted

“SSHH SSHH” again I put the finger to my lips.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

“If you must know I was in Fred’s room. We were playing around and I wanted him to have sex with me, but he wasn’t able to assist me.

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Now this statement hit me a little. It was hard for me hear her openly speak of sex. Not only sex, but with Fred. Also to hear that he couldn’t fuck her? Did he have trouble getting it up? He was not a fat kid, in fact he was very muscular and good looking. As I was pondering her statement and wondering what I was going to say, she glanced past me and toward the table where my empty beer bottle was and the roach sitting in the ashtray.

“Is that a cigarette?” she asked.

“UH,………. No. ”

“Would you mind if I had some?”

“In fact I am glad you asked. ”

I held out my hand to assist her up on the deck. She dropped the guard from her tits and came up. I pulled a chair from the side out for her and scooted it under her ass. Her ass was nothing spectacular, but it was nice just the same. I moved over to my chair as she grabbed the roach and fired it up with my lighter.

“Go ahead and finish that, I’ll be right back.

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I slipped inside and grabbed two more beers and two more joints from my stash box. I came back outside and Cassie just smiled at me as I saw her nipples still solid and hard. She had that high smirk on her face, as her eyes were glassy and shimmering.

“Would you like a beer?” as I sat down in the chair.

She reached up to grab one. As she moved her arm, it caused her tit to move and lift. My cock started to pump as the blood started to flow. I could feel it starting to grow, but I was not in tent mode yet.

She twisted her cap off as I lit another joint. I took two real deep puffs off it and got it going well. I passed it to her and she tried to take a deep puff, maybe trying to show me something about her, I don’t know. She started to cough and choke.

“Blow it out. ” I pressed emphatically. “You’re going to wake everyone.

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She let the smoke fly from her lungs with a few more muffled coughs. Handed me the joint and just slipped back in the chair with that fucked-up look. She took a sip of her beer and smiled at me.

“I would have never guessed you to be a smoker, Mr. Peters. ”

“Let’s keep it that way. I can’t have you telling anybody about this. ”

“OH your secrets safe with me. ”

“I told you to keep it down. You can’t get loud or I’ll have to gag you. ”

She just chuckled a bit and said ’ok. ’

After a few more puffs, she waved off anymore weed and slowly sipped her beer. She was pretty well toasted. As she rather reclined in the chair, I followed down her attire and saw a wet spot in her shorts.

“You must be a horny little girl, huh?” not knowing what her answer would be.

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“Why you like what you see Mr. Peters?” as her smirk was now a big smile from ear to ear.

“I don’t know of any man or boy who wouldn’t like it. For a girl your age I am sure you get hit on by many older men. ”

“Well all they want to do is look at my tits. They want to play with them and suck them. ”

“They would be gay if they didn’t. ” I muttered

“Would you like to suck my tits Mr. Peters?”

“I’d be lying if I said no. ”

With that Cassie, slip the chair back stood up, lifted her t-shirt up, and exposed her massive mounds of flesh for the world to see. My cock was at full mast and screaming at me to release his confines. Her nipples were the size of dimes and standing a good half inch off her tits. The areolas were bigger than silver dollars and a light brown. I just gazed, flabbergasted at the sight. She wobbled a little before moving in my direction.

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   She walked up to me and pushed her tits in my face.

What recourse did I have but to devour these monsters before they devoured me. My hands moved up as I massaged them. I pushed them together and squeezed them hard. Subtle moans escaped Cassie’s lips. I moved to her nipples. They were hard as steel and perfect to squeeze between my thumb and forefinger. I pulled and pinched hard as her moans were getting louder.

“Cassie we need to move somewhere and continue or else we will wake the house and the neighbors. ”

“Why don’t we go to your car?”

Quick thinking for a young girl. I released her tits and grabbed the joint and roaches. Left the beer. She pulled her shirt down, grabbed her beer and we snuck around to my car parked in the driveway.

I let her in the passenger door and moved around to the driver’s side. I popped in and she was staring intently at my crotch.

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   My cock was forcing my shorts to stretch to their limit. She smiled and reached forward grabbing my shorts.

“MMMMMMM nice and hard Mr. Peters. May I see it?” as if she had to ask.

I grabbed my shorts and pulled my boxers down with them. My cock sprang free from it’s confines and was happy to be free. Cassie wrapped her hand around it and started to slide up and down slowly.

“You have a nice cock Mr. Peters. It’s not as big as Fred’s, but it is nice just the same. ”

Now my cock is 7 inches long and about 3 inches thick. I know it is not huge, but if Fred’s is bigger, I can only imagine what he has. I have never had a complaint from any woman about it, but you never know in this world.

My precum was already starting to bubble up on the top of my head.

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   Cassie felt it with her hand and moved it around all over my cock causing me to moan.

“OH Cassie that feels so good. ”

“I know what feels better. ” as she dropped her head down to my lap and engulfed my cock to the base in swift move.

I let out a moan loud and hard as I reached for the back of her head and pushed, trying to get my cock in her stomach. She tried lifting her head as she began to gag and choke, but I pushed even harder.

After about 5 seconds, I let loose and she popped up spitting and gagging.

“OH MY GOD, don’t do that. You trying to kill me? Just let me handle this, I think I have been doing this long enough and will make you very happy, okay?”

“Yes I’m so sorry Cassie; please I will try to restrain myself. ”

She moved back and swallowed me again. Her tongue did dances that I did not know a full mouth could achieve. She was bobbing up and down in a perfect rhythm. Never to fast or slow. This girl knew exactly what she was doing. The slurping sounds seemed to echo throughout my car.


   This little 14yo girl was a champ at sucking cock. My only wonder was did she swallow.

I gentle brushed her head and hair as she bobbed on my cock. Her fingers gently tickling my balls in my tightening scrotum. I could feel the end coming soon. Should I tell her or just let it blow. Would she be upset or happy? Well it did not matter as I blew a wad deep and far into the bowels of her throat. I came stream after stream. I must have blown 18 shots of cum into her mouth and this little wench swallowed every single drop without missing a beat or stroke.

“Oh my god Cassie, that is by far the best blowjob I have ever had in my life. My god child where did you learn to do that so fucking well?”

As she finished licking and cleaning the rest of my cock and head, she popped up and said, “Many, many years of practice. ”

Smiling and wiping the saliva on her chin. She looked back at me. Her face was aglow and she smiled widely.

“Did you really like it? I hope I did you well.

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“Cassie I have never had a better blowjob or shot that much cum ever. You are truly the best in the world. ”

With those words, she just gave me a little giggle and smiled. She now proceeded to lifting her top off and pulling down her shorts………………………………. . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Any questions, comments or inquiries please write to ………lilgrrlperv@yahoo.

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Have a wonderful day !!!



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