My Life and Times-Segment 4


Topic: My Life and Times-Segment 4This doesn\'t envolve my dad or my friend from HS that I referred to in my earlier segments.
After I started College and began rooming with this other girl from college me and her became real close. I wont go into detail of everytime we have done it but I will tell you about our first time.
Well one Friday night there was this party next door to us and we were invited. I dont drink much or do drugs but there was plenty if we had wanted it. We both drank some beer but not enough to get drunk. About 1 am we left and went back to our place and she asked me if I had ever been with a girl before, I of course said yeah and it suprised her a little. She said "really?" and I said "Yeah, does that bother you?" and then she said "No not at all, Actually I am bi-sexual myself". I figured she was but never said anything. Any way she got closer as we were both sitting on the sofa and she asked me if I wanted to do anything. I said "what do you have in mind?" and she said "well why dont we go to the bedroom and see what happens". I said "Okay" and then we got up and she led me to her room and we undressed each other and kissed. Then we both got on the bed and began kissing and feeling of each other. She then looked me in the eyes as she kissed her way down my body until she got to my spread open legs and said " I have been wanting to eat your sweet pussy since we moved in together".

And I then said,"I have been day dreaming about you too".
Let me try and describe her to you.


   I\'ll call her Mandy for the story. Well she is about 5\'8",115lbs brown hair and eyes. She has about a 32 cup size bra size and is shaved clean around her cunt.
Okay now to continue. Mandy then parted my pussy lips with her left fingers and began licking my pussy from top to bottom and darting her tounge into my wet pussy. She then began licking and sucking on my swollen clit while she finger fucked me with her right index finger. She was pretty good, within seconds I was having an orgasm.
It was then my turn. Mandy laid down on the bed and I got between her legs after sucking her firm tits for a few minutes. I then started licking her shaven pink pussy and sucking her clit. I then finger fucked her for a few mintues while eating her juicey pussy until she cam herself.
She then asked me to fuck her with a strap on that she had. I had never used one of those before so it was a new experience for me. She helped me put it on and then she bent over the bed and told me to fuck her with it. I stood behind her and eased it in her wet cunt and began fucking my room mate.

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   I was kind of nervous about how fast or hard to do it, but she then told me to fuck her hard as I could so, I grabed her by the hips and started slaming it all the way to the hilt.
    She screamed for me to fuck her harder and faster. My gawd, I thought I was going to ram it all the to her throat. This wasnt a small strap on by any means. It was about 18 to 12 inches long. Well after a few minutes she was cumming all over the strap on. She then turned around and sucked and licked her juices from it. She then said it was my turn. I said okay and said "Ive never had a cock that big before so be gentle". I laid down on the bed with my ass on the edge and spread my legs open and up in the air for her to fuck me that way. She then licked my pussy some more, then stood up and eased it into me but only about 4 inches of it. Then she grabed my legs and lifted them to her shoulders and began fucking me, deeper and deeper with every stride. It felt so good and I began to scream fuck me,fuck me harder and faster and withen a minute or so I began shaking as I cam. It really felt good even though I wouldnt let her fuck me with the whole length of it. It was good, but I still prefer the real thing.

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       I cant make a fake cock cum and I love cum lol.
    That was the firstime I had been fucked since leaving home for college. At the time I am kind of saving myself for the guy I plan on marrying or think that I will marry and he hasn\'t come along yet,well besides my dad. And I am way to scared that I might get pregnant.
    Well to finish this part off, yes me and Mandy have continued our sexual exploits with each other. We have even had other girls join us from time to time in threesomes. One time this girl joined us but said her bf would have to join in,I told her that I wouldn\'t let him fuck me,but that I was okay with him joining in. Mandy and this other girl did talk me into sucking him though. Lets just say he was happy with me just giving him head. lol.
    more to come. . . . .

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