My Life and Times-Segment 1


Topic: My Life and TimesTo start lets just say I was introduced to sex at an early age. I came across some of my parent's porn that they had hidden under their bed of all places. This was my first encounter with sex,outside of hearing about it. One day my parent's were not home yet by the time I got home from school as usual so I decided to watch some of it. I didn\'t know exactly what to think about it, it was 2 girls rubbing each other, but since I didn't have much time I put it back up and left their room real fast. I had heard about sex and stuff but not like this. I couldn't get it out of my mind of what I had come across and began to masterbate that night but I didnt finger myself, just rubbed myself. Let's just say I was very Happy at the new experience that I had discovered. The next few weeks I rushed home and watched a little more before the parent's got home each day and each night I got myself off. I was really curious as to what it would feel like to be fucked or fingered , But I had asked my older cousin a few days earlier if people would know if a girl was virgin or not just by masterbating and she told me not if they never inserted anything into their vagina and explained why. Well I didn't want my parents to find out or anyone for that matter so I never fingered myself or insterted anything in me until after I lost my virginity.
From watching those movies when I could I learned quiet alot but was way to scared to do anything. After I turned a little older I talked one of my gf's(who I will call Janet for this story) and was my best friend into watching some of the movies with me when she stayed over for the weekend one time. Janet said it was okay, but I got this feeling that she liked it alot even though she didn't really come out and say so at the time. Well a few weeks later Janet stayed over again at my house and we were just sitting around and it got really boring. That Saturday my dad and younger sister had gone fishing and Mom had to go into work that afternoon, so it was just me and her there until dad and my sis got home.

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   Janet asked me if I had watched any more of those movies that I had showed her and I said yes, then I asked her if she wanted to watch one, and she did. While we were watching this one movie there was a lesbian couple doing it and she asked me what I thought about two girls doing it. I said I guess it was okay and asked her what she thought and she said that she thought the same thing. No we didn't do anything with each other, we just watched the movie then I put it up because it was getting close to time when my dad would be home. Well we went to my room and talked about it and about guys and stuff for awhile, then my dad came home. He didn't feel like fixin anything for supper so we went out to eat. After we got back home dad was tired from a long day of fishing so he went to bed early. Janet and I played a few games and watched some TV before we got ready for bed. My younger sis had went to bed by this time as well. I told Janet I was going to take a shower before I went to bed and she said okay. So I went to take a shower and then got out and went back to my room. Janet was already dressed for bed in her long tee shirt and panties and laying on the bed.
Well as I got dressed for bed, I noticed Janet really checking me out but she acted as if she wasn't. It turned me on watching her watch me and my pussy got wet like it did watching those movies and when I masterbated. After I was finished getting ready for bed,we both got in bed and covered up.

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   Janet kept tossing and I couldn't stop thinking about the movie and wondering if Janet was thinking the same thing. Janet thing took the covers off of her and grumbled that it was getting hot. I agreed and took the covers off myself too. We both apparently had something on our minds and it wasnt sleep. But I was to scared to make a move on her, she was my best friend and had been since 3rd grade and I didnt want to ruin that. Well about 18 minutes later Janet turned over to face me and looked me straight in the eye and said "look Michelle, I don't know if I am lesbian or not,which I still like guys, but I don't want you to hate me if I am, but ever since we watched those movies I have been having these thoughts, I don't know if they are real or just curiosity, I'm just not sure, but if that bother\'s you I will understand, but please don't tell anyone". I was stunned,this coming from her and not me. I quikley told her that I was having the same thoughts and that she didn't have to worry about me telling anyone, and for her not to tell anyone either, which we both agreed. I then asked her if she was checking me out while I got dressed, cause It turned me on thinking that she was. Janet said she had been and then asked me " Now what do we do,knowing we both feel the same way?"I said, well. . . . do you wanna try some things to see what its like and she said yeah and I asked her what. She said lets try kissing to see what that feels like first and if we like it then we could try something else.


   I said okay,but first I went and checked to see if my dad was asleep and he was. I then went back to my room and laid beside Janet and said well if we like it lets just go from there okay and if we felt uncomfortable with any thing we could stop. She agreed so we got really close and then preceded to kiss,we both liked it so I began rubbing her thigh and then her breast, she didnt stop me and I ask if it felt good,she said yes. She then began rubbing my breast too and I liked it so I didnt stop her and I let her know that I liked it. We then took off our clothes and began rubbing each other and licking and sucking each other's breast. We really liked the feeling's we were giving each other so we continued to explore each other, before you knew it we were getting each other off by licking each others pussies, and I made sure to tell her not to finger me like they were in the movie and why. We did this in the 69 position as this was the way it was being done in the last movie we watched together. We both had to muffle ourselves when we got to orgasm so that we didn't wake dad or sis. I guess I should mention that it was one of the best experiences we both had up to that time. I can tell you right now we continued our sexual exploits with each other over the yrs, until we both moved off for college, and that we got better and better and learned many things with each time. I can't wait to see her again, we talk all the time about the great times we have had and hope to share these things again soon. One more thing, No I am not lesbian, I am bi-sexual, my first sexual experience with a guy and me losing my virginity is coming up so you will have to keep reading. . .
Well our little exploits continued up until we both went off to college.

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   We both thought about having a threesome with a guy several times, but both of us were way to scared to actually confront any guy about it. You see, where we live is a really small town and word spreads quiker than fire, plus I really wanted to wait to lose my virginity until I got older and so if the parent's found out they wouldn't freak out,even though I fantasied about it many times. Janet didn't wait as long though and had sex with a guy from school before we graduated. The guy dumped her for another girl not long after, I was upset about it, but was really glad I decided to wait, for that reason and for the other ones I mentioned. Well to go on from there, as I also mentioned I masterbated and fantasied alot. After I found the movies that time I caught my parents several times having sex over the yrs without ever getting caught, before that I didnt realise what they did when they were alone at night. I thought for sure it would freak me out or make me sick to ever do catch them but it didn't, it actually turned me on watching my dad fuck my mom. I even caught mom sucking dad's cock like the women in the movies several times. I found out she couldn't take him all the way in her mouth even though my dad just has an average size dick and that she wouldnt swallow. I often fantasied about me sucking his cock and wondering if I would be able to take it all in my mouth so I began practicing with cucumber's and banana's. I finally got to were I could take them all the way in. Then I began wondering what dad would think if I could do what mom couldn\\\'t and if I would like it if he cam in my mouth like some girls do. But all this was just fantasy I hope you understand, dad never showed any interest in me in that way so it would never happen. I was really confused about my feeling's for dad for a long time, being that incest was looked down upon in society.
A few yrs after that first time of me catching mom and dad having sex I had came home from a friend's house one day and dad was in his room and I caught him masterbating so I watched him as he got himself off.

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   It really made me wet and I really wanted to go in there and tell him to fuck me, but I didn't. Well I was now a senior in HS and one day I was masterbating in my room and I heard a small moan from outside my bedroom door, I jumped up and went to the door but when I opened it no one was there. I then realised that my dad had come home early from work, so it was him I heard. I seen the bathroom door shut down the hall and called out "Dad that you?", he said 'yes sweety its me" and I said okay. I was really nervous, and thinking if he knew what I was doing,did he see me? I was freaking out and getting excited about the thought of it all at the same time. Was he masterbating while watching me I wondered? I then walked out into the hallway and down the hall to the bathroom door and listened to see if I could hear anything. At that moment I heard my own dad say " Oh Yes Michelle suck daddy's cock, baby make me cum. . . . aaaahhh yes Im cummin baby". I was in shock, but excited all the same, I ran back to my room and closed the door so he wouldn't know that I had been listening to him or that I knew what he was doing. Over the next several months it was kind of awkward, but I knew I had to act like I didn't know. I wasn't sure if my dad was just fantasying like I did sometime or if he would actually go through with it. Would I, I often wondered.

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   I caught dad masterbating a couple of other times in the bathroom and saying my name,but he never knew I was listening that I was aware of. He never let on about catching me either. I sometimes caught him looking at me differently,but acted like I didn't. I would make it a point to wear my shortest shorts and tightest tee shirts or a shirt that you could see down easily so he would get his eyes full and it turned me on knowing he was looking.
Shortly before my 18th birthday I knew it wouldn't be long before I would graduate and then be off to college. I began thinking alot about what it would be like in college with all the guys and stuff and I didn't want my first time to be with some guy that just wanted to get his nut and wouldn't care whether or not I was satisfied and I didn't wont it to be with someone that might have a STD or Aids. I was getting to the point that I really wanted to be fucked, but by someone who I knew would satisify me and knew what they were doing. I wanted my first time to be special. I know that may sound korney,but o well. To be honest I was really wanting my dad to be the first to fuck me and take my virginity. I knew he was fantasizing about me and I knew if I could get him to be my first that it would be special and I knew he would be gentle with me and loving. But how would I do this I thought. I thought about this for months because I was scared that he might freak out or something if I just came out and told him. Well right after I turned 18 I decided to try something. One day right before dad came home I got one of his movies out that had a man in it that was around my dad's age fucking this teenage girl.

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   I paused it were he was fucking her and about to cum. {In the movie he took his cock out and let the girl suck him until he cam in her mouth and she swallowed. } I got naked on my bed and rubbed my pussy until I was all wet, then I heard dad come in and he called for me but I didn't answer on purpose. I wanted to see what his reaction would be if any. I pressed start and turned the volume up a little. I purposely left the door to my room open just a little so he could see me. My bed faced away from the door and you could see my tv from the door and I had a mirror over the dresser so I could see if my dad was standing at the door or not. I began rubbing my tits and pussy again and mouning just a little. Well after about a minute or so I noticed he was standing there peeking through the door,but he didn't say anything. So I started whispering just slightly "oh yes,oh yes that feels so good when you lick my wet pussy". I then peeked out of my almost closed eyes and I could see that dad was still standing there. I was excited and afraid at the same time but I mouned some more and whispered again but this time a little louder so he could make out what I was saying. I wasn't sure if he had heard or understood what I said before because of the Tv. But this time I said "oh yes daddy, eat my virgin pussy daddy, make your lil girl cum daddy". Then I said "I want you to fuck me daddy, please I want you to bust your lil girls cherry daddy".

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   I knew he heard me because he then walked away from the door, then I heard the bathroom door shut so I got up and got dressed and went to the door and said "is that you dad?" and he said "yes sweety its me". I then went to the bathroom door to see if he was jacking off again and he was. I was really disappointed that he didn't just come in and fuck me. But I figured out real soon that he was afraid, I am his daughter after all. And he was fantasizing about me and now knew I was too about him. But he didn't know if I really wanted it and I didnt know if he did either. After dad came out of the bathroom he didn't say a word about what he saw or heard, but he was kind of acting strange. Mom then called around 5 and said that she had to stay over at work until 10,so it was just going to me and him for supper as sis was over a friends house. Dad called out for delievery and then we sat there and ate supper and talked some. He asked what I did after school until he got home,so I told him I watched a movie and relaxed in my room. He asked what the movie was and I just said it was about a girl and her dad that was really close and loved each very much and that I knew we were close but that I wish we were as close as they were. He sat there but didnt say anything for a minute. Then asked how close and in what way. I said well lets just say that they did things together that we don't. Then I got up and went to the bathroom to wash up then went to my room.

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   I left the table before he had time to ask me anything else. Well around 7 that evening dad came to my room and said that he was going to take a shower and get ready for bed and to tell me good night, as he had to get up real early the next day. After he got in the shower I got undressed except a big pull over gown. I then took another big risk, I went to mom and dad's room to put the movie back under his bed. I then walked into the hall and noticed the shower was still going, I then eased the door open and walked in and I said "Dad" , he blurted out "what are doing in here Michelle?". I then sat on the toilet and said "Look dad, I know that you were watching me this afternoon when you got home,I know that you seen me watching that movie cause I seen you in the mirror, I know that you have caught me before today and I know what you do every now and then when you do catch me. Also dad, I have gotten myself off several times after catching you. So I am not mad at you for doing that and I am not going to tell anyone, I promise". Dad must have been in shock for a moment because he did not say a word until I was finished. Then I said "Dad this afternoon when we spoke about the movie I watched until you got home,well I know you know which one it was because you caught me watching it. I could tell that you were excited when I mentioned watching the movie and saying that I wished we were as close as the girl and dad in the movie. I know dad that you want me and now you know that I feel the same way and don't say its not true dad and don't tell me how its wrong or how I shouldn't be talking this way. I don't give a shit how other's feel about it or whatever, I only know how I feel and how you feel and thats all that matter's. " He then spoke and said "Look Michelle. .

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  " I then interupted him after taking off my gown and opening the shower door and getting in the shower with him. He looked shocked as I steped in, he just stood there. I said "Yes dad, you were about to say something?" I looked him into the eyes and got close to him and said " Look dad, what I said today when you were watching me, every bit is true, I want you to eat me and for you to fuck me and take my virginity. . . . Yes dad I am still a virgin. I want you to be my first and to teach me". He then muttered out "we cant Michelle, you shouldn't be in here or saying these things". I then had enough of this run about stuff so I grabbed his already hard cock in my left hand and said, "Well this and your heart says otherwords dad". I then sat on the edge of the shower and took his hard cock in my hand and guided into my open mouth and began sucking it and licking it, dad didn't stop me and I was glad,maybe he finally gave in. Well as I continued to suck his cock,I paused and looked up at him and said "daddy Am I doing it okay?", and he said "Yes baby your doing wonderful". I then said "Yours is the first cock I've sucked daddy,but I've watched your movies and practiced alot. I can take it all the way in if you want me to daddy". He the said "you can? are you sure?", I nodded and then sucked his cock and then went all the way down on him.


   He gasped and said "holy shit Michelle that feels so fucking good. " He then stoped me and asked me if I wanted him to lick and eat my pussy. I said "Yes daddy please eat me and make me cum for you then I want you to fuck me. " He told me to sit back down on the side and spread my legs. He then got down and began licking and rubbing my clit and sucking on my pussy lips. I then felt his finger at the opening of my wet pussy but I stoped him, and told him I wanted his cock to be the first thing to enter me,so he didn't finger me but kept licking,sucking and rubbing my pussy until I had my first orgasm from my dad. He then laid down(it was a shower+bath if I failed to mention that) in the tub and told me to straddle him, I said okay, and then he put the tip of his cock at the opening of my wet pussy and held me by the hips and told me to go down on it and take as much as I could in at a time. He told me it might hurt some the first time but that it wouldn't last that long. I said okay and began to move down on his hard cock then up and then down then up,taking a little more each time, but I couldnt go very far so he told me to bend over to him and he wraped his arms around me and grabed me by my ass and asked me if I was ready and I said "yes go daddy bust my cherry, I want it all in me". He then thrusted his hips a few times and then once really hard and broke through my hymen and I yelled out "Oh fuck daddy that hurt,it hurt daddy", he said "I'm sorry honey, but you knew it would at first". He then asked me if I was ready to go again and that the hard part was over, I nodded and "said Yes daddy make it feel better". He picked up pace again and started moving my hips with his motions and it did feel alot better now. I couldnt believe how good it felt and began moving up and down on his hard cock all by myself. Before long I was having an orgasm like I had never before. Dad then told me to wash off some and he did the same and that we would go to my room and finish.

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   I couldn't wait. When we got to my room he told me to lay down on the bed and he pulled my legs up to his shoulders and spread them and fucked me like that until I had another orgasm, he then told me to suck his cock some more and I was ready. I sucked his cock and licked my pussy juices off of it. He couldnt believe I had never sucked dick before,but later I showed him how I practiced. After I sucked and licked his cock clean I said "fuck me doggy style daddy" and he did, he pounded my young pussy hard from behind and his balls slapped against me. I think the neigbors could have heard me screaming " Fuck Me,Fuck Me daddy,Please Fuck Me", but dad told me to muffle my mouth with the pillow so I did lol. Well I had another orgasm while he pounded me from behind and then told me he was about to cum, I quikly said " Let me swallow it daddy, if you want me to" and he said "are you sure?" and I replied "Yes I want to taste your cum, I want to be able to swallow your cum anytime you want me to daddy". He nodded and said " Okay sweety suck daddy's cock and make me cum for you if that's what you want". I went to town bobbing up and down on his cock and rubbing it as I did. He then let out a moan and said " Fuck Michelle, I'm cummin baby, I'm cummiiiiin, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!" at the moment I felt his cock stiffen and pulse as his load shot all in my mouth and he said "keep sucking baby,don't stop". Well I didn't stop, and I swallowed all of it, every drop, I never took my mouth of his cock has he spewed his warm sticky goo all in my mouth and down my throat. . it was yummy. I loved it and told him I loved it. He was amazed as how well I did and that I took all his load down my throat.

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   HE LOVED IT!. Well it was around 9:30 by that time and he it was way past his bedtime so he took a quik shower and went off to bed. That night was one of the most amazing nights of my life and I would never ever exchange it or change it. I'll have more to tell at another time.


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