My husband would never know. pt2


After a few days I was still getting a tingle from how close it had been between my lusty fuck by the friend and my husband arriving home from work. I admit this fucking had given me a lot to masterbate about,of course always letting Ruddie do the honours as soon as I'd orgasmed.

Today was such a day,having thought through the fucking of a few days ago,I was hoping for a repeat fucking from this friend. The weather was shit and I sat slouched in the chair with my fingers working their magic on my clit. I intended this to be a lingering wank as I let my mind flit thro' those moments. Ruddie was not interested at the moment,just lying in the corner letting me to get on with it!

I knew my mind was trying to make me role back the years to where my lust for animal sex all began. Not resisting this I started from scratch now. I was really young then,raised on a smallish farm in a pretty country area before the hustle and bustle of modern living destroyed those far off relaxed times. The village looked after their own and kept the world out of any family village affairs. ALL AFFAIRS! So as a kid,sex was no secret magic,I watched animals fucking on a daily basis as did all the village people.

I also noticed as I grew older that watching these animals having sex wasn't limited to just us kids. I found myself one day get a really wet pussy as I came upon my older brother playing with a substantially hard cock sticking out from his trousers. As the head of it reached a purple swollen wetness he moved from the corner of the paddock into a stall where we had a nanny goat. Creeping in behind him I was just in time to see him stuff her pussy full of his hardon.

He pumped at her until with grunts and a thrusting action enough to nearly lift her hooves from the floor,he emptied his cum up her. Putting his dick away,he headed back out into the paddock and I crept out after him,but not before I'd inspected the sperm oozing back out from Nanny.

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   - It was a massive cumming - this made my pussy tingle like mad. - "Where the fuck have you come from? Were you hidden in the pen?" - "No, I spluttered,I've only just got home" - I lied!

"That's lucky for you,men don't like girls seeing what they're up to on a farm" - To cover my innocence I asked, - "Up to,but farming is a family thing" - A smile came over his face - "Yeah! Now there's a thought!" - Of course I didn't know then what the smile meant but it was only months later I found out. - I'll get to that in a while! - So! I now wondered which male animal would allow me to do what my brother had enjoyed with the nanny? Therein started my enjoyment of sex with animals.

Of course my husband had no idea of farm life being he's a man bred of the city. So it wasn't long before I concluded our ram had all the attributes of my rabbit (See part one) I watched daily as the mark on our ewes backs indicated how many he'd fucked thro' the night - Horny bastard I thought,one more. ME! - would suit him fine. I drew up my plan! He was put to the ewes when they were ripe. So I'd offer myself when I was 'ripe' HOW? He looked heavy although I knew a lot of his bulk was wool. That's it! I'll lay across the ewes back and let him use her as the strength to carry him while I get the fucking.

Without to much ado,this is how I done it. It wasn't all plain sailing though. The first ewe wouldn't let me lay,the second did and doing it at dusk I felt no one would spot me. That part was fine,but the Ram wasn't as daft as he looked,the stupid asshole looked,licked my pussy,then with me between them like the meat in a sandwich he rammed his cock up her cunt not mine,although I was happy to find his weight was on his legs as he had us in what was an upright shance for him.

I told him what an idiot he was not to have took advantage of getting to fuck a virgin human female. I think he understood,because the following evening he made short shift of my cherry as he stuffed me full of Ram cock and took me on an orgasm I'd relish for the rest of my life.

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   The orgasm created by the sheer dirtiness of being animal fucked. I had a panic moment as I climbed thro' the wire fence afterwards. Mum appeared up the dirt track just as I got halfway thro' - "Hey Joyce,you ought to stay out of that field,the rams in there for the ewe's"

"Its okay mum,he likes me" - In a knowing sort of way I heard mum say almost under her breath. - "Yeah I bet he does" - Much later I wondered, did she know what I was up to,in fact, had she been on her way to do the same,or had she lost her cherry in that field some years earlier. No matter! What later derived from that was even more bizarre to me then.

After my ripeness had cleared I was in the kitchen when mum having heard dad arrive after the days work, - "Dad,she's in here and ready for you I reckon. All grown up now,she is. We don't want her wasted on those village lads!"

This was all new,it was like a foreign language to me. I was young,how young is neither here nor there. "Mum,what are you on about?" - "Don't bother your head my dear,just get those knickers of your down. no off! Dad's waiting with something for you. Dad! You ready now? Where you at?" - "Send her up,yeah its ready,I'm in the bedroom" - "Go on my dear,its nothing to be afraid of,its only like you see in the farm every day,go-in-get it from dad then" - I'd removed my knicker's and knew the only thing I would need to remove my knicker's for to get something from dad would be his cock. I wasn't surprised therefore to find him with just a shirt on and a ramping hardon looking out from under this garment.

This hardon was bigger than I expected tho' because I'd seen dad's cock many times as he pissed wherever he was working on the farm,but the cock had always been flacid, Now I was looking at a much bigger thickness than the Ram had,but equally I was glad I'd took the Ram before dad had me! Eight inches didn't bother me but the thickness looked a bit menacing. - "Come on my girl! Shall I serve you like the Ram does or do you want it like your mum have's it on your back.

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   I gripped the base of the bed and waited to be serviced as dad called fucking. In the short time of removing my knicker's my pussy had taken on a great deal of love juice,so I was ready for dad to fuck me.

What I wasn't ready for was mum watching him doing it. Bent waiting,his rough farmer hands pulled at my young rubbery vulva until he'd pulled my inner lips open enough apart to allow the bulbous head of his hardon to rest against my opening. He pressed and my body refused to open for the fat helmet part even tho' we were wet and ready to be fucked. "Fucking hell Evelyn,this girls fucking tight down there. I don't reckon she's quite ready" - Mum showed just how horny she got in the excitement of the moment, - "George,force it in her for fucks sake,she wont split,make her open for you. Joyce,you just realax for your father,can't you see he needs that cock of his right inside you,he'll cum before he gets it up you if you don't help a bit" - I opened myself by placing my legs farther apart. - "No my dear,close your thighs for him,it'll make that young cunt of yours more supple,I admit your dad's well hung,but you can handle it,just rest and wait for him to getthe head of it in you!"

I did and as the head opened my more relaxed pussy, I felt as tho' dad was going to split it open. Then I knew he'd got past the tight part as I felt the thing slide up my vagina pressing it open as it went,he pulled back and pressed again. With a couple of grunts my tightness had pumped his knob into squirting his first cum up me. He now fucked his cock up me regardless as I heard mum excitedly say,fuck George,she's so tight,she's made you cum before you got her properly. Keep going,I want to see her cumming as well. DAD DID,HE NOW WENT INTO OVERDRIVE AS HE POUNDED HIS HARDON INTO ME MERCILESSLY! I felt my orgasm rising as the second lot of cum pumped up my poor little vagina and mum said - Not a drops got past your cock,she must be full of you,your cocks acting like a champagne cork. When you pull out of her,I reckon she'll squirt cum all over the place"

Dad stayed panting behind me as my orgasm passed until mum said - "pull it out and lets see" Out came his cock and mum uttered, - "Christ,she certainly pulled the sperm out of you George,that's more than when we had you fuck that hen!" - "Yeah,but I bet its not as much as Jed put up you that first time!" - I asked, - "Dad,that Jed,is that the dog before the last one?" - "Yes my dear,he used to bring your mother off something rotten,I couldn't leave her for more than five minutes than she was at him.

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   Good times tho' Evelyn,you certainly done some fucking with old Jed you did indeed!" - "George,you shouldn't tell her stuff like that,she's not that old yet,are you Joyce?"

I stood with dad's cum drooling down the insides of my thighs, - "Mum, what if dad's made me pregnant?" - "Doubt that,not the first time,but we ain't havin none of that pill stuff,nor those rubber things,I expect you'll be like your mother,I like to feel the stuff squirting right into my womb! - No! Any babies here,we'll just say they're from me,you wont have a problem none, if you get knocked up around here" - I excepted that and just as well too. For in no time I was knocked up,but it may not have been by dad. Funnily mum was at the same time and we still debate who knocked both of us up about the same time and why. Enough to say both babies were born at home,not in hospital.

My heart pounded as my orgasm overtook these thoughts and without any dog licking,Ruddie took me all the way to the orgasm that follows the cocking. My sexual needs were sated for now! So my thoughts were abandoned to another time.

Within two days after my first time with dad,my brother called to me in the paddock. . . But that's for part three!.