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Chapter 1 I remember every detail of the day my life changed forever. I am 37 years old, a happily married man, married to a wonderful woman for 18 years. I met her through my college roommate my junior year of college. She was a friend of his; I did not find out until much later that they had been more than friends at one time. Not that it would have made any difference - we were instantly smitten with each other. Besides, I had been madly in love with his girlfriend since the first time I saw her, so it was only fitting that he had known mine as more than a friend. We got married shortly after graduation. Victoria is a real sweetheart, and a beauty besides. She is about 5' 4", 110 lbs, long black hair, and small breasts (just as I like them!); slim and athletic with a beautiful face and the most stunning green eyes you have ever seen. She has a personality as wonderful as her body - calm, laid back, sweet. She has only raised her voice to me once in all our time together - and that was in a crisis when one of our daughters was in grave danger. She also showed me at that time that she is not quite the pretty but helpless thing everyone always thought she was; that she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself and her loved ones. That is another story for another time. Although I have been told I am good looking, I never could understand how I ended up with her.
A few months after our wedding, Victoria announced she was pregnant. We were both delighted! The joy was compounded when the doctor announced a few months later that it was twins! Our joy overflowed on the day she gave birth to beautiful twin girls.

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On the day in question, the girls were 18 years old. It was obvious when you saw them that they were not identical twins. In fact, it was hard to tell that they were twins at all. Cindi, the oldest by 18 minutes, was 5' 1", 90 lbs soaking wet, long blond hair, small breasts, and beautiful deep blue eyes. Amy is 5' 4", 108 lbs, and is the almost perfect image of her mother, with the same long black hair, small breasts and stunning green eyes. Their personalities were very different also. Both were so smart it was scary. Victoria and I are very smart, but we look like dummies next to these two. Cindi was quiet, very serious, and very emotional. She cried about everything. Weddings, funerals, birthdays, movies, happy, sad, didn't matter - she cried if it was emotional. Amy, on the other had, is happy go lucky, adventuresome, always cheerful. After babyhood, I do not think I ever saw her cry until she was 18 years old. Both girls were outgoing and popular, and even in their early teen years, were just the sweetest things you would ever want to be around. I would sit around wondering when they were going to turn into the monsters at 18 that all teens seem to become, but it still had not happened.

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   They would help around the house without being asked, and generally took care of their dad very well. That is good because Victoria has always traveled a lot as part of her job. Many of our friends jokingly ask if we wanted to trade children, ours were so sweet.
As early as I can remember, both of the girls were adamant that they were going to be cheerleaders. And starting as soon as they could apply, they were. Both were very pretty, and being popular, it meant that there were always numerous very pretty and, for 18-18 years olds, very sexy young girls running around the house all the time, in various stages of dress and undress. For whatever reason, Victoria and I were the most popular parents of all the cheerleaders, and combined with the popularity of our girls, our house was always full. Not that we minded. We loved kids, and the girls were mostly very sweet and well behaved, with one big exception. They loved to try to embarrass me with their attitudes about dress. It was not unusual to walk into a room and find several pretty, young teenaged girls in tee shirts and panties (on a few occasions minus the tee shirts!) sitting on the floor talking. Of course, this always resulted in squeals (theirs, not mine!) and giggles as they ran for the bedroom. My two were not as bad or as obvious, but they often played along too. Of course, the next day they would do it again, so I knew it was a game. Or, when taking a shower, they would "forget" their clothes and have to run giggling through the house in their panties and, sometimes, bras.

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   Again, since my wife traveled a lot, it was usually just me around. The times when it happened when Victoria was around, she thought it was cute and just as funny as the girls did. Then she would mock scold them about how it was not nice to tease me, all the while smiling at them. Predictably, they giggled.
Although I recognized that all of the girls were very pretty, their antics never really bothered me any. I knew my girls were stunningly beautiful, and their friends were almost as pretty. All right, as a dad, I am not exactly unbiased, but they really were. The point is that it never bothered me because I was just not into young girls sexually. Ok, I am not dead - some of the prettier and more developed of them I would notice and maybe get a hard-on at the time (boy, they really giggled at that and turned the prettiest shades of red) but there was never even a thought of being attracted to them. Cindi and Amy had always been very affectionate, and still were at 18 Hardly a day would go by that they did not sit in my lap or cuddle up next to me and tell me they loved me. They did the same with Victoria when she was around. Often they would fall asleep like that, watching a movie. After a while, some of their friends started cuddling with me also, particularly a little cutie named Katie. She had just moved into town about a year before. Her dad was not around, and I got the impression that she was never close to him anyway.

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   Actually, I got the impression she hated his guts and was glad he was not around. I guess I was a substitute. The first time she cuddled with me and called me daddy surprised me, but I was very touched also. She was so embarrassed she turned bright red, but was relieved when I told her it was ok. I really got to like Katie a lot, and she became almost like another daughter to me. Of course, I was close to all the girls in the group, but Katie was special to me. For some reason, Cindi and Amy were never close to Katie, even though she was really sweet and nice, but they had no objection to her being close to me or calling me daddy. They just always seemed rather reserved around her. They once implied that Katie was rumored to be loose with boys, but clammed up when I tried to find out more and never referred to it again. She was about 5', 90 lbs, long blond hair, small breasts, and actually looked much more like Cindi's twin than Amy did. You could even mistake one for the other if you saw them from behind. People who had never met the group before and knew there was a set of twins in the group usually assumed it was Cindi and Katie.
One summer day, I was at home, having taken the day off work. I had been working a lot of long hours, and needed a break. Victoria was out of town (again!) and I thought it would be nice to have Cindi and Amy come home to a parent instead of an empty house once in awhile.

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   At 13, they were old enough to take care of themselves (better than I could take care of myself!), but still, I should be around sometimes. Besides, something was going on with the girls that I was worried about, and I wanted to take some time to think about it.
Cindi and Amy had always been best friends as well as sisters. They seldom went anywhere without the other. They even had to be cheerleaders together. They seemed to always be in tune with what the other was thinking or feeling. Even when they were young, they never fought. They played together, shared things, and just got along great. Cindi, being the "oldest", was fiercely protective of Amy, and they always covered each other's backs in anything they did. Therefore, I was particularly concerned that the last two weeks they had been fighting quite often. Since they had always been so good about working things out, I had not been interfering, hoping it would resolve itself. I was petrified that my sweet, wonderful girls were finally turning into the teenage monsters so common among our acquaintances. Even the other girls had noticed the tension occasionally and seemed to be a little uncomfortable at times.
I had noticed that it was always Cindi that started the fights, and usually about stupid things that had never been a problem before. Ok, I will admit, and everyone knew, that if I had a favorite, it was Amy, because she looked so much like her mom.

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   I loved Cindi dearly, and I do not think I ever showed favoritism, but we all knew it was there. No one, including Cindi, minded - they were treated equally; she just knew that Amy was special to me and Cindi thought it was cool. I say this to make the point that I was sure I was not just blaming it on Cindi - I had observed several times when they did not know I was listening to what was happening. Amy, being as laid back as she was, pretty much remained cool about it, but I could tell she was as confused as I was. I was also disturbed that over the last two weeks Cindi had stopped cuddling with me, was not sitting on my lap anymore and in fact seemed to be avoiding all physical contact with me. I had known that the degree of contact with the girls would inevitable begin to taper off as they got older, but I was not ready for it yet, and I assumed it would occur slowly, not to this radical degree. I was wondering if I had done something wrong, but neither of the girls had ever shown much reticence to bring it to my attention if I had done something stupid. Something was definitely wrong.
I was sitting in the living room thinking about all of this and wondering what to do about it, if anything, when I heard something drop through the mail slot. When I went to check on it, I found a package lying on the floor. Whoever had pushed it through was long gone by the time I went to look. When I opened it, I found a video tape. There was no title, no note, nothing indicating what it was or whom it was from. Being curious, bored, and at a dead end as to what to do about the girls, I turned on the TV, put the tape in, and started watching it. I was very shocked by what I saw, and my life changed forever in that moment.

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   For what I saw was my pretty, sweet daughter Cindi, being gang date raped by three guys she knew, one of which was her boyfriend.



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