My Girls Chapter 6


Chapter 6 When Cindi sucked my cock into her mouth, my brain just exploded into nothingness. I could not think, talk, move; it was as if I was electrocuted, as sparks exploded throughout my body. Victoria and I have always had a great sex life, and she was great at oral sex, but I had never felt anything like this. Maybe it was because this was forbidden sex, I don't know, but it was different. I tried one more time to stop this, putting my hands on her head to push it away, and whispering, "No, Cindi, we can't!" She refused to move her head, and just softly stroked my hands and arms. Soon, I was stroking her hair instead of pushing her away. When she looked up at me, I could see the gentle smile in her eyes, as she knew she had won.
If nothing else, Cindi's rape had certainly taught her how to suck cock. She sucked softly on the head, stroking the shaft and massaging my balls, then ran her hot little tongue around the head in little circles. Then she took the shaft into her mouth, as far as she could, licking the underneath with her tongue while sucking. She alternated between fast and slow, driving me crazy. It did not take me long until I was ready to fill her mouth, but just as I was about to cum, she stopped and lay down on top of me, kissing my neck and lips. When I opened my eyes, she was looking at me with her cute little impish smile, and asked me if I enjoyed that. I could only grunt in frustration. She laughed and said since this was the only time she would get to do this, she was going to make it last. I just hoped I would survive!
Then she started jacking me off, slowly and gently, stroking my whole shaft while again rubbing my balls.

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   Once more, I was ready to come, but she stopped again. She kissed me, long and deep, playing with my tongue, while slowly rubbing and stroking my stomach and chest. Then she asked me if I wanted her to quit. I swatted her butt and told her she was mean. She giggled, then moved down and swallowed my cock again. I thought I was going to die.
After teasing me this way for about an hour, she asked me if I wanted to cum in her mouth. I was so far gone by this time I begged her to let me. She grinned at me sweetly, and said "Anything for my Daddy!" Then she started sucking me slowly, very softly, I could barely feel her mouth. She did not stop this time, as I exploded into her mouth, but she kept moving very slowly. I must have passed out for a second as I came, because the next thing I knew, Cindi had lowered herself down onto my still hard cock and had taken me up inside of her.
I panicked. A blowjob was bad enough, but I could not have intercourse with my little girl! I moaned "No, Cindi, please don't" and tried to push her off, but she lie down on top of me and put her arms around me to hold on. She started moving up and down slowly, driving me farther up inside her, until I was buried all the way inside. Then she just held me, whispering softly to me.

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"It's ok, it's alright, you're not molesting me; I want this so bad. Make love to me, Daddy. Show me what it can be like. I love you Daddy. Love your little girl. "
She kept whispering to me as she staring moving again. I finally stopped fighting her and started moving with her. I could not have stopped then even if I wanted to. I kept whispering repeatedly how much I loved her; she said, "I know, Daddy".
Since I had already cum once, she was farther along than I was. I watched as my little girl had her first consensual orgasm on my cock. She held me, and cried out softly as her whole body shook. I held her tight and kept pushing up into her as her movements became too spastic for her to keep a rhythm. I kept it up until she came again, and this time I came with her. We fell asleep with my cock still inside her.

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When I woke up, Cindi was laying on top of me, her beautiful hair scattered all over the place. As I became aware of my surroundings, I remembered what we had done. I was afraid my greatest fear was going to happen - there was no way I could limit this to just once. I saw her looking at me, smiling, but with a worried look on her face. I started to speak, but she put her finger across my lips to silence me.
"No, I will not let you be sorry, you have nothing to be sorry for, I love you Daddy and that was so wonderful and if this is our only time together I am not going to let you waste it on nonsense, now kiss me!" How could I resist an offer like that? I kissed her, and then I started tickling her.
She shrieked and squealed, laughing hysterically. I pushed her over on her back and with no warning, put my head between her legs and sucked her clit into my mouth, while putting my other hand over her mouth. She was so surprised she screamed into my hand. I figured we had to keep the noise down a little, as Amy was sleeping in her room. Fortunately, nothing except thunderstorms wakes her up. As I kept sucking and licking her, she screamed "Oh God, Daddy!" and exploded into another orgasm. I continued to suck and lick her, driving her to two more orgasms before she begged me to stop.
I moved up on top of her, spreading her legs apart and kissed her deeply, playing with her tongue, then I slowly slid my cock all the way into her pussy as I reached down and sucked her nipple into my mouth. She was so wet it was tight but easy to get into.

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   It helped also that I am only 6 inches, just the right size for little teenage girls. I felt her jerk and tremble, and her arms flew around my neck and she whispered "Oh Daddy, again?" I slowly moved in and out of her, and soon she wrapped her legs around me, holding me tight and whispering my name repeatedly. We made slow and gentle love for a long time, and when we finally came together, it was more like a gentle rainstorm than an explosion. My girls have always been cuddly, but this last time seemed to have turned on the cuddle gene big time for Cindi. She just kept kissing my face, neck, shoulders, rubbing her hands down my body, whimpering nonstop. Finally, I turned over and let her lay on top of me again. That was how we were still laying when the alarm went off.
Amy was a little worried about us the next day. She told me Cindi had fallen asleep twice in class, and then Cindi and I both fell asleep on the couch watching a move, Cindi on one side of me and Amy on the other. I woke up to find that Cindi had gone to bed, and Amy was sitting on my lap, arms around my neck, kissing my cheek.
"Daddy, are you ok? You never fall asleep during movies".
"I'm just tired, honey. I didn't sleep well last night. "
She giggled. "Yeah, Cindi can be hard to sleep with sometimes.

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   Both of you falling asleep? What were you guys doing last night?" she smirked. Fortunately, she was not looking at me when she said that, as I am sure my face was a remarkable sight. She apparently was just joking, as she continued to prattle on about Amy nonsense for a few more minutes while I got my heart under control. I sincerely hoped she did not figure this one out. Right. What were the chances? Certifiable genius.
After a few more minutes, she got up, grabbed my hand, and pulled me up from the couch.
"C'mon, Daddy, time to go to bed". I groaned - I was so tired I did not think I could walk into the bedroom and asked her to just let me sleep on the couch. Nope - she refused - Amy always knows best, don't you know? She walked me into the bedroom, sat me down on the bed, and started unbuttoning my shirt, taking it off for me. When she started on my pants, I decided I did not think I was ready for her to do this for me, after last night with Cindi, but she just slapped my hands away and told me to stay out of the way. She undressed me to my underwear, pushed me down into the bed, and covered me up. Then she walked over to the other side of the bed, crawled under the sheet, and snuggled up to me.
"Good night, Daddy" she whispered as she spooned up to me, holding me close. As she moved her hand away from me to pull the sheet over her, her hand accidentally brushed against my, now, hard cock.

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   I was mortified - what was wrong with me? Please, do not let me start with Amy too. Not little sweet, innocent Amy. She did not seem to react, and I thought for a moment that she did not realize what had happened, or she was choosing to ignore it. Right. As if Amy would ever pass up an opportunity to tease. What planet do you live on?
As she cuddled up again, she kissed my ear softly, whispered, "Missing Mom a lot, are you?", and giggled. Was there no end to the supply of giggles for a teenage girl?
"I'm sorry, Amy. I couldn't help it. "
She suddenly got serious. "I'm sorry for teasing you, I know you miss Mom and I know I remind you of her a lot. It's ok; I think it's a compliment that you react that way". She hesitated for a minute. "You know, Daddy, we love you a lot, we always will, no matter what. There is nothing you could do to make that change. You take care of us and make us so happy, and we would do anything to make you happy too.

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   Whatever it is that is worrying you, Daddy, its ok. Really. " Then she kissed me. Oh, please, do not let her have figured it out already. Please let this little genius have at least one blind spot!
"Besides," she whispered, "I think it's kind of neat that you get hard around me thinking about Mom. Don't worry; I won't take advantage of you!" She giggled hysterically, then snuggled up and went to sleep. Later, when I woke up, she was gone, back in her own bed.
Cindi did not come into my bed that night, nor did she for the next 18 days. Maybe her idea had worked, as she seemed much happier, cuddly again. I realized to my astonishment that I rather missed her in my bed. She was such a sweetheart, so pretty, and I loved her a lot. Cuddling was the thing I missed most about Victoria's absences.
The next 18 days were uneventful. Cindi seemed to be almost deliriously happy, laughing and, yes, giggling incessantly. She teased Amy a lot, and even played a couple of practical jokes on her; things she rarely did.

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   Cindi was usually much too serious for that. After one particularly funny practical joke, that cracked us all up, Amy looked at me and gave me her famous "what?!?" look. I shrugged my shoulders. I figured I knew what it was due to, but I was not going to tell Amy that! When Amy and I were alone for a few minutes, she whispered, "What's up with Cindi?" I whispered back, "I don't know, but I like it better than the other way!"
On the tenth day after our liaison, Cindi seemed kind of quiet and withdrawn that evening. Amy and I looked at each other with the same expression - uh oh. Cindi was nice, not bitchy, just quiet and subdued. Later that night, as I was about to fall asleep, I felt someone crawl into bed with me. I wondered who it was - when Cindi had stopped sleeping with me, Amy had snuggled up to me a couple of nights. I didn't know if she was jealous, or just sensed that I missed the snuggling I had been getting before. It could be both - it was almost uncanny how Amy could often read people's emotions. I waited for whomever it was to snuggle up to my back, but they didn't. When I turned around to look, Cindi was laying there, big sad eyes wet with unshed tears, hands clasped to each other across her chest, trembling like a leaf.