My Girls Chapter 10


Chapter 10 We were all delighted to get Victoria home from the hospital. She was sore, so the girls had a wonderful time catering to her. It was a treat for them to have Mommy around for more than a day or two, whatever the reason. Victoria took it with grace, although I know she got sick of doing nothing. However, she was glad to be with the girls and me too, so she did not complain. I was delighted to have her around too - we did not spend nearly enough time together. Over the years, we had learned to spend quality time together, not quantity. Quantity was good sometimes too, though.
It was always a pleasure to watch the three girls interact. I say three, because Victoria was just another girl when she was around Amy and Cindi. Except when mommy mode kicked in, of course. However, she giggled, squealed, shrieked, teased, chased and chattered right along with them. I just sat back and watched. I found the teenage mind an amazing thing to watch. Not understandable, but amazing. Sometimes Victoria's mind was not much easier to understand.

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Because of her injuries, Victoria had an extended leave from work, for as long as she needed. The doctor thought two weeks would probably be about right. The girls and I thought two months sounded better. You know, just to make sure she was completely ok, over her trauma, etc. Maybe she needed to recuperate in a warmer climate - like Hawaii, maybe. Yeah, right. Probably more like Peoria! We had not spent all that much time together for a long time. I hoped we still liked each other when it was done!
Cindi was pretty much back to normal, except the changes that would probably never go away. Amy was really starting to bloom. She was number one in her class in GPA or whatever they call it these days, with Cindi as number two. Katie was number three and Rebecca number six, so when they all got together, I went and hid in the basement as much as I could. My two made me feel inferior enough, without a whole pack of geniuses to contend with. Of course, they would call me back upstairs whenever they just had to have someone to tease or pick on. Secretly, I loved it, but I would never tell them that. Like they didn't know.

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I was having a good time. Everyone was home and in good spirits. However, we never seemed to be short on crises, so I wondered when the next one was going to come. As it turned out, it was Victoria again. Sheesh! I wonder if her warranty was still good - I could trade her in on a less troublesome model! Just kidding - I could not live without her.
I came home one day, all excited because the whole family was going to be home for dinner together. Wow! It would be interesting to see if we still knew how to do this. As I pulled up to the house, I noticed a police car parked at the curb. I wondered which of the neighborhood kids was in trouble now. At least I did not have to worry about it being mine. Cindi would not know how to get into trouble even if she wanted to and Amy would not ever be caught if she ever decided to do something.
As I walked into the house, I was surprised to hear Cindi yell, "NO! You are NOT!" Cindi? Yelling? This was going to be interesting. I walked into the room to find Victoria on one side of the room, Cindi a little in front of her, with two police officers standing in front of Cindi, and Amy standing near one of the police officers, talking earnestly to him. As I walked in, Cindi saw me and cried "Daddy! Do something! They're going to arrest Mommy!" She looked really upset.
I asked what was going on.

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"We need to take your wife down to the station for questioning", cop #1 said.
"For what?"
"We'll discuss it there. " Ah, standard police doctrine - get them out of the emotionally charged atmosphere, to control the situation. I understood that, but NIMBY. Victoria had been quiet so far.
"Sorry. I know what we are discussing first, or she doesn't leave here".
"They want to question her about the three teenage boys killed in that SUV accident, Dad," Amy blurted out.
Uh oh. Dad. Amy was upset. In addition, I was not sure I liked how quiet Victoria was. Was it the calm before the storm? I had seen an example of her storms before. Maybe we should rename her Camille. Except Camille did far less damage in a much longer period of time.

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"Do you have a warrant? Let's sit down and discuss this. " I said.
It was immediately obvious to me that Cindi and Cop #1 were not getting along at all. He was young, arrogant, and inexperienced and she was pissed. She was as red in the face and as mad as I had ever seen her, but there was something else there too. Oh, shit, I realized, this was bringing up the whole rape issue again - I needed to get this settled as fast as possible.
It is surprising how fast things can go to hell in a hurry. Cindi, much to my surprise, was being very aggressive, and she stepped towards Cop #1 and said, "You are NOT taking my Mom anywhere!" "Cindi. . . " I said soothingly.
Just then Cop # 1 decided he had had just about enough of the snotty, punk 18 year old brat that was interfering with his God given right to take someone into custody, and said "Shut up and get out of the way or I'll take you in too!" and reached forward to grab her and jerk her out of the way.
Oh, Fuck! Don't mess with her babies! I heard Amy call out "Dad!" as I saw Victoria start to move. Yeah, yeah Amy, I see it. Shit! I knew where this was going, if I did not do something quickly, and I did not like it at all.

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   I had seen how fast Victoria could move when someone threatened her babies. I looked at Amy and I saw it in her face too - she had seen this movie before also. I saw Amy begin to move, and wondered what she was up to, but I was getting way too busy just trying to keep Camille from making landfall to worry about her.
The events that followed happened so fast that it was only later that I was able to sort them out in the right order.
I screamed "NO!", and moved three steps forward as fast as I could. Because of the way everyone was placed, I could not get between Cindi and the jerk soon enough to stop him from grabbing her, so I did the only thing I could - I grabbed his arm and spun him around. At about that same time, I heard Amy's voice say "Cindy, stop Mom. " As I was spinning the cop around, I was once again looking at Amy's face, and I swear I did not see her lips move. However, they must have, because Cindi apparently heard her instructions also. I saw Cindi throw her arms around Victoria's waist and scream "No, Mommy, no, stop, please, no!" I could see the sick look on Cindi's face as she realized the consequences her actions had just set into place. Even though Cindi had never seen Victoria in action, she somehow knew that it was not good. I did not even want to see Victoria's eyes. I twisted the jerk's arm behind his back, and slammed him into the wall face first. As I pulled his gun out of his holster, I distinctly heard the sound of the slide being pulled back on an automatic pistol and the click of a safety being taken off. Damn, I thought in despair.

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   I am not going to make it in time. I braced for the impact of a bullet as I swung the gun over and pointed it at Cop # 2.
It was amazing how things went instantly from moving so fast that it was almost impossible to follow to total silence and no one moving at all.
I looked over at Cop # 2 as I pointed the gun at his head and I saw that I needn't have bothered. Amy had his gun in her hand, holding it rock steady, pointed right between his eyes. Stalemate. And we were in big trouble. However, not as much trouble as if Victoria took on two cops.
As I looked around, I saw Cindi was holding her mom around the waist, begging her to stay there. I saw Victoria relax a little.
Amy smiled gently at Cop #2, who seemed very surprised, and said sweetly "You are going to be awfully embarrassed if you get shot by a 18 year old girl with your own gun. Won't that be fun to explain to your captain, hmmm? Shall we dance?" Wow! Not only a pretty face and a certifiable genius, but the girl had some teeth about her too! I was going to give her a big hug - and then we were going to have a long talk.
Victoria was standing still, looking at Amy and me, eyes wide in surprise. Cindi was staring at all the guns being pointed around the room, and was well on her way to hysteria.
I had to diffuse this now.

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"Amy, set the gun down on the floor over by the door and come back here to me. Cindi, get you mom out of here, Victoria, honey, go with her, please, I will take care of Amy. I promise. "
Surprisingly, they did just what I told them to do. I was worried that Victoria would not go, but she gave me a grateful smile, looked at Amy in astonishment, and picked up Cindi, who was hysterical at this point, and left the room. When Amy got back to me, I gave her the gun I had, and told her to set it next to the other one. When she got back, I kept my hands out in front of me, sat down at the table and motioned for the cops to do the same. Amy stood next to my chair, looking relaxed and smiling sweetly. Only I could see the vein throbbing in her neck.
"Let's talk," I said. "Amy, go into the other room with your Mom".
"Nope," she said, "I stay here with you. " Great. The first time in 18 years she ever disobeys me and it has to be now. Strangely, though, I felt safe and comfortable with her by my side.

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Cop #1 started to get belligerent with me. "I'm going to take you all in for resisting arrest!"
"No you're not," I said calmly. "If you do, you won't have a job tomorrow. First, you threatened and grabbed a 18 year old who had done nothing to you. Does the word 'minor' mean anything to you? And a female to boot. Who is recovering from a gang rape and is paranoid about men touching her. Especially male chauvinist pig men like the ones that raped her. Men who are trying to take away one of her parents. What do you thing the TV news crews are going to say about that?"
Cop # 2 was more reasonable. "But we do need to take your wife in for questioning".
"I understand that. And you can. When we agree that no charges will be filed due to what happened here, and after I have had a chance to calm down my daughter. Can we agree to that? Or do I have to call my old boss, Chief Haskin, and tell him that one of his finest just tried to throw my mentally unbalanced 18 year old rape victim daughter across the room? A young girl that he knows personally and thinks the world of. "
That did it.

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   Ten minutes later, Cindi was only crying, as Amy hugged her tight and whispered in her ear. I had Rebecca and her mom and Katie come over to stay with the girls, and Victoria and I, without handcuffs, (I thought Cindi was going to get hysterical again when the jerk brought those out) were on the way to the police station.
When we got to the station, we were taken into a room for questioning. I asked to see the evidence they had for detaining my wife.
"We don't have to show you that," the jerk said. All right, I had had enough of this shit.
"You know, asshole, next time I am not going to bother to save your life", I snarled. Victoria looked at me, and then looked away. I took out my wallet, removed a card from under my driver's license, and handed it to Cop # 2. "Please give this to Chief Haskin and ask him to see me as soon as possible," I asked politely. Victoria spoke for the first time since this started. "I understand I get one phone call. I would like mine right now," she stated politely. Cop #2, a little uncomfortable with what was going on, moved the phone over to her before he left the room. Cop # 1 insisted it be on the speakerphone.

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   Victoria smiled sweetly at him, dialed the number, and when it was picked up, simply said, "I'm at the central police station" and hung up.
I thought Cop #1 was looking a little pale. Cop # 2 came back in about 18 minutes later, looking worried, and whispered to Cop #1. Then Cop #1 looked a lot pale.
Five minutes later, Chief Haskin walked in. We stood up as he walked over to me, shook my hand.
"Patrick, it's nice to see you again. " Then he hugged Victoria. "Victoria, you are as beautiful as ever, I see. And how are your lovely daughters Cindi and Amy doing?"
Victoria smiled brightly at him. "Amy is fine. I hope Cindi is ok after her episode with John Wayne here. " She pointed to Cop #1. He was really looking uncomfortable now.
"I am sorry about that.


   Officer Daniels explained to me what happened. I will take care of that. Sometimes our young officers get a little enthusiastic and do not show good judgment. Please thank Amy for me for her restraint. She is a remarkable young lady. " He handed my card back to me, and gave me a barely perceptible nod. "Please give my regards to Captain Jensen next time you talk to him. Feel free to call me anytime I can be of assistance. " He turned to Victoria. "And give Robert my best". He handed me a brown manila envelope. "Here is the documentation on this case. Please look it over, show it to your lawyer, and call me to make an appointment. We will talk more then. " Both Cop # 1 and Cop # 2 were standing there with their mouths open.

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Ten minutes later, we were on our way home, after calling Rebecca's mom to come get us. As we waited for them to show up, Victoria and I both spoke at once, me asking her who she had called with her phone call, and she asking what was on the card I had given the cop. We laughed together, and decided we both had some secrets. The van showed up with Rebecca, Amy, Cindi and Katie as passengers. Victoria and I got in the back with Cindi and Amy and were immediately mobbed by two squealing and one crying (gee, guess who?) teenagers. Cindi sat on her Mom's lap, head on her shoulder, as Victoria whispered to her, all the way home. Amy sat on my lap, hugging me.
"Thanks, Daddy. I don't even want to think about what would have happened if he had touched Cindi. " She whispered.
"Yeah. That was quite a display you put on there, Amy. Thank you. You might have saved my life. I am going to have a long talk with Cindi!"
"De nada.

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   Like Dad and Mom, like daughter. Hey, I'm a cute, athletic, 18 year old cheerleader genius, Daddy - you have no idea the things I can do that you've never seen!" She giggled, blushing. I do not even want to know what she was referring to! "Leave Cindi alone. She is too fragile to scold right now, and she already understands how bad that could have been because of her. Let her sleep with you and Mommy tonight. She's had a small relapse. "
Actually, both girls slept with us that night. Cindy had nightmares all night and, after the first thunderstorm hit at 10:30; Amy snuggled and trembled all night long. I hope they never grow up!
The circumstantial evidence against Victoria looked strong. An eyewitness placed someone fitting her description as the last person to see the three boys when they left the bar that night. She had supposedly danced with all three, flirting and coming onto them and agreeing to go home with them. The car she left in, following them, however, did not match any of our cars. It was a rental car found the same night with damage on the right front fender and rented to a fictitious female. There were no fingerprints in the car. All of the case stemmed from the one eyewitness.

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Victoria stopped into work briefly the next day to explain what had happened. They told her to not worry about it; they would take care of it. That seemed to mean a lot more to her than it did to me. While she was gone, I made a couple of phone calls, and then I logged on to the internet and started looking up everything I could about her company. Ten minutes later I got a call from a man named Bob, inviting me to meet him at the local bar (yea, it worked!). When I got there, it was a different man than before, with a name tag that said "Bob". I told him why I wanted to meet. He said do not worry about it, it would be taken care of. I told him they better, or I would and that might cause them a lot of embarrassment. He raised his eyebrows, and then told me that the card I had given the police chief had impressed many people; could he see it? I told him no, but take care of this or he would see it. He handed me a card with a phone number on it and said if I needed to talk to them, use that number - stop screwing around on the internet!
When I got home, Victoria looked at me funny. I knew she knew somehow about my meeting. I asked her if everyone in her company was named Bob or Robert. She laughed and said there did seem to be a lot of them.
Two days later, Chief Haskin called us and asked us to come down to the station.

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   When we got there, he asked for the packet back. After I gave it to him, he said the case had been dropped. It seemed that the police had raided the house of the eyewitness due to a tip about drugs and, after a shootout, had found two kilos of heroin in the house. They had also found some expensive camera equipment and some child pornography tapes. He handed a tape to me, without an explanation. When I asked him what it was, he said he did not know; he had never watched it. The sad, haunted look in his eyes told me he was lying. Oh, by the way, the drug dealer was fatally injured in the shootout, so they had no eyewitness, no case. He also handed me a large, brown, sealed envelope addressed to me that had come to the station. He said he had not read that, either. I believed him - it was still sealed. It would be embarrassing if he had read that one, since the charges were dropped.
Victoria asked what was on the tape when we got home. I put it in the machine, turned it on, and saw Cindi and her boyfriend sitting on the couch in our basement. I immediately turned it off, and told her she did not want to know.

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   She asked me if I had seen it. I nodded yes, tears in my eyes. She kissed me, went into the bedroom, and came back with the copy I had hidden months ago, and forgotten about. She asked if this was the same one. I asked her how she had found it. She said she didn't - Amy did. She told me Amy said it wasn't even hard to find, that I was just too easy. I smiled - certifiable genius. Victoria said none of them had watched it, to please destroy them both.
I told Victoria I was glad we did not have to use the brown envelope to beat the charges. She asked what was in it. I handed it to her. As she began to look at the contents, her hand covered her open mouth in shock. Inside were numerous pictures, with date stamps, over the last 6 months, including the weekend of the car crash, showing her in various shots with a man. Some of them strongly implied he was more than a friendly acquaintance.

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   They were holding hands, kissing, making out in public places in various cities. There were airline ticket stubs, motel receipts, and restaurant receipts for numerous dates, including the weekend in question and covering all the cities the pictures were from. There were time stamped pictures in a nightclub, showing her kissing the same man, at the same time the crash had occurred. There was a private detective report covering the six-month period, with an hour-by-hour record of her activities for the weekend in question.
Victoria looked at me, with pain, shock and fear in her eyes.
"I swear to God, I have never so much as held another man's hand since we were married. None of this is true. I love only you. Please, you have to believe me. " I could hear the trembling in her voice.
"I know that, silly. It never crossed my mind that you had. "
"Then, what. . .

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   how. . . why??"
"Victoria, when the police questioned you about that weekend, you would have had to refuse to answer their questions. That is because you did not go that weekend to where you told me and the girls you were going to, where we would have testified you told us you were going. You would have looked guilty as hell. Even though I know you often do not go where you tell us you are going, because of your work, you still would have looked guilty for that time. Therefore, what better way to explain your reluctance to answer, than the reason that you were afraid your husband would find out you were having an affair.
She looked at the pictures once more, than at me, then laughed. Then she punched me in the arm, hard. It hurt for a week.
"Damn you, you scared the hell out of me," she said. "You know I love you, don't you? You know I would never do something like that, don't you?" I felt ashamed for not preparing her for what she would find - I had never heard her sound unsure of my belief and trust in her faithfulness before. "It's just. .

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  . I've had to lie to you so often; I never know when you might stop believing me on anything. "
"I will always believe you on everything, Victoria, except concerning your work. And I will just not ask about that anymore, so you don't have to lie. "
"But how did they get these pictures of me like this?"
"It's not you, silly. But if we fooled you, think how well it would have fooled the cops. "
"Who are we? And how did you get all this done in three days?" she asked.
"What? You think your "company" is the only ones that can get things done. You know, Victoria, maybe we ought to sit down and tell each other all our secrets one of these days. "
She grinned at me. "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours?"
"Are we still talking about our jobs?" I asked, as she lifted up her bottom to help me slip her panties down.
"Nope" she giggled.
Soon we were mostly undressed, making out on the couch like a couple of teenagers. Speaking of which, Amy and Cindi came strolling into the room to see what we doing.
They stopped, frozen, as they entered the room, as their minds registered what they were seeing.

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   "EWWWW!" they shrieked, as they turned and ran into their bedrooms, slamming their doors shut in unison. Victoria and I fell over laughing. Mere mortal adults 1, genius teenagers 0! They did not come out the rest of the evening. Now we know how to get some peace and quiet!
As we lay there, later, enjoying each other and basking in the glow, I told her I had been a little worried about the strength of some of the evidence against her. She smiled and said she was not; she knew it was a setup from the beginning. She had made sure no one had seen her.



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