My Girlfried and her Sister (pt1)


In my opinion I’m a fairly lucky fucker, I’v always managed to date good looking women that like to fuck(which is a bonus) but a couple of weeks ago my sex life was truly blown away. At the moment I’m going out with a girl called Claire. She looksa little like Kate Beckinsale but is only5’ 4”a size 8 and has amazing 32b tit’s. She loves sex and she loves to fuck when ever andwhere ever. This is nothing compared to what happened a couple of weeks ago and I felt that I had to post here as tis site was the catalyst for our adventure. You will have to excuse my grammar and spelling as I’m no writer but wanted to share.
A couple of weeks ago Claire called up to ask if I wouldn’t mind if her sister stayed over as her parents were going away for the weekend and didn’t want to leave her at home as she is only 18 Without thinking about I said yes and after I got off the phone thought about it and wished I had said no as I knew with her sister in the house I wouldn’t be able to fucker her as she is a little loud when we get going, but it was too late. I work from home most of the time so thought I would come to my favorite sex story post site and have a wankafter sorting myself out for the afternoon I closed the lid on my laptop and tidied up the house for their arrival. Claire and Amy arrived at 6pm I heard Claire’s car pull into the drive so went and opened the door. I nearly died when Amy got out of the car and walked over to me giving me a kiss on thecheekand saying “thanks for letting me stay over”.
I had never met Amy but had seen a couple of pictures of her. They however did her no justice. She was nearly as tall as Claire was a bit slimmer and her tit’s were about an A cup. She was stunning and very friendly. Claire walked up next to me and kissed me on the lips. “ Thanks for letting Amy stay I have made her promise not to be a pain” and walked into the house straight into the kitchen to grab her first glass of wine for a Friday night getting Amy a coke and me a bottle of beer.

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  I decided that we would have pizza for dinner and phoned our order though leaving Amy watching my 50” Plasma.
As I order dinner Claire came into the kitchen and filled her wine glass again, as I finished on the phone Claire turned to me and kissed me again. “That was nice” I said in that I want to fuck you way she loves to hear. “I know it was meant to be” she said in reply. It didn’t take long for me to realize that she was horny, playing with the buttons on her blouse.
“I didn’t think that I was going to be getting any this weekend with your sister here”
“You will have to think of a way to keep me quiet” whilst she was talking she had un-buttoned her blouse to the waste and I could see her bra. Even after my afternoon session I was getting hard and she knew it. Claire shouted out to her sister that we were going up stairs to sort out the rooms and that she was going for a shower but received no answer from the front room so poked her head around the corner were Amy just looked up and blurted “yes OK”.
I followed Claire up stairs and before we had reached the top she was out of her blouse and had dropped her skirt to the floor as her bra was discarded I couldn’t help myself and grabbed her bulling to me and bringing me hands to her breasts. She pushed back into me and then spun around platting a firm Kiss on my lips pushing her tongue into my mouth, I slowly pushed on the waist band of pants and without any effort had pushed the far enough for them to fall to the floor. We just about made it to my bedroom still kissing passionately. I lifted her onto my hip and she wrapped her leg around my back. I was so fucking hot and as I slid my palm on to her pussy I could feel that she was very wet. That was all I needed to know and dropped her to the bed looking down I could see that she had been very busy waxing herself the night before as she was completely smooth which is how I love it. I buried myself between her legs licking at her wet slit inhaling her sweet smell and then running my tongue up to her clit.

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   She moaned loudly and held my head in place whilst I worked her up into a frenzy with my tongue all the time she was getting louder and louder.
    I pulled my now raging cock from my short and without a warning knelt up and slammed it straight into her pussy, reaching forward as I did so and covered her mouth with mine and let her taste her own cum. She normally doesn’t like to taste herself but this time seemed to really enjoy it. As I slid myself in and then out to the hilt she continued to moan into my mouth and whilst she was enjoying her own taste I thought that I would push my luck. So in a flash I pulled out of her and stood up pulling her to a sitting position and put my cock to her mouth. She opened her lips and moved forward onto the head of my raging hard cock and in one motion slid from the top down to the point I felt the back of her throat and to my amazement pushed forward just to the point that she started to gag. I nearly shot my load there and then she was taking as much as she could and was trying to take more. On her second go I push my hips forward as she reached the back of her throat and pushed through her gag and held her there for a second. As I let her go I was expecting to get some real shit but she looked up as she went down again with fuck me eyes that every man wants to see.
    I held her head and started to pump my cock t the back of her throat with each stroke holding her for a little longer until she pushed me back. I was so close to blowing my load over her but panicked as she pulled away. Then said “ Cum down my throat you fucking bastard” and then moved forward again. I pushed into her mouth and picked up the pace. Ramming my cock into her mouth and down her throat each thrust harder than the last feeling my balls starting to tighten. I could feel her nose hitting my stomach and hear her gagging.

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       I wanted her to gag on my cum so as I felt myself starting to cum I pulled out of her throat and filled the back of her mouth. She coughed and gagged on the volume and force that I had just unloaded into her mouth but to my surprise swallowed every last bit and smiled up at me.

    I will post more when I’ve written the next bit as I need to go and sort myself out. . .