My Georgia Peaches - Prologue


It was a miserable evening, topping off a completely wasted week for me. I'd just spent the entire week in Houston for a lot of BS meetings and so called company training that I didn't need to begin with. I'd told my boss months ago that these things were a waste of my time and ability. She had agreed with me but insisted that corporate policy said I had to be there anyway.
Up until this evening, the only redeeming thing to happen all week was when I picked some bar room floozy and fucked her brains out Thursday evening. I say "FUCKED" in the literal sense. There was no tenderness or even pseudo-romance in what I'd done to her. I guess a combination of the drinks that evening along with my pent up frustration of wasting the week in Houston, were simply taken out on her. I'd rammed my cock into every available hole for a couple of hours. Although she had not resisted in anyway, I knew I was hurting her a couple of times and quite simply didn't care.
When I woke Friday morning, I was alone in my hotel room. She had apparently left sometime during the night. I felt a little guilty and would have liked to apologize to her for the rough treatment I'd given her. On the other hand I was in no mood to deal with her and then go back to the office for my final wasted day. I was just as happy she had left. At least I'd gotten a little sexual relief.

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   I hadn't had any sex in a couple of months, so I was well overdue.
A shortage of sex was the only real downside to the life I had here in Texas. I am 36 years old, in excellent physical shape and making an easy 6-Digits a year. I have a small ranch, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. My nearest neighbor is almost 3 miles away. The closest town is nearly 18 miles away. It's a small town with a population of about Twelve Hundred. Houston is the nearest real city and it's nearly a Two-hour drive from my home.
Ninety-nine percent of my work can be done from home and I liked it that way. I'd always been a bit of a loner so this life suited me well. When the sexual urges started nagging at me, I could generally find some relief in one of the small towns around me.
Tonight, that was all about to change.
It was almost Nine O'clock at night and the rain was coming down so hard it was nearly impossible to see my exit off of the Interstate. I knew the old farm road I was about to get off on would be a real bitch to drive in this rain. However, home was only another six miles away and I wanted to get there more than anything right now.

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I'd only gone a couple of miles when I thought I saw a small red flicker up ahead. A couple of seconds passed and I saw it again. This time a little brighter and further to the right. I slowed my pickup down to a crawl and watched until I could clearly see two taillights ahead of me. By the angle of the lights, I knew that somebody had run off of the road.
I slowed to a stop slightly behind them and aimed my headlights towards the vehicle. There was a small green car in the ditch with Georgia plates.
"Terrific", I said to myself. "It's some moron that probably has no business out here to begin with and now I'm going to have to get drenched to help them out. "
I waited for a minute or so, hoping they would see my lights, get out of the car and make their way up to me. Other than a couple of flickers of their taillights that told me someone bumped the brake pedal, there was no other visible activity.
I cursed the rain and reached behind the seat for my poncho and a flashlight. I donned the poncho, slid out of the truck and made my way down to the stuck car.
When I finally wrenched the driver's door open I was somewhat surprised to find 3 girls inside. The driver didn't look to be more than 18 or 19 and the other two were obviously much younger.

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   All three were crying and it took me a minute to get them quieted down enough to find that there was no one with life threatening injuries. I reached in and pulled two of them out and directed them up the bank to my truck. The youngest girl, maybe 8 or 9, I carried.
I decided to take them on back to my place and we could call any needed help from there. On the way home the older girl told me that they were on their way to Arizona. In the heavy rain she had some how found herself on an exit ramp and they were looking for a place to turn around when they drove off of the road.
While I was a little miffed at the inconvenience of being out in the rain, I had softened considerably when I found out they were all young girls. Hell, even I was having trouble seeing the road. Such a young woman couldn't be expected to fare any better in this rain.
I turned into my drive and punched the button for the garage door. Pulling into the brightly lit garage was such a comfort that even having these accidental guests with me was ok.
"Man, it's really great to finally be home", I thought to myself as I hung up my poncho to dry.
When I turned around all three of the girls had made their way out of the truck and were standing there waiting for me. I felt a slight twinge of guilt as I realized that while I was mostly dry, they were all three soaked to the bone.
That was quickly replaced by a stirring in my pants as I realized the oldest girl was bra-less and her drenched shirt was making that abundantly apparent.

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   In the bright light of the garage her face looked a little younger that I had originally thought. However, her body screamed ripe young woman all the way.
I pushed those thoughts aside and led them into the house. I cursed myself for not considering that they would have had luggage in the car. It was pretty obvious now that they would be needing it but there was just no way I was going back out in the rain tonight.
I left the three of them sitting at the kitchen table while I went off to find something for them to wear while I dried their clothes. I managed to come up with a couple of bathrobes for the two oldest girls and settled on a tee shirt for the youngest.
I returned to the kitchen with the clothes and led them to one of the guest bedrooms. There, I left them alone to take hot showers and change clothes.
The older girl returned to the kitchen with all of their clothes in hand. She now introduced herself as Tracy and told me the other two were her sisters, Mandy and Mary. Tracy had addressed me as "sir" a couple of times so I told her she should just call me Bill.
Even in the oversized robe I'd given her, she was still a breathtaking beauty. She was about 5'-4" with red hair that came down to the middle of her back. She had big green eyes and a face that quite simply need no makeup at all to look perfect.

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As I headed to the laundry room I found myself hoping to get the younger girls off to bed soon. I wanted a little time alone with this young lady. The sexual escapades of the night before weren't exactly fulfilling and this young woman was stirring up my libido in a hurry.
We sat down at the kitchen table and chatted a little as I was looking up the phone number of the local garage. She told me that Mandy was 18 and Mary was 18 before telling me that she was 18. When she told me that I saw something in her eyes but let it pass for the moment.
I called Tom at the local garage down the way a bit and explained the accident to him. He said as soon as the rain let up he would retrieve the car and deliver to my place. When I'd finished I told Tracy that we should call the Sheriff and report the accident in case the car need any repairs. Her insurance company would certainly want a police report.
Her face registered instant panic and then she buried it in her hands and began to cry. I put the phone down and moved over next to her. I pulled up another chair beside her and sat down. Holding her head to my chest and one arm around her thin waist, I tried to comfort her. When I looked down I realized her robe had come partially open and I had a clear view of the most perfect breast I think I'd ever seen.

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   It wasn't huge but it was a far cry from small and it looked so soft. I continued to try and sooth her but my cock was really starting to stir now.
I still wasn't sure what the problem was when her sisters returned to the kitchen and sat down at the table. When they saw Tracy crying, they both started to cloud up as well.
As they sat down she looked first at them and then turned to me. Her eyes were bright red and tears were streaming down her cheeks as she finally came clean.
Tracy started off by telling me she had just lied to me. She was only 18 years old. They had stolen the car from their step-mom and were trying to get to Arizona where they knew they had an uncle. Now all three girls were chiming in and it took a little effort on my part to sort the entire story out.
The gist of the story was this. Their real mother had died while giving birth to Mary. Their father had turned into an alcoholic and a couple of years ago, married a woman who was as big a drunk as he was. He had recently been killed in an auto accident on the way home from his favorite bar. The stepmother had not particularly liked the girls from the start.

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   With the death of their father, she had taken to smacking them around and making their life unbearable.
Two days ago, while she was passed out on the couch, they stole her car keys and all the money they could find. They hit the road hoping that they could find their mother's brother in Arizona. They weren't even sure where in Arizona he lived but they just couldn't stay there any longer.
The stirrings in my loins that I'd had over Tracy were instantly gone when she told me she was only 18 However, sitting there next to her, holding her hand and looking into her eyes as she told the story they had started to return. I leaned over and kissed her lightly on the forehead. I gave her hand a little squeeze and then stood up.
"Don't worry girls. We'll work something out I guess. " was the only reply I could think of for the moment.
I whipped up a light meal for the girls and as they were eating I saw Tom pull into my drive with the girl's car on his truck.
Not wanting him to know who the actual drivers of the car were, I went outside to meet him. I had him drop it beside the garage, which put it out of site from the road. I talked to him for a couple of minutes, paid him for the tow and sent him on his way.
When I returned to the kitchen the girls were done eating.

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   Mary's head was lying on the table and Tracy and Mandy were talking quietly. Their conversation ceased as I entered the room.
I guessed they were discussing their current circumstances and decided to put young Mary to bed, allowing them to continue their conversation.
I told Tracy and Mandy, "I'll put Mary to bed and then maybe we can throw a couple of logs on the fire in the den. "
Neither said anything but nodded their approval.
I was really amazed at how light Mary was. I doubt if she weighed more than 50 or 60 pounds. All three of the girls looked a little under nourished, but then coming from an alcoholic family that was no surprise. As I carried her back to the guestroom I studied her sleeping face. She looked like a little angel, so soft, pure and innocent. She was quite obviously a miniature version of Tracy. The same red hair but much shorter. She never stirred as I put her into one of the twin beds and pulled the covers up over her.
I turned down the covers on the second twin bed for Mandy and then went to the second guestroom to do the same for the full size bed that I guessed Tracy would be sleeping in. I stood there for a moment thinking about this situation.

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I knew it wasn't right to feel what I was feeling about Tracy. "She's just a little girl, no different than the other two", I told myself. Never the less, the thought of that beautiful face, long red hair, green eyes was again stirring my cock. Not to mention the glimpse I'd gotten of her young breast.
On the way back to the kitchen, I stopped off in the den and got a fire going. I then went back to the kitchen intending to grab myself a cocktail. The story the girls had told me changed my mind though. I decided that drinking in front of them right now wouldn't do anything to make them feel any safer than they had been at home. So I nixed the drink and settled for a can of Coke instead. I offered Tracy and Mandy one as well and led them to the den.
I flopped in my favorite chair next to the fire and the girls both sat on the loveseat opposite of me. Tracy tucked her legs up under her, being careful to keep the robe pulled down to cover as much of her bare legs as possible. Mandy on the other hand just sat down and if my eyes didn't deceive me, even tried to hike her robe up a little as she did so.
Mandy's hair was a little lighter in color than her sisters. It was closer to a Strawberry Blonde than the true red of Tracy and Mary's.


   It was about shoulder length and her eyes were blue instead of green. I had noted before they got out of their wet clothes, that although she was considerably smaller than her big sister, she was shaping out pretty nicely for a young girl.
We chatted a little, the girls asking about me and I about them with an occasional pause between questions. During this time, Mandy would squirm around from time to time. Each time, just a little more of her legs and thighs were coming into view.
    Her legs kept getting further and further apart as well.
    I suddenly realized that if not for the fact that there was no light in the room other than the fire itself, I'd probably be looking at her young naked cunt right now. My cock practically leaped at that notion. I turned my head towards the fire and again reminded myself of how young these girls were. "Christ" I thought to myself, "I'm damn sure going to have to jack off before I can get to sleep tonight".
    Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tracy jab her sister in the side and simultaneously flash her a stern look. Mandy stuck her tongue out at her big sister but pulled her knees together and adjusted her robe slightly.
    I wasn't sure if I should laugh or be shocked at the incident. Here I was looking at and wanting Tracy and even as I was reminding myself of how illegal that would be her younger sister was going out of her way to get my attention in just that way.
    I pushed the thoughts from my mind, allowing a couple of minutes for my hardon to subside before suggesting to the girls that we retire for the evening.


    As they headed down the hallway towards their rooms I went to the laundry room and retrieved the girls now dry clothing. On the way to my room I stopped to deliver them to Tracy. Her door was closed and I could hear both girls inside talking softly. I started to knock but then froze with my hand poised as I heard the subject of their conversation.
    Tracy was speaking. "Don't be silly Mandy. Neither of us have ever done anything like that. "
    There was a short pause and then she continued with, "Well…not with a guy anyway. "
    Mandy replied "So what? And what makes you think that just because you haven't that I never did either?"
    "Stop it Mandy. You're lying now. "
    "I did so" Mandy answered and then went on with "Well…sort of anyway".
    "With who and when" Tracy asked.
    "A couple of months ago, out in the shed with Roger Baron. We kissed and I let him touch me all over. He even undid his pants and let me play with his thingy.

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    Tracy giggled and said, "Really? What was it like? His thing, I mean?"
    "It was ok, I guess. It wasn't near as big as the ones we saw in those movies of daddy's that we watched but it was ok. "
    "Did you do anything else?" Tracy asked.
    Mandy said, "Well he wanted me to put it in my mouth and I did try but then he tried to push the whole thing in and damn near choked me. So I hit him until he pulled it out and told him I would never do that again. "
    "God, I can't believe you did that! What did it taste like" Tracy asked?
    "It was ok, I guess. I mean it wasn't bad tasting or anything. It didn't taste like you or Mary, but it was ok".
    "Jesus Christ", I thought to myself. My cock damn near ripped through my jeans as I realized that this meant all three of these girls had played around with each other before.
    A clear vision of Mandy's little mouth around my cock flooded into my mind as I reached down to rub my now aching cock. I knew I should leave and go straight to my room but I couldn't resist listening just a little longer.
    Tracy was speaking again.
    "God Mandy, I can't believe you did that. I never let my boyfriend Tony do more than touch me through my clothes a couple of times.

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       He tried to get his thing out of his pants one time but I stopped him right there and told him I would get out of the car if he didn't stop. "
    Mandy laughed and then said, "Wow, I never thought I would get to do something before you did!"
    Both girls giggled then Mandy went on.
    "Tracy, I'm sooooo horny tonight. Do you think we could do each other before we go to bed?"
    Tracy replied with, "As if that wasn't obvious! You tried to show Bill everything you had out there. You couldn't have shown him much more if you had just stood up and taken your robe clear off!"
    Both girls laughed again.
    Mandy said "So what? Out in the kitchen I saw him looking at your tits and I could tell he really liked them. "
    "Really?", Tracy replied.
    "That's right. Didn't you see that bulge in his pants? God I'll bet he has got a really, really big one in there. Don't tell me you didn't look at it. "
    There was a short pause and then Tracy said, "Well, yes I saw it but I didn't want to be obvious about it. When you were putting your little show on out there it was getting real big. That's why I stopped you. You're going to make him think we're whacko and he might throw us out. "
    "See!" Mandy touted, "I knew you were looking at him too" followed by another giggle.

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    Well yeah, he is kind of good looking but I sure as hell wasn't thinking about doing what you're talking about doing!" was Tracy's reply. "Even if he would do it with someone our age, he would probably split us in two with that thing!"
    Mandy replied, "No he wouldn't. He can't be any bigger that the guys we saw in those movies and those women didn't have any problem. "
    "Well duhhhh, Mandy. Those were grown women too. We're both still pretty small compared to them. Besides, what makes you think he would anyway?"
    Mandy replied with, "We're not all that small any more. Not like Mary anyway. Besides, I don't think he would have been getting hard like that if he wasn't thinking about it. "
    "Thinking about it and actually doing something with someone our age are two different things Mandy. "
    "Come-on Tracy. We've got to do something. If you would just do a little with him, maybe he would let us stay here for awhile. At least until we figure out how to find Uncle Fred. " She paused for a few seconds and then went on with, "Maybe we wouldn't even have to go all the way.

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       Maybe if we just play around a little with him and maybe suck his thingy for him. " She finally finished with, " If you don't try it, then I'm going to. "
    "Stop it Mandy. God you're so terrible! I don't even know if he would…or even if I could handle it. I mean, I know what to do…I'm just not sure if I could really do it. Just…just give me a little time to think about this, ok?"
    "Ok" Mandy replied, "But don't take to long. I guess I understand what you mean. I'm a little nervous about going all the way as well. But I can't think of a better reason to do it and besides I think he's kind of sexy. He seems like a pretty nice guy so I don't think he would hurt us. Not intentionally at least. Now, are you going to lick me tonight or not?"
    "Alright" Tracy said, "but lets make it a quick one. I need time to think and sleep. Besides you should probably be in your own room before Bill wakes up in the morning. "
    That was all I could stand.

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       I knew if I didn't get to my own room right then I was going to explode in my pants. I placed their clothes on the hallway table outside their door and headed to my room in a hurry.


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