My Former History Teacher


Well I don’t want to mention his name or else he might get in trouble for doing this. But I met my teacher back in middle school. Back then I was a trouble maker but only to him (that’s how I showed that I liked him). Once I graduated from there, I went to high school where he got promoted to the same school with me. I loved him very much even though he never knew it. I never had him as my History teacher in high school though since I left early. Every time I had a class near his building, I would always go and visit him. He would slam the door on me or tell me “get out I don’t want any trouble anymore in my class”. He loved me ha ha
As the months passed, he started liking me as a friend by allowing me to come to his classroom more often when it was lunch time or after school. I remember one time during lunch, my friends ditched me so I went to him for friendship. He told me I would be ok and I’m his friend. I was so happy. So he went downstairs to get us some food and let me watch TV with him. Since we’re both San Francisco Giants fans, he made me tape some construction paper to the windows and lock the doors so we can enjoy the game together. It was the most fun I ever had because of that at high school.
After I graduated from my old school, I lost all contact with him but I never forgot him.

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   I finally found him a couple of years ago on a website. He had gotten more handsome than ever so I requested him as a friend and he accepted me. He told me he still recognized me and that I’m now a hottie. Ever since that comment, my feeling of overwhelming love came back for him. Problem was I had someone else at the time.
Months after, him and I began to chat a lot online. I was still with my ex boyfriend but I didn’t really care since we were just friends still. However, my friend (the teacher) started saying things like, “we should meet up”, “you should come over some time”, it was as if he wanted to see me again. I declined all the time simply because I was scared that I would have nothing to say to him or be boring. So on Christmas he asked for some naked pictures since on my web page I had lots of sexy pictures of myself. I accepted to pose nude for him. He said, “I love jacking off to those pictures”.
One day when my ex boyfriend was on a little vacation with his family, I went to go visit my teacher at my old school. He was surprised and we started talking about everything and anything we could think of. He told me he really gets aroused and wants more pictures.

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   I agreed to give him more but he told me, “I wanna take em though personally”. I didn’t know he meant right there and then though.
He leaned in close to me and stroked the side of my neck and picked up my head so we were staring into each other’s eyes and he kissed me so passionately. He quickly locked up the door and again pasted paper on the windows. He then went back to me and kissed me more with his body pressing up against mine at the same time. He started to thrust while his hands were climbing up and down my back then went lower towards my butt. His hands were so big and he squeezed my buttocks so hard and slapped it. He was rubbing me all over and he went down to kissing my neck while I grabbed his hair since that turned me on so bad. He put his hand up my shirt and felt my breasts, he pulled off my shirt and lifted up my bra so he can suck on my nipples. He told me to take off my pants while he got completely naked.
A camera he always has in his class was for emergencies only but he didn’t care and took many pictures of me with nothing but bra and panties then nude. He got down on his knees and put me on the edge of a desk to eat me out. I started screaming too hard so he took his underwear and gagged me with it. I loved that taste and smell. He then took me by my ponytail and guided me to his huge dick so I can suck it.

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   “You love choking on my shit, don’t ya bitch?” I love the dirty talk. He was such a great lover. He then picked me up and layed me down on his desk and shoved his cock deep in my pussy so hard. He fucked me the hardest I ever been fucked even ‘till this day. When he was about to cum, he grabbed me by my head to put my mouth to his head hehe he shot his load all over me and took more pictures. I loved that day.
Now that I’m engaged to another, him and I are still friends and still chat here and there if we’re not busy with school (him teaching and me being a student now in College). He still tells me we should hook up again and I would love to do that. This time though to his place and he would even include a full body massage. Best teacher ever.



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