my first time with the babysitter


my parents tell me they are going on a vacation to italy for their honeymoon in two weeks.   After this I think, great I'm going to be alone for two whole weeks,but then my mom interupts me to tell me she has hired a babysitter because she wants the house in one peice when they get back.   I start to complain but she has her mind all made up.
Well, two weeks has gone by and I sarcastically think to myself; great, today's the day I get to meet my babysitter.   My mom calls me down to meet them.   When I get down, I see a beautiful redhead around 22 years old.   My mom introduces me to her and her name is Lisa.   Lisa tells my mom not to worry, " we will have a great time. "  By the way, I am 16, 6'1, 165lbs and not too bad looking, say the girls.
My parents leave and lisa ask me what I want to do for the night.   I say that I am hungry so she ask me what I want to eat. "How about chinese and a movie?"  She says "sure".
We order the food and chit chat for a little while.   I find out that she is a junior in college and that she is studying to become a nurse.   The food comes and we sit at the table and eat dinner.
Before the movie I tell her I am going to change for bed and she asks if I would mind if she changed also.

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   I say "ok".   I come out in my usual shirt and boxers.   And what I see when I come into the living room makes my jaw drop.
      She is in a tight, short pair of boxers and a skin tight, white tank top.   She says she brought a movie and puts it in and we sit on my reclining sofa.   I recline and the movie starts with two women talking and one sayint how beautiful the other is and so on.   the they start kissing and I get a stir in my shorts. I move to try to make my erection less noticable and I' thinking " she brought a porno".   Then she says " what's with the tent?"  Not knowing what she meant I say " what?"  Then she points to the front of my shorts and I turn beet red.
    She says " dont worry I'll take care of that". So she gets off the couch and grabs my shorts and pulls them off to unveil my 7 inch erection, hard as a rock. She gets between my legs and and looks at my dick and with one quick motion, inhales my cock.   When she does that I about die of a heart attack.   I look down to see her head bobbing on my cock like that's the last cock she will ever have.   It feels soo good and her head is bobbing so fast I almost loose it right then.

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        She gets off my dick and strips off her shorts and tank top and my shirt as well.   She gets back up on the couch and straddles me and slowly impales herself on my dick and lets out a loud " ahhh".   She starts to ride my cock slow at first then she picks up the pace until she is fucking the hell out of me.   When she starts to ride me fast I have to concentrate so I dont blow my load too quick.   Every time her pussy comes back down on my cock my ballso slap her ass hole I can tell she loves it because she is fucking me like a whore.
    She decides to change positions so she gets off me and turns facing away from me and lovers my cock onto her ass.   She is so tight that I dont think my cock will go into her ass but with a little coaxing from her, the head of my cock enters her ass.   She pushes a little more and the rest of my dick goes in.
        As she starts riding my dick with her ass I reach around and grab one of her tits and put the other hand on her hot, wet pussy.   I give her nipple a little twist and she loves it.   I then stick two fingers into her pussy while I am fucking her up the ass.   She says " more" so I stick another finger into her pussy.   She lets out a growl and says " fist me you sun of a bitch".   Needint no coaxing after that, I squeeze my fist into her pussy and she starts to really moan.   She tells me she is about to come so I fuck her as hard as I can and she yells " ohhh ggoooodd fuck, I"mmm cummmmiinnngg".

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          She then makes on more slam onto my cock.   She then tells me that she wants me to cum down her throat, so I take my fist out of her and she gets off my limp dick and gets in between my legs.   She swallows my dick again and sucks as hard as she can.   I feel my balls start to tighten up an I yell " hherree ittt coommmmess, I'mmm cummmiiinnnnnggg".   She swallows my whole load of cum.   When she swallows it all she gets up on the couch and we fall asleep in eachothers arms.
      During the two weeks she was there, we fucked in every room of the house.   I told my mom, lisa could babysit me whenever she wanted. She just doesn't know why I like her so much and she will never find out.      the end
      Tell me what you thought of my story, good or bad is fine.



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