My First Orgasm


My First Orgasm
Outwardly, I was cool and collected as I sat outside the bar, waiting for my boyfriend. Inwardly, I was seething with fury. I stood quickly, and paced outside the bar, worrying about the event to come. I knew that when Todd came out of the bar, he would want to go right home and fuck, but I knew the night would be another agonizing attempt to get me off. I had been having sex for three years, since I was 13, and I had yet to find a man who could satisfy me.
I continued pacing restlessly up and down the narrow walkway. I was irritated because Todd had told me we were going to a party, and now I was stuck outside in an outfit that was rather whore-ish. I had already been approached three times, twice by dirty old men, and once by a woman who looked to be about 400 lbs. I could hardly wait to get home and into some more comfortable clothes.
I turned hopefully when I heard the bar door being opened, but it wasn’t Todd. Instead it was an attractive woman, completely my opposite in looks. She towered over me; at 5'10 she was 6 inches taller than me but the heels she wore made her even taller. Her breasts, ample and rounded, sagged just enough to be attractive. My breasts, small as they were, stood perky and proud on my chest. Her face was very angular and sharp; mine was soft and round, innocent and sweet. I stared at the woman, comparing our bodies, for nearly 5 minutes.

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   She turned and posed for my gaze, then came down the stairs and started rubbing my shoulders. I was unnerved by the outright show of affection from this woman, who I had never seen before in my life, but I didn't shy away. I simply smiled at her and asked her name.
"I'm Teena. A guy in there sent me out here to talk to you. He said his name was Todd, and that you were looking to get off tonight. I am just the woman for the job. I've worked frigid women over many times before. "
I was shocked by the bluntness this woman used to confront my inability to orgasm. I stiffened, and she felt it in my shoulders. "Where is Todd?" I asked tersely.
"He's coming in just a moment. And you'll be cumming too, as soon as we get home. " With that, Teena slid her hands into my top, and fondled my breasts. I gasped, but not from outrage.

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   Teena had magic fingers. Without seeming to move, her fingertips danced over my nipples, arousing me, and causing my nipples to stiffen up. She removed her hands after a few short seconds, but already I was breathing deeper, and I could feel my pussy starting to get wet. I looked up at her with a look of pure lust in my eyes. Teena laughed and I noticed her nipples were pressed against the thin material of her shirt. I followed her gaze, and realized that my nipples were showing clearly through the white crop top I was wearing. I blushed and modestly pulled the black floor length overcoat I was wearing closed.
Teena winked at me, and then I saw Todd coming out of the bar. He smiled at me and took my hand. Teena wrapped her arm around me from the other side, and we walked casually to Todd's car.
Todd ushered me into the backseat with Teena, even though I thought he was too drunk to drive. He smiled and blew into my face and I realized that he hadn't had even one drink that night.
As soon as we were driving down the street, Teena was sliding her hand up my short black skirt. Her fingers quickly found out that I wasn't wearing any underwear, and they tickled up and down my slit. I was soon panting again as she parted my outer labia and gently rubbed up and down my wet cunt and I was starting to feel more aroused than I ever had before.

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   Without even knowing it, I reached over and began to play with Teena’s large breasts. My fingers carefully discovered the areas which I had only touched on myself. I raised her shirt, exposing her chest, and leaned over to take one of her nipples in my mouth. Teena was panting in anticipation and moaning my name. Just before the tip of my tongue met the tip of her nipples, Todd stopped the car. I looked up, shocked, to see that we were parked in front of Todd’s apartment.
"Ok, everyone out. . . Beka, you should, um, straighten your skirt. " I blushed, and Teena ran her hand down my thigh, straightening my skirt for me. I quivered in anticipation and delight. Todd came around the car and offered me his hand, helping me out. Once I was out, he offered his hand to Teena, but she smiled and pulled herself up. Todd and I waited for Teena, who took one of my arms.

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   Todd took the other, and I was led quickly into Todd’s apartment.
Once we were inside, Teena slid her hands back up my top. She rolled my nipples in her fingertips, and plucked at them gently. I moaned softly with lust, intoxicated by this woman and what she was doing to my body. Todd came over to me and rubbed his erection on my lower back as he removed my crop top and threw it across the room. As soon as my breasts were free from the shirt, Teena knelt down and took one in her mouth. I gasped as her moist lips sucked my nipple into her mouth. Teena’s tongue danced around my nipple, licking and flicking, massaging it until it stood firmly out of my areola, then took it gently in her teeth. She nipped at it and tugged gently, and I thought I would cum standing right there. Todd saw my knees weaken, and moved me to the kitchen table.
Teena picked me up as soon as we got there, and slipped my skirt off of me. My cunt was sopping wet, and quivering with anticipation, and Teena slid one finger firmly into me. Curving her finger around, Teena tickled the inner walls of my cunt, pressing firmly here and there, looking for my G-spot. Keeping one hand in my cunt, Teena stood back up and went to work on my other nipple. I threw my head back and moaned, something I had never done before, and I saw Todd staring at me.

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   He had his pants off, and one hand was firmly gripping his raging erection. Teena motioned him over, and for a minute I thought she was going to let him fuck her, but Todd slid his cock into my mouth. I began to suck it, and he slid it smoothly in and out of my mouth. Teena sucked on my nipple, licking it and nipping it, tugging on it very gently, and continued to slide her finger in and out of my cunt. Soon my hips were wildly bucking in time to Teena’s finger, and I was moaning around Todd’s cock. Teena suddenly stopped finger fucking me, and left. Seconds after she left, Todd groaned loudly and thrust into my mouth, blowing his load. It slid down my throat, warm and gooey, tasting vaguely salty. I tried to sit up and look for Teena, wanting her magic fingers in me again, but Todd held me firmly to the table.
    Suddenly a blindfold was passed over my eyes and tied firmly in place. My hands were gripped and pulled off the edge of the table, tied by a long rope wrapped under the table, and my legs were spread and tied, with my ass and cunt just off the edge. I was blind and paralysed, and to make things even worse, I had earmuffs put on me. I was totally helpless, but I was wetter than ever before. Suddenly my stomach was gently caressed by a cock. It was throbbing and moist, and I wanted it in me.

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       The cock moved up and was rubbed between my breasts, while someone pushed them together. It slid further up, parting my open lips, sliding in and out for a few minutes, then leaving, travelling back down. My hips were thrashing about by now, my cunt sopping and begging to be fucked. The cock paused at my belly again, moving in slow circles. I could only move a couple of inches, but when the cock tickled at my pubic hair, I thrashed up as hard as I could and the cock slid down into my cunt, rubbing at the clit. I gasped and thrashed up again, this time dragging the cock nearly into my open slit. I was shaking with anticipation. I knew I would get off tonight, I was so wet and horny. I had never felt this way before, every movement was so erotic, so sensual. Suddenly the cock was sliding up and down my slit, caressing my anus, moving up to my clit, throbbing there for a moment, moving back down to my anus. This continued until I thought I was going to scream but no sound was uttered. In fact, no one had made a sound since Todd had moaned when he came. I grunted softly as the cock finally penetrated me. It slid slowly in and out of my cunt, hard firm thrusts that came all the way out and teased my clit, then went all the way in and hit my cervix opening. I pushed back as hard as I could, and moaned and grunted.

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       After a few minutes, not nearly enough in my opinion, the cock left my cunt. It rested against my clit for a moment, throbbing softly, causing me to moan loud enough for the neighbours to hear. I hoped none of them would take it into their head to see what was going on, for it would have been a strange sight. Me tied to the kitchen table, with my boyfriend fucking me, a goddess of a woman standing over me, probably masturbating, and giving whispered instructions. Then the cock pulled away, and probing fingers replaced it. I assumed this must be Teena again, for the fingers worked magic on me. I could feel two, then three sliding into me, pulling apart, and rubbing, coming back together. Then a mouth was on my clit. The tongue danced in circles, never quite touching my clit, causing me to moan and shudder. I was near orgasm, I could feel it. Teeth pulled at my clit as the fingers in my cunt kept moving around. Suddenly there was another finger penetrating my anus. I gave a little shriek and thrust down onto the finger, and then a mouth and a hand were on my breasts. I felt my cunt clamping on the fingers, preparing to cum, and then the teeth pulling at my clit stopped pulling and lips closed around them. The mouth started humming and the slight vibrations sent me over the edge.

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       I screamed as a long desired orgasm tore through my body. I thrust up so hard that the ties on my ankles, which turned out to be bandanas, ripped and set my lower body free. The mouth and fingers on my cunt moved with me, and I kept cumming and cumming as those tender little vibrations set me off. I came for almost 5 minutes, and then passed out.
    When I awoke, I was untied and had a blanket wrapped around me. Todd was standing over me, a huge erection pointing at my face, and Teena stood on the other side. She had on a strap-on and I smiled at her, knowing she was the cock that brought me so much joy. Teena took the strap-on off and offered it to me. I accepted it, knowing it meant that I would get her off next. But that is another story.
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