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My love of huge cocks began when I was just 18 years old thanks to the husband of a neighbor. His name was Charlie and I'd sometimes babysit in exchange for his wife doing my mom's hair and sometimes mine, like for church and stuff.
Well one afternoon I had babysat their 2 kids(Tabby who was 8 & Timmy was 4). Charlie's wife was away at some type of hair show and he was due home any minute. Usually he'd come in and talk to me for a few minutes and then go take a shower while the kids took an afternoon nap. After his shower he'd always come back into the den with just a towel on and sit on the couch with his snack and as he ate his lunch, he'd sit with his legs open.
I'd always move to where I could see underneath his towel because I wanted to know what his thing looked like. One day he caught me staring and slightly smiled and then he got up. I thought he was gonna go put some clothes on but to my surprise he just told me to come sit next to him and asked me how the kids had behaved. I told him and then he began to tickle me and lift me into the air and play childish games with me.
We continued to play until he sat me on his lap and I felt his thing was really hard. He sort of moved me around on his lap while he pretended to be playing different games with me. The feeling of his hard, fat thing pressing against me between my legs felt weird at first but as time and days of this type behavior continued over a few weeks I began to get used to it and I liked it.
Things really changed one Saturday evening wen my mom got a call from Charlie's wife(Caryn) asking if I could come over immediately to look after little Timmy because Tabby was very ill and needed to be taken to the hospital. Caryn had treid to reach her husband but was unable to, so my parents out of concern drove me over and accompanied her to the hospital while I stayed behind to inform Charlie of what had happened and give him the messege that he was to meet her at the hospital as soon as he got home.
While I frantically waited for Charlie to return home I rumaged through the refridgerator for something to drink.

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   The was milk(i hated milk) and kiddie juice boxes and some sort of juice in a bottle that I had never seen before. I decided to drink that one even though it smelled and tasted funny-kind of like daddy's wine. I drank it all and while I waited I began to feel funny and things started to look a little blurred, so I went to the couch to lie down.
I noticed the VCR was on so pushed the play button on the remote and gasped at what I saw. An older man an a young girl were naked and touching each other all over. He put his mouth on her kitty(which looked a lot like mine bald and tightly closed) and licked and pushed his tongue in and out. The girl gasped and said yes, oh yes that feels good. I lustfully watched and began to play with my love button.  Then after awhile the room started to spin and I felt dizzy and I must have passed or something because I awoke to feeling something moist on my forehead and something else moving in and out of my kitty.
I opened my eyes slowly trying hard to focus on the T. V. that was still on. Once my eyes cleard a bit I could see the movie I was watching earlier was still playing. I then realized that Charlie had come home and was doing exactly what I had seen what the man on the screen doing earlier to the little girl. Charlie had his head between my legs licking, kissing and gently sucking on my now tingling pussy.

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   It felt good but I was too scared to let him continue so I asked"what are you doing to me Mr. Charlie?" He lifted his head up slightly and said "Well when I came in you hand your hand in your pants and I saw the movie on and I thought you might like it if I did the same to you". He got a little nervous as he stammered while trying to explain.
He moved away from me and left the room and came back wearing a towel as uasual. I then remembered why I was there in the first place as his 4 year old son Timmy suddenly appeared rubbing his eyes, "where's mommy and Tabby daddy"? I said Mr. Charlie I was supposed to give you an important messege-as I looked at him his features changed when I told him what happened. He called the hospital to see what was going on. He spoke to the doctor and then his wife and said he was on his way. His wife must have told him to stay put until my parents could come and relieve him and take both me and Timmy back to our house.
It would be awhile, so I took Timmy back to his room to dress him and wait. Charlie then came into the room still wearing the towel and told Timmy to watch his small T. V. in his room. I set the VCR with one of his favorite characters and he settled in. Timmy was an obedient and timid child, hardly said anything or gave any trouble at all.

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   Charlie then told me to come with him. He wasted no time getting to the point. He asked me did I enjoy what I saw on the tape earlier and is that why I had my hand in my pants when he came home.
I  stuttered a bit while searching for the right response. He held up his hand to silence me and told me that if I wanted to see what was under his towel I could look as long as I didn't tell anyone. He told me to go ahead and do itbefore it was too late and my parents would be there to pick up me and Timmy. So I shyly looked under the towel and saw the hugest, most biggest cock I'd ever seen!! It was much bigger than the one I'd seen on the tape moments ago. My eyes widened as I absently reached out to touch and fondle him.
I touched it and began to rub it. I'd always wanted to touch Mr. Charlie's but I never had the courage to ask. I kind of figured he wanted me to by the way he always played with me and sat with his legs open while wearing that towel after his shower. I was lost in my own thoughts until I realized that Charlie was moaning softly as I gently stroked his massive thing in my hands. He said, "go on, you can play with it anytime you like, you can even put it in your mouth". I didn't know about that but I certainly wanted him to put his mouth on my pussy again.

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   So I said, "Oh I gotta go to the bathroom" and quickly walked in the direction of the bathroom.
 Once inside the bathroom all kinds of nasty thoughts swam around in my 18 year head. I was so curious about all those tingly feelings I had earlier when I woke up to find Charlie licking my pussy and after seeing the man on the tape with the girl doing things to her that made her say oooh and aaaah, I wanted to try it to. So I walked back out to the den and found Mr. Charlie pulling on his huge pecker. He motioned for me to sit next to him and he began to fondle my pussy just like that. I let him because I figured that would lead to me getting my pussy licked again, and it did.
I let him play with me and I played with him, he taught me how to suck and lick his humongous cock head. Then he licked my pussy again and just as it was beginning to feel good and I felt like I was gonna pee on myself-the phone rang. It was his wife saying my parents were nearby and for him to be ready to leave when they arrived. He reluctantly pulled on his clothes and instructed me to gather Timmy and clean myself up before we left. Just as I emerged from Timmy's room with him trailing behind me, my mother came in and ushered us out to the car.
My parents and Charlie talked quietly before they watched him drive off toward the hospital. They got in and we pulled off and drove home. Little Timmy asked for his mother and sister repeatedly until my parents told him that his sister was not feeling well and had to be taken to the hospital.

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   They assured him that she would be fine and everything would be okay in the morning. After a late light supper everyone was tired and we all retired for the night. I went to my room immediately and began to think about all that had taken place that evening. I wondered what was going on with Tabby and why she was so sick.
I lay awake in bed and eventhough I had showered and changed into my nightie I could still feel and smell Mr. Charlie's scent. I closed my eyes and imagined that I was the girl on the tape I'd seen earlier and that Charlie was the man who gave me as much pussy licking as I wanted. I imagined what it would be like to have him on top of me sticking that huge cock of his inside me making me scream with ooohs and aaaah's and begging for more just like the girl. How could it all fit into such a tiny hole? I wondered. I was so worked up that I snuck down to the kitchen and got a small cucumber. I took it back to my room and practiced sliding it back and forth between my pussy lips until I felt all warm and tingly.
I squirmed back and forth until I felt like I was peeing, it felt good and strange all at the same time. I had to get more of the cucumber inside me and be ready for the day when Charlie would put his incredibly large dick inside me. I couldn't wait to feel it, I couldn't wait to tell him I'd been practicing. I didn't see Charlie or his family for nearly 2 weeks.

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   I found out later that Tabby had suffered a seizure while in the hospital and later died while she slept. No one knew why. I wasn't asked to go back to babysit for Charlie and his wife Caryn for months. And when I did Charlie and I would play with each other and kiss and lick each others privates until he told me that it's time I learned a little more.  
This time when he came out of the shower he was still wearing a towel but I now knew what to do if I wanted what was under it. I'd be waiting for him with no panties on and we'd get right to our foreplay(which is what he told me we were doing). He explained to me that foreplay was the act of playing before you have sex. This excited me because I was even more curious than ever before now that I had been practicing at home with cucumbers and pretty much anything I could find to make me cum(which he told me later that was the correct term instead of peeing).
After I told him I had been practicing at home he looked at me strangely and then said, "oh yeah, let's see how much practicing you've been doing you little naughty girl". After what seemed like a lifetime of foreplay he finally placed me on his lap and began to finger my pussy. I could feel the towel rise with his hard cock and he grinded his hips underneath me pushing the fat tip up against my tiny opening. As we got engrossed and lost in our passion he removed the towel and bumped the head on my clit making me wetter than ever.
I moaned and grunted as I tried to get closer to the feeling of his super large cock, the slippery wetness made him more aggressive as I moved my hips in circles to feel more of him.
    I knew he could never get that thing inside my tight virgin walls, so I just relished the feel of him. He asked did I want to try and make it fit, I was so lost in the feeling that I couldn't answer.

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       He took that as a yes because he took me to his bedroom and slowly removed my clothes while touching me everywhere he could. He was completely naked and for the first time I saw all of him. His bady was very nice for an older man. He had muscles in his arms and legs a nice wide chest and the hugest, fattest penis I had ever seen.
    For some reason that I can't explain his extremely large cock really fascinated me. I was mesmerized by the size and look of it, I had to have it inside me. I didn't know how it would fit but I wanted him and I could tell by the way he was looking at me and had always looked at me that he wanted me and after I tonight me nor my body would never the same again.
    I was already so worked up, my pussy was wet and ready to feel this freakishly big dick. I was a little afraid but more excited to stop&change my mind. Charlie just stared at me as if I were a delicious plate of food and he was a starving man. He rubbed his swollen cock as he talked to me like I'd never heard him before, he said such dirty things like-"you're gonna be a big dick slut after I'm done with you"-"you won't be able to get enough of the huge twat killer, you'll be begging me for more". . . then his voice kind of trailed off and I asked him what did he mean by all those nasty things he was saying. He said, " oh Maci honey I'm sorry, it's just that I've wanted you for so long now that I can't wait".

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       Then he laid me on my back and told me to spread my legs and placed the tip at the enetrance and pushed and teased me with it until he felt the head get all slippery with my juices.
     It began to feel good and we both got lost once again in the feel of having him pushing against my virgin hole. I got wetter with every push until at last my throbbing pussy gave a little to let only a tiny part of the thick meaty head in. I was beginning to feel him stretch me open a little more with each push until finally he got the whole head in. It was burning a little but he put a little lubricant on it and the burning went away. I felt so full and stretched that as he tried to push further excruciating pain and burning shot through my entire body causing me to shake uncontrollably as tears streamed down my face.
    I felt as if I was going to pass out from the pain of having this monstrous thing inside me. I tried to get away from him because it hurt too much but he was lost in mindless pleasure unaware that he was hurting me. He slowly pushed in and out of me moaning loudly with his eyes rolled back into his head saying-"oh yeahhhhh, this is gggoooodd I've never had such tight young snatch before". The more I wiggled trying to free myself from his super-sized dick ripping my virgin hole open the more he tightened his grip on my slender hips and ass and plunged further into my pussy which was now on fire.
    He kept moving in and out of me until the pain and burning began to subside. I actually began to feel a tingling sensation and then warm and as my pussy adjusted to the feel of his massive cock I once again craved the feel of him inside me. I laid back and continued to let Charlie ravage my young tender pussy as all my most secret fantasies about being fucked with his big dick came true. I ooooh and aaaah just like the girl on the tape I had seen. I begged for more of his cock to be stuffed inside me and said out loud"oh yeeesss, shove your big cock deep inside my tiny little hole".

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       He began to move further inside me and fatser until I felt his cock jerk violently inside me. What was happening because I started to feel light headed as he pumped me faster and faster. The room went dark. . . .
     I must have passed out because when I woke up, he was fully dressed leaning over me telling me to take a shower and get dressed. I slowly tried to get up and off the bed but there was such a pain bewteen my legs that I fell back over in pain. Charlie told me that if I went and sat in a warm tub of water it would make me feel better and in a day or two it shouldn't hurt at all. I gratefully went to the warm tub and got in. I looked down in the water and noticed I was bruised and swollen. I tried to remember why I was in so much pain and discomfort, slowly my memory came flooding back. I weakly smiled to myself remembering how my first sexual experience was both good and bad but that's the price you pay when you have a craving for older men with extra large dicks and you're a ten year old curious virgin.
    As I dried myself I looked in the full length mirror hanging on the bedroom door and wondered if my parents or the kids at school would be able to tell that I was no longer a sweet, young innocent, shy virgin school girl. I sure as hell didn't feel young and innocent anymore, I wanted as much of Mr.

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       Charlie's big fat dick as I could handle, eventhough I could do without all the pain I'd experienced before. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt as much anymore and I couldn't wait to find out.
    If you guys liked this story about curious little Maci(I know it was long) then maybe I'll write part 2-Maci does Mr. Charlie (and his big dick friend too).



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