My Daughters Softball Team Chapter 1


Topic: My Daughters Softball Team Chapter 1My Daughters Softball Team Chapter 1 
   By jollyman 
   This story is pure fiction. My first time with Alice Chapter 1 
  Hi, my name is Alex Jones. I am average looking guy of 35 years of age, standing about 5’ 10” weighting about 190 with an average sized cock at 7 ½ inches and 1 ½ around. Which after 18 years of marriage, my wife decided that it was not big enough for her, so she left me for a coworker with a bigger cock. I was getting tired of her bitching and moaning anyway and so I was glad she left. The only bad thing about her leaving was how it affected our then 18-year-old daughter Tabitha.  
  You see Tabitha was at that age when she needed her mother around as she comes into womanhood. But sadly, my wife did not care, and gave me full custody not wanting anything to remind her of our marriage.  That was two years ago and Tabitha is 18-years-old now and looking more like her mother every day as she blossoms into lovely young woman. She stands 5 feet 3 inches tall with 30B cup breast, and the reason I know that I had just bought her some new bras. She also has a 26-inch waste with 32-inch hips, sandy blonde hair green eyes and weighs no more then 105 pounds. I know this might sound corny but she is the only good that to come out of my marriage to her mother.  
  Now tabby likes to play softball and she is the star pitcher on the team that I coach for young girls between the ages 18-15, and over the past two years, Tabby has made many friends on the team, one of which is Alice Carr. Now Alice is a very beautiful 18-years-old girl. She stands about 5 feet 6 1/4 inches tall with nice and firm 34C breast. That goes nicely with her 28-inch waste an 32-inch hips, with red hair, freckles, emerald green eyes, and she weighs no more 115 pounds.

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  She is the catcher on the team and a very good ball player; and I know the team will miss her, as this is the last year that she can play in the league.  But ever since I took over the team after Tabby had joined it, Alice has always tried to be next me. Wither we were at practiced or at the games, she just had be close to me.    
  I did not mind that so much, because she is a sweet girl but at times there seemed to be something more in her actions. She would hold my hand at times and give me long hugs when no one was looking and she even would kiss me on cheek. I did not know if was because she did not have a father, or if there was something else. But I would soon find out and so will you after reading this story.  
  It all began after we had won the big game against our cross-town rivals that put us into the citywide playoffs in late July. Tabby had invited Alice to spend the night, because her Mom had to work the nightshift at a local nightclub. I think she is a dancer there, or something, which leaves this beautiful young girl home alone to care for herself most of time. That’s why I think she likes to come over here so much, or so I thought. It was about 12:30 and I was watching a movie on HBO when Alice walked into the family room.  
  Mr. Jones can I set and watch TV with you? 
  I looked up from couch that I was lying on in my boxers and t-shirt. Sure Alice I would enjoy the company, as I sat up giving her room to set down.

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  Thank you I was having trouble sleeping, as she sat down next to me in her over sized t-shirt and pair of panties. What is this show she asks, when a sex scene was about to start on the screen.  
  That’s when I realized that I was watching an R rated movie. Oh, I’m sorry Alice let me change the channel. So I turned it over to HBO family and found one of the Harry Potter movies on.  
  Alice snuggled up to me, which caused her t-shirt to open up. I love this movie, she said then she looked up at me. Mr. Jones do you think I’m sexy? 
  I looked down at her and coughed as I tried to think of what to say. Alice you are a very pretty girl I replied, as my cock started to grow when I got a peek down her top and could see her firm young breast.  
  Thank you she replied but you still did not answer my question.  
  I tried to look into her eyes but she turned to face me her bring her right leg up on to the couch causing her lace see-through bikini Panties to show.     That’s when my throat went dry, and I coughed again, as I looked at her as she sat there. After clearing my throat, I finally replied yes Alice I do think you are sexy, than she smiled and leaned in to kiss me on the lips. I pulled back from her, Alice we cannot do this.

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  But Mr. Jones I love you, as she looked at me with her Emerald green eyes that burned a hole into my soul.  
  I just looked at her knowing that, I had to maintain control here or things would get out of hand and I sure did not need that to happen. So I said, Alice I am old enough to be your father, and it is illegal for me to be doing anything with you.  
  Yes, I know that she replied but I don’t care, because I love you Mr. Jones and I promise that I would never tell anyone about what we do. Then she moved to kiss me again. I move away from her to the end of the couch but this girl was not going to take no for answer and she finally made contact with my lips. Her kisses were soft and warm at first but grew in passion until, she pulled, back and looked down at the tent in my boxers.  
  Mr. Jones I know that you want me she said, as she reached down and rubbed her hand over my extremely hard cock. Her touch was electrifying and I all could was moan.  
  OH, My God Alice that feels good, knowing that I should stop her, I reached down grabbing her hand and pulled it away.  
  She looked at me than said, Mr. Jones you said I was sexy as she grabbed my cock again and started rubbing it even harder.

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  That is true Alice, but we should not be doing this.  As my mind fought with my groaning as I tried to regain control. But sadly, she was turning me on by what she was doing, and no matter how hard I tried, I just could not stop it from happening.  
  You most like this she said with a smile on her face. As she moved in and started French, kissing me like no woman had ever done before. Her kisses were fantastic the way she moved her tongue into my mouth. It was so sensual I that could no longer fight it and I slowly moved my right hand down grabbing her tender young breast through her t-shirt.  
 MMMMM that feels good Mr. Jones she said, after breaking our kiss. She smiled and pulled away from me, as she slowly pulled off, her t-shirt revealing her tender young breast.  
  I could not believe how beautiful they were, standing out proud and firm on her chest with light pink half inch sized areolas and nipples the sized of pencil erasers. Then she pushed her chest out for me and said do you like my breast Mr. Turner? 
 Yes Alice, your breasts are beautiful I replied as I leaned foreword taking her left nipple into my mouth, kissing her young tender flesh and licking over her nipple, sending waves of pleasure through her young body.  
  She moaned and grabbed my head holding it against her chest. OH GOD THAT FEELS GOOD Mr.

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   Jones, as I suck first on breast then other, giving each one equal treatment, as she started panting. OH GOD YES DON”T STOP Mr. Jones, as the first orgasm of the night hits her. OH GOD YES MR. JONES PLEASE MAKE LOVE TO ME, she begged, as I continued sucking on her breast.    I pulled away from chest, as I looked deep into eyes. Ok Alice I replied, knowing that it was wrong and if anyone found out, I could lose Tabby, plus go to jail for having sex with a minor. But my lust for this young girl had won out over my morals, as I picked her up in my arms, and I carried her upstairs to my bedroom. When I reached the top of the stairs, I looked at her and asked Alice have you ever had sex before.  
  She said yes, once when I was 13, but I did not enjoy it because it hurt too much.  
  I stopped switched on light as we entered my bedroom, then I carried her over to the bed. Alice you know that it might hurt again if we have sex tonight?    Yes, Mr. Jones I know that it might hurt when we do it, but I trust you and I know you will be gentle with me as she looked into my eyes.  
  I smiled at her and thanked her for trusting me. As I laid her, down on bed and moved up beside her.

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   Now Alice there is one thing we have to do.  
  What that Mr. Jones she said with a smile on her face.  
   We need to keep the noise down so we do not wake Tabby and Alice one other thing, you can call me Alex except when we are at team practice or games.  
  Ok Alex she said with a giggle, than she kissed me again.  
  As we kissed, I began to rub her breast again which caused her to moan into my mouth. That’s when I knew that this was not a dream but it was really happening, I was going to have sex with this beautiful 18-year-old girl. My pulse began to race as I broke off the kiss and looked into her eyes, as I ask her again. Alice, are you sure that you want me to have sex with you.  
  Yes, she replied, with a smile on her face as she stroked my cheek with her small hand, while looking deep into my eyes. Alex I love you, and I want to show you just how I care.  
  I smiled at her, saying to myself this girl does have crush me, as we started kissing again I felt more passion in her kisses a lot more than my ex wife ever showed me. But then I reminded my self that was just young girl and could not really understand what real love was all about.    Side note Alice’s thoughts     As I kissed the man of dreams, the man that I fell in love the first day I saw him almost two years ago when my best friend Tabby joined the team I was on. I know he thinks I am still a little girl and in many ways, I guess that I am.

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   But that still does not stop how I feel about him and tonight I am going show him just how much I love him. I just hope that after tonight he will fell the same about me.    
  Now back to Alex 
  As we continued kissing, I could tell that she had strong feelings for me and I told my self that I needed to go slow so I did hurt the young beauty that was lying beside me. After breaking the kiss I looked in to eyes and seen a longing that I had seen before and knew it was time to start. So I slowly moved my right hand down her body stopping at her young breast and tweaking her nipples, then I moved on down and started rubbing over her panty covered  mound.  
  MMMM she moaned as her legs opened wide so I could get easier access to her burning pussy. That’s when I noticed a wet spot between her legs, as I rubbed over her slit. MMMM Alex that feels even better then, when I do it, she said, as I continued rubbing her.  
  I looked at down at her half-naked body lying beside me in the soft light of the room and I smiled at her. Alice I can make it feel even better if you like.  
  Do what ever you want to me Alex as she smiled up at me. Then she got a serious look on her face as she spoke. Alex I just want to know what it is like to have someone make love to me, as she looked into my eyes.  
  Ok Alice I will do my best to show you what real lovemaking is all about, as I started kissing down her body.  
  When I reached the waistband of her bikini panties, I could smell her juices, as the wet spot had grown to where her panties were soaked.

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   I looked up at her with a smile and said, Alice let’s get your panties off, and she raised her butt off the bed.  
  As I pulled, down her panties I saw one the most beautiful sites that I could have ever see. Her outer lips were red swollen and very wet, as her juices, were running down to her butt hole. As I watched this wondrous site, I thought to myself, how a girl her age could get this wet. As I sat there looking at her freshly shaved pussy and I smiled up at her as I reached out with my right hand rubbed over her pussy causing her clit, come out of hiding.  
  OH, GOD Alex that feels good, as her hips started to push up at my hand as she moaned from the pleasure I was giving her.  
  I smiled down at her and said Alice you are a very sexy girl, as I took her hard little clit in between my thumb and forefinger, and I started pinching it gently.  
  MMMM Alex that feels good, as she continued to buck her hips up at my hand, do it some more please.  
  I smiled down at her. Well Alice my dear sweet girl it will get even better as I slowly pushed my middle finger into her opening and started finger fucking her.  
   MMMM I like that she said, than I moved up to start sucking on her breast. That’s when her breathing started to quicken even more, as she pushing down on my hand trying to get my finger even deeper.  
  OH! OH! AHUM YES OH GOD YES THIS FEELS GOOD DON’T STOP PLEASE DON’T STOP she screamed, as her second orgasm hits her hard and she stiffens up, squirting her cum all over my hand.  
  I stop sucking on her breast and start kissing down, her body until I reach her slit, and I started licking her over clit, she jumped and squealed. OH YES OH GOD YES as I sucked it into my mouth bighting on it gently, as I slowly continued to finger fucking her.

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  OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS OH YES, I LOVE YOU ALEX DON’T STOP PLEASE DON’T STOP, she babbled as a third, fourth and even a fifth orgasm washed over her body, as her cum floods my mouth over and over again.  
  I looked up at her with cum all over my face and smiled. When I saw that, her eyes were glassy and her mouth was in a round shape, as the only sound that she could make was a long OOOHH sound. So I stopped to let her calm down. Alice, did you like that I ask.  
  After she had caught her breath, she smiled at up me and said yes in panting voice that was fantastic. Then she asked, Alex what just happened to me? 
  You just had multiple orgasms Alice, I said with a smile of satisfaction on my face knowing that I had made her happy as I moved up beside her.
      Wow, I had never felt anything like it before, it was so intense, thanks Alex as she pulled me down into a kiss.  
      As we lie there kissing, she began too giggle. Alex you know, I think someone wants to come out and play, as my extremely hard cock started poking her leg.  
      I looked down at my raging hard cock, as the tip poked out of boxers, and I said. Well Alice what did you think would happen to little Alex Jr with a very sexy naked girl lying right here in front me, I replied with a grin.  
      She giggles and reached down grabbing my cock, well then let’s free him up so he could come out and play she said. As I rolled over on to my back while raising my butt, so she could pull my boxers down. As my cock came into view, she moaned.

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       MMMM I like it Alex, as she leaned down taking my cock, into her warm mouth.  
      OH GOD Alice that feels good, as she took it down into her throat, which causes her to gag. Alice, take it slow until you get use to it, as she looked up at me with a smile, as she started sucking on it.  
       I just lie on my back and watched in amazement, as her head bobbed up and down on my cock, as she continued sucking on it, as if she had been doing it for years.  
      Than I felt my balls, starting to tighten, as my breathing quickened and I knew that I was going to cum soon so I warned her. OH, GOD ALICE I’M GOING TO CUM, and she sucked even harder as my cock explodes with about six streams of cum down her throat. She continued sucking until she had milked me dry, then she pulled off my cock and leaned her head back so she could swallow every drop. I could not believe the erotic scene going on before me and I just had to ask her where she learned to do that.  
      She opened her mouth after she gulped one last time to show me that it was all gone. Then she replied from watching my Mom’s porn movies, as a big grin of satisfaction came across her face knowing that she had made me happy too, as she moved up to kiss me.  
      You did very well Alice, I said with a smile as we started kissing like lost lovers, as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. I could taste my cum in her mouth, but I did care. I had found a new lover one that that liked me for who I was not what she wanted me to be. As we continued kissing, I could feel her slowly stroking my cock and I moaned.  
      After we finally broke the kiss, she looked at me and said; I love you Alex as she gentle continued stroking my cock.


       Than she looked down between us, I think you’re cock is getting hard again.  
      I can see that I replied as I looked down at my cock, which was now at full mask again, and ready for action as she held it in her tiny hand. Than I looked deep into her eyes and said, are you ready for the main event.    Oh, yes Alex I am ready, as she smiled and rolled on to her back, while spread her legs wide for me. Make love to me Alex.  
      Ok my lover I replied as I slowly moved over her, as I looked deep into her eyes again trying to see if there was any fear or doubt showing, as I lined my cock with her opening. I asked her again, Alice, are you sure that you want to do this? 
      Yes, Alex I have wanted to make love to you ever since we met a year ago. So please, make love to me now because I need this, as she looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes filled with love and passion.  
      Ok sweetie I replied as slowly pushed forward parting he lips with the head of my cock as I tried to enter her. She was so tight I did not think that I was ever going to get into her very wet and tight pussy, but the head of my cock finally, popped into her.  
      Oh, she said with a sound of surprise in her voice, causing me to look down at her.  
      When I saw the look of surprise on her face, I stopped and rested with just the head of cock in her. Alice, are you ok I asks? 
       She looked up at me and said yes, Alex I am fine, just make mad passionate love to me, as a look of pure love filled her eyes.  
      Ok Alice and I pushed harder until I slipped all the way in. I had never felt anything that tight before in my life.

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       Her pussy was like a velvet glove, all soft and warm from her juices, as her vaginal; muscles gripped me like a vice.  
      Oh, God Alice you’re so tight I said, as I rested with my 7 ½- inch cock pushed as far into her as I could go, with our pelvic bones pressed tight together as if we were one body.  
      I smiled down at her, while she flexed her vaginal muscles and pushed up at me. Alex fuck me please she said in desperation. So I started a slow thrusting motion. Oh, yes that feels good she said as a look of pleasure washed over face, then she started pushing up harder at me as I picked up my pace. OH FUCK YES she screamed as she threw her legs around me and pulled me deeper then I ever thought possible as we fucked even harder.  
      That’s when a very familiar feeling started to hit me as I felt my balls tighten, and I knew that I was close to unloading my hot cum into her womb. OH GOD ALICE I CANNOT HOLD OUT MUCH LONGER I grunted.  
      That’s when I felt her stiffened up, as she pushed up even harder on to my cock as her sixth orgasm of the night hits her hard. OH FUCK YES IM CCUUUMMMMMING ALEX KEEP FUCKING ME, OH HELL YES MAKE ME YOUR FUCKIN WHORE OH GOD I LOVE THIS ALEX OH GOD YES she screamed, and her vaginal muscles clamped down even harder on my cock causing me to shoot my hot potent cum deep into her womb.  
      AAAAHHHH I groaned aloud as I finished filling her womb with my hot seed and I collapsed on top of her as we kissed deeply. After we broke our kiss, I smiled down at her. How was that I said, as my limp cock slipped out of her wet pussy causing her to moan from the loss of her new found toy. As I rolled off her and we lay, side-by-side.

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       She smiled at me and started to answer me, just as my door opened. That’s when I herd my daughter’s voice.  
      DADDY, what are you doing with Alice she said, after she seen us naked on bed with cum dripped from her friend’s pussy!  
      To be continued.  
      Read chapter 2 to see what happens next.  
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