My daughters best friend


It had been several years since I lost my wife to a drunk driver on the expressway In Chicago (she was struck by a drunk on duty police officer. . go figure). We had a baby girl at that time. I instantly became an all purpose, do all dad. I pretty much put my personal life on hold to attend to the needs of my baby. Growing up I think she had a relatively normal life. I was a pretty high ranking official in one of the suburban police departments so I made a very good salary that allowed us to live very comfortable. The lawsuit resulting from my wife’s death allowed me to rest assure that my daughters future would be taken care of. It also was enough to afford us some of the luxuries we all wanted.

As my baby was growing up she always seemed to have friends over to the house, either to just hang out or to have sleepovers etc. Of course I encouraged that and I actually looked forward to her spending time with her friends. It gave me a little free time to myself. Well my daughter is now 19 and a freshman in a local college so she still lives at home. She still, on occasions, has friends who sleep over from time to time. However these young ladies are now of age and most are very much well developed physically.

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   One friend of hers in particular that stands out is her friend Gloria. I remember Gloria as a little pre teen girl. I use to think that she was always a bit on the fast and loose side. She seemed to always wear makeup and always seemed to be enamored by talk of boys. One thing in particular that I remember was the fact that even as a teen she seemed to be very developed. She had fully developed breast before the age of 18 and she always seemed to wear the tightest pants and shortest skirts and tightest tops. I remember on occasions saying to myself that she would probably be the first teen in the neighborhood to have sex and/or get pregnant. I also remember saying to myself that I would love to fuck her little tight ass. . but of course I wasn’t crazy enough to act on my thoughts. That would have been the end of my career.

Well asluck would have it Gloria and my daughter were at our house one weekend. Gloria’s mom was out of town with their dad who was away on business. Gloria could have stayed home alone but she wanted to spend the night with my daughter. All was going well when Gloria arrived on Friday night.

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   As usual she looked her hottest in a short yellow mini skirt that hugged her voluptuous round ass and showed off her luscious long legs and juicy thighs. I knew I was going to be spending a lot of time in my bedroom masturbating thinking about this hot ass girl. Well I cooked dinner on that 1st night and we all sat down and had a good meal with some good conversation. Mostly about nothing in particular. My daughter had gotten a call on her cell phone at the end of dinner around 7:00 asking her where she was at and if she was on her way. She completely forgot she had made a prior commitment to help down at the church for two hours from 8 to 18 She apologized to Gloria and quickly got up to get her shoes and headed out. Gloria was asked if she wanted to go but she said she was a little tired and would stay here until she got back and helped me clean up the kitchen after dinner.

With my daughter gone and only Gloria and I left in the house my mind started racing as you could imagine. However I didn’t attempt anything because I didn’t want her to tell my daughter and have my daughter hating me for hitting on her friends. Gloria left momentarily to go the bathroom but returned quickly to help me clean up the kitchen. Anyway as we were putting the washed dishes up Gloria bent over to put up a couple of pots. As she bent over her short skirt rose up her ass and exposed her clean shaved pussy lips to me. She was not wearing any underwear. As I stood there my mouth just flew open in utter shock. I must have said beneath my breath “oh shit” because Gloria turned around instantly.

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   I quickly apologized for staring at her pussy and told her it won’t happen again. Gloria stood up, looked at me and said “I was hoping that it would happen again…and again and again” she then walked up to me and started rubbing on my now very hard cock. She looked me in the eyes, while rubbing my cock, and said” it seems you liked what you saw. Now can I see yours”? I was sort of in a state of shock and couldn’t say anything. Gloria just smiled at me, gave a quick wet kiss on my lips, dropped to her knees and began to unzip and unbuckle my pants. Just as quickly as she released my 8. 5 in black cock she immediately took it into her mouth. I just stood right there in the kitchen while she gave my cock and balls the best blow job I had ever had. She took my entire length down her throat and didn’t gag or bat an eye. Over and over again she would take my cock down her throat then out to the tip, making slurping sounds as she did so. I began to come back to my senses and grabbed the back of her head. I began to fuck her mouth in rhythm with her own sucking. I could feel my balls building to a climax. As good as this blowjob was going I did not want to come in her mouth. I had other plans for my first nut.

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   I had to really fight with myself to pull this hot mouth up off of my cock but I did. I pulled her up from her head then kissed her on her lips. I think partly to say thank you and partly to let her know it was not over.

I turned Gloria around. She balanced herself on the center island. I dropped to my knees, lifted up her skirt and proceeded to lick her sweet tasting pussy from behind. I put my tongue deep inside her wet pussy. Damn that was some sweet tasting pussy juice. I flicked my tongue over her enlarged clit. This almost brought her over the edge. She began to push her pussy back onto my face as I continued to eat her out with all I had. I parted her ass cheeks as I was licking her pussy and then stuck my tongue deep inside of her ass. She screamed “oh God” as I continued to eat out that plump round ass of hers. Finally I stood up; put my right hand in the small of her back to hold her in place.
    I then placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy.

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       With one single thrust I was deep inside her pussy. Oh my god. . that had to be the hottest, wettest and tightest pussy my cock had ever been placed in. I pulled out quickly and then thrust my cock back into her as hard as I could. Gloria screamed out that she was cumming. I began to pump hard and fast into this pussy. Gloria screamed out. . ”fuck me…. fuck hard…. Oh shit make me cum. . I want to cum on your cock” I continued to fuck her hard. I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her toward me as I drove my cock deeper and deeper into her hot pussy.

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       She screamed …”I’m cumming…. Oh god I’m cumming” With that I took my middle finger of my left hand and jammed it into her asshole. She screamed out. . both in shock and pain and also at the fact that she was cumming harder than she had ever came before. I continued to finger fuck her ass as I pumped my cock into her while she was cumming. This had the effect of extending her orgasm even longer. It also had the effect of making her squirt. She squirted pussy juice all on my cock as I was fucking her. I got so excited at the feel of this hot juice streaming onto my cock that I too began to cum. I don’t think I had ever came so hard in my life. I must have emptied at least a quart of hot steaming nut deep inside of Gloria’s pussy. As I finished my trip down ecstasy lane inside this wonderful young pussy. I slowly removed my finger from her ass, let out the last few drops of semen from my cock then collapsed onto her back as my cock slowly began to retreat to a rested state.

    Gloria turned around, grabbed me by my face and gave me a very sensual, hot, wet kiss.

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       She then told me that she had wanted to fuck me since she was a teen. She also confessed that she intentionally took off her panties when she went to the bathroom hoping that she could convince me to fuck her. I just smiled at her. We cleaned up the mess we made on the kitchen floor. We went to my bedroom to take a quick shower then came back downstairs to watch a movie on TV. Gloria had gotten into her pajamas and had joined me on the couch where we cuddled in each other’s arms. Shortly thereafter we heard the garage door lifting and we know my daughter was home. We quickly gave each other a kiss then separated so we wouldn’t arouse any suspicions. My daughter came in kissed me on the forehead and asked if I had been good company to Gloria. Gloria quickly chimed in and said “girl your daddy so sweet. . he gonna make me not want to go home. ” I smiled at her. My daughter said pause the movie, she quickly changed into her pj’s and joined us in the family room watching movies the rest of the night.

    Gloria and I have begun to see each other on a semi regular basis.

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       She would come by when she knows my daughter is at work or is out with her other friends. We often met out at night for quickies blow jobs in the car. But more often than not we would just secretly meet at my house and would fuck each other silly for as long as we could. I don’t know what I would do if my daughter ever found out I was fucking her best friend…Hope she never does.

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