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My daughter Brianne climbed into bed with me one morning after her mom left for work. She snuggled up to me and all she was wearing was a tee shirt with no panties. She loves the way I rub her body and ass. I also love the feeling of her in my arms. She looked up at me with her beautiful brown eyes and I asked her if I could kiss her mouth. She said ok daddy.

I cupped her left ass cheek in my hand and slightly touched her lips, I asked her if she liked it and she said uh huh. I kissed her a lil deeper and spread her legs open and rubbed her thighs ans slightly brushed against her little pussy. I asked her if she wanted to stop she said no daddy I like kissing you. I kissed her with deep passion, we made out for about twenty minutes when I broke our kiss and moved down and kissed her neck, she moaned and I whispered to her, daddy wants to kiss and lick you down there.

She seemed confused and scared. I looked her in her eyes and said daddy loves you very much and wouldnt hurt you for anything. She kissed me again and said ok daddy you can lick and kiss me down there.  I got up and moved to kneel between her legs. While I was up, I stripped off my clothes. When I moved back onto the bed, she didn't know what I was doing and I had to tell her to spread her legs for me to position myself.

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   It was the most erotic thing I've ever seen,and I had never felt so aroused. I just stared in wonder and astonishment at her bald, naked little preteen pussy, her juices now forming droplets on her labia.  

I was stuck in this state of hypnotic lust and arousal, and as if knowing just how this was affecting me, staring wantonly for the first time at a child's tiny pussy,  As soon as I started licking her pussy she started to uncontrollably hump her hairless pussy into my face. She bent her knees, pulling them up to give me the best access to her.   I ran my arms up under her ass, lifting her whole body below her shoulders as I tongued her clit. When I pushed my tongue into her pussy, she humped hard into my face and let out a very loud "Ahhhh!"  

Her orgasm continued as I tongue fucked her. Her pussy juices ran down my chin. She had a mild womanly taste, really pleasant. My tongue ached after what must have been three minutes of sustaining her orgasm. Finally she stopped cumming and relaxed. Abandoning all pretense of resistance, I carried her into the living room and laid her down on the couch and placing my hands on her incredibly soft thighs, spread her legs apart. I watched as her tiny pussy winked open, glistening with juices, saw theexcitement and lust on her young face, and leaned into her, bringing my mouth to her hairless pussy once more.

I snaked my tongue deep into her hole, tasting her juices flowing out onto my tongue, coating my mouth, slippery and sweet. Her scent was intoxicating, her little gasps and moans thrilling me beyond anything I had ever experienced.

She moaned and panted and arched up, mashing her pussy to my lips.

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   With every lick, she thrust herself to me, aching for release making urgent and incoherent noises as I greedily devoured her hairless eight year old pussy.

Her hands were on my head, in my hair, pulling me into her as her little hips rotated hard , grinding her pussy against my mouth.   Her eyes were closed, rolled back in her head as she moaned "uhn, uhn, oh, Ooooh" with every lick, every thrust of my tongue. My mouth and her body moved as one, her grinding and thrusts moving my mouth around with her soaking wet preteen pussy. Her pussy was flooded with juices which I lapped at hungrily as if my life was sustained solely by the nectar flowing from her young pussy and by her passion and need.

After she came a few more times I got her ready for school and we been playing every morning after her mom leaves for work she comes and gets in bed with me. .



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