My Brother Arranges a Group Fuck


I would rub myself to orgasm time after time imagining whichever one of my brother's friends shooting hot cum all over themselves. . . But I digress. I was a little disturbed to find my brother's behaviour towards me becoming more and more like his friends', and I could think of nothing else to do but confront him about it, after all, he was my brother, and I had to stop him thinking of me that way the same as I had been forcing the thought of him cumming over me out of my mind during my regular masterbation sessions. It was wrong, and we were from a good family. I walked into Tom's room on a Saturday morning, having mustered the courage to approach him about this difficult issue. "Wow," I said, indicating the poster of a naked model above his bed. "Pretty girl. You must like to look at her. ""I guess. " He replied blandly "There are lots of pretty girls at school too though, and they're better, because they're real. ""Like whom?" I asked with a little giggle, wondering which of my friends my big brother was also hot for. "Emma's pretty cute, and Joanne. But actually, and you can understand how this really sucks for me, I think that you're the best looking girl at school. .

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  . "I was silent for a moment wondering how to do this. Then tentatively I said: "You can't fuck your sister though. Obviously!""I know. But I can't help really wanting to!" He began to speak faster, like he needed to confess to me as quickly as possible "When you walk around showing off that beautiful little body, and you touch yourself at night with the light on so I can see you through the crack in the door and hear you breathing. . . It's driving me mad!"I was stunned. "You watch me?" I said, half angry, and half excited. The idea of being watched really turned me on, and after all, watching me wasn't like incest, he wasn't touching me, even, so how could that be wrong. An idea was forming in my mind. "The first time was an accident Amy, I swear, but I just couldn't stop myself after that. I'm so sorry. . .

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   I know it's wrong to be getting hard over my own sister. . . I feel so dirty. But I can't help it. "He looked at me, expecting me to be angry, but by now I was way too wet for that. As his eyes met mine I slowly undid the top button of my tight shirt. Then the next. I felt so in control as the poor ashamed boy looked up at me open mouthed. With the last button undone I let it slide off and stood there in my short black shirt and white lace push up bra. "What are you doing?" He said hoarsely. "You like to watch me on my own. I want you to watch me with another man. . .

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  " And as I let my skirt slip to the floor revealing my matching white lace panties an even better idea struck me - I was so horny I was out of control. "In fact" I breathed "I want you to watch me with more than one. "I got on the bed next to him and handed him his mobile phone. "Call all your friends and invite them round for a beer. We'll get some from Daddy's supply downstairs. But when they get here I want them to find me here on the bed, like this, waiting for them. You will be hiding in the closet watching while they do whatever they want to me. . . "Tom was looking at me now, incredulously. I spread my legs to show him the wetness on my panties for emphasis. "I'm waiting, Tom. " I said. "Now call them, and tell them to come straight up. And get me some beers while I wait.

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  "What could he do but comply? He had shamed himself in front of me and now I had taken control. Five minutes later I was knocking back the second bottle of beer, stetched out on my brother's bed like a cat while he hid in the cupboard. The anticipation was making me drink fast, and being so young it was going straight to my head. After another few minutes and another bottle, the door was opened casually and Damien, a friend of Tom's walked in to find something quite unexpected. Me, in my white underwear, lying back on the bed, smiling at him. "Hi Damien. " I said, passing him a bottle. "Tom had to go out so you've got me instead - I couldn't have you wasting a trip. Have a beer, the others will be here soon. ""Christ, Amy - we all knew you were a little tease but this is taking it a bit far don't you think?" He said. "I agree. I have been a tease and it's unfair on you guys, so today I thought I'd stop. I'm not teasing, you can touch me, you can do whatever you want to me. I want you to. All of you.

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   But wait for the others first. Drink your beer. " Damien shook his head wordlessly in dibelief and then took out his mobile phone. I asked what he was doing. "Texting Sam, Ryan and Matt to let them know what's going on - they'll get here a lot faster if they know!"Sure enough, about three minutes later the three other boys burst into the room together, out of breath from running. "So," said Matt, a tall boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. "Little Amy wants us ALL!""Yes. So why don't you shut up and give it to me. " I smiled and squeezed my tits together, looking briefly towards the wardrobe where I knew my big brother would be watching avidly, cock in hand, waiting for them to begin. It was Damien who moved first, pressing me down on the bed and kissing me hard on the mouth. I closed my eyes and moaned, partly bcause he had his finger inside my bra gently teasing my stiff left nipple, and partly for effect. I felt another hand lifting my other tit out of my bra and a mouth, Ryan's, sucking and licking the nipple. Having these two young boys, so desperate for my body, playing with me was making me so horny it that the lightest touch on my soaking cunt would have brought be off, but they were aking their time, Damien and Ryan teasing my tits, kissing my neck and face and lips, and the other two standing back watching and rubbing their stiff cocks. It began to get too much for me. "Someone just fucking lick me - make me cum one of you - NOW!"I felt one of the boys, Matt, wrench down my panties roughly and begin to suck and slurp hungrily on the copious juices coming from my aroused young pussy.

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   The other three continued as they were before and I bucked and writhed against all three mouths as I came, and it was a truly spectacular cum, as well, which my brother told me later was simultaneous with his own first cum that day in his hiding place. Matt continued to lick me, but I was way to sensitive to take it again right away so I moved free of them and got on all fours on the bed. I took my bra off altogether so I was totally naked. "Well, I've cum, so now it's your turn boys. I want one of you in my throat, one of you in my cunt, and the other two spraying your hot cum all over me. " I instructed, a little breathless. Sam, who had been standing by watching so far, his tight fist blurring as it moved so fast over his big, stiff cock, stopped and held it in front of my mouth. I proceded to enthusiastically lick all over the head, getting it soaked with my spit so I would be ready to take the whole shaft into my mouth. He had his head thrown back and was panting as I began. I could hear the fast wanking going on all around my naked body as I sucked him, and this made me put on more of a show, moaning a little and stroking his tight buttocks as I sucked. Then, suddenly and with no warning, I felt the lips of my cunt forced apart by a big, hard thrust from a big, hard cock. My genle moans turned into what would have been passionate screams if they weren't so muffled by the cock I was sucking, and the boy who was fucking me (I discovered later it was Damien) grabbed my slim hips so he could push into me deeper. It didn't last long as he was so close to cumming already and he was pounding me so hard, but I came almost continuously, my cunt spasming around his cock, until I felt him twitch inside me and heard him gasp as a massive load of hot, sticky cum filled my cunt. He pulled out and I could feel our mixed juices running down my tanned thighs as Sam came in my mouth, shouting something incoherent and pulling on my hair. I then rolled onto my back and ran my cum covered tongue over my lips and played a little wih the cum running out of my cunt as the last two boys watched and pulled themselves to their own orgasms, completely coating my tits with hot cum.

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  They all collapsed on various chairs and the floor following this, and left after regaining their composure and their clothing. After I heard the safe sound of the front door shutting, I paced over to my brother's hiding place and opened the door. Several crumpled tissues lay next to him on the ground. He looked up at my cum soaked body. "I need a shower. " I said, stating the obvious. "Want to watch?".